Sep 30, 2020
Killer Spirit
Posted by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Saying Toby Klein is an unlikely cheerleader is like saying Paris Hilton might be into guys understatement of the year But the varsity squad at Bayport High gives new meaning to the phrase All American, and Toby s double life as a varsity cheerleader and a government operative means balancing protocol, pep rallies, computer hacking, and handsprings.Now something s aboutSaying Toby Klein is an unlikely cheerleader is like saying Paris Hilton might be into guys understatement of the year But the varsity squad at Bayport High gives new meaning to the phrase All American, and Toby s double life as a varsity cheerleader and a government operative means balancing protocol, pep rallies, computer hacking, and handsprings.Now something s about to go down in Bayport, and the Big Guys Upstairs need to know what The Squad is on the case, but it looks like this mission could put the l in lethal And if the spy business doesn t kill Toby, it s starting to look like Brooke, the team s captain, might The nominations are in for homecoming court, and rumor has it that Toby is the unlikely front runner for queen.Terrorist threat Bloody mission gone wrong Demented squad captain Bring it on.

  • Title: Killer Spirit
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780385734554
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Killer Spirit Saying Toby Klein is an unlikely cheerleader is like saying Paris Hilton might be into guys understatement of the year But the varsity squad at Bayport High gives new meaning to the phrase All America

    Elspeth LaMorte

    Let me explain to you how upset I am that this series has, and will only ever have, two books VERYRY UPSET.WHY CANNOT THERE BE MORE CHEERLEADING SPY BOOKS


    This book is the sequel to The Squad Perfect Cover Both books are great fun in a quirky, sarcastic meets Alias kinda way Both books star a teen girl, Toby, who unexpectedly finds herself chosen to be a cheerleader But not just any cheerleader, no, the super fun, undercover spy, working for the government, top secret, glitter wearing kind of cheerleader Transitioning from proud loner to popular cheerleader hasn t been easy for Toby The first book is about the recruitment and Toby s first few week [...]

    Mimi Valentine

    I LOVE JLB See my review on the first book for thoughts on this cheer EPIC series, but in summary It s fun It s fantastic And it TOTALLY ROCKS.


    The only thing I hate, is that the ending suggests a sequel, AND THERE ISN T ONE What part of this is only the beginning means that there aren t any books


    After finishing The Squad Perfect Cover, I immediately purchased The Squad Killer Spirit This story takes place three weeks after the first book Toby Klein is still wondering how she joined the Varsity Cheerleading Squad at Bayport High It s been a surreal experience and now the girls have been commissioned with their next mission They have been asked to track four suspects potentially with terrorist connections who have just arrived in Bayport What are they doing in Bayport And importantly, ar [...]


    I love the cover, like the first book the colours are quite girly which is the complete opposite of Toby s preferred colours I also like the fact they kept the logo with the cheerleaders and then with a spy scene beneath, showing how people are not always as they seemToby Klein was first presented to us in Perfect Cover, where she was introduced to the Varsity Cheerleading squad yep, the people who WERE the complete opposite of her But who would have thought they were undercover operatives.As th [...]


    Can I just say I expected a lot from this book, I ve read the naturals series and fixer series and i really like them so I thought these books would also be really good This series disappointed me though, it wasn t very good Alors, deux toiles .

    Caitlín (Ink Mage)

    One of the subjects this book is listed under is humorous stories, but all the humor and jokes were used up in the first one Toby s continued sarcasm, resistance, and hatred of everything girly clothes, her family, people talking to her, practically but computer hacking gets old fast.The descriptions were extremely unimaginative and repetitive I don t know how many times the words perfect or flawless were used, but both were usually followed by hair, eyebrows, makeup, skin, outfit, handspring, o [...]


    I have always had a thing for girl spy novels , not so much the guys ones but I loved the SpyGirl type books like Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter, SpyGirl by Carol Hedges ,Spy Goddess by Michael Spradlin and The Model Specialists by Shannon Greenland When I discovered that Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a favourite author of mine had a series out called The Squad I just had to read it and unfortunately I ve ended up reading Book 2 first LO due to the silly settings on my Ipad I thought I was reading Book [...]


    originally posted at curledupkidsToby and the other cheerleader turned spies return in The Squad Killer Spirit, sequel to Perfect Cover The book essentially picks up where Perfect Cover left off Many of the unanswered questions in the previous book are resolved while others aren t, and still questions are presented One such question is the relationship between the voice that gives the girls orders and a certain someone Toby kissed during a mission, but you ll have to read Killer Spirit to see w [...]


    This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.Toby and friends are back with school spirit and spy missions that you can handle As they continue to unravel the mystery left a bit open ended in the first installment to the series, Toby faces a serious, pressing matter homecoming court As a cheerleader on the Squad, she s nominated to court almost automatically And with her maybe maybe not boyfriend and her cheerleader chasing brother running her campaign for her, the unthinkable may happe [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooIn the second book of the THE SQUAD cheerleading spy series, Toby Anti Social Klein is still learning the ropes and trying to wrap her head around the whole ridiculousness of becoming a cheerleader.The Big Guys have noticed some activity in Bayport that sparks their interest Soon the squad is going undercover tracking these individuals to place bugs on them However, something goes terribly wrong and one team comes close to dying Now the squad must deal [...]


