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Voor Reta Winters is het leven als een rimpelloze vijver Haar huwelijk is goed, ze woont in een heerlijk huis, ze heeft drie fantastische dochters en behalve als vertaalster begint ze ook als schrijfster succesvol te worden Het geluk kan niet op, tot haar oudste dochter Norah stopt met haar studie Ze bedelt op straat in Toronto met om haar nek een bord waar GOEDHEID opVoor Reta Winters is het leven als een rimpelloze vijver Haar huwelijk is goed, ze woont in een heerlijk huis, ze heeft drie fantastische dochters en behalve als vertaalster begint ze ook als schrijfster succesvol te worden Het geluk kan niet op, tot haar oudste dochter Norah stopt met haar studie Ze bedelt op straat in Toronto met om haar nek een bord waar GOEDHEID op staat Wat is er gebeurd Waar ging het mis

  • Title: Tenzij
  • Author: Carol Shields Edith van Dijk
  • ISBN: 9789044502985
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tenzij Voor Reta Winters is het leven als een rimpelloze vijver Haar huwelijk is goed ze woont in een heerlijk huis ze heeft drie fantastische dochters en behalve als vertaalster begint ze ook als schrijfs

    Glenn Sumi

    UPDATE May 2016 Just found out this is going to be a movie, starring Catherine Keener as Reta It will probably play the Toronto Film Festival in the fall Looking forward to it In Carol Shields s Unless, Reta Winters, a happy, middle aged novelist and translator, a wife and mother of three children, discovers that her 19 year old daughter has dropped out of university and is panhandling on the streets of Toronto holding a sign that reads Goodness That one sentence synopsis, while accurate, doesn [...]


    This is another of the books that was shortlisted for the Booker prize in 2002, which is the year chosen for the latest historic shortlist project in The Mookse and The Gripes group.This is a quiet but rather impressive book On the surface not much happens The narrator Reta Winters is a writer and translator, happily married with three daughters The book follows her as she comes to terms with the strange behaviour of her eldest daughter, who has dropped out of university and now begs at a street [...]

    Paul Bryant

    Did I tell you I just clocked up a count of just over 500 novels read, according to my GR novels shelf Hey, how about that It must make me some kind of authority now I can dish out advice, start up a helpline, I know which novel to attach to the St Bernard dog to take to the fallen climber in the Alps Except, I m actually getting worse at picking novels to read I just checked, and 13 out of 27 novels read so far this year have got a 1 or 2 star rating, i.e I hated them felt they were a blight on [...]


    Compulsively readable, the main character comes from a very proud lineage of other literary protagonists who get totally fucked over by their offspring Although it doesn t come close to the pathos articulation thereof of, say, Lionel Shriver s We Need to Talk About Kevin , nor the titan in decay tableau that is Philip Roth s American Pastoral Unless is way playful and accessible It is the same old story, though , unless anything happens to me, I will definitely get my hands on every single thi [...]


    I am tempted to write, this was a beautifully written load of old cobblers and leave it at that, but that statement probably deserves to be elaborated on I didn t start out hating on this novel, it incrementally built up, misdeed upon misdeed I can t work out if Shields is basically thumbing her nose at any critic that has suggested woman s writing is too small, too focused on the domestic, not concerned with the larger crisis of man In UnlessShields seems to be purposely playing to those critic [...]


    The 1001 books list is great for introducing you to authors that you were not previously familiar with It s like a little black book literary dating service and without shame or embarrassment it will lead you by the clammy hand to meet a new author without you feeling half witted, socially inept and geeky for making the effort or for not having made the effort earlier Here Shovelmonkey1, it says, meet some new authors Put your eyes between their pages and let their words roam around in your head [...]

    Ron Charles

    You wouldn t expect it from her, but Carol Shields has written a naughty book Put your yellow highlighter down There s no sex, but the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Stone Diaries is doing something indecorous here ribbing our notions of grief, even snickering at what inspires us.Her latest novel, a mischievous monologue called Unless, begins with lamentations Reta Winters once had it all a loving partner who s a successful doctor, three smart daughters, a beautiful house outside Toronto, [...]


