Jun 02, 2020
Shades of Blood
Posted by Samantha Young

Eden s life has taken a turn she would never have imagined She s gone from soul eater to warrior, left behind a family she was ashamed of and moved in with one she admires She has a purpose, a future, and she has Noah.Life should be good.But the most fervent and powerful soul eaters are determined to take down the Ankh and Eden is the key to the destruction of the warrEden s life has taken a turn she would never have imagined She s gone from soul eater to warrior, left behind a family she was ashamed of and moved in with one she admires She has a purpose, a future, and she has Noah.Life should be good.But the most fervent and powerful soul eaters are determined to take down the Ankh and Eden is the key to the destruction of the warrior race Moreover, a shadowed enemy is still after Eden, and the mortal Warriors of Neith have chosen the worst time imaginable to start an uprising.With an enemy in every corner, the problems before her are overwhelming Then again, Eden hasn t come this far to let anyone snatch her new life from her However, just when Eden thought she d battled the monster within and won, the warrior who took something precious from her comes back into her life, tempting Eden to take a course of revenge there is no turning back from.A YA Paranormal Romance recommended for ages 16 and up.

  • Title: Shades of Blood
  • Author: Samantha Young
  • ISBN: 9781468009576
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Shade Of Vampire A Shade Of Blood A Shade of Blood is a fascinating, full speed ahead rollercoaster ride that you ll find hard to put down There is no supporting cast , I found myself wanting to know and about every single character I was introduced to. Period Blood Color Chart Black, Brown, Bright Red, and More Jan , You may see colors of blood ranging from black to bright red, brown to orange Although most colors can be considered normal or healthy, others may be reason to see your doctor. Shades of Blood Warriors of Ankh, by Samantha Young Dec , Shades of Blood is the third book in the Warriors of Ankh series trilogy I loved this book very much, from Eden and Noah s relationship, to the badass fight scenes I had to wait rather impatiently before I could actually read this book, but now that I had I Blood Color in Humans and Animals Meaning and Function Shades of Blood Warriors of Ankh Young, Samantha In Shades of Blood Eden is fully removed from the soul eater existence that dominated her early life However she faces an enemy that is a whole lot difficult to eradicate A sword swipe across the shoulders is not going to rescue Eden from this danger. A Shade of Blood A Shade of Vampire, by Bella Forrest A Shade of Blood A Shade of Vampire, , Bella Forrest In A Shade of Blood, Ben and Sofia are being escorted to the port to leave the island of The Shade The morning sun may soon rise again for Read A Shade of Blood online free by Bella Forrest QNovels Read A Shade of Blood book online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile Get online A Shade of Blood today at novel

    Shades of Blood Eden s life has taken a turn she would never have imagined She s gone from soul eater to warrior left behind a family she was ashamed of and moved in with one she admires She has a purpose a future

    Anzu The Great Destroyer

    Before I start my review I gotta ask, is this the last book in the series I mean the ending kind of hinted towards that but I m still not convinced Is book 4 coming out or this is it for Eden and Noah Personally I d prefer for it to end Why Because I don t want Warriors of Ankh to end up like Night Huntress Kat and Bones are one of my most favorite book couples But their story going on and on with useless details and events makes me like them less with each page that I read I don t want Noah and [...]


    I read this book in one sitting on a relaxing Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed it just as much as the others I feel like most parts of this story were rounded up nicely but there s just one thing that left me feeling dissatisfied The relationship between Darius and Valaria.I wish we had gotten to see of them throughout the series or that they will get their own book I just felt like there was so much to them that we didn t get to see.But that s just me I was totally 100% on Eden s side in regard [...]

    Bri •Books and Bri•

    I am pretty conflicted right now One side of me is like, YES This series was AWESOME, this book was AWESOME, and Samantha Young is AWESOME And then there is the five year old in me What What do you mean it is over I want eee sigh I am never really going to grow up, am I Eden has problems now than ever before Just when she thinks everything is going smoothly, someone just has to come and ruin it all Cosmina is breathing down her neck, a small rebellion is rising in the Neith that would like to s [...]


    I really, really hated to see this series end I love the characters and want MORE I think it would be absolutely wonderful to see Cyrus fall in love again, to see if Val and Darius find their way back to each other, see Jack fall in lovejust so many possibilities A lot of people want to see Eden dead in Shades of Blood, and they try darn hard to make it happen Eden and Noah s relationship is strained Eden has to find a way to let go of her anger and hate she holds toward Noah s ex girlfriend, Ro [...]

    Merve Özcan

    K z ok mar k, bencil, a lak Deli etti beni Kurgu da ok sa masalak, basitti Sonu g zel bitti denilebilir Tahmin ettim tabii Neyse, bir seriyi daha bitirmenin verdi i haz ve okuyarak harcad m saatlerin azab yla bu sayfay da kapatt m Detayl yorum Uzun zamand r bir seriyi bitirmemi tim do rusu Ancak ko ullar alt nda sevindi im bir durum oldu Samantha Young u Dublin Caddesi yle tan d k ve kendisine bay ld k Ancak gen yeti kinden ve paranormalden kesinlikle uzak durmas gerekiyor.Eden her zamanki gibi [...]

