Jun 01, 2020
Sanat Nedir?
Posted by Leo Tolstoy

Lev Nikolayevi Tolstoy 1829 1910 Anna Karenina, Sava ve Bar , Dirili gibi romanlar n b y k yazar , mr n n son otuz y l nda kendini t m yle kuramsal al malara vermi , insan, aile, din, devlet, toplum, zg rl k, sanat, estetik gibi konular zerinde yazmaya y nelmi tir Sanat zerine, Tolstoy un kuramsal yap tlar aras nda dikkati ekici bir yere sahiptir lk kezLev Nikolayevi Tolstoy 1829 1910 Anna Karenina, Sava ve Bar , Dirili gibi romanlar n b y k yazar , mr n n son otuz y l nda kendini t m yle kuramsal al malara vermi , insan, aile, din, devlet, toplum, zg rl k, sanat, estetik gibi konular zerinde yazmaya y nelmi tir Sanat zerine, Tolstoy un kuramsal yap tlar aras nda dikkati ekici bir yere sahiptir lk kez 1897 de yay mland Rusya da hep sans re u rad Sans rs z ilk bask s 1898 y l nda Londra da, ngilizce olarak yap ld Tolstoy da bu bask ya bir ns z yazd On be y ll k yo un bir al man n r n olan Sanat zerine yazar n zerinde en fazla u ra t yap t d r.Mazlum Beyhan 1944 Yay mlam oldu u Dostoyevski den Su ve Ceza ve Budala, Tolstoy dan ocukluk, lkgen lik, Gen lik ve Gogol dan Arabeskler benzeri al malar d n ld nde, Beyhan, hi tart mas z son 35 y l n en nemli Rus edebiyat evirmenlerinden biridir.

  • Title: Sanat Nedir?
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy
  • ISBN: 9789944881739
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sanat Nedir Sanat Ne demek Nedir Sanat Nedir Sanat Kelimesinin Kkeni Tarihli Sanat Sanat nedir sorusunun k saca cevab ise yarat c l n ve hayal gcnn bir ifadesi oldu udur Bahsetti im bu sanat eserlerine bak ld nda i levsellikten ok yarat c l n, hayal gcnn, zgnl n elinden km eserler sanat eseri olarak tan mlanmaktad r. Sanat Nedir Sanat Tarihi, e itleri ve Eserleri YouTube Sanat nedir Bu videomuzda, sanat nedir sorusuna yan t ar yoruz Ltfen abone olmay unutmay n. Sanat nedir, ne demek ve k saca tan m Gezilecek Yerler Sanat Nedir Yukar daki a klamalar m za da bakacak olursak Sanat iin ortak bir tan m yapmak elbette zordur o u ara t rmac ya gre sanat herhangi bir rne hayal gcyle yeni bir eyler ortaya koymas na sanat denir Bu k sa tan mdan sonra uzun bir tan m yapacak olursak Duygu, d nce, fikir, tasar m, hayal gc .S n f MEB Trke Kitab Sanat Temas Nedir Bu Sanat Apr , .S n f MEB Trke Nedir Bu Sanat Metni Cevaplar Nedir Bu Sanat Metni Yan tlar S n f Trke MEB Ders Kitab Cevaplar sayfa Nedir Sanat Nedir Aug , Sanat Nedir Detay Sanat, insanl k tarihinin her dneminde var olan bir olgudur nsanl n geirdi i evrimler ya ama biimlerini, ya ama bak lar n , sanat biimlerini ve sanata bak lar n de i tirmi , her dnemde ve her toplumda, sanat farkl grnmlerde ortaya km t r.

    Sanat Nedir Lev Nikolayevi Tolstoy Anna Karenina Sava ve Bar Dirili gibi romanlar n b y k yazar mr n n son otuz y l nda kendini t m yle kuramsal al malara vermi insan aile din devlet toplum

    Glenn Russell

    Unlike many works of aesthetics which tend to be overly abstract and dense, using technical terms from philosophy and a layering of sophisticated concepts, Leo Tolstoy s book is clear cut, employing language and ideas anybody interested in the subject can understand Tolstoy is passionate about art and art s place within human experience For many years, he tells us, he has been observing art and reading about art And what he sees and reads is not pretty For instance, he goes to a rehearsal of ope [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    Chto takoye iskusstvo What Is Art , Leo Tolstoy 1976 1345 278 1350 1352 1355 1356 1364 19 .

