Apr 06, 2020
Nine Rabbits
Posted by Virginia Zaharieva Виргиния Захариева

Zaharieva packs several genres into one, including but not limited to pastoral idyll, sexual coming of age story, and feminist memoir Ultimately, she presents life in all its messiness and possibility, vivid enough for the reader to almost taste Publishers Weekly Gutsy, fresh and vivid, this story of one woman s brave quest through life will take you on a wild ride Zaharieva packs several genres into one, including but not limited to pastoral idyll, sexual coming of age story, and feminist memoir Ultimately, she presents life in all its messiness and possibility, vivid enough for the reader to almost taste Publishers Weekly Gutsy, fresh and vivid, this story of one woman s brave quest through life will take you on a wild ride Kapka Kassabova, author of Street Without a Name and Twelve Minutes of Love I turned up in the seaside town of Nesebar an inconvenient four year old grandchild, just as my grandmother was raising the last two of her six children, putting the finishing touches on the house, ordering the workmen around and doing some of the construction work herself thank God for that, because at least it used up some of her monstrous energy Otherwise who knows what would ve become of me In Bulgaria during the height of communism in the 1960s, six year old Manda survives her cruel grandmother and rural poverty by finding sheer delight in the world plump vegetables, garden gnomes, and darkened attic corners The young Manda endures severe beatings, seemingly indestructible But as a middle aged artist in newly democratic Bulgaria, she desperately tries to feed her damaged soul with intrepid creativity and humor Virginia Zaharieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1959 She is a writer, psychotherapist, feminist, and mother Her novel Nine Rabbits is among the most celebrated Bulgarian books to appear over the past two decades and the first of Zaharieva s work made available in North America Angela Rodel is an award winning translator Born and educated in the United States with degrees in linguistics from Yale and the University of California, Los Angeles, she currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Title: Nine Rabbits
  • Author: Virginia Zaharieva Виргиния Захариева
  • ISBN: 9781908236050
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nine Rabbits Zaharieva packs several genres into one including but not limited to pastoral idyll sexual coming of age story and feminist memoir Ultimately she presents life in all its messiness and possibility


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    Americans don t read anywhere near enough writing written outside the borders of the United States There is a hell of a lot going on out there, perspectives and innovations, but many Americans aren t even aware of it When we do step outside, it s almost always to the same old writers who ve influenced generations of Americans before Nothing new This book is a great place to start changing that How many Americans have even read a Bulgarian novel before Much less, a good one The Publishers Weekly [...]

    Kelly Spoer

    Ok Now I can post the link to my reviewpop break 2014 04 09 book drOMG THIS BOOK IS AWESOMES YOU NEEDS TO READ ITS NOWS


    This was a First Reads win I really loved the beginning, but this book went downhill quickly for me This book begins in Bulgaria with the abusive childhood of Manda This section of the book was captivating and helped me develop compassion for Mandad then the book abruptly jumps to Manda in adulthood, philosophically and crudely rambling, traveling to countries in choppy, unrelated narratives After the section about her childhood, this novel lacks plot Manda s adult narratives are filled with sel [...]

    Istros Books

    Nine Rabbits tells two stories, that of a six year old girl, and of her grown up self Manda grows up on the Black Sea coast during the height of socialism in the 1960s, raised by her tyrannical grandmother along with her young aunts and uncles While Grandma Nikula wages open and covert wars with life, Manda lives out the adventures of her childhood under the shadow of her absent grandfather.Forty years later on, we find that same child has become a woman, now living in a democratic Bulgaria and [...]

    Joanna I. Neyko

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    Magdalena Todorinska

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    Really enjoyable, the book starts off in of a story mode and ends feeling like journal entries Kept my interest all the way through I would definately recommend this book, nice quick read.


    I wouldn t even dare evaluate the book of my life.Read it in Bulgarian a few years ago, it totally changed my life AND style Still love it dearly, reading it in English is a further pleasure thanks to the wonderful translator Mrs Angela Rodel.


