Aug 08, 2020
The Kings and Queens of Roam
Posted by Daniel Wallace

From the celebrated author of Big Fish, an imaginative, moving novel about two sisters and the dark legacy and magical town that entwine them.Helen and Rachel McCallister, who live in a town called Roam, are as different as sisters can be Helen older, bitter, and conniving Rachel beautiful, na ve and blind When their parents die an untimely death, Rachel has to rely oFrom the celebrated author of Big Fish, an imaginative, moving novel about two sisters and the dark legacy and magical town that entwine them.Helen and Rachel McCallister, who live in a town called Roam, are as different as sisters can be Helen older, bitter, and conniving Rachel beautiful, na ve and blind When their parents die an untimely death, Rachel has to rely on Helen for everything, but Helen embraces her role in all the wrong ways, convincing Rachel that the world is a dark and dangerous place she couldn t possibly survive on her own or so Helen believes, until Rachel makes a surprising choice that turns both their worlds upside down.In this new novel, Southern literary master Daniel Wallace returns to the tradition of tall tales and folklore made memorable in his bestselling Big Fish The Kings and Queens of Roam is a wildly inventive, beautifully written, and big hearted tale of family and the ties that bind.

  • Title: The Kings and Queens of Roam
  • Author: Daniel Wallace
  • ISBN: 9781476703978
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Kings and Queens of Roam From the celebrated author of Big Fish an imaginative moving novel about two sisters and the dark legacy and magical town that entwine them Helen and Rachel McCallister who live in a town called Ro


    Every so often I read a book so SO amazing, that I don t think I can do it justice with a review But I do try This is my second read by Daniel Wallace and I loved it just as much as Mr Sebastian and The Negro Magician And although this book didn t have any direct connection with magic, it was just as magical I suppose, if classification was needed, this is a work of magical realism Just how it should be done, a perfect mix of surreal wonder and absolute beauty Wallace really has a gift for creat [...]


    Roam, a town found in the middle of the wilderness Once, it was the home of a great silk factory built by Elijah McCallister When the silk worms stop producing the town slowly falls into disrepair as it s inhabitants slowly move away.Helen and Rachel McCallister are the great granddaughters of Elijah McCallister Orphaned when their parents perished in a car crash, the girls live together in the home that their great grandfather built when the town was established Helen the eldest sister is ugly, [...]

    Lori Anderson

    I was thrilled to receive an advance copy of this book Big Fish and Mr Sebastian and the Negro Magician , also by Daniel Wallace, are among my favorite books, and this book is as enchanting, if a little darker.The book is about sisters, a dying town, ghosts, lumberjacks, magic water, and the fine line between love and hate The story is a magical blend of vignettes from a cast of characters who are all connected by their relationship with the town of Roam In this way, it reminded me of Big Fish , [...]

    Jacki Leach

    Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish , gives us an original fairy folk tale that will leave you mesmerized Two sisters, one ugly, the other blind and beautiful, live in their family s moldering mansion in the near dead town of Roam When one learns her lessons, the other leaves the town, only to find the truth which blots out her innocence Colorful lies give this well told tale an enchanting edge, but not is all sweetness and light Yet another perfect vehicle for director Tim Burton


    During the five years I spent in college, I was so bogged down by research and distorted by literary analysis that I only read one book for pleasure 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez It took me three months to readree long, glorious months, during which I absorbed every word as best I could Each page was its own separate novel, each paragraph its own story, as though Marquez weren t just writing about the Buendia family or the little town of Macondo, but a history of everything tha [...]


    This book was great, and everything you d expect from a Daniel Wallace novel Whimsy, folklore, quirk, and heartache Told from several vantage points in time, through many different characters, the separate stories reinforce the importance and consequence of stories themselves, that the tall tales we tell ourselves and each other are perhaps a bigger reality than we will ever know And just what happens when this reality shifts, morphs, or disappears entirely All you need to do is read the fate of [...]


