Sep 27, 2020
The Accused
Posted by John Grisham

Theodore Boone is back And he s ready for his next big case Theo Boone might only be thirteen, but he s already uncovered key evidence in a groundbreaking murder trial and discovered the truth behind his best friend s abduction Now with the latest unfolding of events in Strattenburg, Theo will face his biggest challenge yet Filled with the intrigue and page turning suspTheodore Boone is back And he s ready for his next big case Theo Boone might only be thirteen, but he s already uncovered key evidence in a groundbreaking murder trial and discovered the truth behind his best friend s abduction Now with the latest unfolding of events in Strattenburg, Theo will face his biggest challenge yet Filled with the intrigue and page turning suspense that made John Grisham a 1 international bestseller and the undisputed master of the legal thriller, Theodore Boone s adventures will keep readers enthralled until the very last page.

  • Title: The Accused
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: 9780525425762
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Accused Oct , Directed by Jonathan Kaplan With Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster, Bernie Coulson, Leo Rossi After a young woman suffers a brutal gang rape in a bar one night, a prosecutor assists in bringing the perpetrators to justice, including the ones who encouraged and cheered on the attack. The Accused film The Accused Rotten Tomatoes Oct , Jodie Foster Kelly McGillis empowering performances shed light on a dark and difficult story The Accused is gut wrenching and somewhat unbearable to view that it Watch The Accused Prime Video The Accused is a American drama film written by Tom Topor and directed by Jonathan Kaplan It stars Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis The film is set in Washington state and was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Accused May , The Accused is directed by William Dieterle and adapted to screenplay by Ketti Frings from the novel Be Still, My Love written by June Truesdell It stars Loretta Young, Robert Cummings, Wendell Corey, Sam Jaffe and Douglas Dick Music is by Accused TV Series Nov , Created by Jimmy McGovern, each episode of this series examines a person who is accused of a crime and what led them to end up in the Dock. The Accsed The Accused Plot Summary The Accused The controversial rape themed drama The Accused opens with an exterior shot of a bar, The Mill, located somewhere along the highways of Washington Ominous music plays as the sky turns to black A young man named Kenneth Joyce Bernie Coulson appears rushing outside of the bar. Accused TV series

    The Accused Theodore Boone is back And he s ready for his next big case Theo Boone might only be thirteen but he s already uncovered key evidence in a groundbreaking murder trial and discovered the truth behind

    Bruce Snell

    Book 3 in the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham This series is written for a middle school audience and is probably OK for that age group, but I think it is a bit simplistic even for that group This story picks up shortly after book one left off The trial for Pete Duffy, the bad guy from book one is about to go on trial for murdering his wife but he disappears At about that same time strange things start happening to Theo his school locker was broken into, the tires on his bike are slashed o [...]

    Nicholas Johnston

    The book, Theodore Boone The Accused, by John Grisham, is a great book, and in my opinion the best in the Theodore Boone series I like it than the other two because instead of representing another client as their lawyer, this time the main character is representing himself I could read this book over and over and still be satisfied.I m a big fan of John Grisham s writing because he always does a good job of establishing the tone and mood, he s great at drawing the reader in with imagery, and hi [...]


    3.75 stars


    Theodore Boone The Accused is the third book in the Theodore Boone series, and in my opinion, it s the best yet definitely better than the second one Even with its simple story as expected since this series is geared toward younger readers , it was still exciting and thrilling Here, we follow Theo as he becomes the main suspect in a crime he did not commit The book leaves us with no trace of doubt in Theo from the start, but we get to experience his struggle to prove his innocence along with him [...]

    Shreya M

    This book deserves 5 5 It was actually my favorite book out of the series so far They completely left out the Pete Duffy trial I m OK with this because that trial doesn t seem as important as what really happened OK, let s back it up a little bit and let me give a brief overview of what happened Theo is accused of stealing new gadgets from a local tech store called BigMac s Theo goes through for tough times for an entire week, or maybe two, I don t know He gets sabotaged the real thief puts some [...]


    Theodore is only 13, but does it really fit with his character that he would fail to report BOTH his locker being broken into and things missing and that his bike tires were slashed the first time Ok, so the baseball cap and unused notebooks might have made sense to him in random vandalizing or someone taking stuff if he had left his locker open accidentally but the asthma inhalers Unlikely they d take only those things and then not mess up his locker or leave it a mess if they wanted to vandali [...]

