Jun 01, 2020
Scent of a Woman
Posted by Giovanni Arpino Anne Milano Appel

Two soldiers travel across Italy at the height of summer, passing through Genoa, Rome and Naples One of the soldiers is blind, graceful, gleefully vicious and wears a prosthetic arm the other, twenty years his junior, is his guide But as these men drink their way through bars, brothels and train carriages, who is guiding who Only as they reluctantly approach the blindTwo soldiers travel across Italy at the height of summer, passing through Genoa, Rome and Naples One of the soldiers is blind, graceful, gleefully vicious and wears a prosthetic arm the other, twenty years his junior, is his guide But as these men drink their way through bars, brothels and train carriages, who is guiding who Only as they reluctantly approach the blind man s destination, and a stifled love affair, does the purpose of the trip become tragically clear.The inspiration for two acclaimed films, Scent of a Woman is a lyrical exploration of regret, defiance, and what it really means to see

  • Title: Scent of a Woman
  • Author: Giovanni Arpino Anne Milano Appel
  • ISBN: 9780141193182
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scent of a Woman Jan , The same goes for Al Pacino Until the arrival of Scent of a Woman he was just merely another actor of those who come out of the Hollywood mass manufacturing industry Scent of a Woman changed all that here Pacino shows he is a grand master, a brilliant actor. Scent of a Woman film Scent of a Woman Rotten Tomatoes Scent Of A Woman is one of them films that really blows you away if you re not expecting it Like The Place Beyond The Pines, I got so much than I was expecting. Scent of a Woman Eau de Perfum Spray . oz Treat a special friend or treat yourself to PRAI s seductive Scent of a Woman fragrance It s sure to cast a special spell Features Top notes include a burst of fresh Bergamot and Orange Blossoms A warm heart of Sambac petals and Patchouli comprise the middle notes Vetiver and sensual Musks enrich the depth of the base Captivating and sensual Scent of a Woman Quotes, Movie quotes Movie Quotes Plot Charlie Simms, originally from a middle class family, attends an exclusive prep school, but he is running the risk of not receiving a scholarship for Harvard His friend instead, being the son of a school s patron, is not running any risk While waiting to hear from the university, Charlie takes a weekend job as a guide for Frank Slade, a blind, drunk and grumpy retired colonel who Scent Definition of Scent at Dictionary noun a distinctive odor, especially when agreeable the scent of roses an odor left in passing, by means of which an animal or person may be traced a track or trail as or as if indicated by such an odor The dogs lost the scent

    Scent of a Woman Two soldiers travel across Italy at the height of summer passing through Genoa Rome and Naples One of the soldiers is blind graceful gleefully vicious and wears a prosthetic arm the other twenty

    Andrei Tamaş

    Am citit cartea pentru c am v zut filmul Da, se mai nt mpl i asta o carte devenit celebr datorit filmului, iar nu invers Pot s spun c nici nu se compar Filmul este net superior El nu preia dec t ideea c r i, dar o adapteaz ntr un stil elegant, cu Al Pacino n scen Cartea chiar i f r a o compara cu filmul este de nimic.


    Traducerea de cacat a facut ca aceasta lectura sa nu fie atat de placuta pe cat ar fi putut fi Rare sunt cazurile in care fimul filmele, de fapt sunt mai bune decat materialul de pornire, insa asta a fost cazul aici.Povestea interesanta, desi el Fausto este absolut patetic si nesuferit, iar ea Sara este o proasta fixista, si nu ii suport pe nici unul.


    I started to read this in Rome, and it was strange how much military and uniforms are around there even now Fausto is a very attractively vicious miser, but unfortunately it got serious very quickly and Fausto seemed to disappear into a depressed blind man His relationship with the young girl Sara, I didn t understand at all and she acted like a petulant child fawning over Fausto I think the translation is a bit iffy because at times they seemed to be talking at cross purposes and a bit vague It [...]


    Part one was a rather fast paced start, it was entirely composed to give a feel for the two main characters A young soldier, rolling into university soon, has to lead and guide a blind and seemingly angry veteran on a one week leave they travel through various Italian cities, although cafes are mainly points of interest, not the towns itself sadly, because I bought the book mainly because I thought I could absorb some vibrant city flair Of course the old will teach the new and whilst this part i [...]

    Donald Bratt

    After having seen the Hollywood movie with Al Pacino and the Italian Profumo di donna , I got a bit curious of what the author really wanted to say It is clear that the Hollywood version deviates a lot from the original, whereas the Italian film is, not surprisingly, close to the original Arpino does write that the intent with the story is to write about love and the condition of life The plot is really good, but I am not sure I follow Arpino all the way through.


    KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Guardian

    Wilde Sky

    I thought the first 80 odd pages, which introduced the two characters and saw them begin their journey, was fantastic The second half of the book was too sentimental and not nearly as rewarding.Worth reading but don t expect the end to be as good as the beginning.

