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Dix huiti me volume des Rougon Macquart, L Argent est le premier grand western financier des temps modernes bilans falsifi s, connivences politiques, fi vre sp culative, manipulations m diatiques, rumeurs, scandales, coups de Bourse et coups de Jarnac, lutte mort entre les loups cerviers de la finance qui d j r daient chez Balzac.S inspirant de quelques faits divers rDix huiti me volume des Rougon Macquart, L Argent est le premier grand western financier des temps modernes bilans falsifi s, connivences politiques, fi vre sp culative, manipulations m diatiques, rumeurs, scandales, coups de Bourse et coups de Jarnac, lutte mort entre les loups cerviers de la finance qui d j r daient chez Balzac.S inspirant de quelques faits divers retentissants, Zola d crit le culte nouveau du Veau d or, la vie secr te de son temple, l activit fi vreuse de ses desservants il d nombre ses lus et ses victimes.A l heure des conflits conomiques plan taires, il faut revivre cette croisade et cette pop e du Capital.A l heure o les audaces de la technologie bancaire nous font fr mir, il faut relire cet hymne la vie.

  • Title: L'Argent
  • Author: Émile Zola
  • ISBN: 9782253003670
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • L Argent Dix huiti me volume des Rougon Macquart L Argent est le premier grand western financier des temps modernes bilans falsifi s connivences politiques fi vre sp culative manipulations m diatiques rum

    Luís C.

    The money well, well, that means something to me right now A bit like a silver frenzy seized of everything and everyone with airs playing ball but no, I must have the wrong subject, there is no relationship between sport and money the players are not a publicly listed traded commodityMoney, yes, we are full L Argent, one of the most beautiful books of the Rougon Macquart, I think, where we will follow this time Aristide Rougon, brother of the minister, appointed Saccard that had seen at work in [...]


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    The disappearance of the obscenely ambitious, gloriously grandiose attempt to encapsulate all of society in a series of novels is one of literature s great tragedies In France, this peculiarly nineteenth century project was carried out successively by Balzac, Flaubert and Zola Between them, these men spanned almost the entirety of France s tempestuous nineteenth century Whereas Flaubert concentrated on the nuanced intricacies of individual psyches and Balzac the complex choreography of social re [...]

    MJ Nicholls

    One of the later entries in Zola s epic saga of Second Empire life, this sweeping shambles of a novel chronicles the rise and fall of the amoral stockbroker Saccard and the cast of amoral numbskulls and unfortunate losers caught up in the swirl of the Fowl Franc The plot is straightforward riches to riches to riches to riches to rags matter, and the writing leans on some of Zola s less appealing traits colossal info dumping, long explanatory passages, and awkward transitions between scenes that [...]

    J.M. Hushour

    For those new to my ever swelling fanbase, I am reading the Rougons Macquart series in its entirety, using Zola s own suggested reading order Money , the fourth novel, is about Aristide Saccard, the same Rougon from The Kill This time, the wily financier constructs an investment scheme in the Near East, creates a fortune, and then destroys through his greed and iniquity every single person around him Well, almost all Hardly redeeming and quite grim, a world distant from the creepy incest of The [...]


    The irresistible power of money and love.Aristide Rougon know as Saccard, is a failed property speculator determined to make his mark once in Paris.Unscrupulous seductive and with unbounded ambition.He schemes and manipulates his way back.Establishes a new bank and speculates on the stock market.He also conducts his love life like he does his business.What happens when one goes too far His empire seems unstoppable.There is a chequered past which comes back to haunt him.Money isn t everything an [...]


    Ever so much better than I expected The strictly financial parts were tedious at times but the personal stories of the characters was varied and excellent reading Zola did a great job of presenting the theme and wrapping things up.



    Elizabeth (Alaska)

    Another Zola winner As I was reading, I thought, Zola s characters live with such passion And then, late in the novel, much to my surprise, was this if my passion kills me, it is also my passion that gives me life.Not surprisingly, given the title, this novel is about money A character in Dickens Dombey and Son asks what can money do This is one answer It s almost as if money itself is a character, but only almost It is it s necessity, it s acquisition, it s representation of power that is the [...]


