Sep 23, 2020
The Inheritance
Posted by Tom Savage

Tom Savage burst onto the suspense scene with Precipice, hailed by Nelson DeMille as a spellbinding, marvelously plotted novel James Patterson praised Valentine, Savage s second book, for neat, tight suspense with a helluva twist Now Tom Savage brings us The Inheritance, a tour de force of extravagent passions and mesmerising evilof secrets, madness, and death.WELTom Savage burst onto the suspense scene with Precipice, hailed by Nelson DeMille as a spellbinding, marvelously plotted novel James Patterson praised Valentine, Savage s second book, for neat, tight suspense with a helluva twist Now Tom Savage brings us The Inheritance, a tour de force of extravagent passions and mesmerising evilof secrets, madness, and death.WELCOME TO RANDALL HOUSEYesterday, she was Holly Smith, living a comfortable middle class life in Southern California Today, all that has changed For Holly Smith is actually Holly Randall, born twenty four years ago to a woman convicted of a heinous crime and given up for adoption as an infant Now, the mysterious death of a great aunt she never knew has made Holly one of the richest women in America and heiress to a magnificent Connecticut estate.In the beautiful mansion above Long Island Sound, they are waiting for her Uncle John and his imperious wife, robbed of what they believe to be rightfully theirs the odd, reclusive great uncle, lost in his faded scrapbooks and disturbing memories of dark family secrets the troubled young woman who roams the estate, murmuring cryptic warnings the handsome servants son to whom Holly is dangerously attracted and the silent teenage boy who watches Holly s every move But is he protector or predator, angel or devil For Holly, the answer may come too late From the moment she crosses the threshold, she sets in motion a series of tragic events that will reveal the true and terrifying price of the inheritance.Yesterday, she was Holly Smith Today, she is Holly Randall Tomorrow, she may be dead.From its first page to its final devastating surprise, The Inheritance will keep you guessing and gasping long into the night With the graceful style, intricate plotting, and relentlessly mounting suspense that are his trademarks, Tom Savage has redefined the classic Gothic mystery.

  • Title: The Inheritance
  • Author: Tom Savage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Inheritance May , Inheritance Inheritance h min Drama, Mystery, Thriller May USA Trailer VIDEOS IMAGES A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy the family. The Inheritance TV Movie Apr , The Inheritance h min Drama , Romance TV Movie April A th century woman, companion to a blue blooded New England girl, falls for an aristocrat. The Inheritance Play Official Broadway Site THE INHERITANCE is the four time Olivier Award winning new play by Matthew Lopez coming to Broadway Visit the official site to purchase tickets OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE Inheritance Rotten Tomatoes May , Movie Info A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and

    The Inheritance Tom Savage burst onto the suspense scene with Precipice hailed by Nelson DeMille as a spellbinding marvelously plotted novel James Patterson praised Valentine Savage s second book for neat tight


    I read this book many years ago I was going through my bookshelf the other day and found that I had kept it all these years I had forgotten alot of it, and decided to read it again, which is something I don t do very often CR 1998, 369 pages long, The Inheritance, written by Tom Savage, is a mystery, suspense novel The plot takes many twist along the way, some of them downright shocking None of the revelations are there just for shock value, this is a very cleverly plotted story, giving the read [...]


    Abandoning this It seemed like the author was trying to write an old school gothic suspense i.e Phyllis Whitney, Mary Stewart, etc , but he couldn t pull off the suspense part The characters were poorly written, and I didn t care about any of them I m just not interested enough to continue reading it.


    During the slasher era of late 1990s to early 2000s in Hollywood there was a large number of fairly similar movies generically attractive cast, mystery, dead bodies, surprise ending one of which and far from the best was Valentine based on a novel by Tom Savage That s all I knew of Tom Savage prior to picking up this book and since Hollywood novel adaptations are such an unreliably mixed bag, there was no telling if it was an accurate representation of the author s talents Turns out it was, shoc [...]

    David - proud Gleeman in Branwen"s adventuring party

    This was a fun little mystery, complete with a bizarre cast of characters and gothic elements Yes, it makes sure to hit all the cliches mysterious figure in a graveyard.k outcast relative living in the attic.k , but Tom Savage still manages to make something original out of all the cliches.I generally have two problems with mysteries Either the clues are too easy to spot in which case the solution isn t a surprise at all Or the author tries so hard to go for a shocking twist, they give you a sol [...]


    So this book wasn t that bad And then I got to the end, and it was bad I mean, seriously, what was up with that ending I get that Savage was trying to throw in one last twist, but this one failed so badly it s not even funny He did a good job with all the other plot twists in the book, I loved them, but this one was just out of the blue, nothing leading up to it whatsoever Add in to that the constant Holly is beautiful, Holly is gorgeous, Oh wow I think I m in love with Holly and her hotness , a [...]


