Jun 01, 2020
The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS
Posted by Edward Hooper

While science has devoted much of its efforts to finding a cure for AIDS, the sources of this deadly epidemic remain largely unexamined Distinguished science journalist Edward Hooper presents the meticulously researched and highly readable history of HIV and its possible origins Pursuing leads across the U.S the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa, Hooper pieces togethWhile science has devoted much of its efforts to finding a cure for AIDS, the sources of this deadly epidemic remain largely unexamined Distinguished science journalist Edward Hooper presents the meticulously researched and highly readable history of HIV and its possible origins Pursuing leads across the U.S the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa, Hooper pieces together the tantalizing clues offered by long archived blood samples, early AIDS like cases such as the Manchester sailor case of 1959 , immunodeficiency viruses SIVs , and the medical interventions in Africa and elsewhere that may have played a role in SIVs crossover into humans.Hooper examines over two dozen theories of origin, and eventually discards most of them What remains is a remarkable and well supported theory for the sudden appearance of AIDS, and the definitive story of its lethal spread Drawing on than 4,000 sources and 600 interviews, The River is a thorough and provocative investigation into the most terrible epidemic of the twentieth century.

  • Title: The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS
  • Author: Edward Hooper
  • ISBN: 9780316372619
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The River A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS While science has devoted much of its efforts to finding a cure for AIDS the sources of this deadly epidemic remain largely unexamined Distinguished science journalist Edward Hooper presents the meti


    Well, I never quite finished this book, as while I was reading it the theory was debunked by other scientists they dated HIV s origin by sequencing the RNA from other SIV species, and HIV originated at least 20 years earlier than the first wave of the oral polio vaccine That being said, I m a fan of epidemiological studies on origins of infectious diseases, and the first half of the book was quite thorough and well referenced I think he was aware of the controversy this book would initiate.


    This book was my constant companion for a month I feel, writing it up, like I m delivering a eulogy In The River, Edward Hooper builds a case for HIV s sudden appearance in the 1970 s springing from unsafe practices surrounding the development and production of live oral polio vaccines in the late 50 s His writing is detailed, clear, personal, and frank not only does he reconstruct events of sixty years ago, he describes the often bumpy course of his own research in the 90 s.There is a LOT here [...]


    Hooper presents a fascinating hypothesis Essentially that the AIDS virus is the result of the bringing together of 2 species of chimpanzee that had been separated by a river since the point of speciation Chimps do not swim As a result SIV viruses endemic and living in equilibrium with both species came into contact the result being HIV He presents as proof the fact the hearth of AIDS is the Great Lakes Region of Africa which coincides with the zone of human testing of the Koprowski polio vaccine [...]

    Lauren Little

    A very thorough look at how HIV might have first been spread to humans and then eventually lead to an epidemic Since it s a very thorough and very long book, there is quite a lot of repetition Also, Hooper wrote the sections as he investigated so that makes the narrative longer and sometimes harder to follow He does speculate a lot and sometimes overemphasizes people who don t recall exact details of everything they ever wrote did from many decades earlier, I might add , but I feel like he would [...]


    The best researched conspiracy theory you ll ever read in your entire life However, even I got bored in the middle of the 350 pages on OPV oral polio vaciene so probably not for the casual reader.


    Not an easy read, but the payoff for your investment is huge Recommended for fans of And the Band Played On.

    Paul Fleckney

    SPOILER ALERT This book is unlike any other I have ever read I d be amazed if anyone has ever undertaken a greater amount of research in writing a book than Hooper The sheer volume of circumstantial evidence he amasses to support his theory is mind blowing and yet despite the hundreds of interviews, articles, research notes, diaries and conversations he never manages to find the smoking gun that would prove his hypothesis once and for all But in the end I m not sure that matters Because even tho [...]

    Jean Marie Angelo

    I stumbled across this book on YouTube because it received a prominent mention in a free documentary on the origin of AIDS Edward Hooper presents a captivating theory that the OPV vaccine developed in the late 1950s unwittingly unleashed the HIV virus on humanity His theory has been challenged and debunked, but the idea still fascinates me If the 860 pages could be summed up with any questions it would be, Why now Hooper presents a very detailed case for those who argue that HIV was introduced t [...]


