Aug 08, 2020
Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything
Posted by The Betches

LOOK, MAYBE YOU RE A NICE GIRL, but we re guessing you re like us or you probably wouldn t have picked up this book Not that we have a problem with girls who are nice people But being nice is just not the way to get what you want And this book is about getting what you want Not in like a finding happiness, giving back to the world, being grateful for what you haveLOOK, MAYBE YOU RE A NICE GIRL, but we re guessing you re like us or you probably wouldn t have picked up this book Not that we have a problem with girls who are nice people But being nice is just not the way to get what you want And this book is about getting what you want Not in like a finding happiness, giving back to the world, being grateful for what you have sort of way But in a ruling your world, being the most desired, powerful badass in the room way, so you can come out on top of any situation guys, career, friends, enemies, whatever How does a betch make that happen Here are some highlights DON T BE EASY DON T BE POOR DON T BE UGLY We didn t come up with these life lessons We re just the ones who wrote it all down This is not self help Self help is for fat people and divorc es This is how to deal with your problems when you have no problems You re welcome.

  • Title: Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything
  • Author: The Betches
  • ISBN: 9781451687774
  • Page: 174
  • Format: ebook
  • Nice is Just a Place in France How to Win at Basically Everything LOOK MAYBE YOU RE A NICE GIRL but we re guessing you re like us or you probably wouldn t have picked up this book Not that we have a problem with girls who are nice people But being nice is just not

    Natalie (Natflix&Books)

    When I read the synopsis of Nice is Just a Place in France I thought it sounded fun and witty, but I have not been able to finish it Either the authors really are spoiled, rich, white girls who believe the whole point of life is being drunk, rich, white and skinny or the authors are making fun of girls who are constantly drunk, rich, white and skinny Either way, I just couldn t find the humor in their constant references to not eating stay skinny, constantly exercising stay skinny, joining a cou [...]


    Oh my.This book starts off fairly funny once you bare in mind it should be taken as satire and is purposefully trying to offend you In the first few chapters I found myself laughing along and thinking wow I actually know a few people like thisoblem They re all selfish assholes who I ve always put into the sociopath category The girl, or betch, these authors want you to become is someone who gossips constantly, looks for the worst in people, starves herself, doesn t bring anything of value the ta [...]


    This book was mildly entertaining in the beginning and end, but throughout the entire middle section is sucked I understand it was a satirical and comedic book that should not be taken seriously, but it s pathetic a book like this can actually be published Not only was all their advice terrible but the way they described their life was basically for people to aspire to be like the following useless celebrities Kardashian Hilton Lohan

    Cori McGraw

    This was hands down the worst book I have ever read Turn back, gentle reader, while there is still time

    Seregon BookWorm

    Ugh Since I m a nasty evil bitch from the nether regions, I had such high hopes for this bookLook, it is to be read with an extreme amount of appreciation for sarcasm and sense of humor I get that However, what it really turned into is a promotion of being a gold digging whore I say whore b c women have to be careful about putting out or we re sluts, but apparently if you re given jewelry and or your potential husband is rich, it s OK It does nothing but advocate getting married, having kids, an [...]

    Jessica at Book Sake

    ARC reviewed by Jessica for Book Sake.When I considered this book for review, I looked at the blog BetchesLoveThis of the authors There was some amusing stuff there and I like laughing, so I thought I would like this Ugh The book description should have taught me better It, as well as the book, tells you that it s not a self help book, but the subtitle says How to Win at Basically Everything While I wasn t expecting a self help book, I didn t get the subtitle reference either Basically the book [...]


    Is this book for real

    Christina Connors

    HILARIOUS If you like the site, this is a must read Obviously it is ridiculously offensive and screams moronic white privilege but you should already know that from the site, and personally I love it Super quick read I was howling with every page turn.

    Kate Haddigan

    Whilst The Betches humour tickles me on their website instagram, it does not translate well into a full blown book I found myself skimming chapters because the content was uninteresting and old hat.I understand that it intends to offend nice girls and a lot of the advice should be taken with a pinch of salt However, there are a lot of impressionable young ladies out there who I really hope don t start following this How to manual to the letter.The book relies a little too heavily on movie refere [...]


    Could not continue to read such a horrible book how do books like this even exist Absolutely ridiculous it made me want to gouge my eyes out.


    Don t be fooled by the 4 star rating, I hated this book, it left me with an acrid aftertaste, like vom.Precisely because it is so totally well written and designed Like a really good website, with an ADD layout like Usa Today Nice is a scathing multimedia indictment of our sexist caste society whether intended that way or earnestly aiming to advise privileged girls on how to game our fucked up system By privileged, I mean like rich, white, pretty, and groomed to become alpha females in a Chimp w [...]


