Mar 29, 2020
Agatha Christie - Autobiografia
Posted by Agatha Christie Elsa T.S. Vieira

O mais fascinante mist rio de Agatha Christie a hist ria da sua extraordin ria vida Agatha Christie ficar para sempre conhecida como a Rainha do Crime Publicada em todo o mundo, os seus livros est o traduzidos para mais de cem l nguas e venderam j mais de dois mil milh es de exemplares Um sucesso escala planet ria, ao qual a autora contrap s uma vida pessoal envo O mais fascinante mist rio de Agatha Christie a hist ria da sua extraordin ria vida Agatha Christie ficar para sempre conhecida como a Rainha do Crime Publicada em todo o mundo, os seus livros est o traduzidos para mais de cem l nguas e venderam j mais de dois mil milh es de exemplares Um sucesso escala planet ria, ao qual a autora contrap s uma vida pessoal envolta em mist rio Mas, embora se tivesse mantido afastada das luzes da ribalta, escreveu secretamente uma autobiografia Publicada apenas ap s a sua morte, revelou se t o fascinante que foi imediatamente considerada a sua melhor obra Com rara paix o e aud cia, Agatha Christie fala nos sobre a sua inf ncia no final do s culo XIX, as duas guerras mundiais que testemunhou, os dois casamentos e as experi ncias como escritora e entusiasta de viagens e expedi es arqueol gicas, em que participava ativamente com o segundo marido Uma obra que revela a face humana e surpreendentemente extravagante por detr s da mais lend ria escritora do s culo XX.

  • Title: Agatha Christie - Autobiografia
  • Author: Agatha Christie Elsa T.S. Vieira
  • ISBN: 9789892316413
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Agatha Christie Autobiografia O mais fascinante mist rio de Agatha Christie a hist ria da sua extraordin ria vida Agatha Christie ficar para sempre conhecida como a Rainha do Crime Publicada em todo o mundo os seus livros est o t

    Andrei Bădică



    If you sat down with Agatha Christie and asked her about her life, this book would be the story she would tell It is very conversational in tone I found some parts to be extremely fascinating, and other parts only mildly interesting especially in the beginning I was very interested in the parts where she talked about her writing, how she got the ideas for many of her books, and how she felt about them She had written many, many books before she ever thought of herself as a real author I ve loved [...]


    Towards the beginning of the war, Graham Greene had written to me and asked if I would like to do propaganda work I did not think I was the kind of writer who would be any good at propaganda, because I lacked the single mindedness to see only one side of the case Nothing could be ineffectual than a lukewarm propagandist You want to be able to say X is black as night and feel it I didn t think I could ever be like that Dame Agatha one of the most puzzling authors I have ever read Puzzling becaus [...]

    Olivier Delaye

    What a long, long book which, when you think about it, only stands to reason as it is, after all, the autobiography of Dame Agatha Christie who lived to be 85 The reason why it took me so long to read it is because while many passages are really engrossing and revealing as to how she came up with her ideas and ended up being the number one best selling author of all time than a billion copies of her books sold worldwide, and still counting , other parts and sometimes entire sections are rather [...]


    I felt as if I d dropped in for afternoon tea with Dame Agatha I simply couldn t put this book down To my mind this is Agatha Christie s most absorbing work the story of her own fascinating and unconventional life which gently unfolds to the reader complemented by her subtle, dry wit She covers so much in this work an idyllic Victorian childhood, youthful romances, dashed aspirations to be an opera singer or a classical pianist, two marriages the first of which ended in divorce, her daughter and [...]


    I finally FINISHED angels start singing This book has been sitting on my currently reading list for 5 months and one day, filling me with guilt and trepidation But I did it I finished it And to be honest, it was a good book Agatha Christie is warm, funny, and interesting I enjoyed reading about her life It helped that I already had a fairly good idea of her life going in She is rather selective in her subjects, which is fine This is her autobiography The problem with this book is that it is so [...]


