Sep 29, 2020
Black Gold
Posted by Clancy Nacht Thursday Euclid

Billy Goldie Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he s harboring a terrible, career killing secret he s gay Even with song titles such as Astral Glider and Winking Brown Eye, few question Goldie s squeaky clean teen heartthrob status That is, until Jethro Jett Black, an infamous womanizer and underground punk icon, names him in the pages of Rolling SBilly Goldie Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he s harboring a terrible, career killing secret he s gay Even with song titles such as Astral Glider and Winking Brown Eye, few question Goldie s squeaky clean teen heartthrob status That is, until Jethro Jett Black, an infamous womanizer and underground punk icon, names him in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine as the celebrity he d most like to fuck.After Goldie and Jett hook up at an industry party, Goldie s management dumps him, Jett s exes come back to haunt them, and even Goldie s mother makes a public plea for him to come to his senses Goldie wants to trust his untamed new lover but the pressures of fame may tear them apart.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Male male sexual practices.

  • Title: Black Gold
  • Author: Clancy Nacht Thursday Euclid
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Black Gold Billy Goldie Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he s harboring a terrible career killing secret he s gay Even with song titles such as Astral Glider and Winking Brown Eye few question


    I start it, and didn t finish I hate to give a low rating so I want to tell you, dear reader of this review, why I m doing itGrab your coffee, sit down offering an espresso let me tell you my reasons of never finish it I forgot the main characters were having sex Whooooaaaa hold your horses don t call me bitch yet So, I must be VERY honest here, saying I was VERY attracted to the plot Two rock stars, in love, hot bodies, hot sex scenes and oh YES I must admit it was the reason I try this book.Ye [...]

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    I struggled to read to 75% and just can not finish this one first it was just a struggle to like it and now it is just beyond boring The only reason i made it as far as i did was the writing was good but the characters and and lack of anything happening just bore me view spoiler I hate the characters in this one Jet is a huge drug addict and alcoholic, don t think there was a scene where he was sober And Goldie was his woman lover I think Goldie was supposed to be a boy but other than mentioning [...]

    Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

    This is a love it or hate it type of book It has elements like insta love, sappy that seems like a harsh word when I don t mean it to be but I can t think of another way to describe it words, I ll do anything to keep you personality, and an us against the world mentality type theme but if you look past all of that and just ride the story through, it s an actually pretty decent book Goldie and Jett are complete opposites Goldie is a pop star, well mannered and essentially innocent while Jett is a [...]

    Sandy Malone

    Loved this book, Jett was so bad ass, when he said this What is her deal, man I don t know how you feel about it, but I m not planning to put the cock on lockdown just because she s in the vicinity I don t do empty beds I laughed so freaking hardhe is sooo badass And my next favorite line was Look, before we agree to anything here, I feel the need to lay down some ground rules, because otherwise I m going to take Billy and hit the road We share a bed, Ellen I don t want to shock you while you re [...]


    Fabulously over the top romance between between a lipgloss high heeled male pop star and a punk rocker When they get together all is sweetness and light and off the charts hot sex The only downside here is the fact that they talk far too freaking much Yes, they talk like two young tween lovebirds about everything that pops in their heads It exhausted me Still, I loved them as a pair and will be on the lookout from by these authors.My review for JERR is now archived on the siteHERE You may have [...]


    I m trying hard to fall asleep but this story keeps replaying in my mind, so i figure i should write a note and get it over until i can make a proper review This story is not about rainbows and roses, so if you re looking for something sweet, move on to something else These are f d up characters They are flawed but good people underneath the skin Their relationship is solid because they have respect, trust and integrity that you would not expect from their personalities I truly love that there w [...]

    Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books)

    I don t have any reason to like this story but I did like it a lot than I expected.The punk star Jett just stole my heart with his jerksome quality and his way of expressing love for the pop star Goldie.Jett BlackWhat I did like most about the story is Both the MC was quite clear about their attraction and love for each other and the dialogues were so apt that it suited the MC perfectly.Both were insecure and both were new to relationship,the insecured feel was laced among Jett s confident rumb [...]


    With such a pretty cover, and a plot featuring rock stars, I couldn t resist buying this book And so very glad I did The main characters and their romance were simply delicious This one will be in my favorites list to re read in the future.


