Mar 31, 2020
Perfect Day
Posted by Josh Lanyon

Wyatt loves Graham Graham is still in love with Jase But things could be worse They could be camping.A new short story by Josh Lanyon.

  • Title: Perfect Day
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781937909109
  • Page: 209
  • Format: ebook
  • Perfect Day Wyatt loves Graham Graham is still in love with Jase But things could be worse They could be camping A new short story by Josh Lanyon


    4 stars Review posted October 24, 2014Graham still loves Jase who died three years ago in a hit and run The accident perpetrator was never caught and that makes it even harder for Graham to find a sense of closure He thinks he doesn t deserve to love again and to be loved During one of the Eugene Gay Men s Social Network outings, he meets Wyatt who can t help and fall in love with Graham Yet Graham isn t ready for anything permanent and the L word is a huge red rag to him.The very thought of his [...]


    Perfect Day is the perfect short story Review done.okjust kidding.Sometimes, I read Josh Lanyon books and I think this is SO good but it just wasn t enough And then there are times when I read Josh Lanyon books and I think this is SO good and it s just right Perfect Day is the latter Don t get me wrongI would LOVE of Wyatt and Graham s story But Lanyon wallops quite the punch in a short 28 pages as is.Wyatt loves Graham He tells him so in the heat of passionwhile they re camping Problem is, Wya [...]


    Lanyon really knows how to pack a punch into such a short story.It was beautiful and touching.Well, cue Sam Harris The Bonnie Raitt version is better Cause I can t make you love me if you don tYou can t make your heart feel something it won tHere in the dark, in these final hoursI will lay down my heart and I feel the powerBut you won t, no, you won t Cause I can t make you love me, if you don t.

    Emma Sea

    A beautifully touching short story And the writing The writing is so goooood Do you know what I would give to get writing this good in all m m books Well, a lot Zygotes would be involved.


    4.5 starsSometimes you cannot help to fall in love with someone who is wrong like one who can t love you back Wyatt has been seeing Graham, who lost his partner three years ago after hit and run accident Graham hasn t been over Jase but Wyatt can help to fall in love with him anyway He tries to not say it, because he knows what to expect But over a heat of the moment, those three little words are said anyway But Graham cannot return Wyatt s affection, right So what should Wyatt do next When he w [...]


    Well done, Mr Matchmaker I bet he did that on purpose

    Barb Gilmour

    The ability of Josh Lanyon to tell a story is second to none This is a really short story yet he manages to achieve in so few words what other writers often fail to do in a full blown novel he totally captures the reader How is it possible to connect with characters so much, in such a quick read I actually teared up that is how well he has captured the turmoil that somebody goes through having lost their soulmate, struggling to move on, feeling guilty that he is in fact able too Just beautiful J [...]


    Sometimes I crave simplicity I have always found that Lanyon delivers no nonsense, solid and polished stories They don t need a lot of filler They don t have to be over the top.They dazzle me with the beauty of a powerful core.Simple, clean, and smooth A handful of pages packed with deep emotion Tragic yet hopeful.Letting go and holding on.A tender burn that I m thankful for 4 stinging stringing clinging stars

    Mandy*reads obsessively*

    I like it when a book really makes me feel for the MC, and I really felt for Wyatt, not so much from Graham, probably because we see of Wyatt s feelings.The usual was used to move the story to its conclusion and I sort of wished it had been something else , but all in all a great meaningful short read that I wished had been longer, because I m greedy that way


    4, 5 emotional stars This short novel is a little treasure full of beautiful lines You won t find a lot of story here, but a lot of FEELINGS One of the best of Josh Lanyon for me.


    Perfect flowSo easy to readSo simple a happeningNothing over the topJust me eager to readRestored my faith in words done right This was so good, so flowing that I almost cried with relief, that I was still capable of feeling.


    4.5 starsIt nearly broke my heart what a beautiful breathtakingly but gut wrenching romance Highly recommended a must read its a wonderful story.


    That Was perfect Short stories are so often written like prologues, a well written one leaving the reader wanting I ve always tried not to downgrade a short story when I want it to keep going, because I thought Hey, I want , that s good, right But this An entire story in 26 pages There s no need for one word or one less I even freaking cried a little at work no less It was whole, complete, and short.And perfect I loved it.


