Oct 01, 2020
Fires of Eden
Posted by Dan Simmons

Billionaire Byron Trumbo wants to sell his posh Hawaiian resort to a Japanese investor but must make it appear prosperous while the deal is being struck Due to the high prices, guests have been scarce Unfortunately, they are becoming even scarcer as someone or something is kidnapping and murdering them Drawn by the sketchy news accounts, Eleanor Perry has come to MaunaBillionaire Byron Trumbo wants to sell his posh Hawaiian resort to a Japanese investor but must make it appear prosperous while the deal is being struck Due to the high prices, guests have been scarce Unfortunately, they are becoming even scarcer as someone or something is kidnapping and murdering them Drawn by the sketchy news accounts, Eleanor Perry has come to Mauna Pele on a sort of pilgrimage, using her aunt Kidder s 1866 travel diary as a guidebook The events Kidder chronicled tales of demons conjured up to rid the island of missionaries seem to parallel the current events As volcanoes erupt and vengeful gods and demons become violent, Eleanor and her fellow guest, the indomitable Cordie Stumpf, attempt to get to the bottom of things.Las leyendas aut ctonas hablaban de luchas entre los dioses los ge logos, simplemente, de erupciones volc nicas Fuera lo que fuera, muchos turistas continuaban viajando a Hawai, atra dos por lo desconocido, para, entre otras cosas, contemplar los paradis acos paisajes Pero algunos de ellos iban a descubrir en propia carne la aterradora verdad que se ocultaba tras las leyendas Texto de solapas El complejo tur stico de Mauna Pele est pensado para que los turistas disfruten de unas vacaciones exclusivas Lo tiene todo para la comodidad de los visitantes cientos de empleados, una arguitectura singular, dos campos de golf, varias piscinas Aun as , el multimillonario Byron Trumbo estaba deseando quit rselo de encima La gran inversi n que hab a supuesto la construcci n del complejo no hab a dado los frutos esperados y ahora deseaba venderlo a un grupo de inversores de Jap n.Pero hab a habido ciertos problemas que podr an dificultar la operaci n Algunos turistas desaparec an misteriosamente, sin dejar ning n rastro Por si fuera poco, varios volcanes entraron en erupci n a la vez, algo que no se hab a producido en muchos a os, y cab a la posibilidad de que el complejo resultara afectado A pesar de todo, Trumbo estaba dispuesto a cerrar el negocio como fuera, desde el mismo hotel si era necesario As que se qued con el grupo japon s para negociar mientras disfrutaban de las maravillas naturales y artificiales de la zona.Eran pocos los turistas alojados aquellos d as Entre ellos se encontraba Eleanor, una joven viajera, profesora de historia, quien segu a las huellas de una antepasada suya que, m s de un siglo antes, hab a viajado por la zona y escrito un diario en el que relataba extra os y fant sticos hechos Casi sin darse cuenta, Eleanor iba a verse arrastrada a un fren tico viaje que la llevar a a las puertas mismas del infierno.

  • Title: Fires of Eden
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780061056147
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fires of Eden Simmons, Dan Books All in all, Fires of Eden is a well researched, well written, and imaginative historical fantasy adventure mixed with Hawaiian mythology that people should read. Fires of Eden Judy Collins Songs, Reviews, Credits Fires of Eden marked Judy Collins debut on Columbia Records, and she seemed to rise to the occasion with her best overall body of new material in than a decade Not everything on this album is memorable, but what is, is intensely so, beginning with the opening cut, The Blizzard, a seven minute epic that rates alongside any of Collins most beautiful work from her classic years on Elektra. Fires of Eden by Dan Simmons There are Hawaiian Gods, Mark Twain, rituals, blood, and mysticism This is an explosive mixture that generates wonderful memories after reading the Fires of Eden There is beautiful story and unusual thoughts The imagery of the main characters and villains are well opened in a novel Have the greatest impression of the God of a shark and a Dog. Fires of Eden Fires of Eden Home Facebook Fires of Eden, Saint Joseph, Missouri likes Hard Rock band from St Joseph, MoThough we have been through our ups and downs, we continue to write Fire forces evacuation of Eden, on NSW s South Coast ABC Dozens of people had sought shelter on Eden s wharf, but police say that area is no longer safe Officers warn there is now an imminent risk from the Border fire burning to the south, and people should leave for evacuation centres in Merimbula or Bega.

    Fires of Eden Billionaire Byron Trumbo wants to sell his posh Hawaiian resort to a Japanese investor but must make it appear prosperous while the deal is being struck Due to the high prices guests have been scarce

    Raymond Walker

    Dan Simmons is one of my favorite writers and has been for many years now I found his novels Drood , Endymion and Hyperion excellent in every way rating them five stars for each The Terror , Illium and The fall of Hyperion all received four stars out of five Yet even the best of authors such as Mr Simmons occasionally can write a novel that will not entertain as much as many of his others.This, I am afraid, is one of those It is still a good novel and had it been from an author that was new to m [...]

