Sep 18, 2020
Busy, Busy Town
Posted by Richard Scarry

Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm provide a fun introduction to Richard Scarry s Busytown, the setting of Busytown Mysteries on TV Each oversized spread features a different place from the Post Office, to the Supermarket, to the farm And for each place is a complete, simple story describing the activities, sights and friendly folk who can be found there Familiar faces like SargHuckle Cat and Lowly Worm provide a fun introduction to Richard Scarry s Busytown, the setting of Busytown Mysteries on TV Each oversized spread features a different place from the Post Office, to the Supermarket, to the farm And for each place is a complete, simple story describing the activities, sights and friendly folk who can be found there Familiar faces like Sargeant Murphy and Miss Honey will welcome readers to this colorful, fun, and very busy town.

  • Title: Busy, Busy Town
  • Author: Richard Scarry
  • ISBN: 9780307168030
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Richard Scarry s Busy, Busy Town Richard Scarry Richard Scarry s books are classics They ve gone through two generations in my family and Busy, Busy Town is a favorite The delightfully drawn characters are a joy and the book shows the occupations of all kinds of people in this little busy town. Busy, Busy Town by Richard Scarry, Hardcover Barnes Noble Aug , Join Lowly Worm, Huckle Cat, and other beloved characters for a day in Richard Scarry s Busy, Busy Town Visit the school, the farm, the post office, and many fun and exciting places in this classic book that teaches little ones all about what goes on in their very own communities Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Busy, Busy Town by Richard Scarry Jun , Richard Scarry s Busy, Busy Town has lots of details for young readers to explore The commentary on occupations is comically outdated but Scarry s characters and quaint little busy town illustrations are still charming I read a few Scarry books this weekend and I thought this one was the best of the bunch flag Like see review Busytown TeachingBooks Richard Scarry s Busy, Busy Town App for Richard Scarry s Busy, Busy Town Created by Loudcrow Interactive View the App Website Share Images courtesy of publishers, organizations, and sometimes their Twitter handles Explore Related Books by And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street by Dr Seuss Resources A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond Resources Busy, Busy Town Book A Day Almanac Even his biography by Walter Retan and Ole Risom is entitled The Busy, Busy World of Richard Scarry No one ever showed people working, doing things, or going places with such spirit and joie de vivre as Scarry Born in Boston on June , , Scarry thought like an artist even as a child. Wonder Forge Richard Scarry s Busytown, Eye Oct , . out of stars Great to be back in Busy Town Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December , Style Busytown Eye Found It Board Game Verified Purchase Brilliant Blast from the past for parents children alike. Busy Busy Busy Airport Game Richard Scarry s Busy Town Busy Busy Busy Airport game by Richard Scarry s Busy Town for ages and up Game is in good condition and is % complete Let me know if you have any questions Thanks for looking Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing Shipping and handling. Busy busy town Etsy Check out our busy busy town selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

    Busy Busy Town Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm provide a fun introduction to Richard Scarry s Busytown the setting of Busytown Mysteries on TV Each oversized spread features a different place from the Post Office to the


    I LOVED Richard Scarry books growing upey are super busy, and filled with eye candy Everywhere you look there is something going on I have the entire collection to share with my daughter now, and they are really fun to look back on Some of the images are really dated, ex record players and tv s with rabbit ears, etc which makes it fun for me , but doesnt hurt the story at all My daughter is 2 1 2 and sometimes i see her just sitting in a corner looking thru all the pages on her own She loves boo [...]

    Shayna Ross

    I love everything Richard Scarry


    This is another one of those books that I remember checking out from my elementary school library over and over and over you get the idea I always liked the pictures and apparently talked about it so much that, when it was reprinted, my sister took pity on me and bought me a copy Thanks sis My fave Lowly worm eats peas Peas are round in shape but it s gotta be in context with the picture This book, though somewhat dated in some ways no computers of course , would be a great one to use with eleme [...]


    I remember Richard Scarry s books when I was a child, but had totally forgotten about them until I had my own children My preschooler LOVES sprawling out and looking at Richard Scarry s books Yes, the stories don t make much sense, and the illustrations are not the most well drawn, but they do have a style of their own that fascinates children There are so many little details packed into the illustrations, it s a lot of fun for kids to just look at everything going in each page.


    I loved this book as a child and my 15 month old delights in this book when her dada reads it to her during her goodnight routine.


    This is the book we read when our daughter Loralee was a toddler, when she became the Lowly worm.

