Feb 18, 2020
Eight Dolphins of Katrina: A True Tale of Survival
Posted by Janet Wyman Coleman Yan Nascimbene

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina crashed a forty foot tidal wave over the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi The dolphin house was demolished, and its inhabitants swept from their tank into the Gulf of Mexico After growing up in captivity, how could the eight bottlenose dolphins feed and protect themselves in the wild And if they could survive, would tOn August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina crashed a forty foot tidal wave over the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi The dolphin house was demolished, and its inhabitants swept from their tank into the Gulf of Mexico After growing up in captivity, how could the eight bottlenose dolphins feed and protect themselves in the wild And if they could survive, would their trainers ever see them again This fascinating picture book enriched with both beautiful color wash illustrations and photographs taken by the trainers themselves tells this dramatic, happy ending story.

  • Title: Eight Dolphins of Katrina: A True Tale of Survival
  • Author: Janet Wyman Coleman Yan Nascimbene
  • ISBN: 9780547719238
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eight Dolphins of Katrina A True Tale of Survival On August Hurricane Katrina crashed a forty foot tidal wave over the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport Mississippi The dolphin house was demolished and its inhabitants swept from their ta

    Elissa Schaeffer

    I feel a little duped by this book Only 16 pages were given to telling the account of Hurricane Katrina, the employees of the Oceanarium, and of course the dolphins We then move on to other accounts of dolphins and their interactions with humans Finally we reach the Scrapbook at the end of the book that has photographs and accompanying information done in a timeline style with notes on the eight dolphins closing that section.So why do I feel duped I wish there was given to the accounts of the O [...]


    Having survived Hurricane Katrina, I am drawn to stories about the natural disaster and true stories of animal and human survival This story describes how eight dolphins left in the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi, somehow managed to survive in the Gulf Coast waters for twelve days Their trainers and the staff of the facility worked hard to get a boat and a helicopter in an effort to find them The storm s 40 foot tidal wave had destroyed the dolphins home, and experts thought tha [...]


    I picked this book up whilst I was shelving one day at the library I was interested to hear about these dolphins and immediately began to read it I was disappointed with the illustrations in the book I wanted pictures of the real dolphins and the real Oceanarium There are photographs of the actual dolphins at the very back of the book, but I wish that there were of them.Also, the dolphins story is only told for half of the book The other half is dedicated to dolphins in general why these creatu [...]

    Kate Hastings

    Grades 2 4 The cover promises realistic photos of the story and it ends up being illustrated with the exception of the scrapbook notes in back The initial story is about how the aquarium tried its best to evacuate some dolphins and how the surge incorrectly called a tidal wave collapses the aquarium Quite abruptly there is then a chapter about dolphins at sea Greek myths, Pelorus Jack and a couple of stories about dolphins rescuing people or other animals Overall, I think this is a highly intere [...]


    This is a spellbinding account of how dolphin trainers of Marine Life Aquarium in Gulfport, Mississippi saved 8 of their dolphins thrown into the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Katrina The end pages recount 4 rescue tales about dolphins around the world It ends with an effective An Eight Dolphins Scrapbook records their rescue using a series of photos and brief descriptions The watercolor illustrations are breathtaking.


    I have to say I love the idea of this book, however it was very poorly written Simple and not too exciting illustrations The PJ storytimers who were 1st 4th grade enjoyed the story and wanted to know about hurricanes.


    Very interesting story of dolphins that survived Hurricane Katrina.

    Connie T.

    I enjoyed this story very much It presents an aspect of Katrina that few would have thought about How does one ensure the safety of zoo animals when a natural disaster strikes I didn t like the illustrations and would have preferred photos to accompany the text, but those are provided separately towards the end of the book Between the text and the photos is a section about dolphins throughout history which, although interesting, disrupts the flow of the Katrina story Despite the grim subject mat [...]


    On the 3rd grade summer reading list It was an interesting story, but not all that well written.