    Hugo Young

    Theodore Boone, The Accused By John Grisham is a captivating novel I decided to read this book as I had already read the second one and when I found this in the library I couldn t not read it This book is about a young boy Theodore Boone who s parents are both lawyers and he, in turn is crazy about law Throughout the series he is changing his goals, wether he wants to be a policeman, a judge or a lawyer all of them are to do with law In the accused Theo gets caught up with the police, in a bad w [...]

    Brenda "Brie"

    It begins about picking up from the first book and Peter Duffy and the murder of his wife and how an eye witness finally stepped forward Peter Duffy disappears and the whole town is in a buzz about it So the title is about him being accused, right WRONGe acccused is Theodore Boone The owner of an electronic store got broken into and they found Theo s baseball hat at the scene of the crime SOmeone slashed his bike tire three times and threw a rock through his window When Theo first discovers his [...]

    Nanci Booher

    Not much going on with Pete Duffy, which surprised me as the title is The Accused Theo is the one accused in this sequel I was almost in tears in a couple places but truly enjoyed this next installment.


    It s that time again, trial time The day has finally come for Pete Duffy s second murder trial Theo has been amped up for it ever since the previous one ended in a mistrial partly thanks to him Theo previously helped an eyewitness come forward, right before Duffy was going to walk a free man But the unthinkable happens, Duffy is nowhere to be found The police spent about a week looking for him, but declare that he has either jumped states or jumped countries Theo is very upset, and is in a foul [...]

    Ada Broadbent

    Ada BroadbentPeriod 5 05 21 17B.R 8 I read the book Theodore Boone, The accused It is a mystery book with 271 pages It is by John Grisham The Accused is the third book in the Theodore Boone series Theodore, or Theo for short, is the son of two lawyers, so when he is accused of a break in, he has to get to the bottom of it It is a very fast paced book that will keep you on the edge of your seat The tone can be solemn at times because all of the evidence is pointing right to him, and there is noth [...]

    Andrew Pender-Smith

    The author has created a wonderful character in thirteen year old Theodore Boone In many respects, Theodore is a typical boy in that he rides a bicycle and goes to scouts Theodore is, however, intelligent and thoughtful than most boys of his age His parents are lawyers, and it is through listening to them and witnessing their handling of cases, that he has acquired good insight into human nature Like his parents, he wants to be a lawyer He is obtaining good grades in school and is a popular boy [...]


    I really enjoyed this book and the way it was written and I can t wait to continue with the series


    I love this series Theo reminds of one of my best friends growing up these books always put a smile on my face.


    I read this book because my 10 year old daughter picked it up at her school book fair and I was worried about the content being as it was a Grisham book I was pleasantly surprised that it was perfectly appropriate and a great story for kids her age.

    Elliot Barrett

    The theme of The Accused by John Grisham is similar to the theme of holes When things get real bad, it can always get better Theo gets framed for stealing a bunch of things from a technology store Things keep getting worse and worse but at the end, they find the real culprits and arrest them.


    While this book is definitely much interesting than the last one and Theo was less annoying, there were a few things that bothered me, which is why I didn t give the book three stars.The plot is ok and the mystery is much better than the one in book two Also, Theo s behaviour is much appropriate for his age and his investigation is much believable It also has the advantage that the crime in this book is smaller compared to The Abduction I found it quite funny to see how he s all innocent unti [...]

    Rhondda Powling

    The third book in the Theodore Boone series finds the clever and legally aware year eight student attending the re trial of a man accused of killing his wife Theodore feels very lucky to get the last seat at the media filled event Theo might only be thirteen, but he was the one who uncovered the key evidence in the original murder trial and he is very keen to see what will happen this time Almost immediately something seems wrong and eventually those in the courtroom learn that the suspect has s [...]


    Appropriate 6th and up.I was happier with this book than the 2nd Grisham returns even briefly to the Duffy trial, but it is not the main plot line Perhaps he has a plan to finish that plot line as he goes on.In this story, Theo is accused of a crime and he spends the book trying to figure out what the heck is going on Overall, I thought it was good and I liked it, but it is missing something that the first book had There was a quality in Theo that is missing in these last 2, a confidence Book 2 [...]

