Mar 31, 2020
Posted by Liliana Hart

Book 2 in The MacKenzie Brothers Quartet Cat Randolph is the best cat burglar in the world But when a job goes wrong and she s shot, it s Doctor Thomas MacKenzie that comes to her rescue Unfortunately, it s a lot harder to keep secrets when you re risking the life of someone you love.Thomas MacKenzie knows Cat is keeping secrets, but getting her to trust him with them iBook 2 in The MacKenzie Brothers Quartet Cat Randolph is the best cat burglar in the world But when a job goes wrong and she s shot, it s Doctor Thomas MacKenzie that comes to her rescue Unfortunately, it s a lot harder to keep secrets when you re risking the life of someone you love.Thomas MacKenzie knows Cat is keeping secrets, but getting her to trust him with them is a slow and steady process But time isn t on his side Convincing Cat to stay in Surrender, Montana is harder than he could have imagined He just has to make sure that their lovemaking is addictive than the adrenaline rush she craves.Alternate cover for ASIN B005CX33HM.

  • Title: Thomas
  • Author: Liliana Hart
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  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Thomas Book in The MacKenzie Brothers Quartet Cat Randolph is the best cat burglar in the world But when a job goes wrong and she s shot it s Doctor Thomas MacKenzie that comes to her rescue Unfortunately

    Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    3 Stars This was a really enjoyable, quick read less than an hour I liked that the heroine was the bad girl in this story The MacKenzie brothers are a tight group and that comes across easily in such a few number of pagesme goes for the small town feel which I love I was easily drawn into the story and interested in both Cat and Thomas, but holy speed of light with the insta love We re talking love and forever in less than 48 hours I don t mind insta if it s done rightbut this was a bit jarring. [...]


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    Amber Rose

    Two brothers down two to go Can not figure out who is going to be my favorite This is another short story Great erotic sex and nice plot for being so short Ready for the next one.

    Amanda Sheila

    Another short read.d it drives me crazeeh Why, because there s not enough details and I can t dwelled on its characters but I can t seem to stop reading this series Geez Thomas is the second son I guess and he s a doctor Yum I liked the storyline, but I wish he could get a better girl than Cat because she s practically a thief She even admits that she enjoys being one Awkwaaaard Definitely going to read the third one grrrr

    Marica (The Book Chick)

    Yeah I know that it is a short story and it suppose to be a short, erotic story But in this one I could not stop thinking on how fast it was going One minute she was one place and he another, next they where together and before you know it, they have sex and says I love you Come oooon It just got a little to much unrealistic for me to really enjoy the book But if I try to not think about that and just the story itself it was great Cat is a knock out girl with a lot of courage and skin on her nos [...]


    First of all, why do authors think it s cool to have all male characters especially in a series to always be chasing after women I decided to mention it here because I m really tired of reading about characters like these This is similar to what Cat says in the story about one of Thomas s brothers, not towards Thomas Similar also to another one of Thomas s, Dane, who sleeps around with a ton of women for ten years leaving behind his love while the woman he left behind raises his son while not be [...]


    This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderAn interesting story in the MacKenzie Family Series Each brother has their own book titled after their name This is Thomas s love story.Cat Randolph quite simply is a cat burglar But when the current job goes wrong, she is shot getting away All she has to do is make it the Canadian border for the drop, but swerves into the MacKenzie fence, Thomas is there to rescue her Lucky Cat, Thomas is Surrender, Montana s only doctor Unlucky Cat, Thomas s [...]

    Awilk -never sleeps-

    Another super quick, hot read from Liliana Hart I was looking for a quick steamy read, and turned this book was perfect for what I was looking for My biggest complaint is that these brothers deserve full length stories, and I am left wanting so much Cat was a great female lead, and I liked how she didn t give up what made her happy, but compromised with Thomas until they were both happy.

    Laurie Gyd

    Sexy and hot Sexy, hot, romantic, and exciting This is Car yes she s a cat burglar meets Thomas MacKenzie when a cow runs out on road in front of her car and she crashes the family s fence Thomas is a doctor as luck and lust would have it.

    Pam Godwin

    A fifty page ride with a grand theft felon, her gun shot wound, a hot Dr Thomas, and action packed sex that will satisfy the erotica lover s appetite This second MacKenzie Brothers Quartet is much of the same as the first Brisk and feverish in Surrender.


    overall i liked this book but for the type of situation that Cat and Thomas were thrown into there should have been I think I liked this book for the interaction of the brothers than the main characters.

    Jennifer (TexasDiva74)

    Seriously Are all the books in this series so freakin short This book was developing into a really great read when just ended I would ve given it stars had it been longer.

    Anna (Wicked Book Blog)

    Cat and Thomas seemed to be totally different He was the small town doctor and she could put the Ocean s Eleven team to shame In the end they found their way to each other in an unconventional way.

    Sultan * Baby Mama Smut-a-teer*

    Blah Nuff said.

    Lora Borzelleca

    This one was okI liked Thomas but Cat really didn t do much for me I just didn t feel the connection between the two But it was cute, short and to the point kind of book.

    ツ Renée

    Another hot MacKenzie Thomas is a sweet, sexy, and confident man I liked that he accepted Cat for who she is The sex was so good, I found myself in need of a doctor.


    Well them sexy Mackenzie men continue, let me just say I still look for my Dr Thomas to come fix all my booboos This was a cute really short entertaining read I give it a strong 3.5 stars

    Angel Ruess

    While I liked Thomas, there was a bit of a creep factor to him I don t know you, you re now my patient, but I m just going to fuck you, isn t a good look on any doctor Other than that, I liked Cat and Thomas.


    Better story and excitement But Thomas is a doctor Love at 1st sight with a patient Too good to be true


    Conclusion I love you but I actually expect you to change everything about yourself A poor sort of love.

    Linda Levy

    Different career choice, both of them, for a heroine.Enjoyable short read with the insta love connection happening.


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    In this boxset


    I realize that this series are just a bunch of very short stories but everything happens way too fast.

    Jodi Stookesberry

    Quick readIt was good A fast read .

    Tatjana C

    If you re looking for a down and dirty, full of sexy times book then this is the one for you i mean whoo im getting hot just thinking about it This whole series is so hot damn sexy and full of sexy explicit times I love it


    Surrender Dr McDreamy What s a little Cat to do against the charms of a small town doctor Who could blame her for her insta lust for a man with both good looks and brain Certainly not this reader.Cat Randolph is a professional thief that circumstances of a job gone awry have led her to the small Montana town of Surrender injured and at the hands of its ber charming and sweet and damn hot doctor, Thomas MacKenzie Sparks fly in the air as soon as she opens her eyes and Dr Thomas makes every female [...]


    Source PurchaseRating 5 5 starsCat Randolph is an excellent thief She spends the vast majority of her life studying and planning for her next heist so that her execution is flawless So far, every heist has gone according to plan and Cat has gotten in and out with no trace of her having ever been there The Bixby heist was supposed to go off like all the others so why in Hell has she lost two days of her life and woken up in a bed and room she absolutely does not recognize Thomas MacKenzie is the [...]

    Svetlana Kostova

    , .

    Katie Iupe

    Eh I mean, I get it, they are short novella s but this one was RIDICULOUS I mean, RIGHT after he meets her It s kind of crazy.I m running through these books specifically so that I can read Jay Crownover s novella set in this world and while the first few books weren t bad, this one was WAY too fast for me.

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