Jul 12, 2020
The Lass Wore Black
Posted by Karen Ranney

He was her Highland lover, but would he be her savior Catriona Cameron was once famed for her seductive beauty and charm Now she saw no one, hiding from the worldd no one dared break through her self imposed exile.No one, that is, until Mark Thorburn burst into her home, and Catriona s darkened world began to have color again Thorburn, secretly the heir to an EarldoHe was her Highland lover, but would he be her savior Catriona Cameron was once famed for her seductive beauty and charm Now she saw no one, hiding from the worldd no one dared break through her self imposed exile.No one, that is, until Mark Thorburn burst into her home, and Catriona s darkened world began to have color again Thorburn, secretly the heir to an Earldom, claimed he was a footman But Catriona didn t care about the scandal their passion could causer this very touch sparked her back to a life of sensuality, one she thought she d never have again.Little does she know that Mark is part of a masquerade One that will end when they become the target of a madman set on revenge Mark realizes he will have to do than win her lovehe will have to save her life as well.

  • Title: The Lass Wore Black
  • Author: Karen Ranney
  • ISBN: 9780062027801
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Lass Wore Black He was her Highland lover but would he be her savior Catriona Cameron was once famed for her seductive beauty and charm Now she saw no one hiding from the worldd no one dared break through her self

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    In a genre saturated with the usual plot props tales of the ton, seasons, heirs, peerage it s always a treat to read a story that can tackle those elements and make them unique Now, don t get me wrong, I do enjoy the traditional historical romance novels too, but The Lass Wore Black brings something different to the mix, and I can t tell you how refreshing that is From the cover Catriona Cameron was once famed for her seductive beauty and charm Now she saw no one, hiding from the worldd no one d [...]


    Went from hating the heroine for the first 65% of the book and wanting the villain to just kill her like he wanted to, to thinking OK, she s finally seen the light and maybe killing her would defeat the HEA of this book the last 35% but overall, I never did warm to her She was too conceited, spoiled, vain, mean and just an all around witch to really like her.Full review to come later.

    Miranda Davis

    I cannot believe I like this as much as I do 5 stars easy peasy.I rarely enjoy the Amanda Quick style historical romance flowering under threat of murder genre, but this is proving to be a very involving, emotionally complex story about a young, heedless and beautiful woman disfigured by scars and the doctor who finds a way to heal her deepest, unseen wounds Catriona is living as a recluse with her aunt by marriage as she struggles to find life worth living after her beauty s been destroyed Her [...]

    Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~*

    Setting Victorian England.Catriona Cameron was a great beauty who planned on snaring a duke for a husband,but a shooting and carriage accident forever changed her life She hides her scarred face behind a veil Her distraught aunt calls on Dr Mark Thorburn to try and heal Catriona Well Mark can spare little time for a self pitying woman,but when he allows Catriona to believe he is a footman, he realizes she is a lost soul,like those he cares for in the slums of Edinburgh Catriona awakens something [...]

    Elis Madison

    Somewhere about halfway through this I realized I d read and felt kinda meh about the first book in this series I might not have bought this one had I realized beforehand, but I tend to impulse buy anything that looks at all kilty, so when I saw this it just fell into my shopping cart by magic Anyway, it turns out not to be a bad thing.Catriona Cameron is the slutty, selfish sister of Jean in A Scandalous Scot review show She s also so beautiful that the first time people see her, they feel like [...]

    Aly is so frigging bored

    ARC courtesy of Edelweiss and Avon.Mild spoilers ahead Main characters Mark Thorburn Catriona CameronWhat I Liked I loved the way Ms Ranney redeemed Catriona If you read A Scandalous Scot you would have hated her She was spoiled, self absorbed, vain, arrogant, a liar and a woman who would have done anything if she got what she wanted In this book she grows and becomes a lovely heroine, not in a snap of fingers, but in a truly believable way Mark is a surprise I expected the man which whom Catrio [...]

    Lady Wesley

    I think Karen Ranney s Till Next We Meet is one of the sweetest angsty HRs I ve ever read, so I was quite pleased to get an advance review copy of The Lass Wore Black It is totally angsty, but not so sweet Nevertheless, I liked it, eventually, and would recommend it.Young, stunningly beautiful Catriona Cameron is swanning her way through the Season when disaster strikes She is horribly injured in a carriage accident, and her maid is killed We get to know her several months later, after she has m [...]