    Araz Goran

    د. حمدان

    101 .

    Kevin Richey

    I m so conflicted with Tolstoy I agree with him about half the time, and the other half, I just wish he d stop being so damn Puritanical I don t disagree with Tolstoy s basic thesis, that art is defined by the following features a person the artist feels a certain emotion, and captures that emotion in his work a book, poem, concert, whatever so that the viewer is infected with that same emotion That works for me I agree also with Tolstoy that emotional resonance is important than the superficia [...]


    Good works of art to Tolstoy the works of Victor Hugo, the novels of Charles Dickens, some of the tales of Gogol and Pushkin, the writings of Maupassant, the comedies of Moli re whom Tolstoy refers to as the most excellent artist of modern times, according to this translation by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky , the writings of Dostoevsky, Schiller s Robbers, Uncle Tom s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Adam Bede by George Eliot, Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote, a handful of paintings by l [...]

    Thomas Rogers

    I recently read this book on holiday in Austria.Fascinating I am a Fine Art student attending Falmouth University Cornwall, going into my final year, and a devout follower of Jesus Throughout the course of my degree I have constantly struggled to reconcile my beliefs, with fine art.Most of the time art seemed pretty pointless to me, it seemed completely self indulgent, and a total waste of my time along with everybody else s when considering the state of this world and the majority of it s inhab [...]

    TAM •"

    5 6 15 .


    But if the majority do not understand, they must be given an explanation, the knowledge necessary for understanding But it turns out that this knowledge does not exist, that the works cannot be explained, and therefore those who say that the majority do not understand good works of art give no explanations, but say that in order to understand one must read, look at, or listen to the same work over and over again But this is not to explain, it is to make accustomed And one can get accustomed to a [...]




    هالةْ أمين







    brillant and very challenging to what our conventional view of art is Tolstoys main point is that the art that we see today and in his time also is on the whole very immitative and not true art for him true is is when the artist feels something and wants to convey that through his work so that the person viewing it feels what the artist felt also there are lots of other very challenging views in here which are very thought provoking Some of my favourite bits But among these works of various kind [...]


    Tolstoy s work in aesthetics, What is Art deals with two main issues 1 Is there a moral justification for the lives, money, and resources spent in the artworld, and 2 What is the nature of art Tolstoy claims that the nature of genuine art is to transfer feelings from the artist to others, thereby uniting the artist and audience thus, art is a means of communion And Tolstoy argues that there is no justification for most of what passes as art in the contemporary world Most of it, he says, is for t [...]

    David Withun

    There are two basic theses presented by Tolstoy here The first is that the notion that art arises from beauty or reflects beauty is false Having abandoned this idea of an intimate relation between art and beauty, Tolstoy seeks for the remainder of the book to present his alternative theory that art arises out of the deepest and most authentic religious impulses of a people My own assessment, very briefly, is that Tolstoy is almost certainly correct on the latter point art arises out of religion, [...]

    Nelson Ramos

    Acabei de ler agora mesmo o meu primeiro Livro de Leon Liev Le o Tolst i Numa primeira rea o, respeito imenso as ideias que est o contidas no livro Mas creio que esta maneira de escrever, esteja muito longe dos seus Romances que o tornaram famoso Livros a ler Mas neste n o existe Romance What is Art primeiro publicado em 1897 um pensamento filos fico puro sobre o que a Arte por Tolst i, em que a busca na defini o de beleza e o sentimento que ela deve provocar o que necess rio para ser arte Tamb [...]

