Feb 29, 2020
Eat Me
Posted by Linda Jaivin

Julia is a photographer Chantal edits a fashion magazine Helen is an academic, and Philippa is writing a novel The best of friends, they meet at trendy cafes and restaurants to eye the passing talent and to swap stories about their wilder sexual encounters But what is fiction and what is fact in these wild erotic exploits Can we believe the tales these women are telliJulia is a photographer Chantal edits a fashion magazine Helen is an academic, and Philippa is writing a novel The best of friends, they meet at trendy cafes and restaurants to eye the passing talent and to swap stories about their wilder sexual encounters But what is fiction and what is fact in these wild erotic exploits Can we believe the tales these women are telling

  • Title: Eat Me
  • Author: Linda Jaivin
  • ISBN: 9780099468370
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eat Me Mar , Directed by Adrian Cruz With Michael Shamus Wiles, Brad Carter, Jacqueline Wright Over the course of one torturous night, a suicidal woman and the violent home intruder that saved her life test the limits of human endurance and the boundaries of forgiveness. How to lick a girl out How to eat a girl out oral sex tips Apr , Here s Cosmopolitan s expert guide to going down on a woman or person with a vagina without getting tongue tied Learn to master the magic bean, Urban Dictionary eat me A phrase made famous by the s movie Animal House The Delta House members converted a s Lincoln in to a parade float shaped like a cake with the words Eat Me written like frosting across the front A phrase often found on etch a sketchs in toy stores A greater insult than bite me. I love when my best friend eats me out Sexual I few months ago I was at me friends house and we were talking about how it felt for her to have sex and we ended up kissing to see what it was like but she hat This topic is answered by a medical expert. Eat Me Nov , Eat Me is a story of everyday guys stuck in the middle of a zombie outbreak The comedy in this story comes from the absolutely clueless main characters. Eat Me YouTube Ich bin Sally Jane aus Berlin und mchte euch nun zuknftig hier regelmig mit leckeren Rezepten und Ideen versorgen Ich hoffe ihr habt daran genauso viel Freude wie ich Show less

    Eat Me Julia is a photographer Chantal edits a fashion magazine Helen is an academic and Philippa is writing a novel The best of friends they meet at trendy cafes and restaurants to eye the passing talent


    Every once and awhile, after reading something or several things really thoughtful or heavy, or that I just feel take a lot of reading energy, I like to pick up some fluff that I know I can blow through in a day or two I saw Eat Me at a thrift store and it seemed like a decent sensational read, sort of pushing it from a foreign and risque Sex and the City angle though I think this may have come out first four friends trying to find love, lots of sex talk, etc I have to say, though, I didn t rea [...]


    I don t believe this is a work of erotica At least not in the traditional sense It is in fact a work of extreme raunchy wit by a clever satirist who knows to aim for the absurd to make things that interesting For chrissakes, there s a kiss that lingers for several pages, going into such ridiculous, hilarious detail that it s clear the author is being then a little cheeky Considering she s also written Rock n Roll Babes From Outerspace, the novel equivalent of the bizarrest of the bizarre sleaz [...]


    I rarely RARELY put a book down after starting it, and I m not the delicate type, but I was a bit horrified by the first chapter Then in the second chapter, when the real characters were introduced not the story within a story , I couldn t keep track of who was talking and I only got to page 32 before the mindless chatter started to completely bore me and I began to tune out.


    Okay I know what you re thinking and you re right I was fourteen and I apologize So bad on so many levels Ugh


    Eat Me was published in 1995, well and truly the past now, as it s difficult to remember a world in which talking loudly on your Mobile Phone about E Mail made you sound like a wanker This is women s erotica, mostly food based and set in Sydney Chuck Berry once said that if you want to have a hit, write a song with the name of a town in it, then all the people in the town will buy the record Very good advice, and here the Sydney setting really helps I appreciate details like splitting a cab from [...]


    if you re looking for profound, lyrical prose, and rich characterization, this is not the book for you however, if the idea of living in sexual fantasyland for a little while sounds appealing, then dish this book right up when the characters aren t actually having sex, they re probably talking about it, or the impact relationships have had on their lives, albeit in a cursory way in that way, this is a dull read the good news is that a this book is relatively short and b they dream up or experien [...]

    Miss Featherhead

    Really funny Fantastic if you like erotica and a good intro if you ve never read it The is the only erotica book I ve read was so much fun and a quick read as well Many a laughs were had as I read this book aloud to two girlfriends in the car on our way to a VERY religious wedding ceremony Eat Me mysteriously disappeared after that


    My best friend, Elizabeth, gave me this awesome book for Christmas while in college If you re not hooked within reading the first chapter in the supermarket, then I feel bad for you since you must be asexual HOT HOT HOT I also discovered the name Philippa for the first time and kind of fell in love with it.

    Donna Rochow - Poljarevic

    It s been a while since I read this book and I remember liking book a lot Oh yeah and on occasion I smile to my self when in the produce aisle Read it for yourself maybe you to will cruise the produce section a little differently with your own silent smile


    STEAMY or Steamily Erotic Marie Claire.You ll go in with your eyes wideopen in the first part n taper off a littlelots of juicy bits, some seem thrown in just cause.but HOORAY there does seem to be a point at the end

    Katie M.

