Oct 01, 2020
Michael Morpurgo: War Child to War Horse
Posted by Maggie Fergusson

Michael Morpurgo is a Pied Piper Through books such as Private Peaceful , Kensuke s Kingdom and The Wreck of the Zanzibar he has enchanted a whole generation of children, weaving stories for them in a way that is neither contrived nor condescending His is a rare gift But it is not only children he holds in his thrall In 2007, Michael s novel War Horse was adapteMichael Morpurgo is a Pied Piper Through books such as Private Peaceful , Kensuke s Kingdom and The Wreck of the Zanzibar he has enchanted a whole generation of children, weaving stories for them in a way that is neither contrived nor condescending His is a rare gift But it is not only children he holds in his thrall In 2007, Michael s novel War Horse was adapted for the stage by the National Theatre Five years on, it continues to play to packed audiences of all ages in the West End and New York, and later this year it will tour America, as well as opening in Toronto and Australia Steven Spielberg, meantime, has made it into a film The story of a Devon horse sent to fight on the Western Front has made Michael Morpurgo a household name Michael s own story is as strange and surprising as any he has written, and is shot through with the same thread of sadness found in almost all his work How did this supremely unbookish boy who dreamed of becoming an army officer become a bestselling author instead What personal price has he paid for success And why, amidst his triumphs, is he now haunted by regret In a unique collaboration, Maggie Fergusson explores Michael Morpurgo s life through seven biographical chapters, to which he responds with seven stories The biographical portrait that emerges is one of light and shade the light very bright, the shade complex and often painful Maggie Fergusson is Secretary of the Royal Society of Literature and Literary Editor of the Economist magazine Intelligent Life Her first book, George Mackay Brown the Life, won the Saltire First Book Prize, the Marsh Biography Award, the Yorkshire Post Non Fiction Book of the Year Award and the Scottish Arts Council Biography Award.

  • Title: Michael Morpurgo: War Child to War Horse
  • Author: Maggie Fergusson
  • ISBN: 9780007387267
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Home Michael Morpurgo Official Site Michael Morpurgo is one of Britain s best loved story makers. WAR STORIES Michael Morpurgo Sep , Michael Morpurgo s beautiful and simple novel, A Medal for Leroy, is inspired by the true story of Walter Tull the first black officer in the British army A special coin will be released by the Royal Mint as part of commemorations of the centenary of World War One. Michael Morpurgo Author of War Horse The Michael Morpurgo War Collection PDF Download Full Three war plays by Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse, powerfully dramatised by Simon Reade Private Peaceful relives the short life of Tommo growing up in rural Devon before fighting the battles and facing the injustices of the First World War In Toro War Horse Gold Morpurgo, Michael, Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo, former Children s Laureate of Britain, is the author of War Horse, called Superb by the NYT Book Review, and now a major motion picture His other prize winning books include Kensuke s Kingdom, Private Peaceful, and The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips Michael lives in War Horse Michael Morpurgo War Horse is a story of universal suffering for a universal audience by a writer who has the happy knack of speaking to both child and adult readers The Guardian Michael Morpurgo has written than one hundred books for children and won the Whitbread Award, the Smarties Award, the Circle of Gold Award, the Children s Book Award and has been short listed for the Carnegie Medal four times. War Horse Teaching Resources Michael Morpurgo War Horse Teaching Resources Download the complete teaching resources pack now Download Share this Other Resources Boy Giant Teaching Resources Teaching Resources for Boy Giant by Michael Morpurgo from Morpurgo Month Read More Download Private Peaceful Teaching Resources Resources for Michael Morpurgo s Private Peaceful from

    Michael Morpurgo War Child to War Horse Michael Morpurgo is a Pied Piper Through books such as Private Peaceful Kensuke s Kingdom and The Wreck of the Zanzibar he has enchanted a whole generation of children weaving stories for them in a


    Michael Morpurgo s books have had a huge influence on me throughout my years of reading, right up to and continuing into the present and future.Running Wild, Best Mate, Why the Whales Came, Shadow, The White Horse of Zennor, Private Peaceful, Sparrow just a few of his books that had the biggest effect on me and my life I read some of these this year, last year, the year before that, two years ago, three years ago, four years ago, five years ago and before The fact that I can still remember so ma [...]


    I had no intention of borrowing a book when I visited the library on this occasion but this one caught my eye while I was waiting for the paper jam in the photocopier to be fixed and I couldn t resist I don t really read a lot of biographies but I enjoyed this one as I love Michael Morpurgo s work and it was very interesting to learn about the man behind possibly some of the greatest children s books currently being produced in my opinion


    I listened to this biography and enjoyed the style of chapters that were biographical laced with stories from Michael It reminded me of seeing War Horse on stage at the Lincoln center in New York in 2011, and being mesmerized by it Finlay and I read Kensuke s Kingdom together and I recall that fondly Now I want to scoop up all the other stories I might have missed.

    Emily Boycott

    An absolutely delightful and moving insight into the life of my favourite author.

    Maria McArdle

    A fascinating story of a fascinating, variety filled life A wonderful and encouraging example of perseverance and determination to achieve one s dreams.

    Angela Young

    The love of stories sings out from the pages of this biography and, sometimes, the difficulty of getting them right and written But Michael Morpurgo War Child to War Horse isn t entirely a biography the book is divided into seven chapters, each of which begins with one of Maggie Fergusson s lyrical biographical pieces which depict different aspects and events from Morpurgo s life, but each chapter concludes with one of Morpurgo s stories It s a combination that deftly shows how Morpurgo s storie [...]