    Cheerleading spies are just too cool.The plot was absolutely absurd and no, I m not counting cheerleaders with a secret spy lair under the gym to be ridiculous I mean the actual progression of events The ending was actually kind of a let down after the build up view spoiler Really The entire time a disgruntled mom whose daughter didn t make the Squad wanted to kill Toby And instead of just finding a handgun or a large knife or hiring an assassin, she decides to steal heavily guarded super expens [...]


    What to say m.well it was good, but not nearly as good as the first one in the series Ms Barnes is an amazingly hilarious writer, and I quite enjoyed this story, unfortunately I had built up the hype in my mind so much that it really failed to deliver Jack was not as mysterious and bad boy ish and he also turned out to be really smart All in all not as good as I thought it would be, that is not to imply in any way that is was bad in the least, cause it wasn t, it just wasn t as good as it could [...]

    Naomi Davis

    I adored this book I think that I can honestly say that I haven t recently read a book that made me laugh nearly as hard a this one.


    Actual rating 4.25 stars

    Francisca Alvarado

    I want a third book Please I need Jack 3


    Definitely enjoyable and thought out than the first one No cheerleaders are dumb and I m super smart shtick from Toby, I definitely still enjoyed the Toby Jack pairing any guy who loves that his girl can take him out anytime has got a big plus in my book and the story was still funny and despite being a little serious, it was still quite the light read.The only thing I m sad about is that it didn t exactly feel like the complete end of the series I could definitely see some story in this ther [...]

    Miya Alexander

    I just can t get over how cute the ending was Toby was an easy character to get behind and surprisingly so was the rest of the characters I loved that they had each other s backs through it all.Sad that this is the last book because I could see it going on strong but hey I guess get out while your a head.


    I really enjoyed this book because there were heaps of twists and turns that you never saw coming but you understood everything along the way It also helps to change the stereo typical ness on cheerleaders, especially when you start to realize all the work they do.

    Martin Dagarin

    Realy good book, I didn t expect twist at the end


    Loved it Great book, fun read Love the lead character Her point of view is different and pure entertainment I hope there will be in the future.

    Person Who Reads

    does this have a sequel


    Seriously it needs action.


    This review is originally posted at My Book Musings.Yesterday, I wrote about the first book in the Squad series, The Perfect Cover Since I enjoyed it so much, I continued to read the next book with the same budding excitement Alas, I ended up only giving this book four stars for a number of reasons.The plot remained the same, with the same humor, same bantering between friends, although the romance factor between Jake and Toby considerably increased The book had even action and excitement than [...]


    Full review at bronzelock619 2015 06 killer spirit squad 2 jennifer lynnml.I am really upset that this series just have two books With the way the story ended in this book, there were a huge number of elements that could be developed into a sequel Toby had two years of high school ahead of her, so there could be so much missions awaiting her and the Squad The issue with Jack was also unresolved, as it had not been revealed if Jack had known of his father s company s misdealing or if he was eve [...]


    Got about 70% through with this book, then stopped reading because it was just getting so boring, vaguely offensive, predictable, andjustblah.Point 1 retarded is actually incredibly offensive, an ableist slur, and despite being part of the teenage lexicon, something any good writer avoids Particularly when using it to describe a character s cheerleading skills, AND EVEN MORE SO by using it EVERYWHERE, in the term cheertarded Point 2 Zee is literally the biggest asian stereotype trope I have read [...]


    Oh, this girl again And Charlie s Angels wannabes There is no Lucy Liu, or those two other women I don t remember their names Drew Barry and Cameron Diaz Right I can t remember.Terrorism And some nano bot weapon or something like that I don t care All I m interested in is if Charlie is really Jack s uncle or not Unfortunately, such answers are not found in Killer Spirit But it does go into Jack s dating past with the two cheerleaders members of The Squad, of course There is a little redemption, [...]


    3.5 starsIt doesn t feel like an only two book kind of book Ha They did said When you re on the Squad, football season is only the beginning I want to see mooooreee The story was entertaining I got to read about teenage cheerleader spies It became dangerous and serious and I like the turn of events Some ends didn t tie up so I did hope this wasn t the last one but sadly, it was I m not going to rant about the lack of something that would make it special since I only looked for some entertaining [...]


    In this sequel to The Squad Perfect Cover Toby Klein is faced with a new terrorist plan that contains a deadly weapon, the possibility of getting crowned Homecoming Queen, and the awkwardness of Jack, the guy she socked in the stomach when they first kissed First of all, is it weird that instead of rooting for or even remotely paying attention to the main character, I was interested in another cheerleader Toby has some pretty nice qualities about her, like her persistency and intelligence, but [...]

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