    BLACK AND YELLOWThis book reads like a yaoi manga It offers up outrageous characters, a larger than life story and leaves you feeling like most situations are never resolved The book had the potential to be perfection, but overly described and elaborated scenes just left me rolling my eyes.Billy Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world Known as Goldie, he has teenage girls eating out of his hands and going putty at his feet His life is glam star rich and he looks like he has it all He has th [...]

    Valentina Heart

    This is one of those overly sweet stories that make your teeth ache and make you involuntarily mumble awww even when you don t want to It s not something I usually rate with five stars, like something I roll my eyes at and stay stunned by the poor choice of wording Here, it totally worked Jett is just too dangerous and his I don t give a shit attitude gives that balance to the story that is much needed among all the sweet talk It s basically love at first sight, or maybe first song But I didn t [...]


    Pretty good m m romance about a glam rock superstar and the leader of a punk band I would ve rated this higher if there hadn t been so damn much talking These two talked and talked and TALKED They had long, complicated, deep conversations during allegedly spectacular sex Um Yeah rolls eyes Really, I just wanted everyone to shut up after a while.


    This book was pretty fab It s between four and five stars Oh hell, I ll go ahead and give it another star.

    Brenda Maldonado

    3.5 starsThe bottom line is that I thoroughly enjoyed this story It has many of the elements that I love, such as impossibly beautiful rock stars, glam and punk fashion sensibilities, sweet romance and hot sex The story hooked me from page one and kept me turning pages non stop until the end Given that this is not a short book, I give the authors high marks for entertainment value Then again, I am one of those readers that can easily suspend disbelief and go along for the ride once invested on a [...]

    Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥

    I really enjoyed this book and might even give it 4.5 5 It reminded me of Heaven Sent, which is good because that is exactly what I was hoping for With the same publisher, same cover artist, and both about musicians, I was hoping they would be similar Black Gold is extremely low drama, which is what I loved about Heaven Sent, but this is even less so From the time Jett and Goldie meet they pretty much live happily ever after The media, execs, and bandmates give them a hard time, but it pretty mu [...]


    I just cannot resist the allure of a P.L Nunn coverUnfortunately though, the book itself really didn t do it for me Strike one use of the ever dreaded insta love phenomenon Generally speaking, I find the whole oh I met you 5 minutes ago but now I want to have your babies mentality to be totally nutso Strike two the characters themselves I found Jett Black and Goldie to be generally unlikable and somewhat ridiculous Jett is an uncouth and foul mouthed womanizer, while Goldie is a virginal delicat [...]

    Kari Gregg

    Goldie is a pop star Jett is the king of punk The ball starts rolling when a reporter asks Jett who he d most like to screw pop icon, Billy Goldie Goldean, natch Goldie sneaks incognito backstage to meet and talk to Jett Much later, Jett tears Goldie away from a lecherous music industry powerplayer and it s game over for Jett Goldie both In the aftermath, their old lives disentegrate, the media descendsIt s up to them to build something new Together.I looooooooooooove rocker stories and this one [...]


    I think this will be a story people will love or hate mainly because it is a dialogue heavy work This will either be really appealing to some readers or annoy the crap out of them Me, I thought it was quite interesting to read such a piece, especially in the m m romance genre where conversation between the main characters is often put to one side in favour of unghs and I m comings Not without faults, but I m glad I gave these new to me authors a go Plus who could resist that fucking awesome P L [...]


    Found this hard going Bit confusing and lacked flow Loved the cover, PL Nunn is a clever pants


    This book has a few of my immediate shudder situations going on and while normally I really enjoy the rocker stories this fell a bit short for me There was a bit too much gag me with a spoon insane immediate obsession type love talking going on for my tastes The writing style wasn t bad, it flowed well enough, and never jarred me out of the story My problem with this isn t so much that the book wasn t good as it had things that detracted from my enjoyment than added to it Some of them are pers [...]

