Apr 08, 2020
Captain America by Ed Brubaker: Omnibus, Vol. 1
Posted by Ed Brubaker Mike Perkins Steve Epting Michael Lark

Collecting Eisner Award nominated Best Writer Ed Brubaker s first 25 landmark issues of Captain America in one titanic tome, plus the Captain America 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier Winter Kills one shots This deluxe hardcover, fat packed with extras, features the story that stunned readers worldwide and sent shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe theCollecting Eisner Award nominated Best Writer Ed Brubaker s first 25 landmark issues of Captain America in one titanic tome, plus the Captain America 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier Winter Kills one shots This deluxe hardcover, fat packed with extras, features the story that stunned readers worldwide and sent shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe the death of Captain America Also including the return of Cap s wartime partner, Bucky Barnes, as the Winter Soldier the death and life of his greatest enemy, the Red Skull and the emergences of a new threat, General Aleksander Lukin, the head of one of the most powerful corporations in the world Collecting Captain America 1 25, 65th Anniversary Special Winter Soldier Winter Kills

  • Title: Captain America by Ed Brubaker: Omnibus, Vol. 1
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Mike Perkins Steve Epting Michael Lark
  • ISBN: 9780785128663
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Captain America Creators, Stories, Films Britannica Apr , Captain America, comic strip superhero created by writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby for Timely later Marvel Comics The character debuted in March in Captain America Comics no The star spangled super soldier would become one of Captain America The First Avenger Jul , Steve Rogers, a rejected military soldier, transforms into Captain America after taking a dose of a Super Soldier serum But being Captain America comes at a price as he attempts to take down a war monger and a terrorist organization. Captain America Chris Evans Persuaded to Take on Captain America by His Apr , Apr , AceShowbiz Chris Evans has his mum to thanks for his role as Captain America after she urged him to reconsider turning down the Captain America Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Fandom Captain America was still a widely famous figure and a radio serial called The Captain America Adventure Program was developed, featuring fictional adventures during the war during which he would battle against Adolf Hitler with the aid of Betty Carver. Captain America The First Avenger Chris Evan s Mom Convinced Him to Play Captain America in days agoIn Esquire s April May issue, Chris Evan s mom, Lisa, says she convinced her son to play Captain America Here s why the MCU actor almost said no and why it was about fame.

    Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol Collecting Eisner Award nominated Best Writer Ed Brubaker s first landmark issues of Captain America in one titanic tome plus the Captain America th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier Winter


    I cheated.I d recently read Captain America Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection, so I did the skim, skim, skim thing over the first half of this book.This sucker is a BEAST If you want to read the Winter Soldier storyline right up till the Death of Captain America, then grab this behemoth.It stops after issue 25, so you re not going to get to read about the fallout from his death I m personally heading over to Captain America The Death of Captain America, Vol 1 The Death of the Dream next, for a [...]


    4.5 stars A great book and the best telling of Captain America or any Marvel character I ve ever read except maybe Brubaker s Daredevil Who would have thought that a character with such a stupid name could be so awesome to read about I ve read so much Brubaker recently, he is just flawless with his plots and the art in this volume was great Most of the characters were great and the best ones got the most airtime I really want to see of the winter solider, he s so badass, but I m really not a fa [...]


    This thing is massive 27 issues in all Captain America 1 25, the 65th anniversary special, and the Winter Soldier one shot It s got the entire Winter Soldier storyline, all the way through the Civil War stuff I had already read the first half or so of the Winter Soldier story in a different trade I remember saying in the 90s, Nobody in comics is really dead, except Jason Todd, Bucky, and Uncle Ben It s a much shorter phrase now But I ll be honest, although the idea of resurrecting Bucky really i [...]

    Bruno Carriço

    So good Really lives up to the Hype Brubaker is the best.1 Down, 4 to go


    Brubaker did the impossible he made Bucky a badass Captain America has never been this good, and likely never will be again.

    Adam Graham

    Ed Brubaker s run on Captain America is historic for many reasons.The chief of these being the return of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier This change has been felt on television and of course in the recent film Brubaker s storytelling is bold, daring, and in your face The 1st Issue features the mad schemeing of the Red Skull and ends with the Skull getting a bullet through his brain From there, we re on a dark journey for Cap, his friends, and allies, as Cap hopes to find a little bit of Bucky [...]

    Randy Lander

    Ed Brubaker s Captain America run has been pretty astonishing, not just because of the solid level of craft involved, but because he s managed to do what every writer who has written Cap for the last 10 or so years has said they were going to do Incorporate politics, action and superheroes and do it well A little Tom Clancy, a little 24, and a lot of Marvel characters.This is the start of Brubaker s run, but it s also the swansong for Steve Rogers, the original Captain America This hardcover col [...]


