Feb 18, 2020
My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood
Posted by Tameka Fryer Brown Shane W. Evans

What color is your mood On a really good day, Jamie feels purple like the first bite of a juicy cold plum.And with a crayon in his hand, Jamie eases into a green feeling like a dragon dancing through a jungle made of green jello.But when his brothers push him around and make fun of his drawings, Jamie feels like a dark gray storm brewing.What will it take to put Jamie bacWhat color is your mood On a really good day, Jamie feels purple like the first bite of a juicy cold plum.And with a crayon in his hand, Jamie eases into a green feeling like a dragon dancing through a jungle made of green jello.But when his brothers push him around and make fun of his drawings, Jamie feels like a dark gray storm brewing.What will it take to put Jamie back in a bright feeling mood Through Jamie, young readers will learn to describe how they re feeling in a unique way.My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood is a 2014 Charlotte Zolotow Honor Book.

  • Title: My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood
  • Author: Tameka Fryer Brown Shane W. Evans
  • ISBN: 9780670012855
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood What color is your mood On a really good day Jamie feels purple like the first bite of a juicy cold plum And with a crayon in his hand Jamie eases into a green feeling like a dragon dancing through

    Kristi Bernard

    What if you could turn the way you are feeling into colors What colors would you choose How about purple for when you re happy, orange for when you feel sporty and brown for when you are ready to stand your ground.Jamie loves to color, listen to music and hang out with his friends But, he also has to deal with teasing brothers When Jamie listens to music he bobs to the beat This puts him in a purple kind of mood When his younger sister asks him to draw her a dragon, this puts him in an easy gree [...]


    Moods are matched with colors in this jazzy picture book Jamie is having a really great day, feeling purple and just being But when his brothers kick him off the couch, his mood turns stormy gray As he draws, his mood turns green and easy Then his older brothers make fun of his drawing and Jamie s mood turns black Basketball gives him a swishing orange mood and running home almost late has him racing red Family dinner is lemon pie yellow and washing up brings on tides of bluesy feelings The day [...]

    Rebecca Honeycutt

    Fantastic, lively, and of course colorful take on moods colors Sort of like My Many Colored Days, but with a down to earth bent, and focused on a large, cheerful African American family Great for one on ones or storytime.


    This little story is so creative and beautiful I love it I recommend it to anyone encouraging children how to talk about how they feel, because there are ways to say you re sad than sad.


    Cool, blue okayTime with myselfIn my own spaceHands swirling roundIn liquid peaceSailing on wavesIn the sky of my mindA bluesy kind of moodThat s what I m in.

    Antonio Noland

    I chose this book because it shows a young black boy in a playful In today s society, the media portray young black boys to dangerous, thugs, and a lot older than they are This book lightens the mood on that stereotype and shows that this young black boy is just like any other young boy of another color In the book, he using colors do describe his moods throughout the story For example, he uses the color gray to describe the his gloomy mood and he uses the color to describe how runs like firetr [...]

    Cassandra Gelvin

    Feelings nothing than feelingsIt follows the day of a little boy and the different things that happen to him in a typical day He equates his feelings with colors almost like synesthesia For example, when people are mean to him, he feels grey or black.The book is written in prose poetry, and the language is very supportive of all feelings being acceptable as long as nobody gets hurt It s okay to enjoy time to yourself as well as enjoying being with others Sometimes your family members are kind o [...]


    diverse picture book feelings, colors preschool kindergarten ages 4 6 prominently features diverse characters yep, an African American boy stars along with his family little sister, older brothers, mom and dad plus a bunch of dark skinned, dark haired friends would work for preschool storytime yep, a very rhymey, action packed story that also deals with colors and feelings, though I feel like older kids would be able to relate things like being pushed around by older siblings and going out with [...]

    Margaret Boling

    10 22 2017 Some children prefer to think of their moods in terms of color, rather than adjectives An excellent book to use as a springboard for talking about the range of emotions we have in one day Also the ways in which our emotions can be impacted by the actions of those around us.Source hbook 2017 09 blogs fa


    Jamie, the young boy who narrates this book, tells us about all of the moods he might experience in a day Irresistibly spirited, Jamie summons images of colors and tastes and sounds to help us know exactly how he is feeling Playing basketball with his friends, he is all about orange happiness, which turns to red when he has to rush home because he promised to get back before dark RED Run Gotta get home Fire engine roaring down the street hot flames shooting from my feet don t stop to take a brea [...]


    Most of us are familiar with days and moods that seem to be blue But there are many emotions that humans experience during the day, and this one follows one boy through a series of emotions Jamie starts off his day feeling sort of purple and then moves into a gray space when his older brothers chase him from the room It s pretty clear through the text and the digital collage illustrations created with oil paints and graphite that our moods are often determined by what s happening around us, but [...]