    Wer kennt den Namen Agatha Christie nicht Sie war die Meisterin des englischen Krimis, ihre B cher haben sich berall in der Welt verkauft und haben sie zu einer der meistgelesenen Schriftstellern gemacht Mit Miss Marple und Hercule Poirot hat sie Detektive geschaffen, die schon lange Kultstatus erreicht haben Ihr B hnenst ck Die Mausefalle , wird jeden Tag im Londoner West End seit 1952 aufgef hrt Ob Tod auf dem Nil , Mord im Orient Express oder Zeugin der Anklage , viele ihre Werke wurden f r K [...]


    I don t often read biographies pretty rarely in fact but Agatha Christie being one of my all time favourite authors, it seemed rude not to First impression this is one big book Fear not however, it reads very easily and fast Christie s voice comes through her sentences, and it is one full of character and humour From witnessing her Victorian childhood to married life, passing through not one but two world wars, I was enthralled I was also many times surprised Agatha for instance, albeit having a [...]


    Never a great fan of Agatha Christie s works, I was surprised to enjoy her autobiography I m not sure what I expected perhaps an improbably boring story about her swanning around London society and then a great reveal at the end where it turned out her twin sister had written the novels I didn t get that Christie was awkward in public, enjoyed travel and archaeology marrying the great archaeologist of Nineveh and Mosul, Max Mallowan , and was a keen observer of people and society Her memoir is f [...]


    I have read books about Agatha Christie and so was delighted when I found this in my local second hand bookshop It s great to hear her life or parts of her life in her own words, and she does have a wonderful way of describing things that really does bring it all to life I liked especially when she talks about her early life, and the morals, standards and ideas of the time eg swimming costumes, cars, planes, etc.It is a shame that she doesn t talk about her disappearance, but I suppose she saw t [...]

    Jennifer Rayment

    The Good StuffDelightful charming read Fascinating stories of Agatha s life Learned so much about life during the war in England Interesting historical information Enjoyed the chapter where Agatha talks about the production of going swimming as a girl and a women in Victorian England Very wise and accurate observations of life Was actually quite surprised how intriguing of a read it was, had a hard time putting it down on a couple of occasions Absolutley flabergasted that she really never had an [...]


    Antes de mais, acho que me posso considerar f de Agatha Christie, apesar de ainda me faltarem muitos livros para poder dizer que li a maioria da sua obra Agatha a escritora mais vendida e traduzida de sempre e acho fant stico termos oportunidade de conhecer a vida dela atrav s das suas pr prias palavras Isto tem pr s e contras se, por um lado, s ela poderia explicar ao leitor a import ncia que determinados acontecimentos tiveram na sua vida e nos d uma vis o muito particular sobre os mesmos, por [...]


    In the world of modern autobiography, it often seems that many memoirs are written by good writers who have had nothing much happen to them, or by people who ve lived very interesting lives but have no particular talent for writing about them This book is a wonderful journey to the days when writing your memoirs was a task reserved for a late life reflection on all you ve accomplished, and Agatha Christie even sans detectives can certainly spin a good story.This book was written in 1965, when Ch [...]

    Molly Black

    Once again a diamond found via swapping This book is not only excellently written, it s also unfortunately, in my eyes very carefully written so as to keep a lot of the negative truths hidden.She ignores completely her disappearance and the fact that BOTH her husbands not only cheated on her, but did so multiple times These are three major life affecting things she either glosses over or completely ignores when she had the opportunity to discuss how these things affected her life, her feelings, [...]


    I loved this book, first published in 1977 Early on in her life, she showed us examples of her very imaginary mind, despite having trouble with writing and spelling The family thought she was slow I loved her mention of favourite books too from her youth and I found myself going and researching these titles Despite the constant encouragement by her family, Agatha never believed she could write Her very first book, Mystery at Styles had several rejections from publishers and for a time she had ev [...]


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    Marietta Livada

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    Wart Hill

    Really interesting


    One of the most sunny and cozy books I ve ever read Agatha Christie was a person I would love to be friends with Easy in a good way, a bit ironic, sometimes sad, but always life asserting, this book gifted me with great reading time Would recommend to anyone.

