Jul 03, 2020
The Sharing Knife, Volume One
Posted by Lois McMaster Bujold

Troubled young Fawn Bluefield seeks a life beyond her family s farm But en route to the city, she encounters a patrol of Lakewalkers, nomadic soldier sorcerers from the northern woodlands Feared necromancers armed with mysterious knives made of human bone, they wage a secret, ongoing war against the scourge of the malices, immortal entities that draw the life out of thTroubled young Fawn Bluefield seeks a life beyond her family s farm But en route to the city, she encounters a patrol of Lakewalkers, nomadic soldier sorcerers from the northern woodlands Feared necromancers armed with mysterious knives made of human bone, they wage a secret, ongoing war against the scourge of the malices, immortal entities that draw the life out of their victims, enslaving human and animal alike.It is Dag a Lakewalker patroller weighed down by past sorrows and onerous present responsibilities who must come to Fawn s aid when she is taken captive by a malice They prevail at a devastating cost unexpectedly binding their fates as they embark upon a remarkable journey into danger and delight, prejudice and partnership and perhaps even love.

  • Title: The Sharing Knife, Volume One
  • Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • ISBN: 9780061208669
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook
  • The Sharing Knife Volume One Troubled young Fawn Bluefield seeks a life beyond her family s farm But en route to the city she encounters a patrol of Lakewalkers nomadic soldier sorcerers from the northern woodlands Feared necro


    Note I believe I am the only person on the face of the earth who hated this book If you liked it, this review will annoy you Also, be advised that there will be spoilers for what we might loosely term the plot in what follows This book suffers from three main problems 1 A fascinating world that gets built in the first few pages and then utterly abandoned in favor of2 An amazingly unengaging, unbelievable romance between a typical Bujold guy and3.Mary SueThe thing is, this is actually a solid fan [...]


    I cry foul I thought Bujold wrote sophisticated fantasies in interesting worlds Hugo winner Hello , but this one is strictly pedestrian, and I don t mean in an alternative transportation, heart healthy way We follow a pregnant farm girl who has left home with the half formed intention of seeking a new life in the city, when she s captured by a malice really , a sinister force that is converting animals and people into frightening biddable mud men David Edding s snake powered mud men, anyone for [...]

    Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Several years ago I stumbled on Bujold s Vorkosigan series when I randomly checked out A Civil Campaign from the library As one of the later books in that series, it was definitely the wrong place to start and left me rather puzzled and at sea But then I discovered Cordelia s Honor and fell in love with both Cordelia and Aral, and dove into all the Miles books afterwards one of the great SF series, seriously and then I finished and thought, what next So it turned out that Bujold has written seve [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)

    Okay.t let us make no mistake This is a romance, a love story The synopsis may make it sound like an adventure, it may talk about the Lake Walkers, the Patrolers in mysterious termsbut it amounts to a love story The inexperienced young farm girl meets the mysterious, older and knowledgeable Lake Walker, shows herself competent and able than expected Then their love must overcome various and sundry obstacles I d mention a couple but that might be considered giving spoilers etc etc and so on, an [...]


    The Sharing Knife is about Fawn Bluefield, a young woman, pregnant but unwed, and scorned by the father of her baby Fearing the shame and outrage that will fall on her when news of her pregnancy gets around, she decides to run away from home and make a new life for herself in the city of Glassforge, where she will pretend to be a widow On her way, she encounters a group of Lakewalkers, a mysterious race of people who patrol the land, searching for and destroying malices, also known as blight bog [...]

    Lisa (Harmonybites)

    Reading the reviews, the detractors seem to fall into certain categories Those who were expecting something like her Vorkosigan series and are disappointed it s fantasy Hello, it s pretty explicitly marked as fantasy from the description to the cover Those who were expecting something like her Chalion series and are disappointed the emphasis on this first book is on romance Yes, it is I think it s tons better than the usual book on the romance aisle, but if you sneer at books built around a love [...]


    This book wast good This author is great This bookHarlequin y


    Bujoldica je po obi aju izvrsna Fantasy s ljudskim likom, moglo bi se re i Taman kad pomisli da bi moglo postati dosadnjikavo ili se razvu i, ona te zasko i iza ugla.


