Feb 19, 2020
Sonic Universe 1: The Shadow Saga
Posted by Ian Flynn

Shadow the Hedgehog, the dark and grim ultimate lifeform, embarks on his first mission for the Guardian Units of the Nation He will travel time and space, fighting killer robots and facing down beings of godlike power.

  • Title: Sonic Universe 1: The Shadow Saga
  • Author: Ian Flynn
  • ISBN: 9781879794863
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sonic Universe The Shadow Saga Shadow the Hedgehog the dark and grim ultimate lifeform embarks on his first mission for the Guardian Units of the Nation He will travel time and space fighting killer robots and facing down beings

    Room 123

    Sonic Universe is a great book You should get it because there are four chapters and the chapters are exciting The chapters have a surprise Check it out at your public library By Aleks


    i cant handle this


    I enjoyed the Shadow Saga, but there was one thing confusing about it In Sonic the Hedgehog comics when Sonic was fighting Scourge and in Anti Mobius Shadow teleported himself and Metal Sonic away and to me it seemed like they teleported there where they met Blaze and Marine But the other day I read the last issue of the Sonic X comic series and it had Shadow and Metal Sonic appear at Cream s tea party, also giving me the same feeling they teleported there I was confused But then at the end of t [...]


    3 3.5 I like the Sonic universe I watched the tv show as kid gotta get back on that I ve also played the games They re classics, man I loved kicking Mr Robotnik s ass The bastard Speaking of Sonic, I know there s a Sega around here somewhere I m gonna play some Sonic This was too confusing at first It was still a solid read, but the beginning should have been comprehensible I m ready to read the rest though


    My first Sonic comic It was AWESOME I will probably read this before the main series Although it was kind of short, I still loved it Best part was Marine and Blaze Marine at least has an appearance somewhere And Blaze as always is my girl

    Ryan Frandi

    Freaking amazing I only regret not having read all of the original run up to this point because there are a ton of references I did not get Still very enjoyable as an adult and the artwork is some of the most colorful and vibrant I ve seen in a graphic novel Loved it.


    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE shadow so this was my absolute faaaaaaaaaaave sonic universe arc EVER Shadow is so awesome and so is rouge but my favorite story in this arc was when shadow found omega they are sooooo CUTE READ SONIC COMICS OR DIE D

    Katie G.

    It was a great book COOL FUN


    Good I think it was nice


    It was awesome

    Karleigh Parke

    I absolutely loved it Ever since I first read it I have started reading comics.

    Phát Đào Duy


    Kane Hall

    I guest its a good book



    Demetrius McDaniel

    Best Sonic Comic ever Shows how Shadow could actually be a nice guy and help People such as Blaze


    it was awesome


    i really love sonic the hedgehog


    I tried to read this and I just couldn t My little son loves Sonic and we ve read some of the other regular Sonic books but as we were reading this he just looked really confused and I asked if he wanted to continue and he said, Nah, we don t need to keep going I think we re done So this book will get passed to another kid to both bother and perplex

    kezia gregg


    Holly Letson

    This was a fun saga to read I had not read any Sonic comics in years, and it was pretty easy to catch up and get caught up in the story.

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