    This is the eighteenth book in Zola s Rougon Macquart series of twenty books and it is the thirteenth one that I have read It is a sort of sequel to The Kill as it continues the story of Saccard, a.k.a Aristide Rougon As with all the books in the series it is completely self contained and can be read with no knowledge of the other books in the series, though the reader will get from it if they read The Kill first The Kill is a interesting read and is available in a modern translation I wasn t [...]

    Agnes Fontana

    Pas mal d trouss Au travers de l histoire de Saccard, fr re un peu v reuxdu ministre Eug ne Rougon, qui monte une banque dont les cours atteignent les sommets avant de s effondrer, Zola met en sc ne l argent sous ses diff rentes facettes, chacune incarn e par un personnage, pendant que Sigimond, le socialiste id aliste, explique dans les r pits que lui donne sa phtysie que tout cela est destin tre balay bient t Caroline, la conscience, la bonne me du roman, s effraie au d but, puis adh re l affa [...]

    Eve Kay

    3.87This novel is very tricky to rate or review since I had such strongly opposing feelings about it whilst reading On the other hand the subject of money matters, yep, pun intended, Zola was way too detailed and sorry to have to say this, boring On the other hand, all other subjects he handled so brilliantly Character development, plot twists, etc.On top of it, the ending really weaved it all together beautifully.The story very shortly is about Saccard Rougon and his ambitious intention to rise [...]


    There s nothing like ill gotten gains for making money Zola understands what drives the dark side of human nature better than any other writer I ve encountered Each novel in the Rougon Macquart cycle explores a different avenue through which characters either embrace their own self destructive tendencies or carry on obliviously as their desires often driven by serious displacement of aggressive or sexual urges lead them to inevitable ruin Money is the 18th novel in the Rougon Marqaurt series, bu [...]

    Joseph Costello

    Something of a slog to get through this I must say but the only existing English translation as far as I can tell and sad completist that I am, I have no option but to read this version, wait for a new translation or learn French This story of financial impropriety resonates with what we have seen across the globe in recent years but this translation completed in 1894 really was extremely heavy going I have been ploughing through the Rougon Macquart cycle for almost four years and wherever possi [...]


    I was lucky enough to read a 1902 edition of this amazing book The preface, written by its English translator, set an ominous tone in stating this publication is well timed, for the rottenness of our financial world has become such a crying scandal that the absolute urgency of reform can no longer be ignored Unfortunately, Zola s account of financial speculation remains timely.Set in Paris in the 1860s, Money, is the story of Aristide Saccard who wants to do with money what Napoleon could not do [...]


    Aristide Saccard, un des membres de la famille des Rougon Macquart que l on retrouve dans La Cur e, a perdu tout son argent la bourse Il s allie donc Hamelin pour fonder une banque qui aura pour but ultime de mettre le pape sur le tr ne de J rusalem Cependant, Saccard est un assoiff d argent Il est pr t toute sorte de magouille pour faire monter artificiellement la valeur des actions de l entreprise.Dans ce roman, Zola s attaque cette fois ci au monde des sp culateurs boursiers qu il compare des [...]


    Definitely the least enjoyable of the five Rougon Macquart novels I ve read Zola doesn t get under the fingernails and into the pores of his characters here like he does in other novels in the series In fact the characters all kind of blend and merge together and I began to have real difficulty telling them apart Also in general, money is just not a subject I can muster much interest in Talk of shares and promissory notes and investments wearied me before too long and at times I forgot I was rea [...]

    Laurel Hicks

    I read the English translation, Money, translated by Valerie Minogue, in which we learn that what goes up with treachery and hatred and twisted love must come crashing down But perhaps we can pick up the pieces and rise again.


    As Zola s The Masterpiece reviewed here is about art, the subject of Money is money, money, money, filthy lucre and all that Aristide Rougon known somewhat mysteriously as Saccard loves the stuff Saccard is an unscrupulous financier, rapist and fantasist who would sell his soul again to recapture his lost fortune and rule the Bourse the nineteenth century French stockmarket He lives in the house of the widowed Princess d Orviedo, who is busy deliberately impoverishing herself by pouring her mone [...]

    Александр Шушпанов

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    Lars Williams

    Then Madame Caroline acquired the sudden conviction that money was the dung heap in which grew the humanity of tomorrow Money L Argent is the 18th of the Rougon Macquart cycle by publication order, and the fourth in Zola s list of recommended reading order It follows naturally from The Kill , as an account of the continuing financial misadventures of Aristide Saccard Rougon , wide boy financier, speculator and all round loveable rogue Having suffered financial ruin through property speculation, [...]

