Jun 01, 2020
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In FOUND Book 8 of the Vampire Journals , the final book of the VAMPIRE JOURNALS, Caitlin and Caleb awake in ancient Israel, in the year 33 A.D and are amazed to find themselves in the time of Christ.Ancient Israel is a place of holy sites, of ancient synagogues, of lost relics It is the most spiritually charged place in the universe and in 33 A.D the year of ChristIn FOUND Book 8 of the Vampire Journals , the final book of the VAMPIRE JOURNALS, Caitlin and Caleb awake in ancient Israel, in the year 33 A.D and are amazed to find themselves in the time of Christ.Ancient Israel is a place of holy sites, of ancient synagogues, of lost relics It is the most spiritually charged place in the universe and in 33 A.D the year of Christ s crucifixion, it is the most spiritually charged time In the heart of its capitol, Jerusalem, lies the Holy Temple of Solomon, inside of which sits the Holy of Holies and the Ark of God And in these streets, Christ will take his final steps to be crucified.Jerusalem teems with people of all religious backgrounds and faiths, under the watchful eye of Roman soldiers, and their Prefect, Pontius Pilate The city also has a dark side, with its labyrinthian streets and maze of alleyways leading to hidden secrets and Pagan temples Caitlin now, finally, has all four keys, but still, she must find her father Her search takes her to Nazareth, to Capernaum, to Jerusalem, following a mystical trail of secrets and clues in the footsteps of Christ It also takes her to the ancient Mount of Olives, to Aiden and his coven, and to powerful secrets and relics than she s ever known At every turn, her father is just a step away.But time is of the essence Sam, turned to the dark side, has landed back in this time, too, and as he unites with Rexius, leader of the evil coven, they race to beat Caitlin to the Shield Rexius will stop at nothing to destroy Caitlin and Caleb, and with Sam on his side, and a new army behind him, the odds are in his favor.Making matters worse, Scarlet arrives back in time alone, separated from her parents She roams the streets of Jerusalem on her own, with Ruth, and as she begins to discover her own powers, she also finds herself in graver danger than she s ever been Especially when she discovers that she is holding a great secret, too.Does Caitlin find her father Does she find the ancient vampire shield Does she reunite with her daughter Does her own brother try to kill her And will her love with Caleb survive this final trip back in time FOUND is Book 8 in the Vampire Journals following TURNED, LOVED, BETRAYED, DESTINED, DESIRED, BETROTHED and VOWED , and yet it also stands alone as a self contained novel FOUND is 71,000 words.

  • Title: Found
  • Author: Morgan Rice
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Found In FOUND Book of the Vampire Journals the final book of the VAMPIRE JOURNALS Caitlin and Caleb awake in ancient Israel in the year A D and are amazed to find themselves in the time of Christ


    I should have known better The eighth and final book in this series was pretty much the same as the one before it only set in a different time and place UGH if I see or hear the phrase this time and this place written or uttered anywhere one time it s possible I will pull out all of my hair I was ready for the series to be over after the fifth book, and honestly I was not surprised but highly frustrated to find that it ended as every book had before it Caitalin found her father, Jesus which at [...]


    Words can not even express how utterly, and super PISSED I am I m sorry but I was so excited to see how things were finally going to end with this series and don t get me wrong I liked the series, but after about the last 3 books it was so repetitive that I was glad that this was the last book and was happy to finally have Caitlin find her father view spoiler JESUS SERIOUSLY hide spoiler Face Palm view spoiler MARY SERIOUSLY hide spoiler Double face palm view spoiler If your going to make an ext [...]

    Destiny Stewart

    Found by Morgan Rice, wow i mean wow I thought the first, second, and third books were good but after that it was just awful i mean really here is my list of all the things i found wrong get it found Found 1 It doesnt add up half the time.2 This whole wild goose chase for her dad just gets boring after a while.3 No offense Morgan but how times are you going to end the chapter in she was shocked at what she saw I mean you can do better 4 Everything in Caitlin s eyes is beautiful the landscape is [...]


    Where do I begin Ok ill start off by saying that this review is being written after I finished the entire series This story has so many possibilities and the potential to be phenomenal, it really does I ve never read anything like it and most vampire books are predictable so I was happy for something new and original However, I don t think the author actually went back and read her full series together at one time I say this because she literally ends at least 20 chapters exactly the same way th [...]

    Cassandra Booth

    God I just killed myself The ending shocked me a little Jesus being her father well I wasn t that shocked at that part When she drank the shield stuff I was like no the only fun part about reading this is all the vampire fun that s probably why I stuck with the series And as for the series coming around in the corner I have a sign that reads DO NOT F READ THIS BOOK I understand why the library doesn t have this book it s relivently stupid Not worth the ten dollars I spent on it Yeah so I was mak [...]


