Mar 29, 2020
Perfect Fit
Posted by Carly Phillips

Carly s NY Times Bestselling SERENDIPITY series was such a hit with readers, she brings you back to the picturesque upstate NY town, where three siblings have grown up in the shadow of their proud and respected police chief father But what do love, fate, and fortune have in store for the next generation of Serendipity s finest MIKEAlways feeling like the odd man out inCarly s NY Times Bestselling SERENDIPITY series was such a hit with readers, she brings you back to the picturesque upstate NY town, where three siblings have grown up in the shadow of their proud and respected police chief father But what do love, fate, and fortune have in store for the next generation of Serendipity s finest MIKEAlways feeling like the odd man out in his family, Michael Marsden wanted to make it on his own So he escaped Serendipity to become an undercover cop in Manhattan, where the Marsden name wasn t known But Michael s independence is compromised when he returns home to replace his sick father as chief of police Back in the shadow of his family, he s as lost and restless as ever, until he s challenged by someone he never anticipatedRACara Hartley is the Serendipity cop with whom Mike had a one night stand three months earlier Neither expected anything but fate has other things in store When Mike returns as Cara s boss, the sexual tension between them is impossible to ignore and the unexpected emotional connection continues to grow But Cara s a small town girl while Mike has a wanderer s blood in his veins Together their chemistry explodes but Both are convinced a future together is impossible Until Mike s real father s secrets come back to haunt him and he realizes there are some things worth staying and fighting for Including Cara.

  • Title: Perfect Fit
  • Author: Carly Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780425259719
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
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    Perfect Fit Carly s NY Times Bestselling SERENDIPITY series was such a hit with readers she brings you back to the picturesque upstate NY town where three siblings have grown up in the shadow of their proud and


    So after reading the 3 in this series by accident, I got number 1 to read I pretty much knew who ended up with who and other scenarios I enjoyed Mike Cara in 3 so it was nice to see how it originally came to be They went through a lot to find each other I really liked this book.


    es war so unglaublich schlecht, ich rgere mich einfach dar ber es nicht abgebrochen zu haben.

    Cocktails and Books

    Mike Marsden always let the fact that he was an adopted member of his family bother him and let him feel like he was destined to be a jerk like his real dad Mike left Serendipity and his family to work as a cop in the big city and never let himself become involved with anyone because he knew that he would just hurt them by leaving Cara Hartley loves Serendipity and her job as a police officer, when Mike fills in for his father the chief of police temporarily it is all kinds uncomfortable being a [...]


    I really enjoyed the first there books in Phillips Serendipity series and I m glad she s continuing on Though this is set in the same town as the first three books, it s the start of a new trilogy and can be read as a standalone.Cara is a great heroine She s tough but still has a vulnerable side She isn t afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself, but also realizes sometimes it s better to let things go As the novel progressed I came to respect her independence and sharp wit Mike has inse [...]

    Trish R.

    Sooo glad I m done with this book At 40% I was wondering if I was ever going to like our selfish hero Mike Good grief, it was like he was only using Cara for a bed partner He was so jealous that he asked her about 2 old boyfriends that friended her on Facebook, both living out of state and both married He had absolutely no respect for her or his family, since he took her in his old room and would have had her right there if someone hadn t called out that dessert was ready they were at his parent [...]


    Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2012 12 28 I ve been a long time fan of Carly Phillips, and with her newest series set in small town New York, she has catapulted herself into one of my all time favorite contemporary romance authors.Mike never wanted to stay in Serendipity forever, but when his adoptive father gets sick, Mike returns home temporarily to take over the position of Police Chief The last thing he expected was to fall back into insane lust with one of his cops, Cara The s [...]


    This one was ok for me Mike seemed to have a chip on his shoulder, one that had been there back to childhood By the end of the book he worked through the issues, it was just too bad that through out the book he kept hurting Cara There were times that I thought that Cara could have done better than Mike, that she deserved .

