Aug 05, 2020
Season for Surrender
Posted by Theresa Romain

Honor Among RoguesAlexander Edgeware, Lord Xavier, has quite a reputation for daring, wagering, and wickedness in all its delightful forms But the wager before him is hardly his preferred sport Xavier must persuade a proper young lady to attend his famously naughty Christmas house party and stay the full, ruinous two weeks Worse, the lady is Louisa Oliver, a doe eyed boHonor Among RoguesAlexander Edgeware, Lord Xavier, has quite a reputation for daring, wagering, and wickedness in all its delightful forms But the wager before him is hardly his preferred sport Xavier must persuade a proper young lady to attend his famously naughty Christmas house party and stay the full, ruinous two weeks Worse, the lady is Louisa Oliver, a doe eyed bookworm Xavier finds quite charming Yet to refuse the challenge is impossible he will simply have to appoint himself Miss Oliver s protector Mischief Among MissesLouisa knows her chance for a husband has passed But she has no desire to retire into spinsterhood without enjoying a few grand adventures first When Lord Xavier s invitation arrives, Louisa is intrigued than insulted And once inside the rogues gallery, she just may have a thing or two to teach her gentlemen friends about daring

  • Title: Season for Surrender
  • Author: Theresa Romain
  • ISBN: 9781420128864
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Season for Surrender Honor Among RoguesAlexander Edgeware Lord Xavier has quite a reputation for daring wagering and wickedness in all its delightful forms But the wager before him is hardly his preferred sport Xavier

    Fangirl Musings

    So, guess what Happy Book Noise copyright pending is, without a freakin doubt, some of the best noise on the planet And, know what else That noise gets all the kick ass when it follows from previously thinking, Uh oh, this book might fail all painful like Yep That entire scenario plays to Season for Surrender just so, because this book is a damned good story, but holy crap on Satan s ass, I was worried otherwise for a wee bit, I m not gonna lie.In so many ways, the first fifty pages of this nov [...]


    Alexander, Lord Xavier, makes yet another bet with his cousin Lord Longwood Its pretty basic get the proper Lady Louisa to attend his holiday house party and stay the entire two weeks No seduction is necessary and is strictly off limits can t ruin the young lady s reputation and get leg shackled As Xavier always wins his bets, in fact, he is quite known about the ton for his wagering and his wickedness, he sees this as an easy win Yet when a simple game of cards needs to be paid out in the forma [...]


    Alex, Lord Xavier, is a man of many masks and during his scandalous Christmas house party, he meets his match in an observant blue stocking who wears a few masks of her own In some ways, A Season for Surrender reminded me of a book I adored, What I Did for a Duke by Julie Anne Long because each of the characters presented a facade to the world, but found that with each other, they could be their true selves and drop the masks.At first, I did not understand why Louisa could see through to Alex tr [...]

    Manda Collins

    Charming Christmas house party romance with a hero and heroine who are neither what they seem Loved that Alex and Louisa fell in love over poetry and books

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)

    Posted on Under the CoversAlexander Edgeware, Lord Xavier doesn t like to turn down a bet, so when his cousin Lord Longwood wagers that he cannot get the prim and proper Lady Louisa Oliver to attend his famously naughty Christmas part and stay for the whole two weeks, Xavier makes it his next goal to prove that he can As a man notorious for his wicked ways, Xavier uses his charm to get a rise out of Lady Louisa So the question stands, does the bookish Lady Louisa stand a chance against the wicke [...]


    4.5 stars LOVED IT

    Rachna R

    I loved the leads in this book so much and I hated the main antagonist in this so much, too I m basically surprised by how much I felt about this the male lead in particular got to me I usually dismiss dude angst, because they re frustrating and tiring and repetitive and nothing really comes of it, so all it does is give dudes a reason to brood for no reason but Alex s problem was really relatable, in ways that struck me, and it was explored in a way and given consequences in a way I found reall [...]