    Barbara Jaques

    Harder going for me than the others I ve read, which I think of as comfort reads, hence 3 stars But well worth the effort There s lots to be learned and all with Zola s usual insight An un censored translation, this made for a gritty read very relevant I m undecided as to whether a re read would be painful, or pleasantly enlightening.


    Mislim da su nemoralni i zli likovi Zolinih romana najbolji predstavnici njegovog ume a, a Aristid Rugon aka Sakar, jedan je od najsjajnijih uspeha u tom pogledu Ve u Kaljuzi , romanu ija de avanja prethode Novcu , vidimo da je Aristid ovek koji ivi samo za novac Ne kao Tvrdica, ve kao ovek kome proces stvaranja bogatstva predstavlja ve i u itak nego samo tro enje i u ivanje u uspehu Izuzetno je ambiciozan, samouveren i prepreden, to je, kako Zola predstavlja, jedino to ti je u tada njem carstvu [...]


    I was justifiably excited by this new translation of Emile Zola s novel Money there are scenes that were excised completely from the prudently self censored Vizetelly translation which make the characterisation complex and much interesting Money L Argent was first published in 1891, the eighteenth of Zola s Rougon Macquart cycle, but fourth in the recommended reading order because it follows logically on from The Kill La Cur e published almost twenty years before in 1871 2 It follows the extra [...]

    Herman Gigglethorpe

    Maybe I should stick with Zola s later Rougon Macquart novels, because Money L Argent and the Ladies Paradise are my two favorites so far Everything that Wall Street investors have tried, has probably been attempted by Saccard in the Parisian Bourse His dream is to build a Catholic investment bank in order to industrialize the Middle East, install the Pope in Jerusalem, and to crush the Jewish moneylenders once and for all Yes, the characters in this book are anti Semitic except for Madame Carol [...]

    David Margetts

    A must read and cautionary tale for any financier, investor or regulator Zola, whilst writing in the late 19th century, his observations of human nature and the workings of capitalism could have been written post the 2008 great financial crash sadly not much has changed and history continues to repeat itself.The book exposes the frailties of human behaviour and the risks of capitalism in the absence of strong regulation Indeed it would be easy to lay the blame for the destruction of so many live [...]

    Gloria De Martin

    Un romanzo potente e coinvolgente Il denaro il seguito de La cuccagna e narra le traversie di Aristide Saccard Rougon dopo la perdita dell ingente ricchezza e la morte della moglie Il vero protagonista del romanzo, per , come dice il titolo, il denaro Tutta l azione muove dal desiderio irrefrenabile di ricchezza che attraversa tutti gli strati della societ e che porta alla rovina, morale e materiale, chi ne consumato L autore descrive la precipitosa caduta nella disperazione di chi, pur avendo s [...]

    Julian Meynell

    This book written in the 1880 s and set in the 1860 s is about bank fraud, stock market bubbles, short selling, financial fraud and the terrible toll taken on ordinary people at the expense of the super wealthy, who are barely punished if at all for their crimes As such it has no relevance at all to the present day.This is the fourteenth book by Zola that I have read It is not well known and the translation that I read was the first one in than 100 years It is actually amazingly relevant What a [...]

    Greg Brozeit

    A satisfying novel about economic and social realities of the French Second Empire filled with intriguing, complex characters and relevant historical lessons Chronologically, this is the 18th of 20 of Zola s Rougon Macquart cycle, but recommended by him as the fourth to be read.Here we encounter Aristide Rougon known as Saccard for the third time In The Fortune of the Rougons, Aristide is a vacillating, opportunistic young man In The Kill he becomes Saccard, a man driven to acquire wealth by any [...]

    Lloyd Hughes

    Money, money, money it s all about the money It s all about greed and how it overwhelms and destroys seemingly rational , level headed people England had its South Sea bubble in the 1720s and the US it s great stock market crashes of 1929 and 2008 This story is based on France s crash of Union Generale in 1870 Truly all four stories are the same People from all walks of life got caught up in hyper greed, and it deeply affected their lives for the worse, yet the culprits paid a very small price J [...]

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