    Wow I just finished reading the last book and I am so disappointed in the ending I can t believe who Caitlin s father turned out to be I mean likeREALLY You ve got to be kidding me I read through that many books to find out ______ is her father don t want to spoil it for anyone Oh and that he was a vampire LMFAO Oh and if I hear one primal roar I m going to rip my hair out SMH was getting really good too but the ending just made me laugh Absolutely ridiculous Never ever saw that coming still SM [...]


    I am pretty sure this was the worst series I have EVER read It sucked from the beginning but because I needed to know how it ended I continued to read I really should have just skipped books 2 7 and then only read the last chapter of book 8 These books are repetitive not only in the plot of each book but also the wording within the books , in need of a SERIOUS editor, and ridiculous I cant believe I wasted my time on these And if you are continuing to read the series JUST to find out who her fat [...]


    I couldn t even bring myself to read this.How can anyone review a book they haven t read, I know, I know I paid 4.53 for this which was my mistake, one I ll never make again I purchased books 3 to 8 and saved them up to read together, why I m still asking myself that question well over a year later I loved books 1 and 2 and decided this was going to be a fantastic series, it s not All the books are littered with mistakes which is bad enough when you consider the price but when you factor in that [...]


    A waste of 3 days of my life When they revealed who her father was I just wanted to throw my NOOK out the window The series just seemed to get worse with each book Don t waste your time reading this corny snoozefest of a book.

    Shona Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

    When i started reading this series i was really pleased to have found something that was different to other vampire books that are out at the minute However, after only a few books in i found they got rather repetitive and i got annoyed with how whiny Caitlin was I was determined to read to the end of the series just in case it got better And i was left disappointed, but also really pleased that it was finally over leaving me free to read something else.I can only hope that the new series The va [...]

    Samantha Hiebert

    im not even half done and I find myself constantly rolling my eyes at this spelling mistakes mistakes with names in book 7 scarlet had the bubonic plague and suddenly in book 8 she recovered from small pox descriptive words are all the same scenes kind of run together I feel like ive read the same book over amd over just in a different place each time the underlying story is good but I feel like the author could hace put time effort and thought into these books they arent horrible the story I a [...]


    The 1st 2 books in this series were good but then it started to get silly ad this final book was the silliest of them all, what a ridiculous ending, way too far fetched, I m not impressed at all Caitlin was supposed to have been born a half breed vampire human, her dad being a vamppire and now her parents have turned out to be jesus and mary magdalene, does that mean jesus was a vampire utterly ridiculous idea


    Okay, this got two stars because I can t believe she actually did what I hoped she wasn t going to Without giving anything away, it was telegraphed from about book five but became blindingly obvious as soon as the location for Book Seven was revealed I wanted to throw things.


    This series went downhill with each book I only kept reading this last one to finally find out who her dad was and if things wrapped up It was like the same book but different place, same people keep coming back from the dead,etc Skip it.


    feels like a slow start to this book ive fully enjoyed the others but I m thinking the whole time when is this going to end

    Rebecca Rogers

    when will it ever end number one best seller, I m pretty sure morgan rice put that herself jesus you ve got to be freaking kidding me I can t I just can t this is the worst review ever, but this is the worst series ever dont read it, don t waste your life you ve been warned.


    I actually loved this series, although I expected not to I feel like the series was wrapping up nicely with Found however, it appears that the author is trying to squeeze a few drops of blood from an already drained storyline I am not quite clear on how Scarlett remained a vampire after Caitlin took the steps required to end vampirism forever At the time Caitlin found her Father, Jesus, he told her I grant you power and authority over every demon The power had authority over every disease She w [...]

    Brent Soderstrum

    I applaud Rice for setting this final tale in 33 AD in Israel with Jesus as an importan charecter However, I wish Rice would have been accurate in her portrayl of Jesus last few days The inaccuracies start when she refers to Paul as one of Jesus disciples Paul was a persecutor of Christians soon after Jeusu crucifiction He didn t convert to the new religion of Christianity till he saw the resurrected Jesus who asked him Why do you persecute me Paul was then blinded and after his recovery becaum [...]

    Tania Rock

    Morgan has done it again Another amazing book in the Vampire Journals series.Don t want to give to much away with this review, which will be hard as I loved it so much The final novel in the series contained our favorite characters, lots of action, beautiful scene description and just the right amount of emotion and romance.This novel continues where Caitlin left off in the previous book and I don t know how she comes up with such interesting ideas for the characters, environment and their inter [...]