    A spinster And a rake who s in over his head Count me in.


    I really enjoyed this novel Great dialogue and build up and well defined characters.


    This review can also be found on Book Girl of Mur y Castell blogIt s 1818 and Earl of Xavier has created a problem for himself He s agreed to a bet he never should ve agreed to, but a renown rake and gambler must keep up appearances Oh, well, he could always manipulate the circumstances in his favour by rewriting the Christmas celebration guest list to ensure Louisa Oliver and her aunt would stay the full two weeks Fortunately, reputations deceive Louisa is as little a bluestocking as Xavier is [...]


    Despite everything he had done that was foolish and wrong, Louisa wanted and liked him The knowledge seeped through him, bone deep and astounding He wanted her to know his very self.So he kissed her, slow and gentle, his lips entreating trust me.Tilting her head in the cradle of his hands, he slid his mouth to the hot pulse on her neck, then murmured down its length.Nonsense Poetry It didn t matter She shivered, and he sucked lightly at the fragile skin Not hard enough to bruise only enough pres [...]

    Blodeuedd Finland

    Are you getting a sense of Deja vu Well then you are correct cos I have already posted a review of this one on my blog Rameau s review, but then Anachronist asked if I would write one too And I thought about it and thought why not It will be fun to compare.I am glancing at Rameau s review while writing this I did think the smexing came to fast in this book, suddenly there it was and I was all lime wow, slow down people Seems Rameu found a way of approving this while I am not too happy about it J [...]


    A sweet holiday romance I like Theresa Romain s voice in this book Her style is slighly different from other authors in this genre I find it to be refreshing and charming Another series to complete next year.

    Vanessa Kelly

    Theresa Romain writes gorgeous historical romance This book has lovely prose and a very appealing hero, who is struggling to become than society expects of him It s really a wonderful Christmas romance, with lots of great dialogue between two very witty but deeply emotional people.


    I haven t read the first one, but I couldn t wait to read this one so I just skipped and went direct to the Louisa and Alex s story I m so glad I did, because I loved it It has been a while since I read a regency romance that I could adored the hero and the heroine alike, so I enjoyed a lot their story It didn t feel rushed, it feels real , the development and I don t know, I didn t feel like dragged at any point not even at the start Maybe I just loved a clever heroine who loves books and is lo [...]


    Easily 3.5Louisa was pretty great and her swearing smart mouth aunt was even better Alex was fine and I very much liked Romain s take on reformed rake There s a spectacular library okay fine, a library with some potential for all the bookworm readers, mistletoe, and an opera singer who is not what she seems The only thing I didn t like was the villain I mean, obviously, you are not SUPPOSED to like the villainbutybe it s all the assault harassment that has been in the news lately, but the threat [...]


    3.5 starsAfter Miss Louisa Oliver broke her betrothal to Viscount Matheson, her step sister and former intended was subjected to quite a scandal, due to the gossipping ways of Matheson s friend, the dissolute Alexander Edgware, Lord Xavier Matheson and Louisa s step sister got married, and the scandal passed, but Xavier isn t really a favourite in the Oliver or Matheson family circles any So when Louisa, with her formidable aunt as chaperone, receives an invitation to his house party, rumoured [...]


    This is the first book by Theresa Romain that I have read, and will definitely look for on the strength of it.Alex Xavier has spent most of his life being and doing what everyone expects of him Like many titled young men of the ton, he has done his share of drinking, gambling and womanising although not as much as his reputation would seem to suggest Orphaned at a very young age, he has had to find his place in the world without the help of parents or relatives actually, it s never made clear e [...]

    ☕ Kimberly

    When I saw the gorgeous cover I was immediately drawn to Season for Surrender While not part of a series, this book tells the tale of Louisa Oliver a character from Romain s first novel a Season of Temptation I found the cast of character s attending the Christmas House party of Alexander Edgeware, Lord Xavier to be absolutely delightful I quickly consumed this and walked away feeling good The ton and the wager books at White s say Alexander Edgeware, Lord Xavier is a rogue and rumors of his esc [...]