    Mary Gramlich

    THE LASS WORE BLACK by Karen RanneyHow many layers between the real me and the one I let people see Having the wrong person love you and too selfish to think of the harm it could bring was what ruined Catriona Cameron Forced to hide her mistakes behind closed doors and drawn curtains, Catriona refuses to let another man into her heart Catriona would never have expected a lowly footman to be the reason she cannot obtain a moment s rest.Dr Mark Thorburn started out as a footman to gain entry into [...]


    4.5 StarsI love this author s books and this story was no exception She has a great way of making the characters so believable and you can really feel their love for each other.I liked that the two lead characters were a bit different from the norm It s interesting to see how Catriona learns to accept her scars and her new self Mark, being a doctor, is quite a change from the usual titled hero in historical romances He has a different type of confidence that comes from pride in his work instead [...]


    I did not read the previous book, therefore had no background for Catriona In a way I m glad as I read that many people did not like her selfish ways one bit and it put a damper on their feeling towards her.However, I really enjoyed the journey she took throughout this book with subtle, and not so subtle, help from her aunt and the doctor Catriona and Mark s relationship was fun to follow and the reader couldn t help but cheer them on they were so made for each other I really enjoyed this story [...]


    My Synopsis Catriona was one of the most beautiful woman in all of London She was being courted by a Duke, and everything she ever wanted seemed to be possible and within her grasp Then, in an instant, tragedy struck and everything changed While on her way home, something broke through the windows of her carriage shattering not only the glass but Catriona s face as the shards did their damage As the carriage overturned, her leg and arm were crushed and broken within the wreckage In a matter of m [...]


    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating C Catriona was the beautiful, spoiled, self centered sister in A Scandalous Scot who slept with a married man and was asked to be his mistress Her brother in law gave her a choice, be the mistress or become better and live with his Aunt She chose the latter and tried to make her life something different and better by living with Aunt Dina But tragedy struck one night when her carriage was attacked A young woman in the carriage with Catriona died [...]


    The Lass Wore Black drew me in straight away Heroine Catriona Cameron was always known for her beauty, flirtatiousness and and she planned on marrying well One day however, she is involved in a horrific carriage accident that leaves her with a scarred face and a limp Now Catriona stays home, wearing a black veil and hiding herself from the world She lives with her Aunt Dina in Edinburgh Catriona refuses visitors as well as doctors and she s pretty much given up on life, hoping to wither away in [...]


    A Beauty and the Beast taleWhat is beauty What is beastly In The Lass Wore Black, by Karen Ranney, we get to ponder that question in so many ways In the prequel to this book, The Scandalous Scot, we met Catriona Cameron Catriona is one of the most outwardly beautiful women to ever walk the earth But on the inside, she is the beast She s one nasty woman She uses her beauty to get what she wants She is entirely selfish, mean, nasty, catty, rotten I can go on and on I disliked her intensely in the [...]


    In the Lass Wore Black, we find a very vain and spoiled young woman I think it s easy to not like her, but the whole point of the book is her transformation.As a young girl, Catriona was always praised for her pretty and she knew it As the daughter of a doctor she led a comfortable life But when he is executed for performing euthanasia on his wife her mother , she s condemned to a life of uncertainty Luckily she and her sister become maids for an earl And the sister catches the eye of the earl a [...]


    This is the story of Catriona, Jean s sister from A Scandalous Scot In that book we saw her as selfish, lazy, and with the morals of an alley cat In this book she has suffered a horrible injury that has left her badly scarred and hiding from the world She is quite bitter, feeling that if she doesn t have her beauty she has nothing at all to offer the world or a man She s pretty much given up on life, though the aunt she lives with refuses to give up on her.Mark is a doctor who has become friends [...]

    Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

    Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspA happy childhood wrecked and then a determination to survive brings the murderer s girls , Catriona Cameron and her sister, to quite different stations in life The sister becomes an earl s wife while Catriona becomes promiscuous, haughty, willful, and inconsiderate of others She trades on her beauty to get what she wants If ever there was anyone looking for love in all the wrong places it is Catriona The horrific deaths of her mother and then her father [...]


