May 29, 2020
ORPHANS OF THE LIVING : Stories of America's Children in Foster Care
Posted by Jennifer Toth

A heartbreaking study of the foster care system in America examines the plight of thousands of children whose parents cannot or will not care for them, revealing the neglect, abuse, and loss of love that affects their lives 35,000 first printing Tour.

  • Title: ORPHANS OF THE LIVING : Stories of America's Children in Foster Care
  • Author: Jennifer Toth
  • ISBN: 9780684800974
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
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    ORPHANS OF THE LIVING Stories of America s Children in Foster Care A heartbreaking study of the foster care system in America examines the plight of thousands of children whose parents cannot or will not care for them revealing the neglect abuse and loss of love t


    As someone who spent 10 plus years in the foster care system, I was shocked by this book s list of terrifying stats regarding what happens to foster children upon release Stats regarding prison time and ability to form relationships and all kinds of dour doomsday shit I have always been told by those that know my story that I seemed remarkably OK considering what I had been through This book seemed to confirm that maybe I couldn t do any better than I was doing Apparently no one else was For tha [...]

    Denise MacDonald

    Very well written look at the foster care system in several different states However, if these are the true stories of youth in the child welfare system, the USA needs a complete overhaul of the way they provide care to youth The situations some of these youth have endured are criminal, there should have been criminal charges, not only on the youth involved but the caregivers, group homes and foster parents who were also involved I don t understand how anyone can justify the living conditions so [...]


    About halfway through, I called it quits on this book I think I ve learned all I need to from it This book was written with good intentions Ms Toth wants to shine a light on the ways that adults from parents to social workers fail children in the U.S every day, and she does that These stories are written, at least I believe, with the intention of honesty, but the perspective is a little limited, and the damage this book may do doesn t seem like something she realized when writing.That being said [...]


    Can you imagine the feeling of being neglected by your biological parents Jennifer Toth s Orphans of the Living, portrays this feeling in an indescribable way Orphans of the Living is a non fiction book based on several children who were placed into large group homes due to instability in their biological homes Damien Magnum and his four younger siblings were moved into a group home due to neglect by their biological mother Unfortunately this group home did not provide the stability needed for t [...]


    I picked this book up from the free discarded book shelf at the library I found it very interesting I was surprised that it had been discarded but I guess it was a little dated I was especially intrigued by the story of one of the girls that lived at the Middlesex Children s Home because my mother grew up in Middlesex, North Carolina not very far from that very children s home I ve ridden by it several times and even pulled up to it once or twice so that my mother could speak to someone that wor [...]


    I have been looking for books about child welfare that give a balanced look at the services provided, the families, and the larger systems This book, while providing a thorough look at a few families children who experienced foster care, fails to thoroughly look at the worker or system side of things Most of these children suffer greatly in horrible foster care settings, appear to be mistreated by caseworkers and are failed greatly by the system It is unfortunate that the author did not show us [...]


    This was not a book for when you want to feel good about being an American Toth s ethnographies of foster children are painful and truly authentic My take away from the book is that how we as a society treat othered children is literally a crying shame Orphans was far moving than The Mole People for me I m not sure if that s because she s gotten better at her work or because this one is about an even vulnerable population Either way, she s an author worth keeping track of.


    This book chronicles the lives of four children in the foster care system, two in NC, one in LA and one in Chicago The stories are incredible and Toth does an amazing job presenting their lives and stories in a non judgemental manner I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the child welfare system in the US.

    Maureen Flatley

    A classic and still timely

    Heather Wilson

    Remarkable book about the travesty that is the American foster care system


    I am not sure how to rate this book It was well written and kept my attention, but at times I had questions about the situations presented that were not answered The situations are complicated and I am sure that each child could have filled a book with their own details, so I tried to look past the questions I had The part I found the most interesting was the statistics in the first chapter How bleak Overall, this book spurred many conversations in our house and is still causing some restless ni [...]


    Yes, this is an accurate, although sad, recounting of what children face in Foster Care We need reform and we need it now A Great book if you want a better understanding about what kids face when their parents are absent.


    I m not sure if I liked this book, but I don t know how else to rate it While it s very well written, the content is horrifying, simply horrifying I often think God must constantly weep at how His little children are treated.


    It makes one think about the forgotten children

    Eileen Lachapelle perry

    decent read but was hoping for my cases than 4


    This topic is among my faves I like journalistic writing sometimes when I need a break from denser tomes and this book does a great job illuminating a pretty difficult topic.

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