    Let me preface this by saying, I m a person who has never been overly fond of the character that is Captain America simply because his origin is WW2 and fighting Nazis boring , and in the words of Loki, Captain America is the type of person only interested in having a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism God bless America Captain America is traditionally a character who sees everything in black and white However, I picked this up because it contains Winter Soldier and Winter Soldier [...]

    Emmett Spain

    Collecting issues 1 25 and the Winter Solider Winter Kills one shot, this collection is a great place to start for anyone wanting to get into Captain America.I never much got into Cap Am I knew who he was, sure, and I d read some Avengers work with him in it but he never seemed that interesting to me A super soldier who wears a flag and tosses a shield around it has it s charms, but not much appeal to me I picked up this volume after consistently hearing the critical praise for the run, noting t [...]

    Keith Bowden

    Brubaker s a good writer that s an absolute given And he understands the character of Captain America that s arguable, but a fair assessment in my opinion.But sometimes, just because you can do something doesn t mean you should do it.I liked the resurrection of Bucky storyline Winter Soldier than I thought I would, though I always conceded it to be a good idea.Exploring what an icon like Captain America is, and what the loss of him would mean to this country is a good idea But in killing Steve [...]

    Zack! Empire

    This is a really nice collection It s been awhile since I read an epic collection like this It was cool how there were separate stories, but it was really one long story I m wondering if the writer intended it to be collected and read it one massive book The art is really fantastic The Artist seems to be able to switch between action and talking no problem He also does the fighting scenes really well I always imagine Captain America would move through a fight with the violence of a linebacker, a [...]


    What really need be said here You ve got Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, one of the best creative teams out there, creating the seminal Captain America run You ve got The Red Skull, the origin of The Winter Soldier, plenty of WWII flashbacks, big battles and intrigue Always intrigue And It s just getting started too.Brubaker s style seems to have had influence than previously realized, for this run heralds the coming of a darker Marvel universe From rebel Avengers to Normans Thunderbolts, things [...]

    Russell Guldin

    Brubaker takes the trope of Cap as man out of time and works it masterfully, allowing longtime readers like myself to learn something new about the greatest Avenger By taking us through memories of World War II, we learn about how Steve Rogers, just an eighteen year old recruit became the leader he is seen as today, and we learn much about who and what Bucky was to Cap s missions in Europe.Brilliant storytelling by Brubaker is elevated by Epting s art, who brings grittiness and shadows to the w [...]


    Hmm, adding this volume seems a quicker way than trying to figure out which TPB collections were in it not so good for my annual reading target, but hey Saves cluttering this up with a dozen TPBs.Captain America Never thought I d enjoy it, but I read one in one of the crossover events, and was interested enough to go and read the rest And lo and behold I suddenly found myself really enjoying this series.


    Top 3 issues of Captain America Omnibus 1 Captain America 65th Anniversary Special2 Issue 11 How Bucky become Winter Solider.3 Winter Soldier Winter Kills One Shot.


    I read this after reading the death of Captain America novelization I should say, I reread this I think Ed Brubaker s series is one of the best runs of Captain America on the market I also love the artwork in this series It is phenomenal The praise might be too high, but for me it still stands It is better than the prior two to three iterations of the series that came out before this series volumes 2 4 I thoroughly enjoyed reading it again The series had action and adventure, it had super powere [...]


    The Brubaker Cap run is known for appealing to folks across the US s political spectrum and for people with varied ideologies seeing what they believe shown in Cap s personality and actions I still have a hard time seing neoconservatism in Cap classical conservatism I can see, but neo no.The Superhuman Registration Act is a clear parallel to the patriot act and other legislation that curtails US civil liberties in the name of security and Cap addresses the topic of curtailing liberty for securit [...]


    I d say that this contains spoilers But if you re interested enough to read a review of a comic book, then you re probably aware of the major events that happened in this important run.I usually don t go for the glossy hardcover omnibuses, and I mostly have been laying off of the superhero genre, but this one got so many rave reviews that I figured I d check it out A holiday gift card helped with that decision.Another big influence on this purchase was writer Ed Brubaker I m a huge fan of his cr [...]


    I d read bits and pieces of this over the years, but I hadn t just sat down with issue 1 and read And now I have And I appreciate the collection, but I think a lot of this makes sense in the trades doing it this way, you ll have some wacky Marvel Event show up in the middle of your nice story, and it s almost never well enough integrated it for it to feel like anything other than a distraction There s a reason that second Winter Soldier trade doesn t have issue 10, for example.Anyway I liked th [...]