    James Klagge

    Not an engaging book like a diatribe by an Old Testament prophet Tolstoy here is an old depressed curmudgeon heaping scorn on all the art that we hold dear It was written toward the end of his life, after he had rejected much of his own great work, and here added to that a wholesale rejection of the pillars of Western culture pp 96 97 Greek tragedians, Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Bach, Beethoven he singles out the 9th for detailed discussion, and hates the late quartets , Wagner he singles out [...]

    Fraser Kinnear

    The tl drQ What is art A To call up in oneself a feeling once experienced and, having called it up, to convey it by means of movements, lines, colors, sounds, images expressed in words, so that others experience the same feeling in this consists the activity of art Ar is that human activity which consists in one man s consciously conveying to others, by certain external signs, the feelings he has experienced, and in others being infected by those feelings and also experiencing them p.39 40 It se [...]


    What has started as a religious and folk art, turned into art for rich estates Art for rich people is what gives them some sort of pleasure different kinds of beauty Religious art was pushed aside and all money, critics, art schools were concentrated in art for rich estates True art has to express some feeling that was experienced by an artist him herself, while art for rich estates demands beauty and grace, each time and sophisticated That art for rich estates, which nowdays is treated as onl [...]


    O que e quais s o os requisitos m nimos para que algo produzido por algu m ou pela natureza, seja um quadro, uma m sica, um livro, seja designado como obra de arte Como distinguir a arte sublime da c pia ou da falsa arte Qual o valor da arte Respostas a estas e outras perguntas sobre Arte, que estetas e pensadores ao longo dos s culos tentaram encontrar uma solu o, s o abordadas numa obra de car cter ensa stico sobre um tema que me pr ximo a arte , diz Tolst i, o autor do livro O Que a Arte , ob [...]


    Art is an infection of feeling and experience Despite the title and author, this is a down to earth layman s discussion on the definition of art You don t need to have any particular passion for the arts to enjoy this book It s about art s impact on societal issues You will never go to a museum or art gallery and see things the same afterwards.


    Just read it If you come up with a better definition than old Leo s, let me know.

    Ali Ghasempour



    I m gonna break from tradition and actually write about what i liked rather than just trying and failing to express how, where, and why i was amused while reading thinking about this book.First of all, i was very amused at many points Tolstoy s ideas about art amuse me when he gets all, This is Good and that is Bad Cracks me up, but i also feel like i understand why he felt that way And i appreciate his ideals.I can t imagine anybody else would ever make this comparison, but David Sklansky and T [...]

    Peter Landau

    You think you re an artist You re no artist, punk That s what Leo Tolstoy says in his essay WHAT IS ART He dismisses everyone from Dante, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Baudelaire, Wagner to even some of his own writings as counterfeit For Tolstoy art is twofold, an expression of divine devotion and brotherly love It is not overly complex or striving for beauty, but a simple and pure emotion of the artist that has never been shared before For Tolstoy only that of God can be infinitely new [...]

    Kennedy Ifeh

    What is Art by Leo Tolstoy presents Tolstoy s views on the question of what a good work of art should entail The book attacks the foundation of modern art It gives flesh to my own critical impressions about contemporary literature, which has become synonymous with poetry, style, beauty and all sort of nonsense.True to Tolstoy, the book starts with details of his own experience He attends a rehearsal of one of the ordinary new operas of his days He recounts that the event made no impression in hi [...]


    I read this because it was mentioned in the end notes for Anna Karenina This book summarizes fifteen years of Tolstoy s pondering the questions, What is Art What is the current state of artistic expression in Western Culture and What should art be First question What is Art The book begins with Tolstoy summarizing the philosophical discussions and attempts at definition up to that time He finds that the idea of beauty has derailed the discussion, and dismisses beauty as mere pleasure To Tolstoy, [...]


    The first time I read Tolstoy I wanted to throw up We have a collection of his Short Fictions and there were a few passages about women that made me feel uniquely uncomfortable There s a lot of anxious power behind his words reading him in the original must feel like falling down a staircase This is an extremely well written book at times but also, ridiculous The vivisection of Wagner and Beethoven leave usmiffed Yes at times he is right should Wagner be included in the canon I am not always sur [...]

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