Oct 19, 2020
Gifted and Talented
Posted by WendyHolden

It s the new university term among the dreaming spires The start of a whole new life.Meet Isabel, beautiful, clever, shy and leaving home for the first time.Meet Olly, recently graduated, idealistic and a little hopeless, a man whose heart leads his brain and for whom opportunity just hasn t come knocking yet.Meet Amber, the It girl who is soon partying with the fastIt s the new university term among the dreaming spires The start of a whole new life.Meet Isabel, beautiful, clever, shy and leaving home for the first time.Meet Olly, recently graduated, idealistic and a little hopeless, a man whose heart leads his brain and for whom opportunity just hasn t come knocking yet.Meet Amber, the It girl who is soon partying with the fast set and no one is faster than Jasper de Borchy, glamorous leader of the notorious Bullinger club.Meet the grown ups Diana, recently divorced mother of one, newly arrived in town to take up a post as college gardener and Richard, the new college head, a widower, a scientist, and as lonely as some of the specimens he captures in his science lab.The rich, the poor, the shy, the extrovert, the givers, the takers Meet the Gifted and Talented.

  • Title: Gifted and Talented
  • Author: WendyHolden
  • ISBN: 9780755385256
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gifted and Talented web Gifted Talented GT programs are one way that New York City supports the educational needs of exceptional students Our GT programs vary in approach, but they all offer specialized instruction Gifted and Talented Testing web Students entering kindergarten through grade three in the upcoming school year can sign up to take the Gifted and Talented GT test When is this test given Families may file a Request for Testing in Gifted education NYC parents frantic after DOE loses Gifted and Talented May , A total of , and year olds kids took the Gifted and Talented exam in January to vie for admission to coveted district and citywide programs.

    Gifted and Talented It s the new university term among the dreaming spires The start of a whole new life Meet Isabel beautiful clever shy and leaving home for the first time Meet Olly recently graduated idealistic a

    Emelie Landenberg

    GAH this book was so frustrating I had to write my first ever review I picked it up because it seemed fun and lighthearted The blurb seemed to describe a grown up story with a little drama involved instead I got to read a story where every new character was dumber than the previous one They are all exceedingly whiney, melodramatic and unbelievable.Frankly, if I had met Isabel or Olly in real life I would have slapped them in the face They barely had a redeeming quality between the two of them an [...]

    Babe Rainbow

    Fairly good overall, but the teenager plot ruined it for me Why didn t anyone get her professional help And what s his face s truth telling to her was blatantly ridiculous Especially when he told her she was wasting her looks , which threw up A LOT of questions for me, i.e 1 If being a hermit goth is wasting your looks what is making proper use of your looks 2 Why is being a hermit goth wasting your looks Hermitcy seems like it could be a pretty good use of your looks seeing as you get to enjoy [...]


    I think the reason I didn t really get into this is that I didn t like the characters The only person I had any empathy for was Diana Everyone else seemed to make the most ridiculous decisions, and my hope that Isabel was to be a great character evaporated quite quickly I had to press on as I wanted to know what would happen with Diana, but otherwise I didn t feel driven on by the plot.

    Angela Peixoto

    A typical book in the Wendy Holden fashion Very enjoyable and a real comedy of manners based on the going ons in certain British Universities Well worth it


    A love triangle at a university Not a very unique plot.

    Best Crime Books & More

    I don t want this to sound harsh but I have to be honest In the early days of Wendy Holden I was a huge fan, but then something happened and her books seemed to lack their usual zest The last two releases she had made weren t like her older style books and I began to wonder whether Wendy s usual style books would ever return Her latest release Gifted and Talented has been her first since 2011 and I didn t expect too much Luckily for me, it seems that Wendy has made her comeback and produced a bo [...]

    Tracy Terry

    Set on a university campus what at times felt like a 1950 s campus and telling the connected stories of several different individuals, students and staff alike Overall an easy read, dare I say a novel perhaps best suited to a long flight or the pool side As it was I had several issues with Gifted Talented 1 A readable enough yarn, just not nearly as witty as it seemed to think it was but then what it humorous to one person isn t necessarily so to the next.2 Some interesting than others, by the [...]


    I am in that weird in between stage where I have just finished my exams but haven t yet graduated university, so I thought this little chick lit would be a perfect fit for me It started well, but I soon grew kind of annoyed at the characters.As someone who had a tough time settling in at University, I felt a real affinity with Isabel, and as a fairly new job seeker, I was rooting for Olly to get a job, but after a while the characters started to seem two dimensional and I just wanted to shake Is [...]

    June Jones

    enjoyable read


    Quite honestly the only character likeable in this whole book is the 9 year old daughter I honestly preferred the adult storyline to the teenage university student story line which had a pathetic love triangle It was a mess, but surprisingly an enjoyable mess If you want something light and fluffy that you can speed read on the beach without a care in the world then this is a moderately good book for that.


    Ok but not great I like a fluffy, light and happy ending book every now and then, however this one didn t delve deeply into the characters enough for me to be invested in their happiness Some of the threads seemed superfluous and on the whole it was just a bit drab Quick and easy though and nice to be reminded of my university days although they were a lot less eventful


    It was okay, but I found the portrayal of the romances to be a little superficial and the end seemed to run out of steam, as if it was supposed to be a longer novel Not sure if the events with the nemesis was supposed to be funny they ended up being mortifying than amusing The author seems to be compared to Jilly Cooper a lot, I think I prefer Jilly s humour.


    Awful Absolutely crap Badly written, wooden, two dimensional characters, unlikely plotsThis was like someone s first novel, written straight out of writing school.Will definitely NOT be reading anything else by this author.


    Although I was expecting an easy to consume novel, this was too fluffy There were many characters, and not enough going on around them The main character was really wet and annoying And, after having gone on and on, the book then ended really abruptly.


    A fast, amusing read, lots of puns on names and a fairly predictable but satisfactory denouement A deep story it is not, but enjoyable it is.

    Penny Little

    Easy to read with a feel good factor Once the characters have been introduced you know what is going to happen but sometimes you just need a non taxing book.


    I see there are mixed reviews but I loved reading it One of the characters annoyed me very much but at least I felt something other than apathy towards her Good character development.

    Melissa Butler

    The characters never seemed to develop, then the book just ended Wrapped up in a nice little package with no details Very disappointed.


    I liked it, it was an easy holiday read Isabelle got up my nose a bit and I could ve given her a shake a few times but perhaps that s because it s easy to be wise from a distance


    Awful Hardly one likeable character in this and those that were ok lacking backbone.Got about a third of the way through before giving up and that s than this book deserved.


    Tedious and very unlikely characters.

    Sophie Patrikios

    Used to find like Wendy Holden, like a lightweight Jilly Cooper I know Maybe I ve changed or maybe she has but this book is just crap.


    Afraid I had to plod my way through to the end The storyline just didn t grab me and apart from Diana there were no likeable characters A shame as some of her earlier books were wuite amusing.

    Rosie Benjamin

    It was an easy read but I felt like it lead to nothing It was very predictable Disappointing

    Deadly Microbe

    You know what you thought might happen at the end of page 1 Well, it did.Life is too short for books like this.

    Louise Clare

    i enjoyed this bookought it was a nice easy read amusing and didnt require much brain stress


    It was a cute little book It ended all very suddenly though Condensing the ending into 2 very short chapters Missing out important scenes about the would be couples finally coming together

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