    Wow this book was bad There s certainly a time and a place for hair pullingly bad writing that exists solely to string together mildly pornographic sex scenes, but I want that clearly labeled erotic literature preferably on the front cover so I don t expect it to be any kind of good.


    Fairly naughty stories from the Outback I always find things erotic when they re set in some exotic location like Australia.


    Saucy and entertaining


    I TRIED to read this book It was just entirely toooooo raunch for me And that is saying A LOT

    Karen Hunt

    Erotic fiction novel set in Sydney in the 90 s Some raunchy bits also some quite funny 90 s bits


    Highly amusing, sections of the story are completely over the top, and there is certainly nothing held back Also full of colorful characters Enjoyable read that came highly recommended to me.


    A bit raunchy and scandalous in a fun kind of way.


    OK, I admit I was forewarned that this book was definitely on the edge and erotica played heavy, but nothing could prepare me for Eat Me The first chapter blew me away and I thought, What the heck am I reading, and why am I even continuing And who is Ava I thought the novel revolved around Julia, Chantal, Helen and Phillpa Naturally after reading I figured it out But this definitely was way than I bargained for The erotica was 97% of the book, so it s really hard to bill this a chick lit since [...]


    Caveat emptor This book is not for everyone If you prefer the TBS version of Sex and the City because they bleep out the naughty bits well, then, this isn t the book for you Delicate sensibilities Pass on this one.If, however, you re a bit open minded and have a taste for humor, erotica, and a bit of raunchiness, then Eat Me makes for a fun read I suppose it s the Australian version of SATC, but I never read Candace Bushnell s book, so I can t vouch for that I can say, however, that this is a f [...]


    I can t remember why I wanted to read this book I m fairly certain I had a good reason Maybe it was recommended to me, maybe the title grabbed me I m not sure All I know is that I don t ever want to read it again, for one reason FOOD DOES NOT BELONG NEAR, ON, IN OR AROUND THE GENITALS.Further, if a grape is lodged so far up your vagina that you cannot extract it, maybe that s a hint to not try it a second time Y know, just a pointer.I was also confused as to why all the characters were okay with [...]

    Luka Kovac

    Quiz lo primero que pueda pensar alguien al comenzar a leer el libro es lo mucho que se parece a Sexo en Nueva York.Al principio del libro se concentran demasiadas escenas er ticas, algunas de ellas muy explicitas Tal vez en las 100 primeras p ginas leas m s contenido X que en el resto, lo que te puede hacer desistir De hecho, yo casi lo dejo, porque aunque seg n empec me result divertido, 300 p ginas as no cre a que las fuera a aguantarAdem s, los personajes no me gustaron, me resultaron un tan [...]

    Alex West

    3.5 stars Think Sex And The City set in Sydney in the 90s, but with self conscious engagement with feminist discourse, and less conventional romance The characters and their neuroses are so well captured here I m not from Sydney, but it s still all kind of familiar And as a 30 something now, the whole girlfriend chatter is very well done If you have an Aussie friend ideally one with an arts degree who couldn t stop themselves reading 50 Shades, this is a good choice.

    Michele Bolay

    Well.is was recommended to me as well written feminist erotica by an up and coming no pun intended Australian author It was a little of both at times I ll definitely be blushing the next time I visit the produce section at Whole Foodsd using hand sanitizer , but, overall, this book just didn t do it for me.


    Um, I am not sure if I am just an idiot, but I had NO IDEA this was a work of erotic fiction when I bought it Whoopsie It s amusing, butwell, not what I was expecting And probably not something I would choose if purchasing erotic fiction on purpose, either Sorry, but sticking fruit up one s hoohah Mmm, not a turn on to me.


    OK this book pre dates Sex and the City and as such maybe it may have been challenging once now it seems so dated and incredibly boring The writing is not great unless you re given over to immature gushing accounts of Sexual Couplings and Variations 101 That this book garnered such a wide following is beyond me All in all it was a most uninteresting read.

    Audrey Hep

    Love it.Structurally the stories don t stick together as well as they should They clash a bit and the ending is somewhat weak.But the individual scenes are amongst the most outrageous ever composed in Australian literature Sex with fruit in supermarkets anyone Or my personal favourite rough sex behind the Goulburn Merino.


    Book club book Painful to read Some of the lines were so hilariously bad He pulled of Julia s clothes as if they were the leaves of a steamed artichoke, savoring each item with his nose eyes, and skin, cherishing the tender inner leaves of of all p.21 Ah well, at least it was short.


    This was such a treat to read while in Sydney Deliciously naughty and from a woman s point of view I liked how the author switched narrators so you got in everyone s head Would recommend to all my friends that loved The Bridge Stripped Bare.

    Margherita Dolcevita

    All inizio avevo apprezzato il fatto che fosse un libro erotico che non si prende troppo sul serio, insomma certi sprazzi dei vari racconti erotici hanno un che di esilarante e di parodistico che li rende anche piacevoli da leggere Ma a lungo andare stanca, mi ha decisamente stufata alla fine.

    Andrea Barnett

    I have known of this famous book for a long time and finally got around to reading it Definitely trail blazing when it was written however it s dated 20 years on Pre sex in the city, smart phone culture.

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