Sep 18, 2020
Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone
Posted by Joyce Meyer

Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone

  • Title: Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone
  • Author: Joyce Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780446577724
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Joyce Meyer understands the need for seeking approval from others to overcome feelings of rejection and low self esteem The good news, she says, is that there is a cure God provides all the security Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Sep , Overcoming Approval Addiction Learn to receive God s approval not people s approval.We cannot always be people pleasers.We cannot always put the mask behind the mask Overcoming Approval Addiction Stop Worrying About What How to Overcome Approval Addiction The first way to overcome approval addiction is to be gentle with yourself Wanting to feel connected with others is normal It s only an issue when it s imbalanced with other priorities like having boundaries What approval addicts are often missing is self approval. Overcoming Approval Addiction Facing The Fear That You re Once we recognize the signs of addiction approval, we can begin to stop fearing rejection and embrace the amazing woman that we were made to be Then we will no longer be dependent upon the Who Are You Trying to Impress Anyway Ways to Start Ways to Start to Overcoming Approval Addiction Know What You Want yes it may have been some time since you gave yourself permission to identify what you want But Cultivate Your Own PDF Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Sep , Some of the techniques listed in Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone may require a sound knowledge of Hypnosis, users are advised to either leave those

    Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone


    I would have only given this book 4 stars, but I didn t want the author to get mad at me I m kidding, of course I need to keep this book nearby just to remind me every so often that there are so many different values and interests that people have, and there s no way to please everybody There are a lot of talented people doing their thing, yet their thing may not be something that interests me in the least The same is true for what I can do.


    The I read, the I know that God definitely gave me this book for a reason I am so grateful It s kind of like tough love to hear everything she has to say, but I know I need to hear it and that I will benefit from it greatly Everything she says is backed up by scripture, which is so important because it confirms that God does not want me to live for the approval of others but for his approval alone.

    Josh Mccoy

    After stumbling upon this book at BN I decided to give it a try I am an approval addict and have been for as long as I can remember This book used principals from the Bible to show how God is than enough to meet all our needs God himself has given us his approval through the security and love we have from Jesus Joyce expounds on different biblical passages and gives her own wisdom from breaking the approval addiction herself.The book is very raw, giving many details about how her sexual abuse a [...]


    Confession, I am an approval addict This book was amazing in showing me just how addicted to pleasing others I truly was Joyce shows you how to over come this addition I would have never looked at seeking others approval as an addiction until I saw the title of this book.Overcoming my need to please will be something I will need to work on for a while It was nice to have some one point out how to over come this addiction.


    I took these words as the conclusion I made from the heartfelt and emotional book by Joyce Meyer Overcoming Approval Addiction Learn to receive God s approval not people s approval.We cannot always be people pleasers.We cannot always put the mask behind the mask and being nice.We cannot always pretend to say yes just because we cannot say no.Just accepting who we are.If we lose a relationship because we tell someone no, then we really never had a true relationship at all.


    Very good book Joyce is straightforward and direct In this book she is encouraging us to overcome an addiction to people pleasing not that there is anything wrong with pleasing others, but it can become a habit that controls our lives and we need to put pleasing God first She explores the causes and outcomes of this addiction The main cause is insecurity and low self esteem.The answer Knowing who you are in Christ We are accepted and loved by God through faith in Jesus and that is really all we [...]


    The author outlines biblical principles to be utilized in overcoming rejection and disapproval from others God approves of us and we are to shake off any words or actions from others that reflect rejection or disapproval Gives concrete steps to take to heal yourself from needing or wanting approval from others.


    This is a book that I read just after going thru a severe trama It helped me to sort of make sense of how I feeling because this was very normal The topics are diverse and as far as trama goes remember this this whatever has happened to you but don t let it control you any longer.This book is good for the right after phase of abuse of course being safe in the meantime.

    Rae Vernon

    Don t let the star rating I gave this book fool you It is a good book Half of what is written in it, I have heard in one of her sermons though It is definitely a good read for those of us that put too much weight on what others think It is a reminder that our standing with God is much important.


    This book changed me for the better I learned to say no and not feel guilty of doing so, I also learned to accept critics and not get defensive, and lastly I learned that not everyone is going to agree with me or like me but that s something they have to take up with God.


    I did not realize how we are seeking for someone s approval Joyce Meyers lays out it for real I am a writer, always seeking for feedback, and if you think about itI am seeking other people s approval


    This is probably my favorite book by Joyce Meyers It s about putting God s approval above people, but of course, not in a rude way, ignoring people s feelings, but in a loving way Help you not let people s opinions get in the way of the journey God put you on.