    Julie(Reading By The Beach)

    Samantha Young is a very talented author It is extremely easy to get lost in each and every world that Young creates I was sooo excited that Shades of Blood came out early, that I bought it and devoured it in one sitting I love Eden and Noah, they are two of my all time favorite characters Young has a way with words that paints the most vivid image in your mind for you as you read each word Each of her female characters are bada , which I find to be a strong attribute to each story she has writt [...]


    This is totally on a side note to begin this review, but I have to say that I am so grateful for series that have a definite story arc, a beginning and ending, a story that doesn t just go on and on and on The Warriors of Ankh series by Samantha Young has been an enjoyable one to read, and Young finds a way to bring the story of Eden, a Soul Eater turned full Ankh warrior, to a satisfying conclusion This series has been a story of Eden finding herself From book one where she fought against the s [...]


    4.5 starsThe last book of the Warriors of Ankh series was amazing It s the perfect closure for this unique series and I really enjoyed it Shades of Blood by Samantha Young isn t an easy book Nothing it s easy in this story Difficult decisions, difficult situations and everything belongs neither to white or black, but to gray In this story, Eden has to fight all those who want her dead and her worse enemy, the woman who killed her beloved brother She has to fight with all her inner demons and she [...]


    Threads come to a head in the thrilling conclusion to the Warriors of Ankh series.Cosmina s closing in, Eden s family is missing, and the underground leader of the Neith is instigating a possible war between the Ankh and their mortal counterparts Which means Eden s calendar is way past full Adding in the betrayal of her closest confidants to the workload and Paradise is spitting a rainbow of colorful curses and snarky remarks Yet this turmoil couldn t come at worse time Yes, just because your so [...]


    Samantha Young is pure genius I don t know what else I can say, I just love her imagination, originality and her beautiful way of telling a story I would gladly pay so much for her books and I am truly in awe of the talent she possesses I don t want to ruin the story for anyone but I have to say a few things First of all, I loved the characters in this series so much I loved Eden, Noah, Cameron, Cyrus and October btw how cool of a name is October Loved them all I was so glad to see some of the [...]


    So I don t know why I lasted so long to finish this series but I didI blame school and professors anyways I re read the first two books and started Shades of Blood today and I finished today and Oooommmgggg it was great I freaking love Eden and Noah and all the characters they re just awesome this book is awesome Samantha Young is awesome and freaking brilliant.ere s just so much action and so much love and loyalty and morals and bad asses and hot guys and great female characters I mean wooooowI [...]


    After reading the two first series of Warriors of Ankh books, I couldn t wait for the third one As I enjoyed an interesting and complex plot in the first and second book I just couldn t find it in the third one It was something missing I really like Samantha Young s writing style and all her books I have read it so far, I just thing the writer has started writing too many book series at the same time and she just probably wanted to finish one series to start writing other unfinished series The w [...]


    Perfect ending to a fantastic series


    4.5 stars Really enjoyed the story Both h and h were likeable.

    Lenore Kosinski

    celebrityreaders.wordpress3 stars Another strange reading experience I stayed up until 3am finishing the book, but in the end it was only ok for me This review might be a bit spoilery, so you ve been warned.The plot was quite different from what I m used to in paranormal reads, in that there wasn t really a big bad guy to fight and win against There were a few enemies, but those plots really seemed to stay in the background, and the climax wasn t traditional eitherheck, our heroine wasn t even t [...]


    Book 2.5Series 3.8I loved the idea of this series there are soul eaters and Ankh Monsters and those created to kill them I love how Eden is part of both, and created a grey spot amid something that used to be black and white I loved Eden in the first two books at least, in the third one I wanted to strangle her and I loved Noah and Cyrus and all the weird characters The humor was great and if the plot was good than it would be exceptional writing But there are just so many holes and missed oppor [...]

    Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥

    The third and final book It was great With so many enemies out there that wanted Eden killed, there was a lot that needed to be dealt with before the series could end The soul eaters Tribunal, the rebel Neith, and the rogue Neith, Corsica So, there was a lot of action and a lot of danger.But I was rather disappointed with Eden s behaviour a lot of the time She is an extremely emotional woman, with passionate mood swings Naturally, her relationship with Noah was tumultuous She would take the smal [...]


    Sooo good I want I guess this is kind of a brief review of all three books in the Warriors of Ankh trilogyThe first book in the series felt like a big intro to me I liked the story and loved learning the world of soul eaters and the Ankh The second book was excellent Noah and Eden finally stopped being so extremely stubborn It was a nice change The final book is definitely my favorite Eden is quite the badass, Noah is wonderful Cyrus and Val are given depth I enjoyed the dynamic presented by T [...]

