Jul 05, 2020
The Edge Chronicles 8: Vox: Second Book of Rook
Posted by Paul Stewart Chris Riddell

When young librarian knight Rook Barkwater is taken captive and forced to work for Vox Verlix nominally the Most High Academe, but no than a prisoner in reality he stumbles across a terrible truth Vox is brewing a plot to destroy the goblins and the shrykes at a stroke, so that he can seize control of the Edgeworld for himself Can Rook foil Vox s plan and save tWhen young librarian knight Rook Barkwater is taken captive and forced to work for Vox Verlix nominally the Most High Academe, but no than a prisoner in reality he stumbles across a terrible truth Vox is brewing a plot to destroy the goblins and the shrykes at a stroke, so that he can seize control of the Edgeworld for himself Can Rook foil Vox s plan and save the lives of his librarian friends and colleagues Vox is the second book of the Rook Saga third trilogy in The Edge Chronicles, the internationally best selling fantasy series, which has featured on the UK and the New York Times best seller lists and sold than 3 million copies There are now 13 titles and four trilogies in the series, but each book is a stand alone adventure, so you can read The Edge Chronicles in any order you choose.

  • Title: The Edge Chronicles 8: Vox: Second Book of Rook
  • Author: Paul Stewart Chris Riddell
  • ISBN: 9780385750813
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Edge Chronicles Vox Second Book of Rook When young librarian knight Rook Barkwater is taken captive and forced to work for Vox Verlix nominally the Most High Academe but no than a prisoner in reality he stumbles across a terrible truth Vox


    3.5 Stars I liked this one okay I didn t think much really happened, and I didn t care for Vox either I m curious about what will happen next in the story, but the Edge just isn t the same in this trilogy as it was in the past ones It isn t as magical and whimsical It s dark and not nearly as exciting Hopefully the last book in this trilogy will bring back some of the excitement and glory of the Edge that the other two trilogies had.

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    Vox The Edge Chronicles 6 , Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell Illustrator


    As a child there was one series of books, above all others, that caught my imagination The Edge Chronicles I used to prance around my garden pretending to be a sky pirate and you can t imagine the excitement when I first went on a boat, the closest thing to a sky pirate ship that I could access Okay, in my defense I was about six at the time, not that I m saying I have grown out of the feeling However, there was one of the trilogies that I couldn t get into Rook s I guess the lack of proper sky [...]


    Der schwarze Mahlstrom bedroht Unterstadt Kann man ihn aufhalten Bringt er die erhoffte Erl sung oder st rzt er alles in Chaos Aber da es der zweite Teil um Rook ist, werden wir erst in Rook in den Freien T lern erfahren, wie die Geschichte ausgeht.

    Laurène Poret

    3.5 so I made it a 4 rather than a 3 This trilogy is delightful Chris Riddell is amazing.


    I feel like could have happened in this book but I am looking forward to see what happens in the next book.

    Petra Be

    Ty p edchoz se mi n jak l bily v c nav c je tohle asi posledn kniha, co u n s kdy vyjde jen st le nech pu, pro to nevych zelo po ad

    An Odd1

    Vox The Edge Chronicles, Rook Trilogy 2 is the main enemy, a bloated obese usurper drugged to oblivion in the falling Palace of Statues by poison mistress Hestera, who buys slave 11 librarian knight Rook, trapped when his skyship was shot down by Vox s fireball over Screetown I was glad the brave lad found Felix again, his best friend from school The Last of the Skypirates, 5 now leader of the Ghosts guerilla band I was disappointed an important figure in his life had vanished without trace Noth [...]


    They double crossed me All of them The shrykes, the Guardians, the goblinsBut they ll soon be smiling on the other side of their faces Paul Stewart, VoxAhh The Edge Chronicles the series that shaped my childhood and early teens, and a series that I can rely upon to give me the type of thrilling adventure adult books lack The series is split into four trilogies, and upon my first read through, I noticed the middle books in each were my least favourite they acted as a bridge between the big bang [...]

    Star Shining Forever

    This one picks up right where The Last of the Sky Pirates left off Rook and Magda are Librarian Knights sailing the sky in small sky crafts designed like animals, studying abroad and then returning to make reports to the Most High Academe, Cowlquape, and the rest of the librarians hiding in the sewers Xanth has returned to the ranks of the Guardians of the Night as a ruthless interrogator, though he remains conflicted over his previous experiences and friendships formed alongside the Librarian K [...]

    Conan Tigard

    I was really happy to find that Vox is the second book starring Rook Barkwater I was quite bummed when he crashed and ruined his flyer, Stormhornet in the first chapter After all, he spent a lot of time building it while he was being trained to be a librarian knight see The Last of the Sky Pirates He then begins a perilous journey trying to get back home to the sewers below Undertown He does a good job of surviving, but he is no match for the slave traders.Paul Stewart is a master storyteller He [...]

    Nat Howler

    Vox Verlix, the supra genius and one time usurper of power in New Sanctaphrax, was himself thrown out of New Sanctaphrax The Guardians of the Night, led by Orbix Xaxis, have seized control of the city atop the crumbling rock, along with the Tower of Night and Sanctaphrax Forest, which Vox worked so hard to design and build His other magnum opus, the Great Mire Road, was seized by Mother Muleclaw, the queen of those hideous bird creatures called shrykes Then the goblin general, Tytugg, takes cont [...]