    This book was a difficult read but it was an amazing story It s a bit like reading a doctoral thesis or a legal brief at times Because of the controversial nature of his theory he is forced to make his case in the most detailed way possible, which results in a sometime tedious writing style The author s basic claim is extremely inflammatory he explains why he believes that AIDS was inadvertently created by American and European doctors in Central Africa during the late 1950s as a result of their [...]

    Lisa Gallagher

    This was a transcendant experience, reading The River and taking step and step back into the past There are cases of deaths going as far back as the 1950 s where physical specimens left behind reveal the decedent to be infected with HIV A British Merchant Marine A drug addict in St Louis Hooper reveals the behind the scene machinations of the scientists behind the polio vaccine and how one particular oral immunization in the Belgian Congo may provide answers as to how SIV jumped to humans and be [...]


    Incredibly well researched It provides a truly unique insight into the minds and egos of many of the AIDS researchers and polio researchers of the last century Hooper interviews many of them This is a big book, but a thorough history of the science behind what we know about HIV is bound to be bulky It should be noted that the theory Hooper is investigating linking the polio vaccine with the introduction of HIV in humans has been all but discredited by the medical community Still, this is a fasci [...]

    Erin Beck

    One theory on how SIV made the transition to HIV As we were entering WWII we knew we d be launching a lot of troops from northern africa We needed to vaccinate the Africans for polio we needed to produce a lot of the vaccine in a short amout of time Doing so in chicken eggs takes several months So we took the antibodies from monkeys who had recovered from polio transfering the disease from monkeys to humans No culture eats monkeys No culture is know to have sex with monkeys This theory gains su [...]


    This book was hard to read, not because it was too academic, it definitely wasn t It is horrfying to read because it s so fn sick how one dude who was just trying to make money probably began the spread of the AIDS virus to humans Every step of the way, he skips protocol and shirks regulations just to get recognition for creating a vacine If you can find it, I recommend reading this book If you can t, I recommend watching the documentary.


    It has been some time since I read this, but I think about it every now and again This is a very long book, and as I recall, even the bibliography is huge It is not an easy read, but it is a fascinating look at the history of HIV and AIDS back to their earliest documented appearances I have not looked lately to see if there is any additional information in this vein or from this author, but I will put that on my to do list.


    This is a riveting read Incredibly well researched and almost every page boggles the mind regarding the cavalier attitude of scientist to literally the fate of humankind At last we are nearer the truth of the origin of HIV AIDS, a truth which has nothing to do with the racist assumptions about the promiscuity of Africans I do not look forward to finishing this read as I am sure the blues will set in.


    I haven t read the entire book but am very grateful I have this first edition Based on over a decade of research, involving than 600 interviews and analysis of than 4,000 scientific texts, The River examines the myriad theories about the origin of the AIDS epidemic and reaches a stunning and startling conclusion.Am sure if I can plough through the 1000 pages I will rate it five stars.


    I had high hopes for this book, but it s impenetrable, disorganised and hopelessly wordy The thread of the author s argument gets lost well before the half way mark, and it s an uncomfortable mixture of investigative journalism, science and biographical ramblings And the Band Played On is far better, or indeed Beyond Love.


    This book is approximately 1493843948 pages I read it over the course of a year, and it s just a great read covering topics relating to Africa, medical ethics, research, politics, etc I m pretty sure the main theory proposed in the book regarding the origin of AIDS has been debunked, which is a bummer, but it s still worth the year of your life.


    This book is fascinating if you have any interest in theories regarding the origin of the HIV virus It is considered controversial and is very long and at times can be a bit technical, which can make it difficult to follow Hooper s theory, is followed up by some very strong evidence and makes you think.


    A tough read, takes a bit to get into , but fascinating Well worth the read for anyone interested in infectious disease.

    Jane Conrad

    One of my favorite books Very fascinating, disturbing, makes you really think outside the box.


    This book is intense, interesting and long.


    Best and most disturbing non fiction book I ve ever read.


    Absolutely fascinating and totally persuasive Without a doubt I think Edward Hooper has uncovered the true origin of the HIV virus I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

    Shawn Minihan

    Great book Must read.


    A massive tome about AIDS I learned a lot


    A fascinating real life mystery.

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