May 30, 2020
Αγριεμένοι ανάπηροι επιστρέφουν από καυτά κλίματα
Posted by Tom Robbins Γιώργος Μπαρουξής

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  • Title: Αγριεμένοι ανάπηροι επιστρέφουν από καυτά κλίματα
  • Author: Tom Robbins Γιώργος Μπαρουξής
  • ISBN: 9789605210908
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

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    Tim Darnell

    This book is by no small margin my favorite novel of all time First off, Switters is the greatest single character to emerge from modern literature pure and simple Not only is he hilarious and a great role model for any law enforcement employee, but his personal philosophies not discounting his desire to plow his step sister, are intriguing and captivating Rather than eschewing his contradictory nature, as is typical Western practice, Switters embraces it He s a CIA agent who hates the governmen [...]

    Leslie Gal

    Some people love this shit and find it oh so witty and creative, but to me the perfect phrase to describe this book and all Tom Robbins is verbal masturbation If you value the simple beauty of good prose, you will feel dirty after ol Robbins spews gratuitous, barely cogent metaphors willy nilly all over your literary face line after nauseating line Robbins is clearly getting off on his own cleverness it s just too bad he didn t stop to think about your needs.

    Will C

    Probably my favorite Tom Robbins novel, one of the few with a male protagonist some of his books focus on female leads, and a few have couples, but the narration generally focuses on the woman Switters, the nymphet chasing secret agent and self described acquired taste, finds himself confined to a wheelchair A shaman s curse the price of a psychedelic revelation condemns him to death if his feet ever touch the ground He starts the novel in love with his underage step sister, working for the CIA, [...]

    Arax Miltiadous

    , , , , , , where to start by In the beginning Switers is my favorite fictional hero The absolute contradiction, lust, intelligence, susceptibility to all kinds of pleasures and new experiences My acquaintance with him was instrumental in the reshaping of my worldview and vision of life encounter.What this then, that could reduce a forbidden knowledge and how far we can go in order to answer this question Life is a set of natural phenomena and coincidences the very least, the illusion of them [...]


    Everytime I don t know what to buy people for Christmas or their birthday, I just get them a copy of this book I give them two months and then ask what they thought of it If they say they loved it, we continue to be friends If they didn t like it, I challenge them to a gladiator style death match As you could surmise by the fact that I m writing this right now, I ve never lost a death match That s how much I love this book.

    Natalie Thomas

    What to call my favorite scene let s call it in the bathroom on hands and knees eating salad Probably the funniest laugh out loud scene I have ever read.


    i ve well acquainted with the pantheon of tom robbins except for wild ducks flying backward saving that for a rainy day , but i have to count myself among the many who consider this a favorite of the bunch well written, fast, and full of shamanic monastic greatness i would even say a tour de force if that wasn t the shittiest, most hackneyed phrase in book reviewdom.


    Likely my favorite book of all time Former CIA agent Switters treks through the searching for shaman named The End of Time Today IS Tomorrow, accompanied only by his parrot who lives by the motto Peeple of zee wurl, relax I spit every time I hear the name John Foster Dulles Ingenious.


    Top 5.Switters is my hero An absurd and rollicking good time If you enjoy philosophy, drugs, booze, sex and laughingyou should be into this.


    HEADLINE I do not care much for John Foster Dulles either.Tim Robbins makes my smile muscles hurt The man s work in the form of this novel is completely over the top The protagonist is Switters, a CIA operative CIA operatives from Switters s own point of view come in two flavors, cowboys and angels Switters of course sees himself in the latter category The plot is of the wildly improbable sort It takes Switters from Seattle, to Peru, into a wheelchair, to Central Syria and Damascus, onto stilts, [...]


    I am embarassed to admit that this is the first thing I have read by Robbins Of course, I heard of him long ago, and saw the movie version of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues which may have turned me off , but why has it taken me so long to sit down and spend some time with him I plan to correct that error Robbins is one heckofa writer His stuff is loony, thought provoking, hysterically funny, highly creative, lively, impertinent, stylized I could go on for a while here all at the same time Whatever [...]


    Sometimes you find a book at the wrong time in your life, and you think how much you would have liked it if you had read it 10 years ago This is one of those books for me.I kept reading anyways, probably because there are enough funny interesting parts to propel you through the annoying parts.Someone recommended it to me when I was a college freshman, but I only recently got around to reading it He told me something along the lines of you re sex positive, so you would enjoy this sexy romp of a b [...]


    This is the third novel by Tom Robbins that I have read, and by far the most enjoyable.Switters, a CIA agent, is about to be sent on assignment in South America Hearing that, his elderly computer hacking grandmother in Seattle asks, or rather orders, him to take her aged pet parrot back to the Peruvian jungle so that it could spend its dotage with fellow parrots rather than in a cage Switters meets a shaman in the jungle This fellow meets Switters and takes an interest in the parrot s unusually [...]


    Fierce Invalids Home from Hot ClimatesCurrent mood disappointed Could you pull off there she immediately asked, pointing to a gas station I really have to use the bathroom Say toilet, would you darling I don t believe bathing is one of the services Texaco provides Whatever No, it s not unimportant Intelligent speech is under pressure in our fair land and needs all the support it can get above is my favorite part of this book, which i would NOT recommend to others not being a huge reader of robbi [...]