    This was a lovely fantasy romance by one of my new favorite authors I wonder why people complain so much if there is a romance in a sci fi or fantasy novel Are all the people complaining single and uninterested in love or do they just insist that people in fiction be unrealistically asexual Anyway this book sucked me right in This author has such a fluid clear style that I just love her stories and her people The world building was great and I love the way there are no info dumps but the world i [...]

    Beanbag Love

    This is of a 4.75 Mainly because I felt the book changed so much from beginning to end.When we first meet Fawn and Dag the story seems like one of action and war It s brutal and they both have to fight for their lives, saving each other in the process It evolves into a rather simple, but very nice, romance, however Since the over riding arc of the story is completed over the course of several books, the change of tone makes this book itself feel unfinished Since I plan to read on, it won t be a [...]

    Sherwood Smith

    I waited a year because someone had warned me that The Sharing Knife Beguilement was actually the first half of a book summarily chopped in half So I waited until the second came out The story appears to be a fantasy set in some pastoral world near water I later found out the setting was a parallel world Great Lakes region, an area I d never seen, and so did not recognize , where we are introduced to two cultures living in uneasy coexistence the Farmers and the Lakewakers, who patrol everywhere [...]


    This is the first book of a duology, a fantasy romance with the emphasis on the romance Our couple consists of Fawn Bluefield farmer girl, eighteen, pregnant, running away from home and Dag Redwing one handed, widower, fiftyish, from the militaristic Lakewalker culture Dag and his patrol are tracking a malice, an immortal life leeching menace which can only be dispatched with a sharing knife a nice little conceit that is not worth ruining The malice captures Fawn for nefarious purposes you see w [...]

    Lisa Butterworth

    I really enjoy Bujold s imagination Her fantasy ideas are never like anything I ve ever seen before and her worlds are so rich and complex and utterly believable And she is so good at letting them unfold slowly and naturally and at making characters that I totally fall in love with This is actually the second time I read this book, I don t usually read books twice, but I bought it for a quarter at my mom s library last week because I didn t have anything to read and I was desperate I had been ra [...]

    Jamie Collins

    I would never have picked up this book based on any description of it I ve ever read, but it s Bujold, so I thought, how bad could it be It turns out that even Bujold can t make me enjoy a sappy romance between a young, naive farm girl named Fawn and the much older supernatural warrior named Dag who comes to her rescue She s perky and her family doesn t appreciate her He s suffered a tragedy and thought he d never love again The characterization is nothing special, and the setting is a bland fro [...]


    Beautifully written, surprisingly romantic, and thoroughly enjoyable Bujold s world building is superb, complex yet easy to imagine and follow I look forward to the next installment.


    Okay, I am a Bujold fan, honest I am However, I am afraid this review will cause be to be exiled from the International Order of Bujold lovers This fantasy book reminds me of a cross between Anne Rice and Mercedes Lackey.Brief plot description A grizzled soldier meets a young girl The soldier is fifty five years old, and has a broken heart The girl is eighteen and has run away from home after her one and only experience of sex turned out badly.During the next three days, the two save either othe [...]


    This book had a really solid start, with plenty of danger and magical action It seemed like it was going to be an enjoyable fantasy read Then after a while, I realized that the resting up from this initial action was not just an interlude, but the rest of the book Seriously two thirds of the story focus exclusively on the romance and the couple s relationship type challenges like meeting and dealing with in laws, and dealing with cross cultural relationships and taboos, and age differences I rea [...]

    Pam Nelson

    3 Sharing Star s I have NEVER read a fantasy book until now That being said I didn t hate it and I didn t love it I am inbetween I enjoyed the hell out of the narrator I don t know if it was me or the book but I feel like there was too much down time I understand you have to build the world and all that, but I still felt lost A lot of the words got me all turned around Some of the creatures as well Fawn and Dag, there journey to find each other was what I loved I could care less about the rest o [...]