    Everyone who watched the news during the 2005 Katrina Hurricane is aware of the magnitude of the disaster, with the loss of life and property, and even the loss of entire communities Still, this story is one aspect of the disaster I had never known about I knew nothing about the impact of the storm on places like the Marine Life Oceanarium This is a fascinating story about the dolphins who survived the disaster and the efforts their trainers went to in order to bring them back to a safe environm [...]

    Jim Erekson

    The cover led me to believe this would be a photo illustrated book But Yan Nascimbene is such a well known name that I was surprised to see the incongruous cover photograph and insides illustrated I was disappointed by the storyboard There s not much plot to tell in this story, which is fine But there was a lot of science and psychology to explore, and Coleman only hinted at this So the pacing of the story could have been drawn out to help me learn about these specific dolphins and trainers Ins [...]

    Elaine Bearden

    gr 1 3This is a really moving story about eight dolphins who survived hurricane Katrina The cover is a photograph of the dolphins, but most of the book is illustrated with ink and watercolor pictures, so that was a bit of a let down The story is incredibly compelling, and well told The large blocks of text make it less easy to share with even younger children who may be interested in the story Despite all of that, it is a tale that really sucks you in with how the trainers and scientist tried to [...]


    Here we are, almost exactly 11 years after Hurricane Katrina, and I still can t think about those days without tearing up I should have read Eight Dolphins of Katrina with my office door closed and a box of tissues nearby because I started up as soon as I opened the book The book itself is a little disorganized like this review There s a bare bones story about having to leave eight of the dolphins behind at the Oceanarium during the storm and their eventual rescue Next, there s a little section [...]

    Oak Lawn Public Library - Youth Services

    Grade Level 3rd 5th Pages 40Summary This is an uplifting true story about how eight dolphins managed to survive the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina Not only were they able to live through the destruction of their own home, but they survived in the wild and were fortunate enough to be reunited with their trainers.About half way through, readers are presented with facts about dolphins and actual events of how these sea mammals have saved people and even whales Near the end of the book, [...]

    Samantha Tai

    When prepping for storms, you worry about your home and own well being But employees of the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi, were able to find swimming pools at local hotel pools to house six of their dolphins before Hurrican Katrina Eight dolphins had to stay behind at the Oceanarium The day after the hurricane, the pool at the Oceanarium was empty except for mangled rafters and chunks of roof Twelve days later, they take a motorboat and a helicopter out into the Gulf to see if [...]


    While this book wouldn t make a good read aloud, it is a wonderful account of a little known story about a few special dolphins impacted by Hurricane Katrina Most of my students will not remember the event, but after reading this story, they will certainly understand how not only people were affected greatly by the hurricane, but also creatures large and small The book seems like it is divided into three parts really Although there is nothing in the title to indicate such The first part is about [...]


    Dolphins are amazing The story of eight captive dolphins who survived Hurricane Katrina and remembered their trainers who rescued them from the open gulf afterward will make you choke up The book, however, is a bit uneven, with its photo cover, watercolor illustrations of the hurricane story, sudden switch to dolphin anecdotes sourced in the back from various web sites , and then a back to an Eight Dolphins Scrapbook, again illustrated with photos of the hurricane dolphins This, to me, was the m [...]

    Naomi Blackburn

    I have to say that I found this book amazing As one who doesn t support aquariums, such as Sea World and this aquarium, I initially found myself angered and had my feelings confirmed when the dolphins disappeared due to Hurricane Katrina When they were found safe and alive, I cheered These dynamic creatures showed their ability to adapt and to care for one another when in a crisis situation They also showed their clear love for their caretakers I found myself tearing up when they were found safe [...]


    The basic story itself is well told However, it ends abruptly and quickly Then the author talks about the history of dolphin interaction with people and how historically dolphins have been good friends to people and have rescued them in the ocean Finally there are some actual photos of the dolphins and the oceanarium that broke down in the hurricane I wish details had been given about the dolphin rescue It seemed as though the story was just a method to be talking about the history and intellig [...]