    , Switters .


    4.5 STARS

    Rachel Moore

    I was told to read this book by a friend who is absolutely nuts over this author Tom Robbins is obviously a very smart man and has extremely creative stories He has massive vocabulary and I found myself looking up words throughout this novel In the end I was extremely unsatisfied Tom Robbins tends to ramble for pages upon pages within this book which is like trying to concentrate on listening to someone talking to you on acid It can be boring, long and will relate to absolutely nothing in the ov [...]


    This was the only book I had to hand to read while I sat by my father s bedside for a few days this year It was ghastly.I found this book disturbing and boring Strike that it wasn t interesting enough to be disturbing As mentioned previously the main protagonist and his male friend are paedophiles, and the author made out this was a bit of a joke Which it isn t He also seemed to love the sound of his own narrative voice, and, frankly, was tedious He put flowery sentences in for the sake of it Th [...]

    Veronika Sebechlebska

    Za pr beh d vam tri mdl hviezdy ale s dodatkom e Robbinsove metafory maj v sebe viac ivota ako v ina mojich kolegov.

    Nick Iuppa

    Fiercely Funny and ProfoundIn Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates, Tom Robbins once again expounds on the meaning of life, death, religion, politics, and humanity, but this time he also goes on about sub atomic particles, pyramids, Matisse, the CIA, John Foster Dulles, the , Syria, Sacramento, Seattle s Pike Place Market, Finnegan s Wake, Broadway Show Tunes, parrots, anacondas, the relative value of wheelchairs and stilts, sexual experiences perverse or otherwise, the humanizing power of a g [...]


    I ll start off by saying that I think I would have enjoyed this book if I had read it a couple of years later My dad recommended the author to me after I finished Cat s Cradle and said that was crazy He said You think Vonnegut is nuts Try Robbins Robbins books should be put in the literary asylum But this is a really good book, full of nonstop energy and hilarity, but it s definitely adult humor The main character is a CIA errand boy who doesn t like to play by the rules He prefers sex, drugs, [...]


    This book was listed recently in EW as one of Johnny Dep s favorite Dep seems the kind of fella that s off the deep end in taste so I thought I would read it and see why he liked it so much.It is kind if hard to appreciate a protagonist who is a pedophile and who engages in anal sex with a nun Perhaps this gives us insight as to Dep s relationship with Roman Polanski Robbins uses wonderful flowery, flowing language, however he bleeds this over into his characters speech Although American s can b [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    Some of Tom Robbins s recent novels are just too bizarre to enjoy as a whole, but he always makes statements that ring true about certain parts of society Often he says things no one else has the guts to say This book was no exception in that regard, although I didn t like the plot or main characters It is tough to say who s a greater thread to the world an ambitious CEO with a big ad budget, or a crafty cleric with an obsolete Bible verse The Bible The honey that s dipped from that busy hive c [...]


    I always knew that men loved to hear themselves speak That they believe themselves to be the final word on all things.Switters is pompous, lustful, erratic and highly intelligent This novel takes all kinds of jumps and twist all the while you get caught up in the insane yet coherent ramblings of a man Conspiracy, humor, sex and religion Tom Robbins has issues.good thing he wrote them down This book is entertainment.

    Macon Fessenden

    What the hell is he doing evaluating her mouth Yeah, bro, I m wondering that too This is like a parody the male narrated, female body obsessed book Sabbath s theater without the tongue in cheek A libertarian, Reddit user male fantasy where the bad ass CIA agent is constantly surrounded by women and mansplaining to them his views on religion, climate change, politics, sex, alcohol, birth control, art, literature, beauty etc ad nauseam Sone of the floweriest language I ve ever read, for better or [...]

    Samuel Berney

    Maybe one day I will bump this to five stars, if the book sticks in my mind I want to say that I wanted to dislike this book from the get go, but that s not true What is actually true is that I had a rocky start with this book, and after only making it through a few pages in six weeks, and with four days left before a bookclub meeting , I realized I had to knuckle down and plow through this bad boy.To help myself wade through what I initially labelled as complete crap, I compulsively rewrote the [...]


    Tajn agent CIA na ch d ch i invalidn m voz ku, jepti ky, S rie a m j obl ben Deir Ez Zor, tajemstv zjeven Panny Marie, dost hust sranda prost Tom Robbins jak m b t.N jak ponau en sp ch civilizace pramen z dobr ho sou it s p rodou v sada indi n a sm chu v sada b loch.

    Jonathan Kent

    I devoured Tom Robbins in my twenties When I sat down to write my first novel I revisited two writers Armistead Maupin for his command of dialogue and his ability to drive the plot forward through conversations that never burst the bubble of belief, Tom Robbins for his wildly joyous use and abuse of language, both of them for their ability to embrace the bizarre in a way that most writers fight shy of People say truth is stranger than fiction because most writers of fiction are too timid and vee [...]


    A 2.5For the first third of this book I alternated thinking it was brilliant and banal Then it mostly bored me Switters annoyed me I kept thinking how aggravating he would be in real life His pompous shenanigans did not strike me as half as witty as the character and the author seemed to think they were I tired of him I also did not understand the author s choice to mostly tell the story through Switters, but then at times step out and play narrator, even a few times addressing the reader direct [...]

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