Sep 30, 2020
Posted by Graham Masterton

Little Peggy Buchanan is dead, drowned in the family swimming pool on an icy winter day For her sisters, Elizabeth and Laura, it s a terrible end to their games But when they recreate her image in snow, they have no idea of the forces they are unleashing.

  • Title: Spirit
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9780749316686
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
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    Spirit Little Peggy Buchanan is dead drowned in the family swimming pool on an icy winter day For her sisters Elizabeth and Laura it s a terrible end to their games But when they recreate her image in sno


    Graham Masterton s Spirit is his 1995 attempt at writing the classic ghost story with a twist Known for incorporation of various legends and myths into his horror fiction, in Spirit Masterton reaches for a source widely known to most readers Hans Christian s Andersen classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen.The novel starts with a deceptive quietness in 1940 s Connecticut, with the introduction of the Buchanan sisters Elizabeth, Laura and Peggy The three young girls know Andersen s story and like to [...]


    When I first read the blurb for Spirit, I knew that I needed to get my hands on this book, no matter what it cost Even though I had to request it three times due to my Netgalley profile not being completely filled in , I didn t care in the slightest I had this crazy, unexplainable, but very convincing feeling that this book was going to leave me scared, terrified and very, very impressed I don t know why I got this feeling, that turned out to be true, but I have my suspicions that it might be a [...]

    Tobin Elliott

    I finally gave up on this one about a hundred pages in I tried I truly, truly tried, only because, unlike some Masterton novels that, when read, feel like he blew them out in a week or two, this one actually had some depth to it.Unfortunately, along with the depth, it took ages for anything meaningful to happen And, honestly, I m finding now that I simply can t take Masterton s fucked up sex stuff any It s not so good it s uncomfortable, it s not so bad it s hilarious, it s not even so weird it [...]


    This is my fourth Masterton book that I have read, and I think of the four this is in the top two I m a fan of ghost novels so I was pretty excited to read this one, and with the main characters being female I was hoping to have something to identify with My final opinion of the novel is a mixed one.The short summary The Buchanan family looses their youngest daughter in a drowning accident when she falls through the ice in their pool in the middle of winter The story follows their two remaining [...]

    Micah Peregrino

    This book is awesome hands downe way they theorized peggy s existence by taking up a character out from her favorite story had got me thinking if such things really existed and literally gave me the chills whenever she tries to protect her sisters i understand how Peggy can be very overprotective with her sisters but i also agree with Elizabeth that life is about risks and that is how they learn, you can t be always too cautious at things, learn to balance it out like the yin and yang The deaths [...]

    A. Drew

    wow.what a story Until the end, I couldn t guess how SPIRIT was going to end I dreaded turning the pages but I had to because I needed to release the tension the story built I was desperate to see what the author planned with little Peggy Graham Masterton did not shy away using this child as he didat is all I am going to say I was not sure whether I felt compassion for Peggy or was repulsed by her.or fear her.I love Graham Masterton s horror stories


    My first Masterton novel that I read A chilling story of a sister long deador is she


    Spirit started out promising with family tragedy It didn t take long to become engrossed in the story Then everything changed What was a building if depth of characters, became a complete disconnect Thoughts and actions were seemingly random at times and at odds with the characters Not just the characters, events also I got the distinct feeling the author lost track of what he was writing I no longer cared about the characters and pushed myself through to read it.I gave it three stars because it [...]


    In Spirit , five year old Peggy drowns on an icy winter day thus marking the start of a happy family falling into pieces Her sisters Elizabeth and Laura struggle to come to terms with her untimely death while their parents do their best to hide their grief only to fail miserably When Elizabeth makes a snowman resembling Peggy, this seemingly innocent gesture brings Peggy back to life as a powerful spirit and triggers a string of gruesome deaths As the body count piles up, Elizabeth and Laura rea [...]


