Oct 01, 2020
How to Ruin Your Life
Posted by Ben Stein

This book is a collection of Ben Stein s How To Ruin Series How to Ruin Your Life How to Ruin Your Love Life How to Ruin Your Financial Life These books will not only make you laugh out loud, they will allow you to honestly assess your life Learn from these books and for heaven s sake, do the opposite right now

  • Title: How to Ruin Your Life
  • Author: Ben Stein
  • ISBN: 9781561709748
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How to Ruin Series by Simone Elkeles How to Ruin a Summer Vacation How to Ruin, , How to Ruin My Teenage Life How to Ruin, , How to Ruin Your Boyfriend s Reputation How to Ruin, Ruin Definition of Ruin by Merriam Webster Ruin definition is to damage irreparably How to use ruin in a sentence. How to Ruin a Queen Marie Antoinette and the In How to Ruin a Queen, award winning author Jonathan Beckman tells of political machinations and enormous extravagance of kidnappings, prison breaks, and assassination attempts of hapless French police in disguise, reams of lesbian pornography, and a duel fought with poisoned pigs It is a detective story, a courtroom drama, a tragicomic farce, and a study of credulity and self deception in the Age of How to ruin a world class education system The Star Sep , How to ruin a world class education system Undermine public confidence Don t copy most Scandinavian countries, New Zealand, Scotland or South Korea, who have mainly had smooth return Create private alternatives When people feel trapped, show them an exit route Allow and encourage pods YARD AND GARDEN How to ruin your trees in seven easy YARD AND GARDEN How to ruin your trees in seven easy steps Plant under power lines and close to the house Mulch several inches up the trunk Don t water after transplanting, or water a lot every day If you re building, don t worry about heavy equipment running near trees It doesn t Wanna Ruin Someone s Life Get Inspiration from Others Nov , If someone hates you with passion, one easy way to ruin their lives is to live a very happy life and forgive them all their wrongs in the open This is the only solution I can remember right now.

    How to Ruin Your Life This book is a collection of Ben Stein s How To Ruin Series How to Ruin Your Life How to Ruin Your Love Life How to Ruin Your Financial Life These books will not only make you laugh out loud they wil


    This is cute I like Ben Stein s sarcastic humor despite the execrable documentary Expelled Mr Stein notes 35 tips on how to be a failure, all of them common sense Yet, as a social worker, I know common sense is not as common as it sounds Of course, one way to ruin your life my tip, not Mr Stein s is to never read So the ones who need this book will never read it Such is life.Since Mr Stein s tips are a bit common sense and all encompassing, I decided to impart my own wisdom using Stein s tip Con [...]

    Jonathan Maas

    This sounds like a snarky book but if you think about it, it s pretty positive.Ben Stein, who has been around plenty of people who have ruined their life, gives a guidebook on how to ruin yours.If you read it, and do the opposite good things will happen.

    Joseph Demakis

    Loved this book


    I went through a Ben Stein phase where he and I used to email back and forth He came here to give a speech and I left my copy of Tommy and Me he had previously sent me in the car so my sister bought this for me so I d have something to get signed.This book is a quick read and it really is good advice, BUT it is all given sarcastically and I tend to not like sarcastic humor, and am finding I don t like sarcastic advice either through this book and also through another one I have going called A Re [...]

    Mickey Reed

    Ben Stein s reverse psychology self help book is hysterically spot on Taking this from the opposite point of view really makes the reader pay attention and perhaps even see clearly their own behavior Very interesting take I do believe that a bunch of people in my own life need to read this one Goodness Exactly how I ve been feeling lately.

    Kim Lindsay

    I liked the tongue in cheek prose, but I felt like it would have been better as a 50 page book.

    Kristi Willard

    Graduate from high school, don t have children before you re married, and stay married These are the three keys to staying above the poverty line Who knew

    Joe Juarez

    You ve been in my house for a long time, why didn t I read you sooner And it s a good thing I did Ben Stein has done himself a great deal by writing a book about how the selfish could get their way which some people one I am thinking about now do I know this book is meant as a joke But really, what person would follow this 35 chapters of self destruction I think I answered that question above.But for anyone that was warned about their selfishness, this book is highly recommended It makes you thi [...]

    Stephanne Stacey

    So if your a personality that is always really hard on yourself, DON T READ THIS BOOK Otherwise it s really a great slap in your face With 35 ways to ruin your life, you would really have to be a self centered, delusional, narcissistic person and I know I m being repetitive not to have a few of these hit home I only gave it 3 stars because I think that there really ought to be a disclaimer on it to warn the weak of heart I honestly can see someone read this and break into tears because they beli [...]