    I made it through four discs then called it quits.The problem I had was that, to me, this is a mediocre story made worse by the wrong reader.The book had originally intrigued me for many reasons It has a slightly magical description, there s a cute little fairy house on the cover, and most important, it s about sisters I love stories about sisters From the first description of them, though, I was put off the oldest was apparently the most hideous child ever birthed, so ugly that no one in town w [...]

    Heather Allen

    I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the book and I have to say, I was not disappointed The key words of this review and book are going to be magic, whimsy, haunting, and tragic because that is exactly what it delivered My favorite part is the theme of magical realism that runs throughout The magic in the water, the ghosts, the characters who seemingly never die While I was reading, I was reminded of One Hundred Years of Solitude and The House of the Spirits Kings and Queens creates thi [...]

    Maria Kramer

    Roam is a dying town in the middle of a dense forest, blighted by the crimes of its founder In this town live two orphaned sisters Helen, who is tragically ugly, and Rachel, beautiful but blind Out of bitterness, Helen begins to lie to Rachel about everything, the town, the forest and even about her own face Eventually, Rachel makes a decision that Helen doesn t expect and their twisted relationship finally snaps.This book showcases a lot of the problems I have with magical realism as a genre, i [...]


    Helen and Rachel McCallister are sisters They only have each other now that their parents are gone For years Helen has been jealous of Rachel and her beauty Due to Rachel s blindness, she can not tell any different what Helen is telling her when she tells Rachel that she is ugly Helen s lies grow when she creates this world around Roam filled with flesh eating birds and other monsters However Helen could never know what her story was actually doing to Rachel until Rachel makes an announcement th [...]


    While perusing thru the library, I picked up this book because it said Daniel Wallace is the author ofBig Fish I had only seen the movie ofBig Fishand didn t know that it was originally a book I wasn t particularly fond of the movie, but I felt there was potential in the story so I decided to give Wallace a chance with this book And I m glad I did.Wallace does an excellent job of creating another world for the reader I found myself captivated by the characters and eager to find out what happened [...]


    So, my second book in a row in which the author asks the reader to believe fantastic things as if they are commonplace And in which magical happenings do not necessarily bring any joy.There are 3 threads in this book the sisters, Helen and Rachel, the bartender and his ghosts, and the dastardly founder of Roam, Elijah McCallister The only thread that I found myself eager to read was that of the sisters There is cruelty and love there, and it s unpredictable The ghosts are just a little too sad [...]


    WellI read a lot of good books that are stories that I really enjoy, written with varying levels of artistry It was really a pleasure to read Daniel Wallace s The Kings and Queens of Roam as he is truly an artist, absolutely a master of beautiful, vivid, meaningful prose Which means to say, not agonizingly artsy or trying in any way, just very natural and very great In addition to that, the story was compelling and I found the ending to be beautiful, I won t say any about that tho


    I ve had the great pleasure of seeing Daniel Wallace at book readings twice this month, and hearing the book in his voice as I read it was quite a treat I d call it magic realism light, fantastical and dark but often funny too It has a lot to say about how we create our own reality, or allow others to do so for us.


    The best book from Daniel Wallace yet I highly recommend this disarmingly beautiful and haunting story of two sisters that transcends time and reality Love


    Books like this one are the reason I read I absolutely love this book It s the type of book where halfway in, I am already thinking of reading it again Helen and Rachel are two sisters living in a dying town called Roam It was founded by their ancestor and they live all alone in the house he built Rachel depends on Helen to take care of her because she is blind Helen also depends on Rachel, but she does not entirely realize it There lives have gone on in a fairly predictable manner for years unt [...]


    I must admit that this was not a book within my normal genres but I m quite happy I chose to read it I truly love that when I go outside of my norms and find a book that keeps me so engaged I did not read Mr Wallace s first novel, Big Fish so I knew nothing of his style when I started this one.The book is two stories that of two sisters, Helen and Rachel and that of the town of Roam itself Helen and Rachel are left alone after their parents die and Rachel is dependent on Helen as she is blind Ra [...]

