Sep 29, 2020
Money Boy
Posted by Paul Yee

An American Library Association Youth Media Award Stonewall Honor BookRay Liu knows he should be happy He lives in a big suburban house with all the latest electronic gadgets, and even finds plenty of time to indulge in his love of gaming He needs the escape It s tough getting grades that will please his army veteran father, when speaking English is still a struggle AnAn American Library Association Youth Media Award Stonewall Honor BookRay Liu knows he should be happy He lives in a big suburban house with all the latest electronic gadgets, and even finds plenty of time to indulge in his love of gaming He needs the escape It s tough getting grades that will please his army veteran father, when speaking English is still a struggle And he can t quite connect with his peers at high school Chinese immigrants like himself but who seem to have adjusted to North American life easily.Then comes the fateful day when his father accesses Ray s internet account, and discovers Ray has been cruising gay websites Before Ray knows what has hit him, his belongings have been thrown on the front lawn, and he has been kicked out.Angry,defiant, Ray heads to downtown Toronto In short order he is robbed, beaten up and seduced, and he learns the hard realities of life on the street Could he really sell himself for sex Lots of people use their bodies to make money athletes, actors, models, pop singers If no one gets hurt, why should anyone care

  • Title: Money Boy
  • Author: Paul Yee
  • ISBN: 9781554980949
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Money Boy An American Library Association Youth Media Award Stonewall Honor BookRay Liu knows he should be happy He lives in a big suburban house with all the latest electronic gadgets and even finds plenty of


    I liked this book, but didn t love it I feel that if it had been given a little bit length and polish time, that it could have been a great book The book felt rushed, which isn t surprising considering that the book is less than 200 pages with small dimensions, at that but tries to encompass not only a teenage coming of age story, but the coming of age story of a gay young man who is also struggling with biculturalism, immigration and acclimatization and complicated family relationships overbea [...]


    I saw another reviewer say they had trouble with this book because the way the main character thought and spoke didn t seem very realistic.I have to disagree I think it s actually very realistic considering what the mind of an 18 year old immigrant is like in a new country I found this book very moving It painfully and accurately depicts the incredible tension between old world, highly traditional parents who are used to having a dictatorial role in their children s lives and the kids who are be [...]

    Zero vi Britannia

    Thank God for useless long ass family trips view spoiler Money Boy is the story of a gay young man named Jay who immigrated from China with his father Eventually the father kicks Jay out of the house, and Jay is forced to fend for himself on the streets As expected he becomes a prostitute money boy Despite the title, the book spends most of the time detailing Jay s misadventures including having his laptop stolen , and only the last few pages are devoted to prostitution The book was actually goo [...]

    Beagle Lover

    3.75 stars Read this book a few years ago, but remember it well due to the extreme bias the MC faced I really comisserated with his situation.


    To me, the mark of a good book is if, when you re not reading it, you re thinking about it, and wanting to get back into it And when you finish it, you start looking for other books by the same author That s what this book was for me.Yes, there were a few issues the book, because of its short length, glosses over some of the issues a newly homeless teen would have to deal with to say nothing of the issues of racial stereotypes and prostitution, for example I also had a problem with the fact that [...]

    Stephanie Lam

    Money Boy by Paul Yee is a very interesting book on a very interesting topic This book is about a Chinese boy name Ray getting kicked out of his house after his dad found out he is homosexual Later, his friends and families accepted him for who he is Overall, this is a great book but it felt rushed at the end because in the beginning, it was well detailed on Ray s life but it was rushed on his adventure living on the street I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with being accepted [...]

    Kress Stewart

    I think that the concept of the novel was GREAT I feel that the author could have done a lot of things then he did The whole description of the book was what wanted me to read the book in the first place It s an OK read, it s not the best I would put it on the sort of lackluster side of novels I just feel as if with the whole concept and core of the book could have been manipulated in a multitude of ways and the way portrayed in this book is not the best Also, there is a lack of details in the [...]


    This review may contain spoilers.Money Boy follows the main character, Ray Liu, through a turbulent week of his life Before the real story begins, readers find that Ray is an immigrant and a closeted gay young man His father, or Ba, remarried and moved him from Beijing, China to Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his stepfamily Ray has a tough time as a student, he struggles with his sexual identity, and his tenuous grasp on the English language makes schoolwork difficult His father has very h [...]