    Ned Leffingwell

    Richard Scary books are great They are fun to look at and give kids names for everyday stuff in the world.


    Read all the time as a kid.


    Great for young children.

    Mary Jo Garcia-Brown

    Here s another book from my childhood I remember sitting in a doctor s waiting room and reading it I love Scarry s animal characters I think Scarry was one of the first to do cross promotion with toys and cartoons, so every child in the 70 s was familiar with his work What I really adore is that it is as busy as its title suggests There are loads of illustrations and text on every page, and there s action happening in each picture.


    This is a nice big book, with lots of pictures of cars and trucks and motorcycles and planes, which means that Leo really digs it Right now, we are at the stage where we just look at the pictures and talk about them if I take the time to read the vignettes about each character or scenario, I find them rather lame and dated Also, I wish that this were a board book very hard to get a toddler to treat paper pages gently.


    Full of light hearted humor Artists paint pictures The best artists paint pictures for children s book and The best librarian s are children s book librarians and colorful, detailed drawings, this book will forever be one of my favorites I agree with Mr Scarry that sometimes the best books were made for children, but the wise reader realizes that sometimes it is possible for even adults to get something out of children s books.


    This is probably the first Richard Scarry s children books I read, back in the time when I could even hardly understand English at all Love the cute drawings, which eventually led me to want to know i.e understand meanings of each word In fact, as far as I could remembered, this book was the reason behind my first encounter with dictionary Ha


    The boys love this book They want to read it every night It has various stories about jobs like farming, building a house, delivering mail etc I asked for this for xmas because we were going to the play at the children s theatre It was nice to have already read the book many times before seeing the play I would highly recommend it.


    I like these Richard Scarry books, though the characters in this are kinda inept.My main issues are the gender divisions pretty stark There s also some outdated stuff, but I like the idea that Busytown exists in its own self contained world, outside of our own, which is its appeal for me This book is also less busy hah than the others, so I enjoy that as well.

    Finn Pennekamp

    MAN THIS BOOK HAS EVERYTHING LITERALLY All kinds of trucks, all kinds of houses, all kinds of jobs, all kinds of animals, all kinds of people, all kinds of construction equipment, all kinds of household supplies basically, everything I want to know about the world I m going to be spending A LOT of time with this book Thanks Uncle Scott Aunt Kyle


    oh, i had such immense love for richard scarry books when i was little ok, it was an obsession the details i remember poring over ever photo, lingering over the illustrations i still have this one somewhere falling apart, taped together with love lowly the worm was my favorite his little apple car was the coolest


    A great book, that I read to with my brother many many times Not only he, but I also discovered new things in the pictures every single time we read the book.Marvellous drawings This edition I did not read, of course published about 30 years later , but since I could not find the data on that one, I use a current.


    This book is fully to blame for my Attention Defecit Disorder I should sue Lowly for ritalin expenses Nonetheless, I used to love looking at it, and I bet if I came across it in my folks basement today, I d sit on the floor and stare at it for three hours.

    Nikki Boisture

    This book is chock full of in depth pictures from the great Richard Scarry Everytime my son and I read it, I notice something new Plus, a peanut car, a pickle care and an apple car are all hilarious to a two year old

    Mary Beth

    As is true of most Richard Scarry books, this one is full of details and small, internal stories that Rabbit loves It is one of those books that you can open any page and have a good time talking about what is happening in the illustrations.


    I remember loving Richard Scarry books when I was a child And they hold something so FASCINATING Even though this book takes longer to read than many, it always holds the attention of toddlers The illustrations are so busy and interesting there is always something new to discover.


    My two year old can t get enough of this one, but it can be a bit of chore to reread The small visual gags are nice, but I find myself playing fast and loose with the text to give it a better flow and a bit zip.

    Alise Durkota

    Excellent resource for teaching students about the jobs around their town and in the general world Helps to build vocabulary under this theme Great illustrations,interesting to look at and fun to explore Great to place in a library for general viewing or to pull out as a reference.


    my son ejoys it

    Tara Calaby

    I don t remember a lot about this one, beyond the fact that I definitely read it as a kid.

    Peter Macinnis

    This was one of my favourites when my children were young, and one of theirs as well In fact, we consumed a cart load of Scarry Soon, I can start again with my grand children

    Michelle Kellar

    My grandkids love anything by Mr Scarry They love the worm the best always look for him on every page.


    Read it hundreds of times.

    Ellen Allerton

    A favorite of two of my children.

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