    Candice Pedersen

    I have become addicted to these books They are very fast reads and keep me thinking about what will happen next I really had hopes that this book would finally finish the story of the murder that started the first book off However, this book takes a totally different turn of events and goes away from that story Which I hope means that there is a fourth book out there that will finish the trial of Pete Duffy He cannot get away with what we believe he has done.This book is very different and I thi [...]


    Nunca habia leido un libro de Theo Boone y gracias RHM me dio este libro puedo decir que me encanta como escribe John Lo policial es algo que me encanta pero nunca leo porque tengo libros de fantasia, aventuras y sobrenaturales que lo dejo de lado.Debo decirles que no es necesario leer los anteriores para leer esta 3era entrega yo no habia leido los anteriores y entendi la vida de este detecitve de 13 a os a la perfecccion En esta entrega Theo tiene varios problemas robaron varias cosas de su ca [...]

    Allyson Mccoshen

    Theodore Boone The Accused By John GrishamTheo has lots of friends Two parents that are lawyers, and some day Theo wants to be a lawyer too He has a unkle named Ike, that did work in the big house but not any, most people know Theo Even if he doesn t know them, because his parents help lots of people and then they end up getting to know Theo Theo is known to help out and be the kid lawyer in town, but bow he is getting accused of doing something he didn t do.The 3 books the accused, kid laeyer, [...]

    Jim Whitefield

    In Grisham s third Theodore Boone offering, we have another easy read through a casually paced story in which our thirteen year old wanna be lawyer hero is framed for a burglary he clearly would never have committed Adults may find this a little below their usual expectations for the fast paced action and legal bantering often associated with Grisham s adult books, but that is only to be expected as these are a great introduction for any young teens interested in legal aspects as seen and in The [...]


    If you like action filled books, then this is the one for you Theodore Boone wants to be a lawyer and his parents are both lawyers.There has been an accused murderer in Strattenburg and Theo was one of the people that helped solve the mystery, so he goes to watch the court case During this, in his own life, he gets accused of stealing He had been vandalized, things stolen from his locker, and been framed for a big theft Read the book to see what happens This is definitely the best book I ve read [...]

    Jack T.

    This book is great It is so action packed and full of excitement It is the third book in the Theodore Boone series It continues the mystery from book one I liked it because I like mystery and the whole series of books is mystery So is this book There is lots of cliffhangers after every chapter, so it just makes you want to read I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery, and anticipation excitement Or if you like crime, in this book there is a lot of crime theft involved I also liked it [...]


    At first I was ticked off at the narrator,,, then I was ticked off at the author This is a KIDS story Then I was ticked off at myself for not reading the summary in detail I just didn t expect that from GrishamTHEN I cooled down and realized it really a pretty good story for the pre teen listeners, especially if they can talk it over with their parents Several topics are explored that are black white for kids have lots of grey areas in reality Making the right decision isn t all that clearWell d [...]

    Sandy (WI girl at heart)

    Just finished John Grisham s Theodore Boone The Accused A quick read of 2 to 3 hours but real simple story of good VS bad While it s been awhile since I read the last Theodore Boone book in this series it was easy to pick up his life where the last book left off And yet the book is good as a stand alone read too Great read for YA and teens Would I read it again maybe Would I recommend it to others yes.

    Jeff Yoak

    Another great YA offering from Grisham Applying applying my standard for YA aimed fiction can I read and enjoy it this passes with flying colors Alex has been uncharacteristically slow with this series I thought he was disinterested and just didn t want to bail on a series he knows that I like, but it turns out that he s lost the kindle that has it I can t wait until he gets to The Accused.

    Barb Keltner

    Sure like this series This one was especially good yet frightening because it showed how easily someone could be set up to look like he committed a crime Theodore is just a nice, VERY interesting young man with good, supportive parents and a goal for his future would love to have him as a student

    Abduraafi Andrian

    Ketiga terjemahan serinya aku baca bulan ini Seru dan mendidik Pas buat remaja seusia Theo tiga belas tahun yang lagi labil Daripada main cabe cabean yang tidak jelas, lebih baik baca ini That s so mainstream Ulasan ada disini.

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