    This book is one of the craziest books I have ever read You think you know what is going on and then you turn the next page and you were way off It was an excellently thought out book, and brillaint If you ever want to read a mystery, this book is defeniley a huge mystery Wonderful


    The only murder mystery novel that I NEVER saw coming I love being tricked

    Miss Clara

    The Inheritance is a hair raising suspense Savage brings us one chilling thriller that will shock us all, well I was I mean, the plot is actually on the simple equation rich relatives, greed, scandal, a will then a kill That s what it s about to what I understand The characters become so mysterious we often conclude Savage s heading for a paranormal theme when it s actually not He takes a new turn, gives us a few hints and boom, he s back to what he knows best He writes like a reader himself whe [...]


    Darn entertaining book A twist and turn too many to put onto my all time favorites , but still, a real page turner The narrator plays it very coy, so some patience is required to learn the full details of various events.In a way, the book reminds me of the movie Body Heat, if only for the treachery.


    Cliched A gothic mansion, a maid in black, a wandering waif, a relative in an attic, a silent observer, a haunted fortune, murder and madness, and a heroine extremely beautiful I don t think I have ever read a book where the word beautiful was used so often It literally made me gag, especially because the heroine didn t really impress me In fact, all the characters are or less unpleasant Yet despite all the cliches, the author does manage to shock you Some of the twists I could guess, some not [...]


    Holly Smith suddenly finds herself becoming Holly Randall of the Connecticut Randalls with money than she has ever thought she would have This is a great story of murder and a surprise around every corner about who is really who Randall House is full of mystery and you wonder if it can be worth all of the money and investments that go with it.


    I liked this book Last page letter literally told it all so don t be tempted to read it first Would have given it four stars, but there are some literary reasons not to The reviews of this book are mixed Characters cheesy and undeveloped, parts of plot not accurate, etc but I disagree with some and don t care about others If you want total light entertainment, read it.

    Janita Finley

    Another 5 star book for Tom Savage This was phenomenal, and as always his endings are superb

    Brian O"Leary

    just not my type of book.

    Erika Miller

    Typical mystery, typical quirks This one didn t impress me Strong writing style howeverwould be interested in the author s earlier work.


    This story kind of meandered along like a quiet country roaduntil, in classic Savage style, about 30 pages from the end you suddenly find yourself on the swerves and curves of a cliffside hill, barreling toward the end at breakneck speed This is what I LOVE about reading Tom Savage s stuffI think I know what s up, but I really don t until literally the last twist on the very last page Bravo, TS, for getting me yet again Nothing is better than a book that leaves you saying Whoa when you close it [...]

    Sandy Schmidt

    In the best tradition of Edgar Allen Poe and Alfred Hitchcock, Mr Savage begins his tale by switching between characters revealing several subplots As the tale unfolds Holly, a seemingly naive young lady from a middle class family in California, learns she has inherited an enormous fortune from her real family in Connecticut It seems she was the adopted child of a woman in prison who had murdered her wealthy husband The story is told primarily by an unnamed person until near the end The twists a [...]

    Lisa Greer

    I loved his Precipice and Valentine He s truly one of those little known great thriller gothic psychological suspense authors So far, this one is good, but not quite as gripping yet as his others I love gothic novels, though, and this one definitely applies I think it could use a bit spooky atmosphere, though.Totally surprised me If you want one you cannot figure out, this one is it


    recommendation and thankful for it Tom Savage has done a brilliant work by depicting twisted characters and each one at its worst Would have liked the characters to have depth thou.The climax was stunning in its impact The gothic element was not chilling enough but the story than made up for it.

    Jean Ann

    The beginning and middle of the book are interesting, I would call it a good page turner The ending is just weird, and pretty much ruined the whole book for me The story had so much potential.




    This actually would have gotten 5 stars but there was one particular plot twist at the end that I felt went a little too far Other than that, the book was pretty amazing Plot twist galore in the last 3 4 pages or so Even the very last page


    If I could of given it lower, I would of.


    Definitely was a page turner.


    A true suspense and mystery Usually I can at least guess about how a book will turn out, but this one really kept me on my toes until the very end.


    Laurie says, The book was run of the mill and predictable.

    Sylvia Sarno

    This book kept my interest until the unexpected end Had an old world feel to it that I really liked Will do a formal book review on my blog.

    Tanaya Harms

    This book literally kept me guessing until the very last page

    Adiany Cartagena

    Probably one of the most shocking novels I have ever read This was seriously a page turner


    It had a twisting ending so that was it s saving grace Easy read.

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