    A very emotional short story about the unrequited love Beautifully written and thought out The characters come alive from the first page Lanyon doesn t mess around I like that Usually, I need time to develop feelings for my MCs, but found myself involved and caring from the beginning Plus, it hit too close home I m sure, at some point in our lives, many of us had fallen for someone who wouldn t return the feelings And it hurts like hell to be unloved, rejected, it makes you feel unworthy and in [...]


    Perfect Day is my first Josh Lanyon read It was bittersweet, beautiful, breathtaking, heart warming, emotional I could go on forever till I ll run out of adjectives.Especially one quote touched me deeply I stared up at the darkening skies The stars would appear soon, first a faint and milky glow, then a hard, adamantine glitter, burning steadily through the night It would be a good night Maybe the first of manyThank you for this wonderful, little gem.


    And there he went, reached into my chest, took my heart and squeezed Only a little Only enough to make me feel the pain of unrequited love, the heartache and the hurt when you see a relationship ending that hadn t quite begun and that you can t help longing for even though the other one won t probably be able to love you back Ever.An all around perfect little story Highly recommended


    This is why I LOVE the holy hell out of Lanyon s work Such heart wenching angst and intense emotion in less than 30 damn pages Graham and Wyatt we re gorgeous and bees are a bitter blessing Graham broke my heart Wyatt gutted me and then, there was a smile through tears.Perfect.

    Nick Pageant

    Great short read This is a perfect example of how good a short story can really be if it s in the right hands Loved it.


    A sweet short about dealing with the grief of a loved lost and letting go to be able to let love in once again This story is told from Wyatt s POV and his fight to open Graham s heart with a HEA.


    Let s call this what it is a perfect short story I ve read this at least five times It works on so many different levels and to my mind improves on each read Recently I got In Sunshine or In Shadow which is an audio bundle of Josh Lanyon shorts and it opens with this story I was floored J.M Badger is a new to me narrator but he shines in this AB, achieving the exact tone for this bittersweet gem.Wyatt Finley is in love with Graham and in a moment of passion, during a camping trip, he has committ [...]


    3.5 starsReally good hurt comfort short story This one highlights the healing power of love.


    This was a very nice short shortAll about revelationsWyatt is in love with Graham He knows Graham is not ready for that His grief over the death of his partner a few years ago is still too present.The thing is he had to say itHe had to say he loved Graham, even if that revelation would finally end the fragile thing that he had managed to have with this man So there he was, getting back from the camping trip they were in, thinking how unfair it was that he couldn t have with Graham How unjust it [...]


    hugs the tiny, precious book The feelz All the feeeeeeeeeelzzz.

    Tully Vincent

    Short, sweet and perfect little story that had me in tears It went from breaking my heart to making it soar Josh Lanyon writes beautifully.


    Awww intense and painful Beautiful thoughts of a man who fall in love with a person who is still in the past and refuse to love back ___ But finally learns how to love again


    4.5This was absolutely lovely A very touching short story, perfect length, very evocative Josh Lanyon just has this special way with words that I adore There is nothing stilted in his stories, nothing artificial It s all heart felt and reflected, with a natural, casual flow that I appreciate very much.There was a little something missing for a full out 5 star rating view spoiler the allergy reaction seemed just a little bit too convenient as a plot device, reminding Graham what he has and might [...]


    What beautiful writing How can a story so short make me feel the whole span of emotions from despair to hope and love view spoiler I was right along Wyatt It was like I also felt his emotions Wyatt was brave to confess his feelings, he was entitled to being angry at Graham for not reciprocating, then he realised it wasn t really Graham s fault if he hadn t fallen in love Wyatt then let logic prevail, he came to terms that their love was not meant to be I feel like practically every line in this [...]


    Me, I am a huge Lanyon fan girl HUGE.I don t know about this one My heart is aching at the moment I don t know if I feel happy with how this played out I think I feel on edge.Aside from that, Lanyon can write a shorty like no other I mean, this totally packed a punch I mentioned my heart aching right Just not my favorite love story but as always beautifully written.


    Why did we all crave love so badly when half the time it left us annihilated That was so lovely Beautiful writing that made me care about the characters from the first page.Just what I needed to read.


    28 pages of heartacheMy eyes teared up from page one to the lastI don t know how Lanyon does it Just 28 pages but not a single word wasted In those few pages I got history, emotion, hope and joy than in most of 300 paged books I read all days long 5 BIG stars.

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