    Disturbing, juvenile, and narcissistic I kept reading, hoping for the figurative Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell, You got punk d This book claims to be a guide for ruling the world, by advocating for eating disorders, manipulation, and laziness Should anyone take this book seriously, it is a disturbing social commentary on our generation.

    Marina Z.

    Ok, I will judge you if you read this and love it Yes, this book wasn t meant to be taken seriously It s suppose to be funny and entertaining, but goodness I couldn t even laugh my way through it Awful advice and let me just say, there is NOTHING wrong with being a nice girl.


    No Just No I read so much excellent stuff that is self published, but this is what a publisher is willing to put their money and resources behind Ffs.


    worst book i ve ever read.if you re on my friends list, don t read this i won t respect you.i don t respect myself now.


    Ok so the people who posted indignant reviews of this book clearly failed to see how obviously tongue in cheek this book is Hello, the authors call themselves The Betches I really enjoyed it silly, sure, but laugh out loud funny One of my favorite parts is from the chapter on college On girls who choose to study abroad in Paris You like fashion and art and took French in high school You ll learn throughout your semester in Paris that French people really fucking hate Americans and will do whatev [...]

    Claire G

    DNf at 15% The amount I promise all publishers through NetGalley and Edelweiss that I will read before I can DNF a book 1.5 sThis book gave me a headache Literally The only reason I m giving it 1.5 s rather than just one is because some bits were kind of funny Even though they really shouldn t have been What possessed me to download this title from Edelweiss I have no freaking idea Before I saw this book I had never heard of The Betches or anything to do with them I am also not one to care about [...]

    Amanda Brooks

    From the title of this book, I assumed it would be a funny, lighthearted, and an engaging read.I was sadly mistakenInstead it was pointless, contained not one actual life lesson unless you count their continual suggests to become anorexic to get drunk faster a life lesson and had a swear word every 5 words.They discussed how important what college you select and what sorority you join is so that must mean they were writing this for high school seniors, right Wrong, because then the next chapter [...]

    Kelly Hamric

    This is a great book as long as you re able to read it as a satire It s written by girls that take pride in being trust fund babies and accomplishing nothing on their own If taken seriously, it would be an insult to the entire female population It is entertaining, and they occasionally made valid points.


    I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to all that aren t that sensitive and want to be entertained It may be hurtful if you don t take it as a joke, but if you can handle it I m sure there will be times where you will laugh out loud, it relates to teens and our society, and it is interesting to see the perspective the authors have.


    I was expecting a lot from this book I thought it was going to be funny but instead it just seemed very bitchy and annoying Some things inside we interesting and funny but most of it wasn t I wouldn t recommended this book and I don t think it deserves the hype it got.


    This book is not to be taken seriously It s satire it s making fun of a certain type of betch that if you have lived or gone to college in the Tri State area you ve most definitely come into contact with It s hysterical and spot on.

    Blair Coulter

    This is one of the few books I didn t even have the heart to finish While I usually enjoy a good satire, this book felt a little toorious Awful advice for awful people Basically what is wrong in the world Written by Betches.


    worst book ever total waste of time, content is ridiculous.

    Carli Genoe

    Terrible terrible terribleI only got 40 pages in and couldn t take any.


    This one was pretty hilarious, I must admit I wasn t a huge fan of the vulgarity this novel had, which is what lowered my overall rating to 2 5 stars.


    It s no Chelsea Handler It s supposed to be a satire, I think, but it s just repetitive and not as humorous as I thought it d be At the end of the book there is a conclusion labeled You Can Skip This Part , and though that made me chuckle a little no one likes conclusions I was so happy to see permission from the author not to keep reading So as far as I m considered I finished this book and I m so happy to move on.


    God, this book is terrible Didn t even come close to finishing it because it was incredibly irritating So disappointing considering I love the Betches blog But what works for their short, snarky articles DOES NOT work for a full length book.


    Nice Is Just a Place in France by The Betches is a self help for girls who don t want to be the nice girl any and want to take control of their lives The Betches have an online magazine type blog where they dish on celebrities, gossip, give advice, and just say whatever the heck they want to say I love reading the weakly Bachelor recaps and Pretty Little Liars recaps because they never cease to make me laugh This book is not for anyone who frowns upon cursing and or inappropriate remarks.This se [...]


    This book is absolute trash Not even good enough for the trash, maybe kindling for a fire If you re looking for mediocre writing and abhorrent advice, this book is for you I typically go into these books with an open mind, and I understand that the authors were quick to tell the readers that they don t care if they offend people It should of been my first tip off, but I shrugged it off and continued on I muddled through a few chapters, becoming and discouraged by how terrible this read was and [...]

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