Jul 03, 2020
The Old Bus
Posted by Richard Brautigan

A collection of 62 very short stories set in 1960s California, particularly around the author s home town of San Francisco Richard Brautigan is the author of Willard His Bowling Trophies , Trout Fishing in America , In Watermelon Sugar A Confederate General From Big Sur.Revenge of the lawn 1692 Cotton Mather newsreel 1 3, 1 3, 1 3 The gathering ofA collection of 62 very short stories set in 1960s California, particularly around the author s home town of San Francisco Richard Brautigan is the author of Willard His Bowling Trophies , Trout Fishing in America , In Watermelon Sugar A Confederate General From Big Sur.Revenge of the lawn 1692 Cotton Mather newsreel 1 3, 1 3, 1 3 The gathering of a Californian A short story about contemporary life in California Pacific Radio fire Elmira Coffee The lost chapters of Trout fishing in America Rembrandt Creek and Carthage Sink The weather in San Francisco Complicated banking problems A high building in Singapore An unlimited supply of 35 millimeter film The Scarlatti Tilt The wild birds of heaven Winter rug Ernest Hemingway s typist Homage to the San Francisco YMCA The pretty office A need for gardens The old bus The ghost children of Tacoma Talk show I was trying to describe you to someone Trick or treating down to the sea in ships Blackberry motorist Thoreau rubber band 44 40 Perfect California day The post offices of eastern Oregon Pale marble movie Partners Getting to know each other A short history of Oregon A long time ago people decided to live in America A short history of religion in California April in god damn One afternoon in 1939 Corporal Lint A complete history of Germany and Japan The auction The ard car The literary life in California, 1964 Banners of my own choosing Fame in California, 1964 Memory of a girl September California A study in California flowers The betrayed kingdom Women when they put their clothes on in the morning Halloween in Denver Atlantisburg The view from the dog tower Greyhound tragedy Crazy old women are riding the buses of America today The correct time Holiday in Germany Sand Castles Forgiven American flag decal The World War I Los Angeles airplane

  • Title: The Old Bus
  • Author: Richard Brautigan
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  • The Old Bus A collection of very short stories set in s California particularly around the author s home town of San Francisco Richard Brautigan is the author of Willard His Bowling Trophies Trout Fishi


    ALLA FINE DELLE PAROLE C SEMPRE QUALCUNO CHE MUOREVenerd 14 settembre 1984, in quel di Bolinas, dove viveva, prima di spararsi in testa, il quarantanovenne Richard Brautigan regol le luci di casa con un timer, per farle accendere e spegnere di modo che i suoi vicini lo credessero ancora vivo Era depresso e mezzo eremita, per cui il trucchetto funzion il suo corpo fu scoperto settimane dopo la morte, il manoscritto che stava rivedendo, con le note a matita blu, era mezzo mangiato dai vermi Dalle [...]

    Jacob Pickering-Esquibel

    I found this book on a dusty shelf and took every word down like water This book was just as thirsty as I was Let have a drink together I said

    Doug H

    I m late to Brautigan, but I plan to stay at his party for a very long time now that I m here Aside from the longer title story and a few others, the 62 pieces here are like poems or quick charcoal sketches than stories No, charcoal isn t right You can t capture so much mood and mist with charcoal More like watercolor or pastel sketches then Some are sad, some are witty, some are nostalgic, some are as beautiful as haikus Most are all of these things at the same time My favorites were some of t [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    Revenge of the Lawn Stories 1962 1970, Richard BrautiganRevenge of the Lawn Stories 1962 1970 is a collection of 62 short stories written by the American author Richard Brautigan from 1962 to 1970 Like most of Brautigan s works, the stories are whimsical, simply themed, and often surreal Many of the stories were originally published elsewhere The book also contains two missing chapters from his work Trout Fishing in America, Rembrandt Creek and Carthage Sink 2006 1384 193 9789643058067 20 1382 8 [...]


