Apr 04, 2020
Missing Judy
Posted by Anne Cassidy

Kim Hockney has a secret It s to do with the terrible thing that happened eight years ago the day when her five year old sister Judy went missing Her parents have always been careful not to blame her but she knows they look at her and wonder what her little sister would have been like, if Kim hadn t let her run off that dark afternoon Then one day some new evidence tuKim Hockney has a secret It s to do with the terrible thing that happened eight years ago the day when her five year old sister Judy went missing Her parents have always been careful not to blame her but she knows they look at her and wonder what her little sister would have been like, if Kim hadn t let her run off that dark afternoon Then one day some new evidence turns up

  • Title: Missing Judy
  • Author: Anne Cassidy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: None
  • Missing Judy Kim Hockney has a secret It s to do with the terrible thing that happened eight years ago the day when her five year old sister Judy went missing Her parents have always been careful not to blame her


    Visgi nesusilaikiau ir pasi miau dar vien Anne Cassidy knyg i bibliotekos Ne inau, traukia mane ir domina tikrovi kos istorijos apie pagrobimus jau ra iau, kad Cassidy knyg pagrindin tema yra vaik dingimai pagrobimai Man nuolat kyla klausimas kas nutinka tiems visiems pradingusiems ir neatsiradusiems mon ms, kur jie visi Kokiu tikslu ir kas juos pagrob Ypa dabar, kuomet Lietuvoje dingusi j be inios skai ius taip i augo, tema tapo dar aktualesn domu skaityti Anne Cassidy, apdovanotos ra ytojos, s [...]


    Knygos, istorijos apie dingimus man jau savaime patinka d l savo jautrios temos Ta iau i buvo i imtis Pirmiausia painus pasirod autor s ra ymo stilius Dabart labai staiga kei ia prisiminim vaizdavimas ir tik pus jus pastraip supranti, kad jau ia kalbama apie praeit Tai be galo erzino, be to, tie i gyvenimai nuobod s, l ti Pats siu etas irgi nuvyl Gal iau sakyti, jog knygos esm artim j skausmo ypa sesers Kim vaizdavimas O tai, turiu pripa inti, n ra taip domu, kaip narpliojimas kurgi dingo ta mer [...]

    Lucy Taylor

    I thought this book would be boring, but i was definitively WRONG I think it is a good book all the way through, it was a little weird at some points but what happens in the end is AMAZING You would of never been able to guess it, as it is a awesome twist WILL NOT SAY ANY THING MORE AS ITS TOO GOOD AND YOU NEED TO FIND OUT BY READING IT


    This book was fantastic I proper suspence book It s about a child that goes missing, and in the end I never ever knew that would ever happen


    Like with The Dead House, this book kept me engaged until the end, with a twist I didn t see coming It keeps you thinking that it s one thing, but it ends up being another, and it makes sense as well It isn t just pulled out of nowhere to try to trick the reader, it fits in well with the story and gives it a fitting conclusion It s pretty hard to succeed at that It s a very character driven story, but that s not to say that there isn t a plot It s just that it s a lot of conflict and emotions me [...]


    2.5 starsA forgettable and bland mystery novel The plot itself is merely solid, so Anne Cassidy s workmanlike writing doesn t help It s as nothingless as its boring protagonist, but it s also a quick, solid read.

    Charnell (Reviews from a Bookworm)

    Reread of a book found in childhood.


    Anne Cassidy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors I saw this book as a recommendation for me on while I was reading Looking for JJ And funny thing is, I think I liked this book even better It stuck out to me because of the fact that I actually have been planning to write a story for a long time now I ve had the plot in my head and everything about something very similar, about a teenage boy who s little brother goes missing and how he feels guilt clawing away at him over it because he [...]


    BOOK REVIEW MISSING JUDYThe book Missing Judy, written by Anne Cassidy, is a great novel for teen girls between the age 11 to 14 I can only recommend this book to girls, who are interested in a book with an unusual plot.At the beginning of the book, Kim stays at her best friend s house Because of Kim has to look after her five year old sister Judy, Judy is also at Teresa s house There the two sisters have an argument and Judy run out of the house Judy doesn t come back for a while, therefore eve [...]

    Valérie Carreau

    Le lecteur se laisse prendre ce thriller psychologique au rythme haletant Il accompagne Kim dans sa folie, dans ses recherches au bout du monde, jusqu au d nouement du r cit, d un r alisme aussi bouleversant qu inqui tant.Du cot de l histoire Nous suivons le quotidien de Kim, une jeune adolescente dont la s ur Judy a disparue il y a d j huit ann es La petite g e alors de cinq ans a disparu un soir dans la rue apr s une banale dispute avec sa grande s ur et son amie Huit ann es ont pass es et ell [...]