    Liz F

    Review posted on Kindles WinePerfect Fit is the first book in the new Serendipity s Finest series by Carly Phillips but it s also part of the larger Serendipity series I usually don t like to pick up a book that s in the middle of any kind of series I guess that s the OCD in me coming out But this didn t feel like I was picking up a story already in progress.We meet Mike Marsden Usually he s an undercover cop for the NYPD His dad, Simon, who is the Serendipity Chief of Police, has started going [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Shey s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 starsMy absolute favorite Carly Phillips has done it again in the first of the Serendipity s Finest Perfect Fit It never fails with that we are given characters you can connect with and their lives you become a part of and this book was no different I have to say that this could be a standalone because it is written that well but to get a broader view of Serendipity I would recommend starting from the beginning Okay, maybe it s because I jus [...]

    Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)

    This review was posted at Under the CoversWhat can I say I loved, loved l.o.v.e.d, LOVED this book yes I sound a bit fangirl ish Lets start with the easy things and talk about the story This book was by far the best this series has to offer as far as combining a great, slightly romantic suspense, contemporary romance Mike is back in town to fill in as temporary Chief of Police due to his father s cancer battle After his brother Sam is in a car accident, he has to take over an investigation he ha [...]

    HR readsNstuff

    Entertaining enough read but there were some things that really annoyed me in this storyi m NEVER a fan of oh i know i m going to get hurt in the end but i just don t care because the sex is so good storylinesd stars were lost when the h had told the H that she didn t like being called baby because of the way her abusive father always called her mother that Instead of saying okay i won t call you that again the H desensitises her hatred of that word using sex yuk yuk yukkety yuk that kind of st [...]

    ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡

    This truly was my first Carly Phillips book let me tell you I liked it because it was totally balanced It had a couple stories running through it, the romance was solid, there you knew what they were doing at all times If there was a gap in time, by gosh she said something like I didn t see him for 5 uneventful busy days then you knew what was going on None of this wake up the next morning wondering how the hell we got there in the first place.It was complete I was satisfied at the end The story [...]

    Heather Lire

    I ve loved this series ever since the first book, and was super excited to discover that Carly was going to write about Dare s fellow officers I have only a couple of things to say about this book.1 It was my top read of 20122 Mike Mardsen wasn t only my top Carly hero, he was my top hero of 20123 Mike and Cara s love story was absolutely perfect for them.

    Lisa Berk

    I loved this book It was definitely one of my favorites I can t wait for Erin s book The sneak peek was awesome


    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating BWe re back in Serendipity, this time getting to know the Marsden family and the three Marsden siblings Mike, and his half siblings Sam and Erin Mike was raised by Sam and Erin s father, but was never treated as anything but a son by their dad He s never met his biological father, a man who bolted when Mike s mom was pregnant with him His mom married her close friend, Simon, and he raised Mike as his own Mike s absent father, Rex, is now making w [...]

    Book Binge

    I ve been battling this reading slump for the past few months but when I buckled down and got to reading this book, I was taken to my happy place Carly Phillips delivers another Serendipity book that entertained the heck out of me I really enjoyed getting to know the new characters and see what the other characters are up to I m really enjoying the small town of Serendipity and the people in it.This book follows Mike Marsden, the new temporary police chief for the Serendipity Police Department a [...]


    Very good book Mike is back in Serendipity to fill in as police chief while his dad recovers from cancer treatments He can t wait to get back to the city where his restlessness isn t a problem But he soon finds that restlessness is lessened by the presence of Cara, with whom he had one awesome night three months earlier The attraction is still there and just as hot as it was before As they start a short term relationship both are convinced that anything long term is impossible.I really liked bot [...]


    Blue Ribbon Rating 4 out of 5Original Review LinkMichael Marsden has never felt like he fit in with his perfect family But when his dad takes ill, Mike leaves his job as an undercover cop in Manhattan to take over as the temporary Chief of Police in Serendipity Restless in his new role, Mike can t wait to leave his hometown and get back to the anonymity of the city Then he reconnects with someone who changes his whole way of thinking.Months ago, Officer Cara Hartley had a one night stand with Mi [...]