    Debra Hewitt

    Reading Agatha Christie s memoir was like dropping in for tea and cozy chats with a dear friend, chats full of humor, philosophy and meandering reminiscences I started the book with some mild curiosity about her life and career, but over the course of the five months I spent reading it interspersed with other books, my admiration for the author grew In the end, I felt real affection for her And I gained a better perspective on the tremendous changes that took place in the world during her lifeti [...]


    A lovely autobiography by Agatha Christie The same way of writing I enjoy so much in her detective stories, even though I can t exactly pinpoint what it is Perhaps a sort of elegance of simplicity and a slightly classic English At least it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.I had hoped she would write about her books and writing, even though her life in Victorian times is quite interesting too There s little tidbits of information about her stories here and there I was slightly disappointe [...]


    1 2For those who have wondered what the Queen of Crime was really like, this autobiography ought to give you a pretty good idea It was first started in the 1950s and continued until about 1975, written in a rough chronological order but by no means a scholarly account Christie herself likened it to a lucky dip , where she would dip her hand in and see what memories she dredged up.Agatha s personality fairly leaps from the page I admire her resilience in the face of adversity, her ability to take [...]

    Lyimee Saikia

    Agatha Christie had always left me engrossed with the many mysteries and adventures of Miss Marple and Poirot I remember reading Sidney Sheldon s autobiography and exclaiming how much it resembled the style he chose for his fiction his life seemed like a roller coaster ride with sudden turns that could only be expected out of a fictional thriller plot Picking up Christie s autobiography with the same expectations, of course I was left slightly taken aback by how vastly different hers was from he [...]

    Karen McQuestion

    Despite the fact that this was beautfully written and chock full of details about a fascinating life, I can only give it 3 stars There were almost too many details for my taste especially about her childhood, for which she had a very good memory I was most interested about Christie s writing life and these portions were few and far between I did learn that she was hesitant to critique other writers work because she didn t want to discourage anyone, especially beginners.Because it s an autobiogra [...]


    This was ok a bit slow moving and I never found myself than mildly interested I liked best the sections about her childhood, although it was also interesting to learn that she had training as a pharmacist and a nurse in WWI.She never gives much away about herself or her family than she does about the characters in her books everyone remains drawn in pretty broad strokes It reads like a person trying to present a good image of themselves to the world You do get a sense that there are some peopl [...]


    Absolutely charming, witty, wise and delightful I have never read an Agatha Christie book but after listening to her narrate her autobiography I am ready to begin placing each one on hold from the library I feel like a fool admitting it but I had no idea she wrote short stories and plays very, very successful plays I had only known of her as a writer of detective stories, which are not my first, second or third genre of choice Because I avoided the genre I knew nothing of her or her vast body of [...]


    An absorbing read for me What an extraordinary life Agatha Christie had from her Victorian upbringing in a well to do household, to a much austere life after her father died, to her first husband Colonel Christie who took her on travels around the world, to her amazing rise as the Queen of the detective story, to her impulsive solo trips to the Middle East after her marriage dissolved and finally meeting her second husband an archeologist who took her with him all all his digs WOW Reading her a [...]

    Marina Stavropoulou

    It s finally over After two months of slug reading I can proudly say that I finished it Now, why exactly this is important I wouldn t know I was interested in the writing life of an author such as Agatha Christie but I got very little of that like 7% of the whole book It was mostly about her childhood, her married life both husbands and the archaelogical diggs which was the only interesting thing I could find here I mean why on earth would I care about the curtain patterns, the sturdiness of fur [...]


    Surprisingly, this book is not tightly written like her detective novels It tends to ramble and she goes into excruciating detail on the topics that interest her servants, boyfriends, clothes, travelling, etc She does not write all that much about her writing career She doesn t seem at all passionate about it she admits that she wrote books to make money I get the feeling she wrote this book to please herself and her loved ones, not necessarily to make the general public happy Which is fine, I s [...]

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    I read biographies so slowly This one took awhile to get through Interesting, personalized insight into Agatha s life, she had the ability to remember some very minor details most of us would have forgotten I like how she began her biography discussing the love of her family home, Ashfield, and then closed it with Ashfield being gone and missing it She definitely enjoyed houses and travel Really that s what most of the book was about She barely talks about writing and books, not really It s pret [...]

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