    I enjoyed the plot of this book, but like the majority of Cassidy s novels, it was much too short I felt this story could have developed into a much bigger story from the ripple effect of that one little lie about the van, and it just felt she couldn t be bothered to write any than she did.I liked the plot of a girl who lives in guilt after lying about a fact that probably reduced the police s chance of finding her sister who has been abducted The style of writing was decent and I felt a connec [...]

    Zoë Ann

    The book was very short so it s a good light read it s going to be hard to write a very detailed review This book was suspense central I found it very unusual to have been written with Judy having been missing for eight years already even with the flashbacks although this actually made it a lot interesting.The different revelations and theories as to what happened to Judy tended to range from bizarre to the typical disappearance so the end was very surprising but effective and actually had me i [...]


    This book is not the typical novel Instead of centering around the lives of a family after a devastating crime, it instead centers around the aftermath of a child who lost a younger child and tried her best to help find the younger child by lying Also, this book explores causes and effects of the seemingly simple process of maturation, and the wonder that the child has when she comes face to face with new things The book is full of suspense, and it also made me turn the pages, trying to find Jud [...]

    Sally Flint

    A solid children s writer so quick and easy to read, but felt that she hadn t put enough effort into the book somehow Sorry Anne The story is about a girl whose little sister went missing under her care A horrific theme, but the potential for the suffering of her last few days alive never really explored presumably as for a youngish readership For this reason it felt an incomplete story to me The plot line had twists and turns which did work and the conclusion was satisfactory Had the potential [...]


    Category None.I thought this book would be as wonderful as her others but instead was just disappointed To be honest this story had one of the worst endings ever I loved the story itself, it was great but it ended in disappointment I expected something greater from reading other novels of hers but still a good story Once again her story demonstrates life in a meaningful way Just the conclusion was a let down Still a good story, but I don t recommend reading it.


    I always like Cassidy s Books, I guess its the sense of style The story has a twist at the end, which is unexpected The only negativity of the story must be that its a little draggy, some readers might loose interest However the story plot is interesting, unexpected and quite entertaining Depending on the age range some people will find it perplexing towards the end when the secret is unveiled Rating of 3 5.

    Psychedelic Illusions

    This is a haunting book and incredibly realistic From reading it you d almost believe that the author was writing from experience All the emotion, the relationships, were all so real The ending was a little dissapointing i must admit, a little cliche and it kind of took away from the true message of the book.

    Kirsty John

    I really enjoyed this book, it is a total page turner, I stayed up until nearly 2 o clock last night because I had to finish it It s such a sad story and I really wasn t expecting the ending I really got sucked into the story and felt really sorry for the characters especially Kim I recommend this book to everyone as it had a great storyline and I enjoyed reading it.


    What if your sister disappeared What if it ruined your family What if you were the last person to see her And what if, a few years later, some secrets resurface that are just too horrible to think about This book is about all those questions the impact a missing child has on a whole family.Very well written.


    I used to read Anne Cassidy when i was younger, I saw this aimed at older readers for really cheap, I thought why not I really enjoyed it, couldn t put it down, read it in a day, such an unexpected ending, the book kept sending you down different paths and I just had to read on to find out what happened to little Judy, the writing was easy to read and at times beautiful, highly recommended.


    Missing Judy is a heartbreaking book of loss and moving on Kim wishes she could have her sister, Judy back, but Judy disappeared one night, and has now been missing for 8 years with no trace of what happened to her When a new lead turns up, will Kim and her family be able to move on from that horrible day Or will what they find destroy them


    This Book is a really intresting book, about a girl called Kim Hockney who lost her sister judy that one dark cold afternooon 8 years ago.It seems the family will never get any anwsers until the day some evidence turns up

    Rym Haddad

    This book was captivating, you want to read it until the end There were parts where I would lose interest because every little detail was pointed out but all in all, this book is very good and unpredictable


    A good, quick read I appreciated the way grief was portrayed, and the American subplot, and although I guess who took Judy quite early on, there were still enough questions left that made me want to read to the end to get the answers Another identikit Anne Cassidy heroine, though


    Ich war mir zuerst nicht sicher, wie ich das Buch bewerten soll Aber es hat mich die ganze Zeit ber ber hrt und das ist es doch, was man sich von einem Buch w nscht Das Ende war wirklich unerwartet und trauriger als all meine Vermutungen.


    A very good read I found it to be very addictive An unexpected turn in the end but all in all a very good book

    Anastasia Adams

    Such an amazing book and so clever One of kind

    Wolf Draven

    Konec je dechberouc Moje recenze wolf draven 2012 1

    app!e ♥ f!avour


    Mrs Harris Librarian

    Gripping story, with some interesting twists and turns Quick read as only 188 pps Would recommend if enjoyed Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie.

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