    This is second in a series, but it works well as a stand alone Louisa is the subject of a wager between two rakes, one of whom is the notorious Lord Xavier She attends Xavier s not at all polite Christimas party at his request as part of the wager, but agrees to go because she s stuck in a rut and wants to experience a bit of excitement.Obviously things between her and Lord Xavier heat up, much to his surprise, but far less her s, in my opinion There s a bit of a side story about his family hist [...]


    Season for Surrender is a holiday historical romance set during the regency period Lord Xavier is hosting his annual Christmas house party, which is well known as a scandalous affair This year, Lord Xavier s cousin, Lord Lockwood, decides that they should make the house party interesting in the form of a wager Both Xavier and Lockwood are well known for their wagers however, this wager puts the reputation of one Miss Louisa Oliver at risk Xavier will only win if he can keep Miss Oliver at the h [...]


    2.5 stars Season for Surrender is a holiday themed historical romance where the scandalous Lord Xavier is hosting his annual Christmas house party To make things interesting, Xavier s cousin Lord Lockwood proposes a wager Xavier must invite and keep the proper Miss Louisa Oliver at the house for the full two weeks Louisa, in turn is tired of her proper ways and accepts To add to the mix, Lockwood is determine to win the wager by any means and well Xavier can t have that can he now With the cozy [...]

    Hannah Givens

    11 22 14 Y all, I think I ve found a new favorite The title and cover make this Christmas romance look like a formula bodice ripper, but it s not It s funny, an extremely light take on historical, but there s surprising emotional depth as well The two leads have an emotional barrier that MAKES SENSE for them, that isn t totally contrived and silly It really does take a whole book to unravel Both of them have changes to make, but especially Xavier He s the one trapped in his own reputation, a rak [...]


    I was one of the fans who hoped for Louisa s story after reading Season for Temptation I found her an interesting, endearing character in that book, and she s even engaging in this one I loved watching her discover how much she is than she has ever realized and how she pushes Xavier to reexamine the assumptions upon which he has built his public life I like appearance versus reality as a theme, and Romain handles it skillfully in this story Lady Irving is as delightful as she was in the first [...]

    The Window Seat

    As I ve stated before on this website, whenever I read a book with a love triangle theme I always seem to find myself routing for the third party in the relationship When I read Theresa Romain s debut book last year I had compassion for the character of Louisa Oliver than I did for either the hero or heroine I wanted her to have the same chance for happiness and find a person who would care for her as she is rather than because she was convenient With this year s release Season for Surrender, L [...]


    The rating is 2.5 The characters were very interestingexecution of the story didn t quite work for me.This was a relatively light story Alex aka Xavier portrays an image due to a rather aberrant emotional need but he s not nearly as wild or amoral as his reputation makes him out to be His internal dialogue is amusing Louisa is neither missish nor overly bold I liked her for the most part.Aside from the characters, the story dragged at parts and the progression seemed contrived The story takes a [...]

    Rachel- Goodbye Borders

    Lord Xavier, Alex, is a rogue and known for not being able to turn down a bet So, when his cousin, Lord Lockwood, makes a bet with him, he takes it The bet is to have a proper young lady attend his Christmas house party and stay for the full 2 weeks The cousin s choice is Louisa.While, this book is better than book 1, it still was slow and my attention wondered It took me a week to finish this Both characters are likable and I liked how their romance developed Both are than they seem.


    Alex gets in over his head when he enters into a bet with his cousin about getting a very proper young lady to come to his generally ribald house party for the full two weeks, but the lady in question is not what she seems Super charming, I loved Alex and Louisa s wit and banter, and all the book loving Super smart leads are fun to read about.


    Something like 2.5 stars Not a big fan of the wager plot to begin with, but decided to give the book a chance anyway Thought the hero and heroine had potential, but I was left wanting, in terms of the execution.



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