Mar 29, 2020
Batman: The Black Glove, Deluxe Edition
Posted by Grant Morrison Andy Kubert J.H. Williams III Tony S. Daniel Ryan Benjamin John Van Fleet Jesse Delperdang Jonathan Glapion

Batman receives the shock of his life when he discovers that he has a son, Damian After violent conflict with Robin and Damian, Batman must teach his son what it means to carry the legacy of Gotham s Dark Knight Meanwhile, mysterious Batman imposters begin to appear on the streets of Gotham One of these imposters begins to kill cops, working his way towards Police CommiBatman receives the shock of his life when he discovers that he has a son, Damian After violent conflict with Robin and Damian, Batman must teach his son what it means to carry the legacy of Gotham s Dark Knight Meanwhile, mysterious Batman imposters begin to appear on the streets of Gotham One of these imposters begins to kill cops, working his way towards Police Commissioner Jim Gordon But after failing in his pursuit and being captured, Batman falls into a coma and his mind flashes back to a defining adventure in the life of a young Bruce Waynee hunt for his parents killer

  • Title: Batman: The Black Glove, Deluxe Edition
  • Author: Grant Morrison Andy Kubert J.H. Williams III Tony S. Daniel Ryan Benjamin John Van Fleet Jesse Delperdang Jonathan Glapion
  • ISBN: 9781401233365
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Batman The Black Glove Deluxe Edition Batman receives the shock of his life when he discovers that he has a son Damian After violent conflict with Robin and Damian Batman must teach his son what it means to carry the legacy of Gotham s


    A 80% Very GoodNotes A Pre Raphaelite approach to Batman, it s an unabashed tribute to the adventure and madness of its pop art heyday.


    On the back cover the word Visionary is appended to Grant Morrison s name What s next Are miracles going to be attributed to him Is St Grant in the offing This doesn t quite measure down to the turds that Morrison has produced for DC, but I think VISIONARY is stretching it just a tad, but it s too late, Morrison has already taken a big gulp of the lime flavored hubris Koolade But, Batman, Anne made her seafood salad and remembered the utensils and everything Morrison had some fun with the whole [...]

    David - proud Gleeman in Branwen"s adventuring party

    Loved this volume even reading it for the second time I ll write a full review when I can, but for now, all I ll say is that writer Grant Morrison really does Batman justice

    Sam Quixote

    This hardback book collects the first two books in Grant Morrison s epic Batman run Batman and Son and The Black Glove I won t get into the stories of both as I ve written extensive reviews of each book separately so if you want to see how much I loved and appreciated those stories, you can read them by clicking on the links below Suffice it to say, they are excellent books Damian Wayne is introduced for the first time, Batman fights an army of manbat ninjas, Bruce starts dating Jezebel Jet, Bat [...]


    I ve seen people say they gave up on Morrisons Batman pretty early on, but I quite like this Damien is far from the loveable character he becomes later on, and the Cluedo who dun it story in the house is a bit basic though it s dressed up very nicely with the JH Williams art , but I like how things payoff by the time you re at the end, while overs are left hanging The prose issue during Batman and Son is a bit trying too but a really good read if you don t approach it as a comic.


    I ve read some of Morrison s spectacular Batman run already, specifically Batman Robin and Batman Incorporated I am currently on a streak of Batman frustration, what with that awful recent movie and the fact that I purchased Dark Knight Returns after that only to find out that I hate it, too So, I desperately needed a good Batman book, as soon as possible And boy, does Morrison deliver This book is so full of cool, fresh ideas I was already fond of Damian Wayne going into this, but it was great [...]

    David Caldwell

    This graphic collects Batman 655 658, 663 669, and 672 675 So there is a lot of content included, but just don t expect it all, or even most, to be about Batman s son There is also the prose story about the Joker The largest part is the beginning of the Black Glove story arc.I have to admit that I got out of comic book reading for a long time after having reading them for another long while So I am playing catch up with a lot of characters and still need to do a lot to fully grasp everything th [...]


    Grant Morrison is a crazy genius, keyword crazy I read Batman R.I.P The Black Glove, and Final Crisis before this and that was very stupid on my part Morrison is highly self referential, so you should start with Batman and Son and go from there That s what I m doing now and it s making way sense.So there s a lot going on in this particular edition, which collects Batman and Son, The Black Glove, and Issue 666 which is a great What If with Damian as Batman among other extras Before I get into th [...]

    Nicole Lee

    I really wish that allowed for partial stars because this is definitely of a 3.5 for me than a 3 The writing is good and the artwork is amazing specifically the portion done by J.H Williams III I really dislike it when collections like this one don t come together to make a cohesive story When I pick up a volume entitled Batman Batman and Son , I expect the majority of the story to be about just that Instead, you get a collection of Grant Morrison s writings only a small portion of which is act [...]

    Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)

    Damn Morrison Back at it again The volume I have contains Batman Son, a special what if issue and The Black Glove story arcs Andy Kubert, J.H Williams and Tony S Daniel s artwork are certainly impeccable Their respective works are visually satisfying and manages to capture the ideas of Grant Morrison with ease There s no doubt that you ll feel the Morrison vibe through the stories, especially The Black Glove, if you ask me While reading Batman and Son before The Black Glove, and even having both [...]


    I was excited about reading it because there had been some talk about it with the straight to DVD movie It started off interestingly enough Then it just got weird There were several other stories in this version of the novel that I wasn t sure how well they fit in with the main timeline The one illustrated by JH Williams was gorgeous but also really confusing because of all the extra super heroes that no one has ever heard of Honestly, this book is worth looking at JUST for his illustration in t [...]