    I waited patiently for this book to come out in softback so that I could read the final novel by Carol Shields It just so happened that it came out right around my wedding and so the book gathered dust on my nightstand as I was a little busy and preoccupied with wedding planning So I packed it and took it with me on my honeymoon I remember pulling it out of my book bag, slathering on some sunscreen and settling myself onto a raft in the pool.I finished the book in about two days with a wicked su [...]


    This is my favorite Carol Shields book so far, and that is saying a lot because I adore Carol Shields This novel was short listed for the Booker There is so much here, but it is portrayed in the classic slow, sensitive, Shieldsian manner Those who think there is nothing going on here or that it s too slow or boring are most certainly missing a great deal This novel invites a second or third read as well.

    Alice Poon

    A perfectly normal, healthy and congenial nineteen year old young woman who grew up in a closely knit and nurturing well to do family suddenly quits university, her family and her boyfriend to panhandle in a street corner of downtown Toronto.The novel is the youngster s mother s account of her experiences in dealing with the shocking loss of her lovely eldest daughter She makes a desperate attempt to come up with possible reasons for her derelict daughter s inconceivable action Being a translato [...]


    I was so bored reading this book It started out boring in the first chapter when she listed all of her works and explained her translations I m not one of those type of readers where a book has to immediately grip you in the beginning otherwise you quit So I kept on reading hoping it would get better but it didn t The book focuses on how Reta deals with her daugher, Norah s, strange decision to live in a shelter and to beg on the streets Reta starts to believe the reason why Norah became this wa [...]


    Unless is the last book Shields wrote before she succumbed to cancer Written in true literary style, the book chronicles the life of a novelist translator as she copes with the withdrawal of her daughter from college to a mute sitting on a street corner with a sign which simply reads Goodness All phases and forms of woman as creator of life, words, information, and emotion as mother, daughter, sister, friend as intellectual and emoter and as feminist, femme, activist, accommodator and perserver [...]


    I was initially offended by the description of Sheilds as a gentle feminist This double edged sword of a description seemed an attempt at making a dirty word like feminist palatable to the general public The feminist in me roared, Why must a woman still be described as gentle Upon reflection, though, I have realized that Sheilds truly is a gentle feminist, in the best way possible While the ultimate quest in this story is the protagonist s daughter s quest for goodness, there is an underlying m [...]


    Unless is the worry word of the English language It flies like a moth around the ear, you hardly hear it, and yet everything depends on its breathy presence Unless provides you with a trapdoor, a tunnel into light, the reverse side of not enough Unless keeps you from drowning in the presiding arrangements Reta not Rita Shields obviously read Derrida Winters is 44, works as a translator and writer, is married to a doctor, has three daughters and a golden retriever named Pet, and lives in a beauti [...]

    Book Concierge

    Digital audiobook narrated by Joan AllenReta Williams is a successful author and translator, a wife, and a mother to three teenage daughters Her oldest daughter, Norah, is a 19 year old freshman at university, when Reta and her doctor husband, Tom, discover that Norah has apparently dropped out, and spends her days sitting on a Toronto street corner, with a signed around her neck that reads simply Goodness The mystery of how and why her daughter has come to panhandling in this way is the major p [...]

    Fatema Hassan , bahrain


    K.D. Absolutely

    A woman writer working on her second novel Then suddenly, with no particular reason, her eldest daughter leaves college and her boyfriend and begs in the street of Toronto with a placard sign on her neck that reads GOODNESS The daughter refuses to speak to the mother or anybody Just like that Yes, the plot is just like that but the way Carol Shields 1935 2003 writes is different from what I ve read so far It is fluid, supple and multi layered or multi pronged I would imagine that if this plot we [...]


    I read this as part of The Mookse And The Gripes read through of the 2002 Man Booker Prize shortlist As it happens, it is one of two books from that short list that I have on my book shelf the other being the winner, The Life of Pi This means I must have read this book 15 years ago, making this officially a re read However, unfortunately, I have no recollection of that first reading This is a shame because 15 years is a long time and it would be interesting to know how both my taste in books and [...]

