May 28, 2020
Dieper dan de doden
Posted by Tami Hoag Corry van Bree

Chicago, 1984 Vier kinderen struikelen in het bos over het lijk van een gedeeltelijk begraven vrouw van wie de ogen en mond zijn dichtgeplakt Vlak achter de kinderen loopt hun lerares, Anne Navarre, die geschokt reageert op deze ontdekking Rechercheur Tony Mendez, net terug van een cursus bij de FBI, krijgt de opdracht de moord te onderzoeken Hij gebruikt een nieuwe teChicago, 1984 Vier kinderen struikelen in het bos over het lijk van een gedeeltelijk begraven vrouw van wie de ogen en mond zijn dichtgeplakt Vlak achter de kinderen loopt hun lerares, Anne Navarre, die geschokt reageert op deze ontdekking Rechercheur Tony Mendez, net terug van een cursus bij de FBI, krijgt de opdracht de moord te onderzoeken Hij gebruikt een nieuwe techniek het maken van profielschetsen om een theorie over de zaak te ontwikkelen Een strategie waarbij hij zich grondig in de levens van de kinderen moet verdiepen Zo komt hij ook steeds dichter bij de jonge lerares die net zo ge nteresseerd is in de recente gebeurtenissen als hij Wanneer er nieuwe slachtoffers worden gevonden, beseffen Mendez en Navarre nog niet dat er in hun naaste omgeving een meedogenloze, berekenende psychopaat rondwaart

  • Title: Dieper dan de doden
  • Author: Tami Hoag Corry van Bree
  • ISBN: 9789044329902
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
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    Dieper dan de doden Chicago Vier kinderen struikelen in het bos over het lijk van een gedeeltelijk begraven vrouw van wie de ogen en mond zijn dichtgeplakt Vlak achter de kinderen loopt hun lerares Anne Navarre d


    I am totally addicted to audiobooks now I absolutely LOVE being able to do other things while I listen to a book I listen when I m doing the housework, driving my car, folding the washing Even have it on speaker when I m in the shower Feels like I am accomplishing something when I am doing menial tasks Love it And I LOVED this Tami Hoag thriller This is the first book I have ever read of Hoag s, but it absolutely wont be the last The year is 1985 and while running through the woods, children fin [...]

    Once Upon a Twilight

    The book took off from the very beginning Every chapter was filled with suspense and drama and honestly, I couldn t put the book down I especially loved how Tami Hoag described the characters and their surroundings with such detail I actually felt like I was living in Oak Knoll The book had me guessing who the serial killer was the whole time and just when I thought it was this person, new things happen and made me change my mind completely She really did a phenomenal job review link onceuponatw [...]

    Rebecca McNutt

    Set in the Eighties, Deeper than the Dead is a sinister and disturbing yet nostalgic and impressive novel featuring a small town in the wake of a mysterious murder.

    Missy Ann

    I pushed myself through the first 50 pages I try to give every book I pick up a fair chance I then gave it even time and it did move ok for a bit But it s asking too much of me I just can not suspend disbelief enough to finish this 1 A gay male kindergarten teacher What can I say It s about as believable as a unicorn He lives alone with his two dogs and he s the heroine s BFF He literally referred to himself as her sidekick Argh He comes across to me as the stereotypical gay man who wants to b [...]

    Book Concierge

    Audiobook narrated by Kirsten Potter 3.5 Set in a California town a few hours from Los Angeles, in 1985, Hoag s thriller begins when four children stumble upon the partially buried body of a woman while playing in the woods Her eyes and mouth have been glued shut and it s clear she s been tortured As the children s teacher, Anne Navarre, tries to get them the help they need to process this horror, the local police turn to an FBI investigator, Vince Leone, to help develop a profile of the killer. [...]


    I have read Ms Hoag, but it has been quite a while back so I was happy to revisit her This was OK for me A good suspenseful who done it with so much going on that the reader was led from one suspect to another before the big reveal A good job throwing out those breadcrumbs I appreciated that the author comments in the notes that she knew she wanted to tell a story set in the time of Dallas, shoulder pads, big hair and Miami Vice as this was her growing up time as well as mine What I thought was [...]


