Sep 29, 2020
Wild Knights
Posted by Tawny Taylor

An Best Seller Top 100 in Kindle Store and 1 best selling in Erotica.From Best Selling author Tawny Taylor, a sexy story of seduction, ecstasy and dangerSYNOPSISMaggie Dunning loves her romance novels Her favorite Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien To be possessed by two powerful Masters Heavy,An Best Seller Top 100 in Kindle Store and 1 best selling in Erotica.From Best Selling author Tawny Taylor, a sexy story of seduction, ecstasy and dangerSYNOPSISMaggie Dunning loves her romance novels Her favorite Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien To be possessed by two powerful Masters Heavy, happy, lust filled sigh But that s just fantasy It could never happen in real liferight Little did she know that a paper cut and a few muttered words would make all her fantasies come to life, including the hunky Xander and Bastien One minute she s cozy in bed sleeping, the next she s dragged into a world she d thought only existed in her imagination, to face her most secret desiresd her worst fears.Bastien and Xander have their own challenges to face a crime to investigate and a dangerous threat to the Twelfth Night Brotherhood to uncover But they won t let that stop them from seizing their fascinating new bride and introducing her to the ecstasy of complete surrender.

  • Title: Wild Knights
  • Author: Tawny Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wild Knights An Best Seller Top in Kindle Store and best selling in Erotica From Best Selling author Tawny Taylor a sexy story of seduction ecstasy and dangerSYNOPSISMaggie Dunning loves her romance novels


    I marked this book light BDSM, because that is all it is That might even be stretching it Taylor hinted that D s would be a big part of this menage, but besides one or two commands NEVER showed it This book is a big tease There are a couple hot scenes, but the final scene is a fade to black The guys seem hot enough, but the book was not long enough for the story and character building, so the character building got left out I have officially gave up on this author I have tried to read a couple o [...]


    Rating 2.5I love paranormal romances, and I particularly like menage stories I was excited to read this because of those two elements However, while the story had a very interesting premise, it really didn t live up to my expectations.There is a BDSM element to the story but it s never really delved into very much The romance there wasn t much, if any, romance to be had, and while I absolutely love shifter stories, I literally forgot that Bastien and Xander were shape shifters until near the end [...]


    Maggie Dunning is a working girl who loves her adventures in literary romance However, one particular romance has completely enthralled her to the point of capturing all of her attention and any of her spare moments The world and heroes of this imaginative tale have become her home and where she seeks respite from the reality surrounding her Maggie s reality abruptly changes when her two worlds swap places, and she becomes a captive in the world of her dreams Not only is Maggie a captive of her [...]


    This is every girls fantasy wouldn t it be awesome if you could open your favorite romance novel that you ve read 10 times in the last month, cut your finger on the edge of it and absently minded mention how wonderful life would be to be loved by Bastion and Xavier sigh then when you go to bed that night you wake up to find the most gorgeous guys on the planet in your bedroom waiting to take you to their world with the only intention of pleasing you over and over again Sigh as if That sounds lik [...]


    This had an interesting premise, as trashy romance novels go, but the abrupt ending was so unprofessional, I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room something I would never do, but the feeling was there nonetheless It is as though the author started the tale, and just as it was progressing along nicely and the characters were beginning to develop, she grew bored of the project and just decided to slap a crap ending on it to push it through to the publisher In addition, the use of Ack Eep and E [...]


    I wanted to like this book Seriously, my first thought when I saw that it was an erotic paranormal romance was SWEET Unfortunately, it didn t quite live up to the hype in my head For erotica, it was surprisingly light on the sex There was a lot of buildup but it kept fizzling out before they got to the good stuff We spent a lot of time in Maggie s head but because she was going all memory fuzzed, we really didn t get to know her all that well By that same token, Xander kept excusing himself from [...]

    Michelle (In Libris Veritas)

    Well this is certainly unique as far as plot is concerned I mean who wouldn t want to suddenly wake up and find that their favorite book is realough my favorite books are far innocent than the main character s The problem lies with the fact that it wasa bit boring It also glosses over details that are mentioned quite a few times, which left me feeling rather uninterested The actual sex is decent enough, though it s rather anti climatic and despite the fact that it seems to be a rather important [...]


    This may have been the worst story I have ever read It tried to be so many things and failed entirely at all of them The erotic aspect was hinted at but never followed through A paranormal shifter book where the characters shifted only once and you never knew why Romance None, tried and failed Teh fantasy aspect of a portal to another world was mentioned but never explained There was very little back story at all, so you really had no idea at the characters motivation This had the feel of a good [...]


    I really enjoyed this story I pretty much read it in one setting This is fantasy story, a very hot and steamy fantasy You know your in a steamy book when you start sweating why reading it winks The plot is Something I have wished could happen a few times and im 100% sure im not the only one Pulled into your fav book The charter s where enjoyable The man sound beyond sexy and I do not think I would mind bumping into them The one thing I did not like to much was the ending, I wish it was a longer [...]

    Mel Auslan Osborne

    Read this late at night it put me to sleep I did want to enjoy it it sounded like a good trashy book but it was a strange book I give it 1.5 A lady reads a book for the 10th time gets a paper cut says something and ends up in the book 2 shapeshifters become her masters she must stay naked at all times and can do nothing she eventually escapes back home they follow her stuff happens and the endok what a waste of timesorry for spelling errors am on my phone


    Who doesn t wish they would end up in their favourite novel Especially, if you were loved and adored by two exceptional men who didn t live here on earth So what if they were totally dominant and you had to do everything they said and never wear clothes and you weren t a skinny mini.That is the premise of this trilogy This 1st one is 2 shapeshifters, large werecats To make it easier on the brides they lose all memory of earth after a couple of days It s sounding worse the I m writing this revie [...]


    Well this book had some good moments and bad I enjoyed the story but the endingally After waiting and getting to the end you kind of expect a little Not sure if I ll continue with the series or not I guess it all depends on what the second story entails and if the story of these three continue.


    A fun, short sexy read The heroine is funny and the heroes are hot There is not a lot of sex if that is what you are looking for but this book sets up the series I am looking forward to the next two books.


    Loved the premise, but felt the book fell short of it s potential Also felt the use of slang and exclamation points bordered on the juvenile That being said, I think this author has potential for growth.


    Soooo disappointing I was really expecting a whole lot but this story just fell flat for me If you look for a spicy menage then this book is not for you The author could have done so much with this story because the plot has such GREAT potential


    it was free so i got it but i doubt it will be a re read


    Great concept the execution just wasn t there, but still the book was a cute short easy read.


    Ended abruptly, strong sexual content.

    Maggie Douglas

    short read, interesting plot, not for kids, but not overmuch on erotic scenes.


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    Randi Lucas

    Ended abruptly Was really good until the end, it was like she turned it in unfinished and just wrapped it up real quick with 2 paragraphs It was very anti climatic and unsatisfying.

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