    Robyn Jones

    I absolutely love this book We follow Jamie and his moods during the span of a typical day I love the approach of associating colors with emotions But then add a sort of freestyle rhyme to his thoughts as he shares his current mood and I was enthralled and reading with a big grin I can t wait to work with both my boys on a mood color writing project This is the sort of book that surpasses entertainment into inspiration I want to go old school, ditch the computer, and break out the notebook paper [...]

    Caryn Caldwell

    Jamie is in a fun mood, a purple mood, when his mean older brothers shove him into gray But his little sister asks him to draw her a picture, and both her enthusiasm and his drawing move him into green So it goes, throughout the day, new colors matching Jamie s shifting moods.This is a wonderful book for kicking off a discussion about feelings, enhancing a lesson on metaphors, or reviewing colors It s great fun to read aloud, with a rhythm that flows to match the different moods The illustration [...]

    Paula Hollohan

    I just have to say up front that I LOVE books that show emotions as colours I think this is an awesome way to give kids information about what these emotions feel and look like I also loved Yesterday I had the Blues and others that use this technique Dr Seuss My Many Colored Days We need to show kids many, many times and many ways what emotions feel, sound, and look like The way different people show emotions differently Then kids can recognize emotions in themselves and others readily.


    Age Kindergarten 2nd gradeAccompanied with a great rhythm, this ultra cool dude expresses his feelings in all sorts of colors Some colors get their point across perfectly, such as blue, black, gray, and red, but other colors are barely aligned with an emotion instead they are aligned with a part of the plot For example, yellow is associated with dinnertime and orange is associated with playing basketball But, in making this observation, I realize that it gives the story variety Also, there are n [...]


    I love the idea of color as way to express mood especially to a young kid As a moody child, this concept was a great way to help unpack all my emotions I think the Jamie s reactions and situations are very relatable Lots of fun texture too especially the characters hair and clothing.See My Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss as an another example.

    Saba NTaylor

    I thought this book was a very creative and unique way to help children explore their feelings and moods through the use of colors Lyrical and fun, children will enjoy watching Jamie s mood change through out the day They will no doubt be able to relate to many of his colorful moods It is a great book for parents or teacher to help children talk about what makes their moods change and how to express themselves I really enjoyed the illustrations, I absolutely love Shane W Evans work I was thrille [...]

    Traci Bold

    It is true that certain colors are associated with different moods in MY COLD PLUM LEMON PIE BLUESY MOOD picture book, Jamie defines all of his moods using similarities with colors Readers can connect to their moods using Jamie s mood color guides the only problem Jamie has though is how to deal with siblings and friends who affect these moods Colorful, artsy and clever Written by Tameka Fryer Brown and illustrated by Shane W Evans.Published by Viking Books teebrownkidlit oluizumz VikingBooks mo [...]

    Diane S ☔

    What a wonderful children s book The colors are amazing and every two pages is full of a certain color and that color is matched to the child s feelings Red, for instance was for hot or in a hurry and showed pictures of all kinds of red things I think maybe four and five year olds would really love this story.

    Kris Odahowski

    Perfectly paired writing and illustration this special book takes a look at one day in the life of Jamie The book brings to life different kinds of moods Shane W Evans illustrations seem to be in perfect sync with the writing of Tameka Fryer Brown Great book to share in April during National Poetry Month Available for check out at the Gadsden County Public Library.


    Jamie helps every young readers find a way to describe and understand the colors and feelings that surround various moods throughout the day Unique digital collage illustrations with oil paints and graphite supply superb backdrops for each of the colors and moods both good and bad that Jamie experiences throughout the day.


    Rings of pastel color on the endpages.Digital collage with oil paints and graphite.Colors are equated with emotions for an upbeat African American boy, the middle child in his family A purple kind of mood Cold plum eating Grape juice drinking On the couch Bobbing to the beat kind of mood and Bomp, bomp Bip, bip, bap Orange mood Moving, schooling To the hoop Swish Rhythmic and fun.


    Jamie takes readers through his day and the range of emotions he feels and pairs them with colors to represent each feeling Text has great read aloud rhythm Illustrations consist of digital collage created with oil paints and graphite PreK 2.


    A new take on moods, this title presents some real life situations and reactions that a child would experience However, the flow of the text was off to me, and it didn t read as smoothly as it should of Parents may struggle with one as a read aloud.


    this book takes moods, colors, and freestyle sounding rhymes to help us follow jamie through his day from being teased by his brothers to doing the dishes, jamie sees it all in color very well written we all have those days, use this book to get through them with your little ones.


    Great mood books, with a be bopping bluesy rhythm that had me smiling I can t wait to share this one with kids.


    Would be a great way to integrate movement into the literacy hour


    Associating moods with colors, such a great book Happy that I read this.


    Wonderful title, wonderful concept.Brilliant way to convey the way emotions can swing within a day, but there s still that being kind of mood we can return to.


    Like the rhythm Like My Many Colored Days, but for older kids.

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