    Scott Rhee

    I have never been to Hawaii, but I really want to go After reading Dan Simmons s Fires of Eden , I really REALLY really want to go It s not a nonfiction travelogue It s a horror novel It s one of the funniest horror novels I ve ever read And it made me want to visit Hawaii It also made me hungry, but that s neither here nor there The story takes place on the Big Island, the island of Hawaii, on a mega resort called the Mauna Pele on the Kona Coast The owner of the resort is a sleazy super rich d [...]


    A very good fantasy horror novel set in Hawaii and dealing with its mythology and history both before and after the American occupation A good mystery, a fanciful and imaginative supernatural background and real suspenseful horror which kept me turning pages As well, Simmons uses one of his favorite devices introducing one of his favorite writers as a character In this case, it s Mark Twain Highly recommended for those who love both Simmon s historical fantasy Olympos and pure horror Carrion Com [...]


    I was extremely impressed by Fires of Eden It is an adventure story set in the Sandwich Islands Hawaii today well plotted with well drawn characters, including a fictional Samuel Clemens A fun read from start to finish.

    Florin Constantinescu

    This is one of Dan Simmons trickiest books to read Not that it s written in any difficult style, or following a particularly difficult plot It s simply that it s well different I expected the expected from the author after reading the synopsis Mega serious scary thriller Reading the book with this mindset left me puzzled for its first third, as all things were wrong.So I decided that Dan Simmons must ve visited Hawaii in the early 90 s and lost a bet there, and was thus forced into writing a nov [...]

    Cass Galleas

    There are Hawaiian Gods, Mark Twain, rituals, blood, and mysticism This is an explosive mixture that generates wonderful memories after reading the Fires of Eden There is beautiful story and unusual thoughts The imagery of the main characters and villains are well opened in a novel Have the greatest impression of the God of a shark and a Dog And now I love Hawaii with their ancient culture and history.After reading this very interesting and unusual works of Dan Simmons, I discovered a lot of new [...]


    After finishing this novel, I m still not 100% sure what I think about it First off, it takes place in Hawaii, a place I have never been nor do I know all that much about There is a tremendous amount of Hawaiian mythology in this book and to be honest with you, I have no idea if Simmons made it all up or not I ll give him credit, if he made it up, it certainly sounds plausible for Hawaiian mythology Simmons writing style is high quality, but there are bits and pieces that detract from the book a [...]

    Robert Beveridge

    Knowing what I know of the writing of Dan Simmons, I expected this to be a science fiction novel when I picked it up a couple of years ago I never even read the synopsis, and promptly forgot I owned it Turns out I was about as far off as i could be I wouldn t exactly call it fantasy, and I wouldn t exactly call it horror, and I wouldn t exactly call it an environmental novel though that s probably closest to the truth, with shades of such ecodisaster scenarios Prophecy, the Godzilla movies, and [...]


    Dan Simmons is a good writer However, that is only hinted at in Fires of Eden The story started well, but I found it growing growing increasingly tiresome as the pages wore on The villain was cartoonishly greedy and vulgar Another primary protagonist was barely believable And Simmons attempts mixing horror and farce with the result being neither scary nor funny I like Dan Simmons because many of his books betray deep historical and literary research on his part e g the Franklin Expedition in Th [...]

    Phil Zimmerman

    This book has been sitting on my shelf for around 20 years I finally picked it up and can t say I was terribly pleased.Simmons always does tons of research for his books Sometimes the end result is too much detail and too little plot That would be the issue here The other problem is that what little plot there is is not very good.This novel is the story of two women that go to an exclusive resort in Hawaii and become fast friends The villian, the resort owner, is trying to sell the place While a [...]

    Tim Meechan

    This book had been sitting on my shelf for some time The last Simmons novel I read was Ilium , and prior to that, the Hyperion series, so this was quite a departure I liked his character introductions and the setting of the scene in Hawaii I was even intrigued when the first encounters with, what were, almost indescribable beings and events, began to happen It was very suspenseful and well paced at that point.I love a good scientific mystery and so I m stoked and prepared for almost anything.BUT [...]


    This Hawaiian adventure was one of the better spin offs from Summer of Night Though Cordie Cooke s description borders on the outright grotesque, she remained just as likable if not so than in her first appearance There is just something bluntly charming about her I liked the way Simmons intertwined the historical aspect of Mark Twain s visit to Hawaii through Aunt Kidder s journal entries Full of excitement, and even with a cameo appearance by Mike O Rourke, I had a lot of fun reading this Bas [...]