    Okay, I ll just write down some random thoughts here and review it later The Lass Wore Black was a very good historical romance read In the past, I had read many funny Historical Romance novels, such as Julia Quinn s But The Lass Wore Black, despite its very humorous moments, was sincere A genuinely scarred and flawed heroine, who redeems herself in a way that doesn t feel preachy, a heroine who struggles with her own shallow and petty mind, and her trauma induced depression A character persona [...]


    I think that Catriona is an interesting character She is one that has the traits of many of us, self centered and self absorbed I think that the death of her parents at a young age caused her to realize that life is so fleeting and short so why not get as much enjoyment out of it as you can So she does I don t think that even at her worst she was a bad person, she just looked after her self and her needs first But then she spurns the wrong man, and he does not take it lightly So he is the cause [...]


    The Lass Wore Black is a historical romance about Catriona, a girl whose entire perception of herself centers around how beautiful she is and her ability to wrap every man she meets around her finger Until a horrible accident that left her severely disfigured As a result, she falls into a deep depression, refusing to eat or come out of her room, keeping her face veiled at all times Her Aunt, fearing that she is fading away, enlists the help of Mark, a local physician, who under the guise of bein [...]


    it s nice to see a truly flawed heroine who isn t a spectacular beauty or perfect in some way Catriona the name annoyed me most of the book for some reason was a stunning, spoiled, terrible brat until she s horribly scarred afterwards, she s still a spoiled brat, but in a coddled way a spoiled brat who s found her world ripped out from her isn t going to change immediatley she spends a good amount of time trying to find her new place, in her head as well as life after all, in Society if you aren [...]

    Diah Didi

    My very first of Karen Ranney, and I liked it, a lot.At first I didn t really like Catriona She s indeed spoiled and selfish But then again, after what she s been through, well, there s slightly any chance that I d turned to be like her if it happens to me I liked Mark, too Anyway, what I learned from this book Most of the time we think that our life was harder than everyone But there s always anyone else who s suffered Always see things from the bright side You should be grateful and grateful [...]


    Oh my gosh.other GREAT book by Karen Ranney If you are looking for depth, then here it is I get kinda tired of 22 year old characters who are perfect in every way This book is like the other side of the coin Excellent

    Debra Taylor

    Thanks to Edelweiss Avon Publishing for allowing me to review this book As I am prone to reading first writing later, I m gonna have to post a full review later on.

    Wendy Tavenner

    A wonderful read Catorina knows she must change and with the help of he brother in laws Aunt she starts to do just that But when she sees an old lover her life changes forever After an horrific carriage accident that has left her face terribly scared she retreats into herself and her rooms Aunt Dina asked Mark who is a doctor to help He acts as a footman hired to make sure she eats But sparks fly between the too But when Catorinas old lover shows up it could mean her life A great read with a won [...]

    Jessica Grogan

    DNF Catriona is an awful person and at nearly halfway through the book she has yet to begin to evolve into a better person At this point I m not sure how believable any transformation can be And the whole paying for sex that came out of nowhere thing Wtf The fact that that occurred is what finally convinced me that this isn t the book for me.


    I received this book free from the publisher for an honest review Thank you I enjoyed this book I also liked the positive messages personified here The ending was a little weak but otherwise an outstanding book.

    Book Binge

    Catriona Cameron has not lived a great life it s been pretty charmed for the most part but it hasn t always been great Her mother died at her father s hands euthanasia and then he was hanged Catriona and her sister were left with no one and nothing Though we don t get too in depth about what happened directly after their parents death we can tell it s not good She then became a maid but when her sister married an earl she was given the option to kind of reinvent herself and she took it She then [...]

    Jenny Q

    Giveaway Let Them Read Books through April 16th US Canada I m always looking for something different in historical romance, particularly in Scottish romance, for while I never tire of brogues and kilts, so many of them tend to run together for me, being quite similar in nature So when I saw the synopsis for The Lass Wore Black, I decided it was time to give author Karen Ranney a try I was not disappointed A scarred socialite in self imposed isolation, mourning the loss of her beauty and her drea [...]


    Ah Highlanders yep, you know I jumped at a chance to read this one However, although he was technically a highlander, no kilts to be had No checking to see what was worn underneath one sigh Still, I was in the mood for a historical romance so on I read.I have to admit I had several problems with this book First was the bad guy At the beginning we know that someone is after Catriona A spurned lover Still, I didn t get why he had to kill her I did get it later, but not at the beginning Everyone ke [...]

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