    Review applies for all two four of the Sharing Knife series I appreciate that Bujold is trying something new here, as I hate to see good writers fall into the trap of retreading the same ground again and again E.g Terry Brooks Well, except for the good part He was never good.Unfortunately, her new twist was apparently to write a romance novel Allowing me to discover that I do not care for romance novels It isn t 100% romance novel maybe 10 15% But that bit was awkward, annoying and distracting W [...]


    I don t really know how to review this, and I definitely had not read the blurb to know what to expect before I started I was not expecting sexytimes Or disturbing baddies Or fascinating fantasy magic SO YEAH I DEF WENT INTO THIS BLIND.

    Carolyn F.

    AudiobookAnother great series by this author I loved that the language wasn t all flowery, I loved the humor, I loved the romance and the speed of it I can t wait to read the next book in the series.


    I am intrigued The world is interesting and I m curious to see how the MCs move forward together The age difference did not squick me out as much as I would have expected Mostly due to the interactions between the MCs The one downside to the story was Fawn s family I m not sure I understood why they had to get her family s approval and had to put up their ridiculosity Annoyingly my library does not have the rest of the series in audiobook format I have to decide whether to do eyeball reading fro [...]


    This series had been repeatedly recommended to me, starting nearly a year ago, by a friend of mine This friend had also advised that I avoid beginning the books too close to bedtime and that I obtain, at the very least, the first two books of this quad so that I could read them back to back I really need to start taking her word at greater weight.I waited for a long time before bothering to track down a copy of this first book this series because at the time I had only just read the appallingly [...]

    Mogsy (MMOGC)

    Seems like these days I m on a roll with fantasy romances Or would it be accurate to call this a romance fantasy Unlike other romance novels I ve read that feature a heavy dose of fantasy, Beguilement is like the other way around romance in my fantasy rather than fantasy in my romance, so to speak I think that in itself might alienate a lot of readers The book begins with Fawn Bluefield running away from home only to be kidnapped by a malice , an inhuman magical creature that eats people and c [...]


    I really enjoyed this story The audio book was very well done, nothing was missing in the delivery The story flowed smoothly not just due to a talented narrator but because it s well written prose Ms Bujold has legit skills.Dag and Fawn are the main characters and the primary focus of this installment I was so invested in these two that I missed the fact that the evil inhuman creatures being hunted were dropped for most of the book I am surprised that wasn t a deal breaker for me but what can I [...]


    Like most Bujold, this was a fast interesting read She grabbed my attention with the viewpoint character, Fawn, who was likable and quickly made me care what happened to her The world society setting seems underdeveloped, but that probably comes clearer in the rest of the series Also, when it comes to fantasy, I really like Tolkien, and everyone else seems to fall short in the world development area, naturally In other words, she didn t invent 14 languages yet for this universe Bujold is always [...]


    What has happened to Lois Bujold I was reading this and kept mentally comparing it to Shards of Honor, published 1986, also a sort of romance and also the start of a series Maybe the fact that Bujold is now starting a fantasy series says something for the state of sf as compared to fantasy Maybe I am biased pro sf but this book was just so flimsy compared to SoH I better put some spoiler warnings, just in case, view spoiler Along the Vorkosigan series, proverbially Bujold was never afraid to tor [...]

    Cyndi Marie

    Listened to the Audiobook Disclaimer Fantasy is not my genre of choice I listened to this book because of a book club I don t think I would have ever read this on my own because I am not a fantasy fan I know this is a romance too but the fantasy element was what I noticed most when listening to this story I will say I did like it better than I thought I would when it started The beginning was very slow because of world building which I know is a must in fantasy so I expected that I found it a li [...]


    There was this really cheap promotion fot the whole Sharing Knife series as ebooks and although I own them in paper I just had to splurge.This really is the most couple centred work of LMB s, but at the same time it also contrasts two completely different lifestyles, Lakewalker and Farmer, through all four books.But I read it for Fawn and her interactions with Dag and the fact that as soon as they get through their first real dangerous encounter and everything changes for both, they really respe [...]

    Brenda Audiobooks Only

    Narrated by Bernadette Dunne narration 5 sThe Sharing Knife series of 4 books has an excellent narrator in Bernadette Dunne, she is one of the very best I ve ever listened to.

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