    Vox is simply packed with action, cunning plots, devious schemes, and scary situations It s a thrilling ride from beginning to end and makes the reader eager to see what will happen in the third and final of the Rook trilogy book.Stewart gets rid of the two main groups of antagonists in this book quite well As gruesome and violent as their end was, the picture that Riddell drew of their fate was both chilling and spectacular He makes it quite clear simply by facial expressions and body language [...]


    The edge chronicles book six Vox In this book life continues on the edge Rook is now a librarian knight But when he gets captured while trying to get to the great storm chamber library he s sold as a slave to Vox Verlix and has his mind swept and had all of his memories cast away Or so they thought Out of nowhere his memories came back to him But he still had to act like a mindless slave Until at night on his fourth day he broke into Vox s chamber and saved his life from an assassin while the ol [...]


    Rook s adventures continue in this exciting installment of the Edge Chronicles All of his skills of survival are put to the test as he navigates the dangerous predators of Screetown, swims stagnant rivers and tries to keep his wits and memories while pretending to be a witless slave.The story is absorbing from start to finish with nary a dull passage anywhere There s quite a bit of exposition as the book skips back and forth in time while dealing with the ambitious, bright, betrayed and betrayin [...]


    If you recall back when I started reading this series, Book 4 suddenly left the timeline, and went back in time to the history of the previous main character s father, leaving me feeling lost, though eventually I caught on to what had happened Picking up Vox gave me much the same feeling, only I was even sure I had missed something, and was wondering why they had suddenly begun to write such a disjointed series Then I checked my own backlog and realized this time it was me I never remembered to [...]


    I enjoyed this book about as much as all of the prior books in the series, but it seemed as if there was no ending to the story I suppose most of the plotlines were at least somewhat resolved, but nothing felt conclusive Especially perplexing was the lack of details on what happened with the title character I read the section dealing with his plotline twice, and was still somewhat confused, since it felt that there were large chunks of information simply missing from the story.The other thing th [...]


    The weather is oppressive the mood, dark again In this tale from the Deepwoods, the reader is reunited with some familiar characters Rook Barkwater, Felix, Magda and Xanth And Vox Verlix, the weather expert, has wrested the power form Cowlquape Pentephraxis and placed himself in command only to be double crossed by those whom he used to gain power Now, he is a virtual prisoner inthe Palace of Statues The enmity between the Guardians and the librarian knights continues, but that is not the only c [...]

    Zac Charnesky

    The book Vox by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, is about a boy named Rook Barkwater He is an Under Librarian Librarian Knight of the great Storm Chamber Library in the sewers of Undertown During the story, Rook was shot out of the sky by a massive fire ball and ended up becoming a slave of Vox Verlix the very person who shot him down While he was a slave he tried to foil Vox s plan to destroy Undertown I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure or fiction novels The ending was awe [...]


    I ve always enjoyed Paul Stewart s work, but I don t think this book is his best work We re again in Rook s world as the Undertowners, Guarians of Knight, Shrykes, and Goblins find themselves meeting in a final climax for survival in Undertown and the Edge It does have a few interesting characters, but I just couldn t fall the storyline as well as his past books We do find the character Vox back in the storyline, but not in the demanding role I figured he would be in If you ve read the series, y [...]


    I really liked this book because I also read the Twig saga where twig was the main character and letting Rook the main character in this book meet him was really cool Plus the edge chronicles are all connected because Quint the main character in the book 4,8,9 of the edge chronicles is the father of Twig who s the main character in books 1,2,3 of the edge chronicles who is the grandfather of Rook who s the main character of books 5,6,7.

    Arito Sato

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    These books are absolutely mind blowing I am constantly surprised by the richness and depth I am finding in this so called children s book This book can definitely be read by anybody, and you ll probably appreciate it the older you are It s hard to tell the difference between each book each one is crafted with superb writing and illustrations that one can almost forget the story.


    3.5 stars This series is great with all the cool pictures throughout the story and fast paced nature One problem I had with this book however was that there really wasn t any hero Rook literally didn t do anything for himself, and only kept going out of extreme luck and the sacrifices of others It just didn t sit as well as the other books in this series.


    It may not be fair to review a book I didn t finish reading but I just couldn t get into this book I was able to switch characters after the first few of the Edge series but then having the whole time line switched was just too much I may try again at another time but it was just too disjointed for me to keep reading.


    REVIEWED FOR PUBLISHER Scurrilous schemes abound in the second book in the Rook Trilogy, as Vox Verlix, Most High Academe, hatching a cunning plan that could destroy New Sanctaphrax and Undertown, and it s up to Rook and the Librarian Knights to foil his evil plans if they can This is a striking sequel with an explosive plot that is guaranteed to entertain


    I thought the ending with Vox was unnecessary and had no place in the context of the entire book I enjoyed Xanth s part, and look forward to the part he ll play in the future I felt it the entire scheme was somewhat far fetched, and too tied up and perfect, especially when Rook went to convince the shryke sisters Overall, it wasn t one of my favorite in the series.

    Cullen Kisner

    I started a long time ago and stoppe dto read another book I do like this series and found that the ending was very interesting and a real page turner Who knew that some of the things would have happened I am already into the next bok freeglader.


    This one was a continuation of book 5 One part creepy, one part gruesome, one part adventurous, all parts entertaining By the end of the book, the winds had changed again and I can sense something huge coming in book 7 Now if you ll excuse me, I have some reading to do

    Philippe Lhoste

    R miz est devenu chevalier et surveille Infraville et les alentours.Il d couvre, son corps d fendant, certains aspects sombres de cet endroit.Vox, ancien dignitaire r duit la r clusion, a imagin un plan pour se d barrasser les forces antagonistes dominant la ville.

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