    The book starts nice and turns into a midnight monster

    Jennifer Cain

    A yummy roller coaster ride through the life of an amazing woman.


    Already a best seller in Europe, Nine Rabbits, the latest from Bulgarian author Virginia Zaharieva, is a remarkable, untraditional novel about a universal story one woman s quest to create and maintain her own identity.The novel is told in two parts, the first taking place in 1960s Communist Bulgaria when the narrator, a precocious four year old named Manda, goes off to live with her grandmother while her recently divorced mother works long hours, hoping to provide Manda with a better life Despi [...]

    Thomas Hübner

    mytwostotinki p 1310The first part of Virginia Zaharieva s autobiographical novel Nine Rabbits consists of childhood memories of the narrator Manda, as everyone calls her, grows up in Nesebar in socialist Bulgaria in a house at the Black Sea coast The men in the big family are mostly or completely absent Boris, the Grandfather, a good natured and friendly man works most of its life abroad and comes home only during holidays for a few weeks Even later when he gets older and is back in Bulgaria, h [...]

    Jaimie Lau

    There is not enough of a connect between the characters of Manda the child and Manda the adult The first part of the book is written pretty well, the abuse inflicted upon her by her grandmother is subtle, being just as much mental as physical, and the perception of this abuse does come across as through a believable voice of a child The second part of the book is a bit all over the place Adult Manda is pretty awful She does not form proper relationships and hangs around with numerous, waste of s [...]


    The book seems to be semi autobiographical and is organized into short, mostly chronological vignettes You never really know how much time has past between vignettes or which story threads will return when I liked this book, especially the first part of the character as a child The latter part of the book explored of the existential crises, writer s block, and other mental health issues I enjoyed this part less Many interesting and troubling relationships with her family members as well as dail [...]

    Regina Mortua

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    Maria Yankulova

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    vanya klecherova

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    Diane Nichols

    I received this book as part of Goods Reads Free Give Aways and actually had to read it twice before I could really give an honest review.Set in 1960 s Bulgaria during the height of the Communist regime the beginning of the novel shares the story of Manda and the cruelty she suffers at the hand of her abusive grandmother I loved the writing as the author captures the delight in the colorful world of the gardens and the quiet solitude of the dark attics where Manda finds solace and enchantment.As [...]


    The first part of Nine Rabbits is about a young child named Manda, and then then last part is about grown up Manda.It seemed like this book was written by two completely different people Young Manda was clearly written, interesting, and just wonderful to read I could identify with her, I understood everything she said, I wanted to know about her The adult Manda seemed evasive Half the time I did not know what she was talking about, it was like a completely different person was writing the book [...]

    Antoaneta Mitrusheva

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    Pauline Roberts

    I won this book and wanted very much to feel empathy for Zaharieva and gain insights from her She tells us that it was a catharsis for her to finally get the pain from her childhood out on paper, so for her, writing the first half was the easy part Bravo to her for having done that Unfortunately, she hasn t found herself in her adult life, though it s clear she s been doing a lot of looking Scenes she describes of her adulthood show her as a bit of an exhibitionist who hoped others would notice [...]

    Terry Foster

    I did not really like this book In part one of the book, I felt sorry for her as a little girl growing up with an abusive grandmother and understand that this could have caused some of her self worth issues However, the story skips over quite a few years without knowing what happened in her life Then, in part two, she is married, has a child, divorced and seems to have many issues that are not related to the abuse The story line seems very disconnected Some of the recipes seem worth trying I rec [...]


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    World Literature Today

    The novel is masterfully written, with subtle and delicate creation of the setting and characters The translation by Angela Rodel is wonderful and tries to stay as close as possible to the original, even when finessing hard to translate plays on words Michaela Burilkovova, Gainesville, FloridaThis book was reviewed in the March 2015 issue of World Literature Today Read the full review by visiting our website bit 1wV08EL

    Carol Irvin

    I didn t care for this book I almost abandoned it a few times but I finished it Don t waste your time.

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