    This book was so colourful By that, I mean, whenever I read a book my mind rates it on its colour If it s normal and already done, or bland, it won t have colour However, if it is unique, creative, and moving, I give it colour.And that s why Money Boy had colour It was edgy, it was modern It was so interesting.I disagree with the people who are saying that it was too short Is that how you re going to rate it By its number of pages I get it if you want a lengthy read, but if you want one, get one [...]

    Laura Cushing

    A YA read about a Chinese immigrant teen whose father kicks him out for being gay Ray is a bit self centered, but I found that realistic for a teen character I like that he is presented as having flaws and making some bad decisions The ending is a bit abrupt I would have liked another chapter or two of wrapup A good book for young adults overall.

    Katie Luder

    I think this book could have greatly benefited from 50 100 pages, to expand the story and the characters However it was an interesting coming of age story about a Chinese Canadian boy, being kicked out of his home for being gay Lots of elements going on, and too quickly in such a short book It was a great read for a single afternoon.

    Alecksander Patton

    Very good book It followed his ups and downs as he lived on the street with other money boys A little bit detail when it came to actually being on the street, but other than that, wonderful book


    The first chapter in this book introduces like 8 different characters and is slightly boring and confusing In my opinion, once you get past the first chapter in the book, it is really good and quite interesting and a good book In the beginning chapters you get introduced to the main character who s name is Ray He is a Chinese immigrant who has recently moved to Canada He has recently moved to Toronto and you come to find out that his mother did not travel with he and his father to Canada He moth [...]


    First of all once you get past the 1st chapter of this book I believe that the storyline and context becomes easier to understand and feel interested in This story begins with the introduction of Ray Liu who is a Chinese immigrant living in Toronto, Canada He lives with his father, stepmother and stepbrother His mother remained in China, as did his beloved grandfather both of whom he had previously lived with Ray s father, Ba, is an interesting man with a strong opinion of people around him and [...]


    Money Boy is a book filled with many different turns, although it is a good book The main character s name is Ray Liu, he goes through many difficult things while he lives with his dad in Canada This book is about how Ray lives with his dad and tries to hide the fact that he s gay So one day he s home and his father kicks in his room and confronts him about the gay websites he s been on recently Ray lies to his father and says its a school project and his father kicks him out So he is trying to [...]

    Saleena Davidson

    Money Boy was VERY disappointing.e concept was fabulous well, sad, but still a strong concept of a young boy, a Chinese immigrant, who is kicked out of his home because his father finds evidence of him looking at gay websites His father tells everyone he is a stubborn boy, and no one questions that it was HIS decision to leave rather than his father swhich is part one of why this disappointed me, the boy is homeless and gets robbed and ends up in a homeless shelterd then decides to prostitute hi [...]


    This is an interesting take on gay YA fiction, as it incorporates other challenges like being from a foreign country and parental abuse of the verbal persuasion.Ray is Chinese and lives a pretty comfortable life in Toronto, but he hides the fact that he is gay from his super conservative ex military father and his friends at school Most of his time is spent playing online games which help him forget his true identity Eventually, his father discovers that Ray has been visiting gay websites and wh [...]


    Ray Liu is a Chinese immigrant in Toronto, Canada He lives with his father, stepmother and stepbrother His mother remained in China, as did his beloved grandfather His father is extremely hard on him Ray is not a great student and he knows that But he s much interested in his online role playing game Ray is also keeping a secret he thinks he might be gay.Then his father finds out that he has been visiting varies Asian gay sites and kicks him out of the house Now, reader s might think that being [...]

    Medeia Sharif

    Ray Liu is a Chinese immigrant living in Canada He doesn t quite fit in with everyone at school He s a bit old for his grade level because being in the English language program held him back a year or two and his grades could be better Also, he has a secret and he s unsure of how and when to reveal it Still, he lives a decent life, but that comfort comes to a screeching halt when his strict father looks through his internet files.His father finds out that Ray was visiting websites pertaining to [...]