    Diane Barnes

    I am not a big fan of magical realism, which is what I consider this book However, once in a while an author comes along that can make you believe in the impossible One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Marcia Marquez is such a book, and now Daniel Wallace has done it with this one The things that happen in the town of Roam stretch the imagination and defy logic, but the REASONS they happen stem from very real human emotions Love, hate, envy, ambition,and everything in between is here in thes [...]


    I was lucky enough to get this as an advance reader copy via Touchstone and I have read Wallace s novel Big Fish and Mr Sebastian and the Negro Magician and am well aware of DW s majestic tall tale style I enjoyed The Kings and Queens of Roam, but not as much as the others I have one sister, and the bond and hurts and love that comes out of that relationship are comparable to no other in my life Wallace tells the tale of one beautiful but blind sister and an older uglier sister The beauty is th [...]

    Diane S ☔

    3.5 In lyrical prose Wallace gives us the story of a magical yet dying town of Roam I first saw the movie Big Fish , never actually read the book but the story behind the movie was quirky and delightful In this book, Wallace once again tackles a story with many moral ambiguities and characters that are hard to like and yet sympathetic in their humanness How this town came to be and why it is now dying is what kept me reading The two sisters could have been young sisters anywhere, but not all the [...]

    Lydia Presley

    Although I have not read any of Daniel Wallace s books, I am a big fan of the movie Big Fish so when I got an email asking if I d like to read The Kings and Queens of Roam I jumped at the chance There s something about magical realism that just speaks to me It makes me feel tingly inside and sends me into this relaxed state of being when I m reading and I love any chance I can put my hands on a book that will bring that aboutelostentwife 2013 08 28 Lost Entwife.


    I made it about halfway until I gave up on this one I m not one for sad, thought provoking novels about how horrid people can be too one another, and the dark places we all have inside us My dark places want to read something happier If that makes me shallow, so be it It s why I m not in a traditional book club.

    David Allen

    The book was amazing Never a dull moment Fell in love with Rachel and, surprisingly, Helen Amazing characterization and setting It s everything I wanted and expected Wallace s latest novel to be.

    Lolly K Dandeneau

    Loved this book You hate the characters and you love the characters, the same way you feel about most people in your life at any given moment Review to follow soon, but this is the type of novel I devour and enjoy most Novels that are magical, mysterious or maybe just strange.


    More like a 3.5 5 It was a sweet ride and an easy read, but I don t think I ll remember this book forever

    Whitney Maas

    I read this entire book today and have not found myself so lost between the pages of a story in a long time I plan to read this wonderfully beautiful story at least 3 times


    In a word A strikingly original folktale, full of secrets and lies, some very complicated relationships, and a just a splash of magic realism.So Helen remained and discovered in her sister s absence what love and the loss of it is she discovered both at the exact same time It s not just a feeling it s a real thing inside of you made of a paper thin glass, and when it breaks the shards move through your blood and cut you to pieces.I never got to read Big Fish, Wallace s first book, but I did see [...]

    Emily Lauren

    For me, there are three things that must be in place and excellently executed to make a book worthy of a full 5 star rating characters, story, and writing This book was very well written in a purely technical sense the language is fluid, the sentences dance on the page, and word choice was stellar But the story was dull I found myself drifting off into my own thoughts every few lines and the characters were not likable or all that interesting I didn t feel invested in their narrative, I couldn t [...]


    There is a midget and there is a giant, but this is not Big Fish There is also a past and present story, and there is what I was looking for a light touch with reality when the purpose moving the characters forward was formost I did like the story, but it might have been powerful if it were written as a short story or novella to fully embrace the originality of the fable within story stretched to become a developed novel It was a good lake vacation read.


    Was not compelled to finish it The story was fun for a while, but was got a bit uncomfortable and boring I felt like I was rereading a lot, waiting for something to happen.

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