    Pia Veleno

    I really feel like a jerk when I have to give a low rating to a story someone s worked very hard on, but at the same time I d be a schmuck if I didn t give my honest opinion.The biggest downfall of this story for me was the dialogue It was sticky sweet, cutsie, and too plentiful During at least two of the sex scenes, the guys talked so much I thought I might ve missed the culmination of the act only to find out they were actually still thrusting The chatter was not only distracting but so over t [...]


    4.5 StarsI absolutely love this book As many other reviewers have said, it is completely and unashamedly over the frickin top But instead of rolling my eyes every ten seconds, I found myself laughing out loud at its outrageousness But it was damned sweet as well I won t bother to argue with any of the criticism But what turned others off, had me page turning Nor will I go over the plot because others have covered that In addition to P.L Nunn s beautiful cover one of her best IMO , Jett s rants a [...]

    Karen K

    3.5 upped to a 4 I really enjoyed this sweet story I liked that it was sweet but still raw and imperfect, at least the characters were Goldie was pretty well perfect on the outside or at least striving for perfection in how he looked, howe he sang, how he came across to the public but his insides were those of a scared little boy just wanting to be accepted and loved Jett was almost Goldie s polar opposite not seeming to care what anyone and everyone thought of him and actually striving to make [...]


    Rock stars Check Rock Star antics Triple Check Excessive drama and talking times infinity Trillion Checks times ten Oh, there was so much that should have been edited from this story I don t even care to name the issues I ve had read it Truthfully, Jett and Goldie talked so much, I m surprised this wasn t a ghost story Those two men could not still be alive after expelling so much hot air out their lungs And it s not the characters fault because they were written this way I love rock stars in fi [...]

    Stacey Jo

    I really enjoyed this book Yes, there was a lot of dialog and it was flowery and sometimes could be overdone but I felt it fit the story Jet and Goldie, being opposites, were perfect for each other Jet s self assured, agressive, laugh in the face of the world attitude was what Goldie s less confident, quiet, meek character needed and they balanced each other well They were like Yin and Yang The sex scenes were hot, minus all the talking The underlying story line was interesting despite not havi [...]


    Just a difficult book to get through for me Can t really pinpoint why that is.


    This theme character is definitely a favorite of mine and this story is a happy addition to my collection I admit, when I started reading this story, I couldn t help but notice the initial similarities to Zathyn Priest s earlier work The Curtis Reincarnation young prodigy controlled emotionally psychologically by a manager who entered their lives at a vulnerable time in their life, being rescued by a straight guy who becomes gay out for you upon meeting the musician in person Fortunately, Jett s [...]

    Barb ~rede-2-read~

    Some of the books I ve read in the past few months have been on my radar only because of the number of points I could gather for Scavenger Hunt This is one of them It s not a title or an author s I ve heard of before, but I generally like rockstars musicians stories so I hoped it would be good I will be kind in saying that it was slightly above PWP In short, Billy Goldean, aka the Goldie meets Jethro Jett Black, a punk rockstar who wallows in alcohol and drugs and has a reputation as a very bad [...]


    Would have been a 3 if not for three things 1 The characters mostly Jett rant instead of talk, sometimes going on a solo diatribe for two to three paragraphs while other people stand around waiting for them to finish This just doesn t happen in real life, especially among angry people, and it sounds terribly unrealistic It reads like a speech, and if people interrupt that, why wouldn t they interrupt this 2 The relationship goes through a really ridiculous period for a contemporary, realistic se [...]

    Emanuela ~plastic duck~

    I don t know It was a bit frustrating First of all, they talked so much it was exhausting While they were having sex I kept wondering who is so coherent.I appreciated that the author gave the two characters two different voices Jett s was clipped, dirty Goldie s was refined and ethereal, but not shy at all.I like rockstars and I think the beginning was very good and interesting, but the plot didn t really hold my attention, you know, I couldn t help thinking about what s going on in my life, a [...]


    I wasn t quite sure what I thought of this book until about 60 pages in Part of me liked the rock and musician aspect and another part of me just couldn t connect to the characters I thought that Goldie was kind of a pushover and that Jet acted like a jerk I still liked the main storyline though.Then, Jet and Goldie got together and the story picked up greatly for me You got to see a strength in Goldie that wasn t seen in the beginning and Jet showed a side that wasn t all attitude This is where [...]

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