Sep 23, 2020
Picking Up The Pieces
Posted by Paul Britton

From Britain s foremost criminal psychologist and bestselling author, a companion volume to his award winning autobiography, The Jigsaw Man.Paul Britton can walk through the minds of those who murder, rape, torture, extort and kidnap That is why the police call on him to help with many high profile criminal investigations and catch those responsible How does he do it From Britain s foremost criminal psychologist and bestselling author, a companion volume to his award winning autobiography, The Jigsaw Man.Paul Britton can walk through the minds of those who murder, rape, torture, extort and kidnap That is why the police call on him to help with many high profile criminal investigations and catch those responsible How does he do it In this unique and revealing book, he reveals the psychological and forensic foundations upon which he has based his expertise It is a remarkable journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind From top security prisons and mental hospitals to ordinary outpatients clinics, Britton introduces us to his clinical and forensic work over the past twenty years During that time, he has interviewed, assessed and treated people with damaged or broken minds Paul Britton shows that the answers are often found, not at the crime scene, but hidden away within someone s mind, or deep in their past Here he reveals the process by which he unlocks and deciphers the truth.

  • Title: Picking Up The Pieces
  • Author: Paul Britton
  • ISBN: 9780593045091
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Picking Up The Pieces From Britain s foremost criminal psychologist and bestselling author a companion volume to his award winning autobiography The Jigsaw Man Paul Britton can walk through the minds of those who murder


    Not as good as The Jigsaw Man, but still a remarkable insight into the world of crime.


    Brilliant I just started the book for a project I enjoy looking into my own worlds from a experienced mind No doubt I will learn something If you are interested in criminal psychology or already in the field then READ this.


    Simply brilliant After reading the jigsaw man I had to read this, its written so well and is a fascinating read and look into how a criminals mind works, how the became the person they are and how they are caught and or rehabilitated

    Paula Walker

    Brilliant Such an interesting book very well written fascinating insight into disturbed people s brains, I couldn t put it down Highly recommended.


    Paul Britton is now retired But at one point he was the UK s leading clinical consultant and forensic psychologist, assisting the police on various crimes over the years, including that of serial killers Fred and Rose West.This is the second book by Paul Britton and I have to say if this one was anything to go by, then I d love to read his first one It helps that Paul Britton is a natural storyteller and as well as giving you the facts which you get in plenty of in depth abundance he s kind enou [...]


    I picked this book up straight off the back of his debut novel, The Jigsaw Man, and I wasn t disappointed The style of writing that Paul uses keeps me engaged with each case and seems relevant by keeping it structured in terms of chronology and relevance to the point he s making This book contained great insight into the processes Paul utilises when treating his patients and the traumas they have endured, as well as laying the foundations of why some of them go on to commit crimes It bridges th [...]


    Overall this book felt disjointed and I couldnt help but feel that it was a rather lame attempt to eke out another book on the back of The Jigsaw Man an excellent read which detailed how Paul Britton aided the police in a number of high profile murder cases in the UK Some reviewers have argued that it contained less of the dark appeal of its predecessor I would disagree but would argue that the tales in this book lacked the appeal and were highly repetetive in nature I lost count of the number o [...]


    Not as good as the jigsaw Man but interesting


    I read his first book, Jigsaw Man, which I really liked so I was pretty sure I would like this and I was not disappointed Having worked around some very dangerous people, a lot of the scenarios and clinical settings felt familiar to me, however the cleverness with which the author handled his cases amazed me I also recognised a lot of the things I used to do, to deal with the kinds of people I was around and to minimise the risk to me, however I did not have the insight into why I was doing them [...]

    Jenny(hades2) (Chocolate Chunky Munkie)

    I found this book an interesting read But I must admit it was a hard slog in places The chapters were all over the place, it was almost like someone had dropped the original manuscript before it went off to the printers I really enjoyed his first book The Jigsaw Man, so was really looking forward to this book, it just didn t come up to the same standard Neverthless a good book, just not a great one.


    Highly intersing and actually, at times, quite scary This is a book I didn t want to read before bedtime but did so compulsively because it would make it difficult to sleep However, though the tales of true life crime are indeed harrowing, there is solace in knowing about the good psychologists that are out there trying to rehabilitate and help those damaged individuals both victims and criminals Seems like highly intersting work but I wouldn t have the courage to do it.


    One of the most brilliant books I have read It was probably a decade ago, but this book strengthened my passion for reading It also made me wonder what goes on in the minds of people In a way, we all think we are complicated But then, there are those who are complicated than the norm Paul Britton is unparalleled when he explores the psyche I would love to read this again, unfortunately I don t have a copy If somebody anybody does, you know what to do.


    I liked this book than the first one, possibly due to of the stories being about his clinical patients which I found interesting I was also very fascinated by the stories involving Arnold Lodge, and I would be interested to compare mental health hospitals for the criminally insane then compared to now I also found this book easier to read due to the stories being less graphic in terms of murders of a sexual nature.


    Eugh, not quite as much of a page turner as the last one Paul Britton wrote I was a bit let down to be honest I d saved this book for so long, waiting till I felt like reading it and then I feel a huge anticlimax He just didn t have as much energy when telling the stories this time round, and you can tell by the way in which this book is written Let down.

    Kylie Martin

    This was a far better book than the Jigsaw Man It s clinical case psychology and questioning, rather than the i m the big police consultant look how clever i am i ve solved all these cases myself attitude of the previous book.


    By all means save the whales, but don t forget to love and nurture each if out children One of the best forensic psychology books I ve ever read Britton makes you really understand the minds of the offenders A very interesting read

    Simon Zohhadi

    So far, an interesting read but I can t help thinking that Paul Britton is not quite as useful or accurate in his analysis as he thinks he is Nevertheless, his 2 books on my shelf are well worth reading.

    Lynda Kelly

    I greatly enjoyed this but I ve since been very disappointed in Paul Britton as he offered a lot of information in the Rachel Nickell case and it al turned out to be totally wrong and discredited him a lot in my eyes.

    Jack Zhong

    I hope those cases in the books are real because I am going to read it again very soon


    good but somehow not as engaging as jigsaw man, which just astounded me.

    Alison W

    This was Britton s follow up book to the Jigsaw Man see earlier review This one was focused on his clinical work but also incredibly fascinating and a complete page turner


    thought it was going to be a really good read, judging from the last one of his I read, but it was quite dull I was disappointed

    Scott Bryant

    great book for anyone studying criminology, psychology or just as a biography At his peak Paul britton was the man in his field.


    An interesting look at the use Britton s use of criminal psychology to aid police in their bid to catch certain criminals All the scary for being true.

    Claire H-B

    Not as good as his first

    Karin Schein

    ofund it a little boring and it skipped around too much like reading parts of his case filesActually didn t finish it


    Not as good as the jigsaw man but still a good book


    Interesting, but not as good as the first book Jigsaw man This book tends to deal with his work at the psychology level, rather than the forensic work

    cathryn eason

    In a league of his own Brittons sequel to The Jigsaw man

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