    A compilation of works that are flash fiction than short stories, Brautigan s unique voice is displayed in 62 pieces set in San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest Too many of the stories feel like the first brush strokes of a bigger work abandoned and stacked like the detritus of a forgotten childhood an attic to be discovered and published 50 years later Here s what I mean one of the stories, The Gathering of a Californian , is four paragraphs long 1 2 of page and it reads like the opening wo [...]

    Bob Newman

    Angry chickens by the old pondWhen I was a kid growing up in a small town north of Boston, I used to take care of a neighbor s chickens It was only when the family went to the Cape for vacations I had to let the chickens out of their coop in the morning They always seemed glad to see daylight Though they were hungry, they never got used to me They d run around clucking and squawking, wishing I d disappear and leave them to their chicken business When I threw food on the ground, they really got w [...]


    62 tabism

    Pooya Kiani


    Larry Bassett

    Brautigan died of a self inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 49 in 1984 Up until that moment, he was one of my favorite living authors I was distressed He was brought up in poverty and suffered abuse He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and clinical depression in his early 20s and was treated with shock therapy He was an alcoholic Trout Fishing in America was published in 1967 and made him famous He had one daughter, Ianthe Elizabeth Brautigan, born in 1960 Her one bookYou Can t Catch [...]


    in lieu of any review, let me just present the text of one of my favorite stories from this collection PACIFIC RADIO FIRE The largest ocean in the world starts or ends at Monterey, California It depends on what language you are speaking My friend s wife had just left him She walked right out the door and didn t even say good bye We went and got two fifths of port and headed for the Pacific It s an old song that s been played on all the jukeboxes in America The song has been around so long that i [...]

    Vit Babenco

    My grandmother, in her own way, shines like a beacon down the stormy American past She was a bootlegger in a little county up in the state of Washington She was also a handsome woman, close to six feet tall who carried 190 pounds in the grand operatic manner of the early 1900s And her specialty was bourbon, a little raw but a welcomed refreshment in those Volstead Act days.She of course was no female Al Capone, but her bootlegging feats were the cornucopia of legend in her neck of the woods, as [...]


    9745 .




    A sweet collection of short tales that are surreal, comical and dark, often at the same time Richard Brautigan might be read as an opposition to great American literature, which is of course packed with great, intelectual and complex text, which critics and scholars spend their life analysing Brautigan s stories are most unusual and humorous and simply weird he s not that interested in creating an impact on any sort of culture or style, but simply wants to evoke certain emotions in the reader Gr [...]

    Behdad Ahmadi

    7 10 .


    Lee Foust

    I loved these witty, perceptive, and frequently startling little slices of life Particularly enjoyed the way Brautigan was always able to surprise me with an unexpected simile, an odd turn of phrase that always created a startling beauty, a bare truth that slapped me back awake from the world s endless dreary, stupefying rattle and hum Precious little gulps of water in a world starved for something cool and clear You should read them Really.Side note to my fellow San Franciscans my SF is long go [...]



    Narges Moini


    Maryam Sabbaghi



    60 2 .

    Kye Alfred Hillig

    So No, I don t love him because we are both Tacoma people This man is truly one of the greatest writers I have ever had the chance of reading It certainly doesn t hurt that a lot of Revenge of the Lawn is based out of my city but it wasn t the big sell Brautigan s blend of sad humor is so rich that I can t help but love him He is so great and yet doesn t seem to see any of it So it goes.





    Jaredjosephjaredjoseph harveyharvey

    We were walking in a capsule between amnesias.


    Bud Smith

    Yes, this made me irrationally happy One story in particular called The Literary Life in California 1964 , stood out above all the others Seek it out, right now.

    Kitty Athorp

    Love all of Brautigan

    Maryam azn


    Ryan Werner

    These stories written between 1962 and 1970 range from surreal and dark to whimsical and weightless, usually all at once Results vary, but brilliance is apparent.Even though it s important to revise work and emphasize the craft part of narrative craft, there s something to be said of first drafts To call the stories in Richard Brautigan s 1971 collection Revenge of the Lawn Simon Schuster ISBN 0 671 20960 4 raw or perfectly flawed doesn t really do the stories justice Most of these pieces are bi [...]

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