    This hard cover omnibus collects Captain America 1 25 the latest volume as well as the Captain America 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier Winter Kills.This is my first encounter with comics writer Ed Brubaker s work, but it most certainly won t be my last The volume at hand, tells a number of interlocking stories that are really good and interesting, both in the writing and in the visual department especially Steve Epting who has done the main bulk of the artwork is incredible.Brubaker [...]


    The easiest way to gain attention and become a success in publication these days is to continue a long running story people already know Few genres can match the level of familiarity and depth that you can find in a common comic book, but innovations in style and publishing have pushed traditional panels into new levels of depth and detail 2007 s Captain America Omnibus from Eisner award winning comic author Ed Brubaker and a staff of excellent illustrators uses all those stylistic flourishes to [...]


    I really liked this collection of Captain America stories The Winter Soldier story line is dark, intense, and it brings you back to the reality that Captain America is a soldier who has survived a lot of horrible experiences The fact that he has endured so much without losing his strong moral character is part of what makes him a hero These stories really feel like an espionage novel than some sort of swashbuckling superhero story The characters are real and interesting and it made for a fast p [...]

    Martin Yankov

    Not quite the typical Captain America story you could expect It is dark, mysterious, feels like a thriller and is filled with political affairs The characters are simply amazing, very well written, with realistic voices and understandable and relatable motives If you are a new Captain America fan you will have little to none problem with the main heroes, since the writers explains them well enough The issue for new readers, however, may be the choice of villains Brubaker uses classical villains [...]


    Very solid, very consistently written An excellent example of a superhero comic, though it doesn t transcend the genre the way something like Astonishing X Men does Perhaps that s an unfair comparison, but I ve grown picky of superhero comics of late, and this one came very highly recommended, and I found myself vaguely dissatisfied with it Blame high expectations.I must say I got quickly tired of fights where Cap somersaults into combat, blocks bullets with his shield, shield bashes somebody in [...]


    Muy bueno Bucky vuelve y con una historia que tiene sentido Craneo Rojo vuelve a hacer de las suyas desde las sombras Y en medio de todo la Civil War enfrentando a Capi contra Tony Stark and Co Al menos se echa novia, aunqueNo puedo ni imaginar como aguant la gente 2 a os para leer toda la trama Esta edici n, con toda la trama de Ed Brubaker hasta la muerte del Capit n America, es perfecta Y los dibujos de steve Epting son la leche Good stuff Bucky s back and it makes sense Red Skull giving hell [...]

    Andrew Ziegler

    I was not really interested at all in Captain America before I was given this Omnibus with a stern wink and a nod I have to say, this is about as awesome as it gets for a super hero This comprehensive look at the life of Captain America steve rogers with several story arcs, including the death of the Red Skull and the rebirth of Bucky as Winter Soldier was about as good as it gets with comics Not knowing anything about the Cap, I was really pleasantly surprised with how awesome he is, and how sa [...]


    Cap has always been the least interesting of Marvel s lineup and this book tries to repair his image by killing off his old enemies and a few allies wholesale Then, to further shake things, up Brubaker revives a few of his favorite people already dead, and then caps off the reboot by making El Capitan a soul tortured by his horrific past.Overall this makes Cap interesting reading, but that isn t much of a challenge What this also means is that the Captain is forced into the same reboot mold as [...]

    Gary Tydryszewski

    Graphic Novel Superheroes This is one of the best told stories in comic books hands down The omnibus catalogs the fantastic rewrite of Captain America as the investigation of the assassination of his nemesis the Red Skull may point to an old friend from Cap s past Spectacular story telling is accompanied by cutting edge artwork and coloring that lends a sleek, professional look to the collection The story is fast paced and gripping, ending with the ultimate shocker the Death of Captain America I [...]


    I can t stress enough how fantastic this is It is THE great Cap story arc, and reading it all at once was wonderful Features all of the great villains and supporting characters that make Cap so great, plus a level of intrigue too often missing from his stories Brubaker is the new master, and Steve Epting s art is perfect The only thing missing from this is the other Civil War stories leading up to issue 25 which you can now find in soft cover, and I d recommend reading to get the full impact The [...]


    Damn, I thought it would be better And I love Captain America Admittedly, the Bucky retcon was coolrtawell, at least I like the idea of Captain America s 16 year old half gay lil buddy actually being one of the most efficient and deadly assassins in history The all too brief history of the other Captain Americas was interesting, but hardly necessary.But there was little build up and climax to Cap s death In fact, it was entirely pointless I know, I know, Civil War Mega CrossoverI read most of it [...]

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