    I was so excited to get approved from the publisher through NetGalley for an early copy of Perfect Fit I ve been a fan of Carly Phillips for years and count her Serendipity series as my favorite ever I ve said that Karma, book 3 in the Serendipity series is my favorite book ever from Carly Phillips, because I finally got Dare s story I didn t think I could love another hero as much as Dare, however Mike Marsden changed it all.Mike Marsden has never really felt like he fit in with his family His [...]


    What can I say about this except that it was awesome Not often do I sit down and read a book in a single day, but with this one I did I simply didn t want to put it down.I ve seen Carly say over the last several weeks that this is one of her favorite novels she s written and that Mike is one of her favorite heroes I can certainly see why From the beginning you could see how complex a character he was, but in the end, he is the guy that any girl would be lucky to be with and you could see him gro [...]

    Lisa Jass

    Carly Phillips Perfect Fit lives up to its title I am in love with the town of Serendipity and all its wonderful cast of characters Mike Marsden has come to Serendipity as acting police chief while his father is undergoing cancer treatment and Cara Hartley is a police officer who knows she is a small town girl at heart Her mother has been abused for years by her father and she spends time working at a shelter for abused women Both Mike and Cara have their own issues with their pasts including a [...]


    Gotta love the weekends Long hours and lots of books This second series in Serendipity has similarities with the previous one Michael Marsden reminds me of the first hero in the first series, another bad boy, who s back.He is in love with Cara and they shared a night of passion and then he went back to NY But when his stepfather becomes ill with cancer he gets back and replace his stepfather as police chief ANd incidentally he becomes chief of Cara, too Good.P.S I love the cover, supersexy guy

    Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

    I really enjoyed this Mike is the temporary sheriff who refuses to commit to ANYTHING Cara is the daughter of an abusive prick and doesn t want to risk her heart Together they are HOT Probably a 3.5 read but rounding up for fun factor.

    Alix Taylor

    Super cute, sweet, sometimes heartbreaking, an amazing read Longer review soon at romance books forum

    Susan (susayq ~)

    This was my first Carly Phillips book and I enjoyed it I m sure I ll read by her.


    You can t really go wrong with a Carly Phillips book This was a great read and the Perfect start to another fabulous series I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read.


    Bagus buat refreshing dari Hot Zone series setelah buku ke 3 yang kurang memuaskan Ngoahahaha Cover nya agak agak ga nyambung sama ceritanya tapi gue akui, menarik mata Ceritanya aslinya adalah tentang polisi polisi kota kecil pinggiran New York, Serendipity.Banyak adegan hotnya Tapi sebenarnya intinya bukan itu sih, tapi di ketakutan kedua tokoh utamanya untuk berkomitmen Mike memiliki ketakutan bahwa dirinya bersifat sama dengan ayahnya yang pengecut sementara Cara tidak ingin menikah karena t [...]


    Setting Serendipity, New York parent s house white clapboard his room above Joe s bar, her apartment police station patrol car Joe s Bar Havensbridge women s shelter The Family Restaurant Theme solving a cold case, even though it involves both his biological and adopted fathers overcoming feelings of unworthiness, and following one s heart overcoming fear of loss of self, and following one s heart falling in love Characters Mike Marsden undercover cop, NYPD made name for self by skating the rule [...]

    Katherine 黄爱芬

    Sama spt judulnya, novel ini benar menggambarkan pasangan sempurna Saking sempurnanya nyaris gak ada konflik yg berarti pd chemistry Mike dan Cara Tidak ada pihak yg menghalangi percintaan mereka jg koq Spt yg ditulis di sinopsis, Mike pulkam, bercinta maraton dgn Cara, mencari ayah kandungnya dan mengetahui bhw ayahnya bajingan, titik Keluarga orangtua Mike benar contoh American Family yg super teladan Mike sendiri suka galau, bingung mau menetap atau mengembara Sedangkan karakter Cara jg aneh [...]

    Christine (KizzieReads)

    I wish I had known that this was the second trilogy in the same town It does spoil things for the previous trilogy, but you can guarantee I will go back and read the other books I loved the characters, and their values There is a bit of a mystery in this book.Cara and Mike have to look into an old case file, that might be bad for Mike s stepdad and former police chief He stepped down to be able to have his cancer treated, and Mike moved back to town to take over until his stepdad s cancer has be [...]

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