    Another review that I m sure I have previously posted and has mysteriously disappeared from Shelfari Graham Masterton s writing has entertained, disgusted, and titillated me But this is the first time where I found his writing poetic and beautiful.In this ghost story, a family is tortured by the spirit of what may be the youngest daughter, who died in a tragic accident But what is odd is that the spirit does not look like the daughter, and it brings cold literally, cold death with it Spirit is a [...]


    Graham Masterton s writing has entertained, disgusted, and titillated me But this is the first time where I found his writing poetic and beautiful.In this ghost story, a family is tortured by the spirit of what may be the youngest daughter, who died in a tragic accident But what is odd is that the spirit does not look like the daughter, and it brings cold literally, cold death with it Spirit is an ode to the power of human imagination, and it also honors classic literature in a horror context Th [...]


    My ratings system is as follows One star is GOOD The book is entertaining, easy to read and you don t want to stop reading because something about the book is compelling you not to Two stars is GREAT This time the story is not only entertaining, but highly creative, unique, easy to read and hard to put down Three stars is EXCELLENT Here the book has all aspects of one and two stars, but now the book is thought and emotionally provoking Four is AWESOME This is the read that is not only creative, [...]


    Set in the 1950s, two women are haunted by their dead evil sister Not one of his best Slightly long winded and boring The haunting episodes of the Peggy thing become tiresome pretty quickly, and the plot behind the hauntings is ridiculous, in my opinion You can t fault Masterton s prose and his descriptive powers are second to none But as with most of his books, I really didn t feel for the characters, just didn t like them and didn t care whether they lived or died And yet again, another gratui [...]

    David Battersby

    TWs Rape, CSA, murderRead if you like Jodie Picoult, Ghost Horror, Soap operas I have mixed feelings about this book, the plot was brilliant and it was wonderfully written, but a lot of the sex scenes seemed gratuitous, and felt as if the author was writing out his own fantasies, whether he was doing so or not Also, a lot of the sexual assault and unhealthy relationships were presented as being normal and good, to the point that it made me uncomfortable A good read if you want something you don [...]

    Sue-Beth Warren

    I have mixed feelings about this book There were aspects of it that I really liked, including a unique concept of the afterlife But there was an issue that came up frequently that I found very annoying That was that characters who should have known better did things that were really stupid for the circumstances Early on it was understandable but to repeat what is clearly a danger to others seems reckless at best and inconsistent with the characters otherwise I m not giving specifics so that I do [...]


    I enjoyed this book, but it really went on longer than I would have liked I didn t really connect with the characters, and it just wasn t scary to me The idea that imagination can manifest as a ghost spirit is really interesting The things that the human mind can come up with are at times absolutely horrifying, and I wouldn t want that to be true, however


    The book started out good with a very promising plot However, I found the concept behind the spirit s origin to be a a little of over the top When other character around the sisters express having similar experiences it all becoems too much It would have been better if the spirit was just a plain old scary ghost.


    This book was quite good I m pleased that is now selling several of Masterton s horror novels in Kindle format, but cripes is the OCR terrible So manywrongwords cl replaced with a d Italicized words all mangled It was very distracting.

    Nora Peevy

    Original twist with great character development Wonderful descriptions and some great gory death scenes you will love I couldn t give it five stars, simply because I felt the epilogue was rushed, but I enjoyed this book and would read it again.


    brill loved it

    Aaron Brewster

    Horror with a fairytale edge.


    I guess I am not a fan of horror ghost stories I got this on netgalley and it has taken me probably two months to finally finish I m not saying that it wasn t a good book but not my cup of tea.


    I enjoyed this book for the most part, but thought the ending was WAY too far fetched.


    I love Graham Masterton However, the book seemed to end rather abruptly I was amazed by how different the voice of this book was compared with others of his I have read.


    This man never dissapoints with his stories.


    Not scary at all but I thought the story was a brilliant read.

    Barbara Terronez

    A real page turner, had me staying up late wanting to know what s going to happen next.

    Paige Vest

    Read my review at writingaboutreading wp pmGbb hP

    A.J. Brewster

    Spooky book which will send a chill down you spine.


    Interesting concept Some of the language may have been unnecessary definitely adult novel Well written, but perhaps too detailed.

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