    Michael Morpurgo, is one of my favourite authors, this was a really interesting read to get to know a little about the man, behind such best sellers such as War Horse He had a difficult upbringing his parents split up when he was young and he was brought up by his step father Jack Morpurgo, who was a control freak,his mother became an alcoholic to cope with her life Michael always wanted to write but seemed to be a lost soul not knowing how to go about it and taking several teaching jobs while w [...]

    Stephen Bigger

    Chapters of biography alternate by original Morpurgo stories relating to the content of the chapter It is clear that his celebrity over the last decade was not always enjoyed, and his earlier struggles are described The psycho analysis of the biography dos not photoshop what you see is what you get, and it reveals MM as a complex character Early writing was greatly assisted by money received from his father in law Allen Lane of Penguin Books The role of his wife Clare is highlighted, especially [...]

    Anne Hamilton

    Not simply a biography of Michael Morpurgo, who was born Michael Bridge Also included are seven original stories, all of them quite different in tone to Morpurgo s usual blend of multi generational tales with his trademark framing device The first and last of these stories are the most haunting The first takes the form of a confessional letter, written to his mother It s about the fire that consumed the basement at home and the old love letters he and his brother used to start it Not that they w [...]

    Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)

    I knew the name Michael Morpurgo and had recently written about the Private Peaceful film for my blog, but haven t actually read heard any of his books so I thought this biography might be a good place to start The structure of seven chapters and seven stories is a clever idea that works very well to give added insight into Michael s writing and imagination I though Stephen Thorne did a great job of the narration, effortlessly switching between serious reading for the biography chapters and tru [...]

    The Styling Librarian

    A Biography of Michael Morpurgo War child to war horse by Maggie Fergusson Could be read and appreciated by any people who enjoy books by Michael Morpurgo 5th grade and up Fascinating life story following Michael Morpurgo s family, his childhood, and growth and development of his ideas and writing Really enjoyed gaining insight and understandings that make me appreciate his ideas even Quote One of the first lessons I learned as a teacher, Michael says, is that children like to be talked to trut [...]


    Insightful biography about the life of children s author and former Children s Laureate I enjoyed the variety of voices heard in this book, people from his life as well as the author himself as the author of the biography worked in collaboration with Morpurgo on this book He provided a number of new stories for this book It surprised me to realize how little I knew about the author and what a very different idea I had about him as a person Having read this biography, was eye opening and made me [...]


    I ve loved Morpurgo s books ever since I was first introduced to War Horse in Scotland about twelve years ago, but didn t know much about the man This book is the perfect blend of biography and what I ll call pseudo fiction, as many of the stories included were heavily inspired by true events Fergusson was the perfect choice to write about Morpurgo her prose is simple, but perfect, and reminiscent of Morpurgo s style The story is sensitively and lovingly told, and I found that I didn t want to p [...]


    I wasn t sure I was going to like this book when the librarian on my local library bus suggested it but it has easily been one of the most addictive books I ve read all year.It tells the story of Michael Morpurgo from a young child to the present day and at the end of each chapter is a story written by Michael himself.As a result of reading this, I ve found myself raiding my children s bookshelves in order to read some of his books as the background to them is so interesting and you get a real i [...]


    An interesting approach to a biography as this includes short stories from Morpurgo as his own commentary on the story of his life Morpurgo came across as a complex character with huge, almost terrifying, drive and energy, but also something slightly uncontrolled running through it which has resulted in hurt and sadness Clare Morpurgo definitely comes across as the unsung hero, holding things in balance and within bounds, permitting her husband to reach levels of success he would never have achi [...]


    Don t really know where to place this book It s doesn t fit in the kids lit category mine definatly not have an interest , YA Not compared to the thousands I have read Which leaves adult hmm It appealed to me as a mother of children who love his books, and a wanna be writer but even then, the short stories lacked appeal I so wanted to be a fan of this book But saying that I did enjoy reading about michaels inspiration and childhood.

    Denyse Taylor

    I was really amazed what I learnt about this author I do enjoy reading his books Lots of boys at our school read his books.I was very impressed at the things he has done with his wife with children Also all the amazing things that have happened with his book called War Horse He is a very talented man, who I don t think he realizes he is.


    I didn t know Morpurgo s books that well before I read this and my first impressions were not that brilliant, the first third of this book gave me an impression of laziness to be honest I slowly became excited to read his books when I saw that they seem to be based on his own experiences and hard work Reading this has prompted a huge Morpurgo reading fest by the kids in my library.


    I like Morpurgo s books and the students in my classes like listening to his books when I read these to them I also like biographies and this one is a bit different as at the end of each section, Morpurgo wrote a short story to accompany the previous information about his life.

    Ross Whamond

    Maggie Ferguson has really captured the life of the man who will best be remembered for War Horse.

    Aruna Kumar Gadepalli

    In seven ages you can find Michael Morpurgo s life Before reading this book a question used to haunt me why the books are sad always and sometimes tragic ends, now I found the answer.


    Interesting to combine biography with a series of stories written by Michael Morpurgo himself.


    Absolutely amazing read Brilliant insight in to the man himself also recommend any going to see him do a talk

    Ross Whamond

    An insightful look into what shaped the life of the man who gave us War Horse.And his unsung work with children.


    Fascinating account of Michael Morpurgo s life to date, with photos.


    Very interesting insight into the man and what shaped him The original stories offer insight into his life as well Good read and accessible to pupils too.

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