    Hurricane Katrina was in 2005 It was only just a week ago that I heard about these dolphins for the first time, and then just a couple of days after that, this book randomly crossed my path It was nice to get the basics of the story, but that is pretty much ALL you get about the dolphins the basics I was personally hoping for story about the individual dolphins, their escape into open water, the search, and their rescue There was at least some photos at the end of the book to enjoy I wouldn t m [...]


    This is a really cute story with a happy ending something rare to surface in the after of Katrina.Animal lovers will get this I m not so sure about the rest of the world I could see where questions would arise about using resources to locate and rescue 8 dolphins when these same resources could be used for humans, but that would be from people who don t understand.Besides the dolphin Katrina story, there is also a section called More About Man s Best Friend that illustrates why dolphins are so i [...]


    Since most of these animal rescue books are illustrated with vibrant color photos, it was rather disconcerting to see the rather flat drawings upon the pages While the trainers were undoubtedly devoted to their charges, and the dolphins fight for survival was touching, this book does focus uncritically upon keeping dolphins in marine park tanks, an increasingly controversial practice Readers own thoughts about marine parks will likely inform their reactions Of note is that the book s section on [...]


    I remembered this story from news reports during the clean up of Hurricane Katrina and thought it would make a great book for children The book is great but has an abrupt end to reporting on the dolphins of Katrina One page ends with the trainers falling asleep for rest and the next page launches into about man s best friend Five pages then follow that tell other dolphin rescue stories Then those are followed by scrapbook images of the Eight Dolphins I found that confusing and think children ma [...]


    I just thought I loved this book when I read the story Then I read the extra dolphin stories at the end and I loved it A wonderful animal book for children that takes on an animal that doesn t always give kids the warm fuzzies This story touches so many different things that we try to instill in children like survival and teamwork And it will also make them look at our animal friends in a new way A must for MS libraries that are looking for happy endings in the tragic aftermath of Katrina.


    The story of the loss and eventual rescue of eight captive dolphins washed into the Gulf of Mexico during the hurricane The events are the point of view of the dolphins trainers, who understood them, and persisted in trying to find them long after they must have perished Another child s book reviewed in the WSJ The watercolor illustrations and photos show what dolphins look like for children.The author says that a dog is man s best friend, but that s on land, in the water it will always be the d [...]

    Laura (booksnob)

    This short children s book tells the fate of 8 dolphins housed in the Oceanarium in Mississippi on the coast during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 There is also a section towards the end of the book, called Man s best friend which tells of the evolution of dolphins as well as how they are credited with saving lives Eight Dolphins of Katrina ends with a scrapbook full of pictures with a timeline of events I had no idea that 8 dolphins were swept into the gulf by a tidal wave and needed rescuing until [...]


    3.5 stars rounded upLovely illustrations by Yan Nascimbene I was personally hoping for a little information about looking for finding the dolphins, but the length makes it pretty approachable for children who don t usually read non fiction I was really grateful for the additional scrapbook pages at the end with photographs of the dolphins it was the real life story I was looking for in this book from the start.Both dolphin lovers and readers looking for stories of animals who rescue humans woul [...]


    This book starts with marine aquarium staff scrambling to get dolphins to safety away from the path of Hurricane Katrina Yet, some dolphins would have to be left behind at the Oceanarium The workers realize that this could be dangerous to the dolphins that remain Their worst fears are proven true when they return after the storm to see the roof has collapsed and all of the dolphins are missing The search for the dolphins begins.


    True story of how 8 dolphins were rescued from the Gulf after hurricane Katrina destroyed the aquarium where they were living Second half of the text is titled More About Man s Best Friend, with historical and scientific facts about dolphins Endpapers include a scrapbook with photos and information about the Katrina dolphins The text contains illustrations with only the cover photo and scrapbook having real photos of the dolphins.


    Hurricane Katrina crashed a forty foot tidal wave over the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi, demolishing the dolphin house Its inhabitants were swept from the tank into the Gulf of Mexico After growing up in captivity, how could the eight bottlenose dolphins feed and protect themselves in the wild And if they could survive, would their trainers ever see them again A great story and very heartwarming.

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