    Jonathan Pool

    At first sight Unless is a simple story, somewhat dated in its telling, making an by the standards of 2017 unfashionable commentary on the joys of homemaking by women.The narrative is rather deeper than that, though, and cuts to the core of family hurt and upheaval if a loved child goes off the rails Carol Shields also reflects deeply and frequently on the difficulties, for women particularly, in trying to make a real and lasting difference in their lives My nineteen year old doomed to miniaturi [...]


    Unless by Carol Shields has been my third novel in a row written from the perspective of a self analytical, self critical and perhaps self obsessed female narrator, the other being by Margaret Drabble and Anne Enright Maybe Carol Shields drew the short straw, because I felt that Reta, the writer narrator of Unless, internalised everything, so much so, in fact, that the other characters in the book became no than projections of themselves within her Maybe that was part of the point.Ostensibly ab [...]


    In a manner eloquent than I could ever manage, this book expresses everything I feel about modern feminism and why it s still very much a necessity Heartbreaking Beautiful Consuming These are only a small portion of words that can begin to describe Unless by Carol Shields Reta Winters daughter is so overwhelmed by her desire to experience every success and beauty the world has to offer, but her realization that she can never have everything as a woman is too much to bear As a result, she shuts [...]


    Ben Babcock

    I bought this book as a Christmas gift for someone, attracted to it by its recent accolade of competing on Canada Reads I have never before read anything by Carol Shields, and when I buy books that I haven t read before with the intention of giving them to other people, I tend to read them myself first So I embarked upon Unless not knowing all that much about it, knowing only that it had won a poll entitling it to a spot in a national debate, only that it was some sort of book about a mother in [...]


    Ugh I couldn t even finish this book This is only the third time I have ever been unable to complete a book once I started reading it I really gave it a good try I didn t set it aside until I had forced myself to read at least 50 pages.From reading the synopsis, I thought the book would be about the dynamics of the mother and daughter s relationship and the disintegration of such This was all about the books that the mother authored and her feelings The daughter was hardly mentioned in the 55 pa [...]


    Unless is really quite good And I really mean quite good, not brilliant, not bad, but quite good It s quiet and peaceful and pretty and enjoyable without being mind blowing It is full of beautiful moments, and the language is really nice It is subtle In fact, it s so subtle that it s difficult to work out why it works as well as it does Maybe I ll just let the text do the talking I m not interested, the way some people are, in being sad I ve had a look, and there s nothing down that road I would [...]


    The novel I wish I d written So many times in the book I thought YES and Well put and Why can t I articulate like Carol Shields This is exactly how I feel I loved this book, which I ignored for many years for some reason No idea why, as I loved The Stone Diaries While this one is different, it is equally as beautiful, and even intellectual and precise This is a book I ll save for my daughter, and one that I wish my husband could read, but I doubt he d get it, which is, of course, the irony of t [...]


    this was the worst book ever i thought the premise was interesting the back cover describes a story of a mother who s eldest daughter gives up her college life to live on a street corner wearing a sign that says goodness the daughter is barely mentioned, however the mother goes into nauseating, never ending whining about her writing career lack of writing career it s horrid i kept waiting for her to go into detail about the daughter, but it never happened needless to say, i gave up on it as i c [...]


    I read Unless about 10 or 12 years ago when it first came out I know that I enjoyed it then but I am so glad that I decided to read it again because I had forgotten how much I loved this wonderful book On the one hand, this is the quintessential feminist novel, exploring the many ways in which women are invisible in our world At the same time, Shields muses about the art of writing fiction, presenting the thoughts of her writer main character as an obvious reflection of her own philosophy on thi [...]

    Mary Novaria

    Unless, a novel by Pulitzer Prize winner for The Stone Diaries which I ve just ordered Carol Shields was published in 2002, the year before her death from cancer Somehow, I missed this author until a friend recently and thankfully lent me her copy of Unless which, even at almost 10 years old, is as contemporary and astute as anything written today Isn t that kind of relevance over time one of the characteristics of a truly great story Things are going swimmingly for Reta Winters until a crisis w [...]

    Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan Unless Nevisande Carol Shields ISBN 7154615 ISBN13 9780007154616 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2002

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