    Damaris (GoodChoiceReading)

    Why Why did it have to end I want This series has slowly worked its way up to my top five best series I haven t read a series this good in a long time And if you ve read my review to the first two books in the series, than you know by now how obsessed I am with it Shades of Blood was a great ending to an AMAZING series I would seriously love to see this series as a TV show or movies I was at the edge of my seat reading it playing the guessing game I wanted to skip ahead so many times just to fi [...]


    That went by way too fast Way Too Fast Five hours later and BOOM, I m done Why Why did I read it so fast I should have spread it out , taken my time Now the series is just over Okay, I m not gonna say much it s always the hardest to write something when you enjoyed the book but I will say that I loved this book just like the two before it I loved it for these reasons A Eden was back to her old, edgy self that I missed in Blood PastB Tobe and Eden worked things outC The whole relationship between [...]


    The Book Hookup was SO delighted to have our awesome friend, Michelle aka TC1 TwilightCougar1 guest review this last book in the series for us Thank you, Michelle Michelle s Review So the third and last sniff book in the Warriors of Ankh book series what can I say that s spoiler free You are in a wholely unique universe filled with characters you are strongly attached to, external and internal demons are closing in on you, and your world is almost ending Perfect climax to our action packed, sati [...]


    I am glad to say that I was able to finish the Warriors of Ankh series without having to skip through pages, which I would always have to do nowadays when reading a YA Paranormal book This is because 1 The story is straightforward, the characters aren t running in circles Short and sweet.2 There are no love triangles which are really popular nowadays in those Paranormal Romance books Most likely got encouraged and introduced by ahem Twilight 3 Yes Eden and Noah does get jealous when either one o [...]


    Possible Spoiler Alert I was pleased with Shades of Blood, the final book in the Warriors of Ankh series I felt like Eden really grew up in this book without losing herself and her snark While it was touch and go there for awhile with Eden s need for revenge, in the end she realized that the love her new family and Noah had for her was important than her need to avenge Stellan s death Of course there was that typical frustration where you just wanted to smack her upside the head but she really [...]


    This last book of the trilogy is showing itself to be a letdown Somehow, it just doesn t have the urgency of the 1st or even 2nd books Noah and Eden finally complete their relationship, and it was just very blah No hotness in the lead up or scene at all Their romance is a central part of the plot, and even if it s a YA book, it was not very emotional And about as interesting as reading about their first trip to the grocery store together.Also, there has been an annoying number of unclear sentenc [...]


    Not the strongest book of the series, but I still enjoyed Shades of Blood Eden as a character changed so much from the desperate soul eater wanting any other life to a full blooded Ankh warrior who knew how to kick some major ass She was sassy and confident and learned from her mistakes Noah was fun to read, if a little sappy at times He was over protective but learned to give and take over the course of the series, which made him and likeable I wish there had been of Darius and less of Tobe [...]


    LOVED this trilogy it was an amazing read and i recommend it to all paranornal romance genre fans i was sad to see the series end but i m glad it ended on a high note before it started to wash out like many paranormal series nowadays but i would have liked to see if there could have been a future possible for darius and val maybe a book for this couple in the near future both hero and heroine were likable, believable and witty characters as were the supporting characters Cyrus, Tobe, Cam, Val, D [...]


    Such a great book Shades of Blood is the last installment to Warriors of Ankh I am quite sad to see it was the end I wanted this series to keep going sigh Samantha Young is such as great writer.I really love the characters, especially Val and Darius I actually wanted to see of them, actually i wanted to see them together with some chemistry I still miss Stellan Shades of Blood had a great ending I love Eden and Noah My two most favourite couples I also love the fighting scenes but my favourite [...]

    Savannah (Books With Bite)

    I m going to start off with the end because I really like it I love how well everything is nicely tied together as well as things fall apart At one part of the book I was thinking that maybe there was a 4th book cause soo much is happening Not the case.I loved the love interest and how much it changed They went through problems yet over came them I like that they were not perfect people but made mistakes And they learned from their mistakes They fought together even when they are fighting each o [...]

    Anjie Kendall

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not having a love triangle in this series.What a fan fricken tastic way to end I m sorry that it s over, but I m very satisfied with how it all played out Loved, loved, loved Eden and Noah, and was impressed with the growth they both showed in this book, in just the little time that this series took place.I would love if in the future Samantha Young did with any of these characters I thought the premise behind the story was fantastic, and if there were like c [...]


    Summary Eden s life has taken a turn she would never have imagined She s gone from soul eater to warrior, left behind a family she was ashamed of and moved in with one she admires She has a purpose, a future, and she has Noah.Life should be good.But the most fervent and powerful soul eaters are determined to take down the Ankh and Eden is the key to the destruction of the warrior race.Moreover, a shadowed enemy is still after Eden, and the mortal Warriors of Neith have chosen the worst time imag [...]

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