    If I had read this book first in the series, I would have never read books 2 and 3 Everyone except for three out of the four kids was terrible Every adult was the worst ever I felt like there were just too many characters for you to really focus on I think if Hoag had either stuck with the lead detective to tell her story, or switched between him and the FBI profiler, it would have worked better Instead we had at least 10 or POVs I think And we had the serial killer plot line, the sociopath kid [...]


    I listened to the audiobook There was a lot going on all at once and all of a sudden here in small town California multiple murder suspects for multiple murders, families in discord and chaos no wedded bliss here , children stumbling over dead people, one of the children is a sociopath, and even the police are not exempt from investigation.One of those called in to investigate is an FBI agent from Chicago, but from his accent you would think him from New Jersey or New York I bet the narrator has [...]

    Jess Schira

    If you are looking for a romance novel with hot guys Deeper Than the Dead is not the book for you However, if you want a novel that is going to keep you up late and worry about what your neighbors are up to, you are going to love this novel Deeper Than the Dead has all the ingredients a good thriller needs including crooked cops, creepy kids, grisly murders, and bizarre burials.One of Hoag s trademarks is her writing voice it is consistent and smooth That alone would be enough to have her standi [...]


    I enjoyed this, though it is the least favorite of her novels that I ve read so far.On the positive side, Tami Hoag knows serial killers She has clearly read her share of true life crime and FBI profiling books I ve read them to.I like that she explores the why in her fictional accounts I think most true crime books explore the how, when, where and what but few give us a good sense of the why That s where her time spent reading John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood shows.She s also a good writer The pa [...]

    Jane Stewart

    Absorbing mystery Scary suspense But unfinished ending.Well done story telling Good character development I liked interactions and conversations The last hour was edge of your seat There is an enjoyable romance, but it s a minor part of the story Anne s friend Franny was very entertainingUTION FOR SENSITIVE READERS Violence and torture The serial killer glues the eyes and mouth shut, destroys the ear drums, and tortures with a knife There was not a lot of detail, but those ideas stayed with me [...]

    Patrice Hoffman

    The end was insane Really enjoyed this book Out of all the Hoag novels I ve read this is the best.


    A solid thriller that I would have rated higher save for two reasons the contrived 1980s setting, which I felt was little than an excuse to so obviously shout, Look we don t have DNA testing perfected look we have huge cell phones and really did not add to the story I also kept expecting the 1980s to somehow tie into the present day, even in an epilogue, which made the whole time setting kind of pointless to me I also was a little offended by the sole gay character who was so flaming he needed [...]


    This was my first Tami Hoag book and I must say, I m a fan I got sucked in right away and read thru the entire night until I figured out who done it I think the best part about this book in particular was the fact that it was set in the past A lot of crime series rely on modern day technology to help their protagonist solve the mystery at hand This book takes place in 1985 before computers, criminal databases and even technology to analyze fingerprints existed This book reminds me a bit of flash [...]

    L. Chambers-Wright

    I give the novel two stars because I haven t found a typo Unfortunately, that is the best trait of the work I have read several of Ms Hoag s novels, as I m an avid reader, and I try to give authors a few tries, especially if they have a sizable following Sadly, all of her books seem to share some similar traits that just annoy me right out of the story I try to be constructive with reviewing, so I ll explain my rating.This novel is set in 1985 That s fine, but there are repeated references to th [...]


    Reading the Reviews was almost as entertaining as the book itself certainly produced a variety of opinions My opinion, worthless to anyone other than myself, is Hoag is one of the better female thriller authors Sure, she gets a bit boggled down here and there with predictable actions scenes but overall, she does deliver some interesting twists along the way What I appreciated most were the revelations that people families cannot be judged by their public personas something I ve found to be true [...]


    3.5.Mid 80 s, a serial killer, southern California town which funny enough is set right around where I m at and ten year old kids No, the serial killer is not after the children but still, unfortunately, preys on women He s called the See No Evil killer because he takes away the senses of his victims He glues their eyes mouth shut and disables their hearing I liked that the book wasn t as predictable as I thought it might berts where I said, oh wow, wasn t expecting that Because of that it made [...]


    Many f cked up characters here Man Poor those kids not their faults their parents are not normal The mystery was pretty good, I liked the revelation though I also wished it was gorier But the instant love between the 48 year old FBI Agent and the 28 year old fifth grader teacher ruined the book for me Seriously Three days They know each other three days, they sleep together on the second day, and he says he is in love with her Argh tearing my hairs Oh, and the gay best friend is a portrait of a [...]