    Trey Piepmeier

    I would rather listen to Grant Morrison talking about this story than to read it What a mess It s like it s intentionally trying to be confusing, and there s no resolution Reading this reminds me of why I lost interest in superhero comics years ago I have no interest in reading any of this series, although I did remember enjoying the first few issues of Batman Robin when Robin was Damian and Batman was Dick Grayson Maybe the combination of Morrison and Quitely is required to keep my interest.


    Error de este tomo se titula Batman and Son , contiene el arco del mismo nombre y el arco del tpb The Black Glove No nos confundamos.Ok Hace unos a os, cuando volv a leer comics, ten a ganas de empezar con algo de Batman Comet el terrible error de comprarme Batman RIP , pensando que ser a divertido ver como mor a el susodicho No lo disfrut , no entend nada y pens que era lo peor del personaje que hab a le do en mi vida Pero Para leer al Batman regular de Morrison, despu s de leer Arkham Asylum y [...]


    A First Reads Giveaway ReviewI really enjoyed what Morrison did with some of his other titles, especially New X Men, but I must admit that with this Batman edition I was a bit lost during most of my time reading Basically Batman goes up against some sort of conspiracy in the form of three Batmans Batmen who seem to have been created as part of some elaborate plot to destroy Batman Given that this leads to hallucinations and death and rebirth and things of that nature, it all gets a little confus [...]

    Luke Smith



    I know that this is only the beginning of Morrison s run, but I was still expecting a much complete story than what this delivered, especially with the title of The Black Glove and it being a deluxe edition While extremely entertaining and gripping, it often comes off to me at least as a batch of subplots thrown together in one book without an overarching plot What is especially confusing is the layout of the book The beginning is Batman Son, which has been released as its own title in the past [...]


    This book is filled with awesome action, great art, suspenseful stories Just everything you re looking for in a Batman story The first issue is a great start Gordon is in danger, Batman fights the Joker, we get a glimpse of Batman s daily routine, Tim Drake aka Robin literally drops into the Batcave Grant Morrison uses every event that ever happend to Bruce Wayne Batman and sees it as parts of his past If you ve read the Black Casebook before reading this like I have, you ll appreciate this conc [...]


    Maybe it s just this version, but this really was named incorrectly Most of this should have been in a separate book called Batman RIP Prologue or something along those lines.I picked this up wanting to get to know Damian better And I did for maybe the first third of this book The rest had very little to do with him The rest really was setting up for Batman RIP So, I m a little annoyed that it was misleading about the content.I ve also never been a huge fan of Morrison s writing There are someth [...]


    This book grabbed me from the beginning, then lost me in the middle, then got me back at the end When I picked this book up I thought it was going to be one continuous story, and that is where I got lost Although I have been reading a ton since I was 10 years old, I never really got into comics, that is until I was about 27 I always loved Batman and Superman, just on TV and in the movies I decided to give them a try and have fallen in love since then The only problem is that they are decade old [...]


    This book contains the start of the fabled Morrison run on Batman that reintroduced a fun Batman after the very dark period that followed Miller s Batman.There are three different stories with three different artists.The first introduces Damian, the son of Bruce Wayne and Taliah al Ghul It is drawn by Andy Kubert and is very good.The second story introduces a new enemy called the Black Glove, is drawn by J.H Williams 3 and has a very retro feeling The plot is good there s a hint of Watchmen in [...]


    At a charity fundraiser in London, Bruce Wayne must rapidly change into his crime fighting persona, the Batman, to save the party from an invasion of ninja man bats And it s all just a stunt to get his attention Then he s confronted by his ex ,Talia, daughter of Ras al Gul, who presents him with their son, Damian He s been raised by the masters of The League of Assassins, she explains, But the boy is growing beyond even my control now, as so she turns him over to his father s care This collectio [...]

    Jacob Starnes

    First off, the name is somewhat misleading, as Damian Wayne is really only featured in the opening issues I like the concept of Damian and these few issues are a good entrance for him but it was Tim Drake who really shines Anyway, after the d Son part comes the totally unrelated And now some other stuff part The Island of Mr Mayhew segment is very campy and, in my opinion, ridiculous Cool premise I guess but not executed very well, just an excuse to write in several international Batman wannabe [...]

    James DeSantis

    Well this was something I enjoyed parts a lot The Damien storyline was short, but fun, and went quickly The introduction of crazed police dressed in bat suits was cool Batman sure got his shit rocked plenty of times Always loved to see that The biggest story that failed was the scooby doo storyline in the middle What the hell was that Did anyone like it I was finding myself struggling to get through that part Either way, for the price, get ton of content, and it s not horrible So that s somethin [...]

    Ivan Leong

    This is by far my least favorite Batman book It starts off really well and as expected the story of Damian Wayne Then suddenly mid way there is some unrelated stories gets mixed in and then I got lost Towards the end there is no appearance of any of Batman s Sons Therefore I am utterly disappointed.

    Marc Kozak

    The beginning to one of the best Batman sagas of all time Starts off a little slow, but by the end, you are practically salivating to get to the next book.Spectacular art from JH Williams III, Andy Kubert and even Tony Daniel as well.


    Okay, I m keeping this short, because I know there is a even great stuff coming after this one So if you like love adore admire or even just only approve of Batman, you have to read this amazing piece of art You ll transcend into the next level of admiration for the batKoen out

    Dean Olson

    The beginning of Grant Morrison s run on Batman Introduces Damien Wayne, son to Batman, and one of the best characters created in the last 20 years Also Ninja Man Bats.


    Really good stuff Looking forward to reading the rest of Morrison s Batman, as I ve only read Arkham Asylum and Batman Incorporated.


    The title story was alright but The Black Glove was kinda terrible


    The first part of the book is a solid read as Batman finds out about his son Then it collapses in on itself with this 3 batmans nonsense and doesn t manage to pick itself up again

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