    Oana Kovacs

    What a dissapointment After both my father and friends told me what a great book this is, my expectations were quite high The story is badly written, the characters are poorly personalized and the translation to Romanian horrible Boring even for a beach read


    A good story but, for me, something was lacking in the prose or maybe it was lost in the translation.


    While not having read the original I feel the translation is poor and see that other reviews concur I did not enjoy this book and even though it was mercifully short and I read it swiftly, it seemed to take an eternity There are some books you wish would never end, the ones you can t wait to get back to, but this one was the polar opposite The initial mise en scene was promising, conjuring up alluring possibilities, but all too soon it degenerated into ceaseless, discombobulated dialogue leading [...]

    Emily Beth

    You know the novel, a very classic novel A story written stuck in it s time Well written but a lack of real plot A lack of likable characters I hate bad decisions that could have be avoided I think it s lazy writing in books, TV and films Those that just make you sign and internally go well of course bad things will happen when you make bad decisions, what did you think would happen.At least the bad decision gets quickly resolved Which you could ask why it was even put in the book, but then with [...]

    Vivek Bagai

    rarely I have read a book which is not even a fraction as good as movie, on the contrary books always are better than the movies Credit to Martin Brest and brilliance of Al Pacino for such a delightful movie But this book is almost crap or maybe it is the translation as original book was in Italian.

    Cristina Ursu

    Recomand cartea asta din tot sufletul.

    Ivan George Doru

    La fama di questo libro si deve sicuramente mettere in collegamento con il film che ne stato tratto proprio non riesco a spiegarmela diversamente Personaggi piatti, un sacco di dialogo che avvicina il libro pi ad un pezzo teatrale che ad un romanzo, spunti filosofici ormai troppo gettonati Niente di speciale per quello che riguarda il comandante, descritto diversamente da tutti quelli che lo incontrano, niente di speciale legato a Sara, bambina che segue un a che persiste dall adolescenza e si o [...]


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    Grace Phua

    Curiosity level Satisfying I lost my eyes and a hand for the sake of this rotten country and now you want me to lose my hearing too Turn off that radio p.18Fausto is a brash, hot headed man with a fervent love for life nonetheless, He s also without his sight and a hand, after fighting in a war Cooped up in his room, he s angry and irritable No one can help him, nor do they want toUntil Ciccio , a young soldier, is assigned from military to take care of him He thinks he s doing the man a favour, [...]


    Obwohl Al Pacino auf dem Cover des Buches ist, hat es mit dem gleichnamigen Film mit Pacino in der Hauptrolle au er der Grundidee nichts gemeinsam Daf r aber mit dem Original dieses Films, der italienischen Produktion Profumo di donna von 1974 Diese Geschichten stimmen berein Im Buch begibt sich der blinde, 39j hrige Fausto zusammen mit dem jungen Ciccio der als sein Helfer und Assistent engagiert wurde auf eine kleine Urlaubsreise durch Italien Von Turin geht es ber Genua, Rom, und schlie lich [...]


    Giovanni Arpino s book is absolutely heartbreaking The journey Fausto a blind Italian capitan of 39 and his aid, young Ciccio, make from Turin to Naples, is a lesson for both of them And it is the young and ambitios Sara who teaches them that love can heal any woond Sara, a Neapolitan woman of 20 who wishes to become a doctor, is in love with Fausto, and completely devoted to him, despite his difficult personality and repeated rejections When Fausto fails to commit suicide, Sara, along with the [...]

    Nyie Rombeng

    fausto merupakan karakter yang mengundang simpatiempati akan segala kekurangan yang dimilkinyagitu pula dengan ciccio yang menjadi guardian bagi faustoberadaan mereka berdua saling mengisi akan arti kebersamaan dari scent of a woman ini.walau judul buku ini sangat feminin layaknya seperti wanita yang digambarkan lembut,penyabar,perhatiansimpatik,scent of a woman berhasil membawa arti feminisme pada perbuatan terpuji dari arti tolong menolong s precious lesson,readers

    Ed Keafern

    Being blind is not something we all are used to but being blind because you made it to yourself makes you a different kind of special sick man because you are bound to discover yourself being a huge error of your own actions, how can you take that into your considerations and thinking, with alcohol, trying to forget it, suicide

    incipit mania

    IncipitC era un grosso moscone dorato che ronzava lungo la finestra del pianerottolo Il buio e il miele incipitmania


    I adore Sara, she really devoted to her love I read this because I watched a movie of the same title, but I think it was based on another novel by this author No one will always be strong, we all have weaknesses And then we will need someone like Sara

    Saman Kashi

    title tt0105323

    Viola Schwedhelm

    I didn t enjoy it One character is unlikeable and the other bland Was hard to read and I had to force myself to finish it.

    Tim Smith

    You ll say it s blasphemy, but here s what I think that you re fortunate because your suffering is with you, every minute.

    Alexandra Puris

    Poate a fost prea filozofica pentru mine dar nu mi a pacut trecerea prea brusca de la o idee la alta


    I think it s a very odd book and is not so interesting as i thought.

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