    Interested in of my reviews Visit my blog The StorylineThe body of a woman with her eyes and mouth glued shut are discovered in the woods by three school children on their way home from school Discovering the woman s body is only the beginning of how they become entangled in this mystery in a small town.ThoughtsThis was my first Tami Hoag book I ve been seeing her books everywhere for years and have been meaning to get around to it My coworker actually brought me her copy from home and let me b [...]


    This was an awesome book I have had it in my bookcase for almost 12 months and wish I read it earlier It s the first in the Oak Knoll series, and I actually read the 2nd some time back and didn t realize it was a series, so they are able to be read as stand alone But after reading this one, I will revisit the 2nd, and read on Anne Navarre is a school teacher of 10 year olds She loves teaching, and loves her kids, though some are harder to love than others One afternoon, as two friends, Tommy and [...]

    Kelly Roll

    I did find the overall story interesting and at times suspenseful.There were a couple of items that bothered me enough though that by the time I read the end the book the story just became okay.1 About mid book we determine that there might be a second killer working in the area as bones are found in a hog pen However, by the end of the book these murder s are abruptly dropped.2 We never truly know why the murderer actually kills his victims or what his wife s background is though it is implied [...]


    I have always been a fan of Tami Hoag This was her first book after a little without a new one I purchased it right after it was released, but then I kept picking others in front of it because I wanted to save it I really really loved it It kept me guessing all the way until the end Each chapter left you with a new revelation I couldn t put it down I hope Tami continues to write often


    I have heard mixed reviews of this author but I really enjoyed every second of this book As far as murder mystery detective stories go, it isn t anything extraordinary, but the creation and development of the characters, especially the young children s point of view of the horrible incident, is truly captivating.


    3.5 starsThis is my second Tami Hoag book and I m still impressed The only thing, though, was the numerous characters The book has a lot of names that I needed to go back and forth to remember And I felt like it fell short on how the other issues were solved But still a good twist and ending

    Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    Good book with some whacked out characters I m fascinated by criminal profiling and this book is set in it s early stages Not really focused alot on it but it s still an action packed read.

    Shazza Maddog

    I grabbed this book out of the library because the jacket blurb reminded me of Bella in the Wych Elm some kids finding a murdered woman, buried in a forest.Let s just say the story goes far beyond that.It s 1985 and Tommy Crane, his best friend, Wendy Morgan and their nemesis, Dennis Farman and his toady, Cody Roache, not only stumble across a woman half buried in the woods, while Dennis is chasing Tommy and Wendy, they all land on top of the body The body is only partially buried, with her eyes [...]


    The year was 1985 Duran, Duran was on the radio, Queen s Radio GaGa was on video and dead bodies are half buried in the park At least that is what four 5th graders discovered as they were racing through the park To bad young sensitive Danny is the one that fell right on top of the victim As Anne Navarre, their teacher, tries to help her students cope with the horror that they have uncovered Law enforcement have to cope with the fact that this is not their first victim, this is their third As the [...]


    I preface this review by saying that I have read another Tami Hoag book and liked it, so this is not a general reflection on the author, if you like her style of writing That said, I found this book laughably bad I have given it 2 stars because I reserve 1 star ratings for books I can t finish after a year or I managed to finish this one, but was sorry I did.The author challenged herself by setting the story in the 80s, before most of the forensic devices used in most modern mysteries were avai [...]

    Book Him Danno

    Wow that was a suspense filled book that kept me on the edge of my seatwho is the killer and will he or she kill again Wow that was a good book I really need to give it 4 1 2 stars If you enjoy murder mysteries with a bit of romance you would enjoy this book Wow it was scary I was shaking at the end with wonder if the murder would be caught Read this book WowA murder mystery that I didn t want to put down Tami wove a story that kept you turning the page wanting answers to the questions your mind [...]

    Sherri F.

    Audio 4.5 This is a great series, too bad there s only 3 installments so far This is 1 in series and even better than the only other one I read listened to so far 3 Down the Darkest Road In spite of the harsh content of serial killer along w some disfunctional and abusive couples and parents, I liked the storyline, the telling of it and narrating of audio version and loved many of the reoccurring characters I really found little to complain about Even though audio is over 13 hrs is seemed to fly [...]

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