    Volcanoes fascinate me, so this was a book for me It s not quite as sweeping as The Terror and the world it portrays is a lot less alien it s contemporary Hawaii most of the time with excerpts from a fictional 1866 travel diary to Hawaii There is an interesting cast of characters both in the present and in the past and with the past we even get a glimpse of everybody s darling Mark Twain and the somewhat skeptical and mocking tone is refreshing There is a bit of a love story, strong women charac [...]


    Hmmm, maybe 3.25 stars Heh, the extra.25 due to vacation nostalgia.This was all about the timing my HP Lovecraft reading group picked this because I was traveling to the Big Island That did, indeed, help me enjoy it than I probably would have without a recent visit I definitely enjoyed all the volcanic activity And the Hawaiian mythology stuff was pretty interesting but, of course, I have no idea what is real and what the author made up However, I found the interweaving of the 1866 stuff, which [...]

    Nancy CookLauer

    Suspense mythology Hawaii Oh, plus Mark Twain This book has all the elements that shouldn t go wrong for me In fact, I really enjoyed it There have been quite a few stories setting those terrible developers against Madame Pele and various environmentalists, and I thought this was one of the better ones An easy read, kept me interested to the end A few obvious errors that immediately told me this guy isn t from Hawaii calling ohia a fern in one instance, calling old folks kapuna, the spoons rathe [...]


    Simmons yet again jumps across numerous genre boundaries with this novel part business thriller, part supernatural horror, part travelogue and part macabre humour The novel also skips between present day and 1866, and between third person and first person diary extract And all set in beautiful Hawaii or the Sandwich Islands depending in which era you are.I can see why some people may not enjoy the changes in tone and perspective but personally it worked for me although I will admit to being fasc [...]

    Peter Greenwell

    Two thirds of this novel are very good The last third ventures into ludicrous territory With that out of the way, it was good to see Cordie Stumpf nee Cooke back in action There wasn t enough of her in Summer of Night but I m glad she s here and in cracking good form In all, I d describe this book as serviceable horror and it does serve quite nicely as a travelogue for Hawaii s Big Island and a minor exposition of the native culture and religion of the islands Shame about that ludicrous last thi [...]


    Who Eleanor Perry and Cordie Stumpf, two tourist in Hawaii and Lorena Stewart and Samuel Langhorn Clemmons, two explorers to early HawaiiWhat The local Hawaiian gods are angry The balance must be restored Where HawaiiWhen Modern day and 1866I thought to try Dan Simmons as I enjoyed The Terror Maybe I made a bad choice It was OK but the Twain angle was interesting.C

    Stacy Simpson

    This book could have been alot better if it didnt have you following 3 4 different plot lines all at once back and forth byron Trumbo was a great character I loved him but overall nahhhhhh Alot of good history about hawaii is in this along with a good source of culture so if that sort of thing interests you read it otherwise pass it up.


    This was my second reading of this novel It takes place in Hawaii and my first reading made me want to visit the islands, so, in preparation for a visit, I reread it It s kinda fun, if you like Hawaiian mythology including dogs w human teeth and giant talking pigs But I won t be reading it for a third time it s not THAT good.

    Jodi Ettenberg

    Long but quick read Not Dan Simmons best but as always extremely entertaining, thoughtful and researched well such that you learn something new about the place he chose as his book s setting Read this on a flight and it was the perfect distraction from the long hours of flying.

    S.D. Perry

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It took a few chapters to adapt to the back and forth of the two different narratives, but once that was established, all good The story was funny, the twists unexpected Thumbs up.


    Mark Twain meets Pele Hawaiian goddess not soccer god Monsters running amok on the Big Island As usual, Dan Simmons writes a very good story Fortunately, this one didn t make me feel like I was freezing to death, unlike The Terror.

    Pam Baddeley

    Pretty weird blend of horror and historical, set in Hawaii and featuring unfamiliar mythology The best bits are the extracts from the diary of a Victorian female adventurer who falls for Samuel Clement Mark Twain.

    Tanvir Muntasim

    Probably the weakest of Dan Simmons s writing, but readable for the concise writing style I got lost in all the Hawaian mythology and lost interest in it after a while The parallel strand involving Mark Twain was what made the book worth reading Only for die hard Simmons fans.

    Elise Stone

    Not Dan Simmons s best.I found the descriptions of the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and lava flows repetitive Byron Trumbo and his wives were caricatures.The best, most sympathetic character was Cordie Strumpf, full of spirit and a take no prisoners attitude toward life A worthy heroine.


    I read Fires of Eden several years ago and loved it so much I sent copies to friends and family The heroine is unexpected, the story is fun and frightening and worth reading over again I only wish it was done in an audible version I enjoy revisiting a book in a different format.


    Read this one in Australia


    Above average horror novel concerning a Trump esque tycoon s ill fated Hawaiian resort and the supernatural revenge wreaked by the island spirits.Better than it sounds.



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