    Nandita Dhanda

    The Vampire Journals Series has by far been my favorite books on Vampires Most paranormal books based on vampires happen to be somewhat cliche but I respect the way Morgan portrays a unique and original concept of the history of Vampires I do agree with most reviews that stated that it was quite repetitive , a little predictable and obvious at times however the overall plot was able to cover up for the flaws in my case I ve never come across the concept of time travel and actual historic events [...]

    Liz Amaro

    I did not like the book it did not make sense Things did not add up Like at first her mother was Elizabeth Pain so she thought So why did Liz Paine had to be so secretive about her home since at the end of the books it s not explained All that running around sacrifice for nothing because everyone dies And Caitlin decides to drink the shield so the existence of vampires could be terminated And a new spin off with her daughter Scarlet sudden transformation to a vampire how is that even possible no [...]

    Sofia Sundfors

    I m just going to quote my review of the first book in this seriesThis book was simple which is so tragic because it could have been so much better.The plot had potential but didn t find the right key to success.The beginning was intriguing.The middle was so so.The crescendo was nice.The finish ending was great.The characters were good but they all could have improved and put on a little polish in my opinion.The worldbuilding was too much, yet at the same time, too little The worldbuilding had a [...]


    I was so excited to read the final book in this series, but i was extremely disappointed It had lots of typos and places where it said caleb said things caitlyn was actually saying and vice versa All those things I could overlook though The thing I can t overlook is that I read 8 books to follow caitlyn on her journey to find her father and to save the world basically I had an idea who her father would turn out to be and I was disappointed to find out that I was right As I said I was completely [...]

    Dottie Hill

    Wow, I don t even know where to begin Really Jesus and Mary Magdalene are her parents Come on, you couldnt come up with something better than that Are wer going for the actually they had a relationship and had a love child, it seems that way I would ve had an easier time believing that Jesus God is everyone s Father Holy smokes and then the last 15% of the book is the beginning of her next series which appears to take up Scarlet s life ands he starts changing into a vampire Yet when Caitlin dran [...]

    Megan Pimentel

    Okay this series in general didn t please me especially with all of the spelling mistakes and stuff and mixing up of names but OMG the ending of this book pissed me off so much I can t even stand it, like I wasted money on these books even if they were 2 bucks each on my e reader I still wasted money for no reason cause SPOILER everyone dies END SPOILER Like I refuse to read that dumb spin off series now Actually I read the first like 3 chapters of the first one and then deleted the book it was [...]


    While I e been enjoying this series and looked forward to the conclusion of the treasure hunt for the vampire shield and Caitin s father, the connection and rearrangment to the Bible crucifixtion story was just wrong I am not a fanatical Christian as seen by the fact that I love vampire stories , but seeing Jesus and vampires mixed seems like heresy to me The action is exciting and the arrangment of Scarlet and everyone into the conflict was great, but I just can t get past the uncomfortable Bib [...]

    Violet Davis

    BRILLIANTwhen i started to read these books, i found myself getting into them, as soon as i had finished reading the first books, i just had to get the next one in line and so now it went until i had read all of them i just could not put the books down, even to eat a meal, i had to see what was coming next in the story line Now that i have finished reading all of The Vampire Journals series, i am sad.but i have found of Morgan Rice books to read which carry on the story line of Caitlin, Caleb [...]

    Rayna Gay

    Well, I am kinda disappointed with the ending of the Vampire lives of Caitlin and Caleb I don t like how this book is evolving into being about their daughter and less about them and Aiden s Coven However, up until this point I have been nothing short of enthralled by this series I felt it was losing it s momentum until this new group of, Immortalists, stepped into the story I am, again, very intrigued So, we will see where this goes I loved Caitlin and Caleb as powerful vampires Now they are n [...]


    This book is fucking terrible The whole series is just atrocious This is the biggest insult to Christianity that I have ever seen I am Iivid I m eased to say that I didn t WASTE my money on this series but I did waste my precious time that I will not be getting back This book is horrible in every Freaking Way Her grammar is non exist My white walls have life and spunk than her dull, undeveloped, characters I expected progress as the books went on but sadly that wasn t the case I only wish I cou [...]


    i should have known after vowed to just stop reading the series after all of the drama constantly forgetting that your necklace can be used as a key you find out that Jesus is your father and Mary Magdalene is your mother.i should have guessed after they went back to trace the steps Jesus took before he was killed and she started seeing angels and demons fighting that would be the outcome i see now why offered the first book for free for people like me that hate to leave a series unfinished but [...]

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