    This book is such a fun read, particularly if you like Ben Stein s dry humor If you know his seedy past of drug addiction and how he overcame it, this little book is even meaningful you are reading advice from someone who knows what it s like to be down Plus he s adamantly pro life and conservative, which ordinarily would cause me to hesitate before reading anything he s done for fear of moral damnation This book would also be a neat little gift for teenagers or young adults heading off to coll [...]

    Jen Jenson

    This was an obnoxious book Ok, so I giggled a few times at first but really it was negative I know it s a plan to ruin your life, and that it is I figured it would be written slightly different I was annoyed the whole way through, but it was so short that I just finished it Sad thing is there are many many people that I know that this book described to a T, and perhaps this book might be beneficial to them a might give them an eye opener or b make them even worse I don t recommend this book at a [...]

    Heather-lin Brannon

    An interesting attempt, an anti self help book A few times wonderfully funny, the rest was somewhat tedious Some of the admonitions excuse me RECOMMENDATIONS revealed the author s ideological prejudices That s fine The real flaw in this book is that it could ve been so much better, so much funnier, wry and heartbreaking, had the author thoughtfully looked to incorporate the huge untapped pool of self destructive tendencies out there, rather than zeroing in on his chosen few Ah well It s over now [...]


    Overall I found it humorous and a decent read.I think the idea could ve been better utilized in an allegory or fable style fashion with cautionary tales, rather than a series of sardonic one liners, but I still found it amusing.I took one star off at the end due to the knock at vegans agnostics atheists While it s never good form to slam your political, religious, idealist opinions in a holier than though attitude, I felt Ben was ironically doing this by dogging these viewpoints outright, not j [...]


    After reading the first ten pages, I was ready to give this book 5 stars It is self help in reverse It is how to self destruct and not be successful He gived 35 steps to ruin your life But in the end, I think it boiled down to step number 3 Convince yourself that you are the center of the universe All his other steps refer to this one and makeing sure you do not think about anyone else but yourself.

    Joshua Woodbury

    This short self help book aims to teach the secret to happiness by demonstrating conduct certain to lead to loneliness, conflict, and unhappiness I would have lost interest had the book been lengthy, but it is very short, and chapters like convince yourself you are the center of the universe, fight the good fight over everything, and criticize early and often, made it worthwhile.

    Stephen B

    This is maybe one of the worst books I ve ever read, while stein has good delivery for his trademark tone this book becomes repetitive very quickly Stein Espouses obvious advice like Don t save any money Yes, thank you, I know things like saving money and being nice to people are important Duh.

    P.M. Bradshaw

    I really like Ben Stein This book, however, was just okay Stein s sarcastic delivery is very funny, particularly if you can hear his voice in your head as you read it But the premise is kind of a one trick pony, and wears thin even at only 110 pages.It s worth few chuckles and 45 minutes of your life, but not much than that.

    Daniel Currie

    I listened to the 1CD audiobook version of this book.Ben intends to tell you what to do thru telling you what not to do, hence the title Even at 1CD, it gets tiresome listening to him tell you all the stupid things to do to ruin your life There are a few funny moments, but not nearly enough.


    I ve liked Ben Stein s style since the highly underrated game show Win Ben Stein s Money This was great for a laugh and had some valuable and appropriate points laid out in an entertaining, slightly hyperbolized truth.


    It is a very short book, listed all the possible things a person can do to ruin his her life Many of the points are already common senses to many people including myself, but there are a few that remind me that I sometimes also do things that can ruin life, which I should be aware of and avoid.


    This book is just gushing with quality advise like, Make the people around you feel small and Don t save any money and other gems like, Remember that no one else counts This is just a little tongue n cheek look at how people go about causing themselves a lot of trouble in life.


    I ve always enjoyed Ben s style of humorous This little guide book would be good for a few people I know lol


    Ben Stein s wit is outrageous and fun The book also had tons of excellent advice The only thing that got tiresome after a while was that all of the advice was given in the form of sarcasm.


    this is kind of a fun book


    Straightforward, to the point, true, and completely hysterical.


    Meh I love Ben Stein and was looking forward to this one so I listened to the audiobook and it just kind of underwhelmed me.


    If you want to ruin your life this is the book to read.


    This book started off very well, but it got repetitive which made finishing it a bit of a chore.

    Erika Batey

    Dry, Witty, and Hilarious like Ben


    A very good, sarcastic guide to the attitudes and behaviors so often associated with ruined lives This is an excellent book and deserves a wide readership Read and learn.

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