    Andrew Ar

    Best of Joyce Meyer ,i ve met till now The Arabic version is perfect which i have read want to read it again and take notes for life

    Sarah Lowe

    It s about pleasing God not people.

    Cindy M.

    Having never read Joyce Meyer before, I found her to be a straight shooter with the truth about seeking approval from others Beyond the obvious need to receive approval, she linked other behaviors, like the inability to receive criticism well or the quest to be non confrontational to the overall approval addiction behavior pattern That was an eye opener for me Beyond recognizing one s tendencies, Ms Meyer emphasizes pressing past pain, anger, unforgiveness, rejection, and attitudes that keep one [...]


    This was a very well written book addressing the issue of being addicted to people pleasing Luckily I have never had the problem of sacrificing my values in order to please others, but I have struggled with an overwhelming desire to please everyone and have everyone s approval She heavily relies on Christian doctrine to back up her suggestions, and I found it helpful albeit I didn t read over every scriptural reference All in all the message of the book is to be true to yourself and seek to plea [...]

    Shalah Collins

    There is so little that I cannot say about this book Joyce Meyer s Approval Addiction functioned as the treatment, and the cure at a time when I needed it in my life I know it will do the same for anyone who may be experiencing difficult times, and are willing to open a book More significantly in the world of Social Media today, people can find this book to be enlightening, and perhaps find a way to cut off their dependency on self exploitation to get likes

    Nguper CT

    Awesome, Joyce tackles the issue pretty well Informing us on why we often seek approval and how to get rid of such a behavior Its not just for those with an issue of approval addiction, its definitely worth reading


    Very encouragingThis book will really help you to began to change your mindset about your life circumstances and the need to please or get ones approval when your already approvedcand a cepted by God


    I enjoyed this book As someone who struggles with wanting to keep the peace at all costs, this book is a nice reminder to walk in your truth and if someone doesn t like that, its their issue, not yours.

    Mandy Huot

    very helpful book for this time in my life


    I m just gonna leave this riiiiiiight here.darbisfavoritethings.wordpres


    Really love this book it s very easy to read and her points on having an addiction to receiving approval are on point Highly recommend


    I got this book because I thought the title sounded interesting I had no idea about the background of the author Overall, the message presented and the thoughtfulness of the framework presented by Meyer is helpful for those that have not considered how approval addiction has impacted their life, family, personal and professional relationships She provides specific examples on what approval addiction is, the need to control associated it with it and where it is derived from Her examples of how to [...]

    Ronald Price

    An absolutely powerful book especially if struggling with low self esteem or confidence issues I have read this one over and over It s a great one

    Susan Barnes

    I have had this book on my shelf for some time before deciding to read it I was in the habit of listening to Joyce s CD messages and didn t feel the need to also read her books Plus I haven t felt like I have a problem with trying to please people.However lately I ve been doing less driving so haven t been listening to her CDs and thought perhaps there was something to be gained from reading about this issue This proved to be true While I don t have a major problem with people pleasing, I realiz [...]

    Pau Hernández

    No s ni por d nde empezar Magn fico La verdad es que no s si es porque el tema me toca mucho a m , pero hay que aceptarlo Joyce Meyer es una mujer admirable, un gran ejemplo de superaci n y de entrega total a Dios De verdad no encuentro las palabras para describir todo lo que pienso de este libro, pero har mi mejor esfuerzo Como ya he dicho en repetidas ocasiones, no me gustan estos libros de vida espiritual y pasos y dem s, pero este libro tiene una narrativa muy fluida y en varias partes cuent [...]


    If you constantly find yourself doing things to please other people, even doing things that you do not want to do, it is possible that you could have approval addiction.Joyce Meyer is a religious preacher on television If you want to free yourself from the self imposed prison chains of constantly trying and failing to please the world, she will help guide you there Be fore warned, she guides you straight on a track to GOD.God, in her, and this reader s view, IS the KEY to overcoming ANY addictio [...]

    BONDing over BOOKS

    Approval Addiction Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone by Joyce Meyer Are you a people pleaser Do you measure your self worth by how many people approve of you or your behavior Do you feel that you need to get the approval of others to feel good If you answered yes, or even maybe to any of these scenarios then reading Approval Addiction may be a book you consider reading.However, we should be careful not to live our lives through the lens other people s expertise on how to cure us of the man [...]

    Rebecca Lewitt

    This was okay not quite as life altering for me as the other books she s written that I ve read Anxious for Nothing and Battlefield of the Mind , but still interesting, helpful, scripture filled and practical I think it might really be perfect for people with various kinds of abuse in their past verbal included, manipulations also, etc for me it helped me really look at what I would call the pleasing man instead of God mentality, which is what I was hoping for when I picked it up But most of all [...]

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