Sep 30, 2020
A Hawk in Silver
Posted by Mary Gentle

Teenaged Holly finds a strange coin which leads her and her friend Chris into strange adventures with the magical people of the Hollow Hills.

  • Title: A Hawk in Silver
  • Author: Mary Gentle
  • ISBN: 9780575023864
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
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    A Hawk in Silver Teenaged Holly finds a strange coin which leads her and her friend Chris into strange adventures with the magical people of the Hollow Hills


    Finished A Hawk in Silver by Mary Gentle.Teenager Holly finds a weird coin on the ground, in front of a normal shop in her normal hometown then she meets a strange young man, and all of a sudden, the animals around her seem very interested in her and suddenly she and her best friend find themselves drawn into an ancient war between two tribes of exiled fairies, the hill dwelling elukoi, and the sea dwelling morkani The fate of all will be decided on Midwinter, when there will be either war, or a [...]

    Althea Ann

    I enjoyed this YA novel quite a lot, but it actually reminded me much of Alan Garner than of the other books I ve read by Mary Gentle Where past works I ve read by her Ancient Light, The Architecture of Desire, Golden Witchbreed have been very sophisticated and challenging, this was a very straightforward adventure story, in the modern teens become involved with events out of British legend genre In this case, the teens are caught between two groups of Faerie from the Hollow Hills in an age old [...]

    Emily Crow

    Young adult novel about two teen aged girls who find a mysterious silver coin and get involved in a dispute between two warring tribes of Faerie No, it s not Tithe, but a much tamer version of this oft told tale, first published in the 1970s It wasn t bad, but I found it a bit plodding and pedestrian Perhaps I would have enjoyed it when I was in junior high school that seems to be the target audience Recommended for girls who haven t outgrown the unicorn stage.


    Goodness, very early Mary Gentle Far less quirky and challenging than her later work, with lots of standard fantasy tropes here what sets it apart are the slighty sweaty, grimy workaday lives of her teenage protagonists.


    A Hawk in Silver by Mary Gentle 1977

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