    When Toronto teen Ray Liu s father discovers that he s been visiting gay websites, he kicks him out of the house Things go from bad to worse for the Chinese immigrant, and he is robbed, beaten up, and loses his cell phone and laptop Desperate for cash, he even stands on one of the streets where other males offer their bodies in exchange for pleasure When a seemingly kindly man picks him, feeds him, and takes him bowling before taking him home, Ray thinks he may have find someone who cares about [...]


    first of all this book is too short you go in thinking you re gonna be reading about this kid s struggles as a money boy but it s mostly explaining the Chinese immigrant way of life background it is important to realize what type of situation he s been living in but due to the length of this story it makes it seem like the main theme is the situation of migrating to a new country and trying to adapt to it.I didn t like the detailing of Ray s online game activities but maybe it s because I m not [...]

    Kaylin Thompson

    Money Boy Money Boy by Paul Yee is a book about a young man named Ray who is a Chinese immigrant struggling to learn English He makes a discovery about himself finding out that he is gay His family does not know about him being homosexual, but when his father finds out, he is not too happy about it and refuses to live with a gay son, throwing Ray out of the house Ray is now living on the streets where he becomes beaten and robbed He slowly starts to run out of money and makes the decision whethe [...]

    Kristanne Duncan

    Ray Liu immigrated to Canada from China with his father, stepmother and stepbrother Unlike his brother, Ray performed poorly in school, would rather spend his time on an online video game, and he s gay When Ray s father finds out his son is gay, he kicks Ray out of the house Ray deals with many misfortunes while on the streets His things are stolen from him and with little money he struggles to find a way to survive Eventually Ray decides the only way he will be able to earn money is to join the [...]

    Kelli Carlson

    Money Boy by Paul Yee was in my personal opinion an okay book It s about a young man named Ray Liu who moved to America from Asia He goes to school like most americans and plays video games like its noone buisness however his home life is not the traditionaly American He gets great pressure from his father to get better grades and pressure from his friends to date girls The thing is is Ray doesn t know for sure if he even likes girls and he knows that he hates school If it were up to him his dad [...]

    Amy Dennehy

    I thought this was a very interesting book that dealt with many issues A teenage boy, Ray, moves to America from Asia He is struggling to learn to speak in English, fit in with his new surrounding, and being gay When his father finds out he is gay, Ray is thrown out and forced to live on the street Ray must deal with the consequences of living on the street, getting beat up, robbed, and having little source of money Ray must make a tough decision to become a money boy better known as a male pros [...]

    Kelsey Wagner

    Money Boy is about a teenage boy named Ray His parents are divorced and he is an immigrant to the United States, which means he is trying to learn English while learn how to live in a new place One other thing that Ray has difficulty with is being gay His family and father do not know, and when his dad finds out, he throws Ray out of the house He is beaten and robbed while living on the streets and has to make a difficult choice on whether or not to become a male prostitute Being a money boy the [...]


    Talk about your Tiger Dad Ray s Ba is always after him to study, work hard, get good grades the fact that Ba was in the army and police force helps with the yelling part The problem is that Ray isn t a good student, much interested in hanging out and playing Rebel State, an on line war game And he s gay When Ba finds out, he kicks Ray out of the house, forcing Ray onto the Toronto streets His life of deprivation and making ends meet as a money boy prostitute only lasts a week, but it s a long w [...]


    Ray Liu has lived with his parents, his grandfather, and now his father Recently, Ray and his father immigrated to Toronto with his stepmother and brother Ray is trying to assimilate but has a difficult time than his brother His father constantly reminds him of this, harasses him and shows obvious and public favoritism to his brother One day, Ray s father catches him surfing gay websites and evicts him from the house Ray struggles to survive and is completely unprepared to succeed on his own Ra [...]


    I had trouble reading this because of the diction I think hope that the bad grammar, poor English, and strange slang was intentional to create an authentic character but it was painful to read I liked the insights about the pressures immigrant teens face but I was not impressed by the novel as a whole I think the story of a gay character rejected by his family is becoming overdone It s an important story to have out there, but it needed a fresh take I like characters who are than their sexual o [...]

    George Ilsley

    This is a YA book which feels like a YA book Sometimes one forgets that a YA book is a YA book With Money Boy, one never forgets It feels almost formulaic.I keep thinking how one, as a writer, could handle the language issues In Money Boy, our young hero has problems with english and another character has a problem with Mandarin Thus, we are told about these things but we do not see it It is a challenge, to convey these difficulties to readers in english, and it is a challenge that Yee largely a [...]

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