Mar 28, 2020
Dragons of the Watch
Posted by Donita K. Paul

Trapped in a forgotten city, bound by secrets, Ellie and Bealomondore must enlist the dragons of the watch to find freedom.Ellie knows exactly where she is going She just wants to experience the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding, then settle into a simple life with a country husband.With too many choices, Bealomondore s future is a tangle of possibilities He is reTrapped in a forgotten city, bound by secrets, Ellie and Bealomondore must enlist the dragons of the watch to find freedom.Ellie knows exactly where she is going She just wants to experience the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding, then settle into a simple life with a country husband.With too many choices, Bealomondore s future is a tangle of possibilities He is respected, well known, and admired among the elite of Chiril, but Wulder demands he narrow his focus and follow his Creator, one step at a time.Both Ellie and Bealomondore s plans are thwarted when they find themselves lost in an isolated city As they discern the needs of a group of wild children and a very old man, clues began to surface and a bigger picture is revealed With the help of the dragons of the watch, can the two tumanhofers find the way out and perhaps discover their connection to something greater than themselves

  • Title: Dragons of the Watch
  • Author: Donita K. Paul
  • ISBN: 9781400073412
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragons of the Watch Trapped in a forgotten city bound by secrets Ellie and Bealomondore must enlist the dragons of the watch to find freedom Ellie knows exactly where she is going She just wants to experience the pomp

    lisa elis

    I confess I had this thing sitting on my shelf for two weeks before I cracked it open I didn t get into it because I discovered it wasn t about Tipper any Tipper is the main character in the two previous books I really wanted to see her get married and have some adventures after that with her Prince Jayrus, but it did not happen Instead it s about Ellie, who meets and teams up with Bealomondore a friend of Tipper s They are both tumanhoffers, though that won t mean anything to you unless you ve [...]


    Ellie, on her way to the coronation of Princess Tipper and the marriage of the Princess to Paladin finds herself lost and afraid in a city of giants The city is empty it seems, except for a large group of unruly 6 year olds who threaten to eat her When Ellie discovers she is not the only adult who is lost and fearful she is relieved but can she and her new ally find their way out of this dangerous and large scale city Bealomondore has been stuck here for two months but he has learned a great dea [...]


    Definitely my favorite of the trilogy Bealomondore has always been my favorite character, and I ve always been itching for him to get a proper lady friend who s awesome enough to do him justice An lo and behold, I meet Ellie Ellie is a sweet, determined little tumanhofer who gets trapped in a giant bottle encompassing a giant city of eternally six year olds There she meets Bealomondore, and together they have to tame the children and escape The idea itself is original than the other two books, [...]

    Gail Welborn

    Dragons of the Watch, by Donita K Paul, Waterbrook Press, 2011, 400 Pages, ISBN 13 978 1400073412, 13.99Paul continues her exceptional Christian allegorical fantasy series with Dragons of the Watch In this book she introduces, Ellicinderpart Clarenbessipawl, a farmer s daughter affectionately known as Ellie, who is also a member of the hobbit sized tumanahofer race.Readers journey with Ellie, her Aunt Tiffenbeth and Uncle Stemikenjon to the exciting royal wedding and coronation of Princess Tippe [...]


    This is the most adorable romance story I ve ever read Whenever I sat down to read, it only took about half a page before I was filled with warm, fuzzy hope for humanity and felt like everything would be okay no matter the circumstance.


    Since this is the last book in the Valley of the Dragons series, I wish it had gone just a bit farther showing us what happens to the children I was a bit thrown off when the book started with a new character, but I quickly fell in love with Ellie Overall, another wonderful story from Ms Paul.

    Rebecca LuElla

    Dragons Of The Watch is the final I think book in the Chiril Chronicles by Donita Paul To date it s my favorite by this talented author who specializes in the cozy fantasy Written for all ages, the books have a decided lean toward young adult, and this one is no exception But enough with the introduction On to the review.The Story In the imaginary world where Wulder is the One Supreme Being, Creator of all, seven high and seven low races people the various continents In Chiril, however, there ar [...]


    Dragons of the Watch , the latest book in The Chiril Chronicles by Donita K Paul, is by far my favorite so far To start out, my favorite character, Graddapotmorphit Bealomondore, is one of the two main protagonists This really pleased me, given how the first two books lacked a really good plot and focus for the character To make clear, the first two books made Bealomondore one of the main characters, and he was in most of the adventurous and dangerous scenes, but not in a way that furthered his [...]

    Denae Christine

    2.5Weird setting, unusual plot, okay pacing, strong character development they had to make some tough choices , and unsatisfying denouement.Some things weren t explained why did the Tumanhofers shrink in the bottle , and why would breaking the bottle be so different than opening it I think I would ve been confused about Wulder and Paladin and dragons and magic if I hadn t read other books of DKP.Best part The characters were not idiots Too many times in too many books, characters act like idiots [...]


    Give it 4.5 stars I really liked this book I like real romance, where the couple show their love for each other in their acts of service and compassion The author did a great job showing us a developing and deep love between Ellie and Bealomondore.I also like the Christian theme which reminded me a lot of the Chronicles of Narnia a big favorite of mine However, the author wasn t as subtle about her message It is a great message and made me look up her biography and want to read of her books I e [...]


    Whew, this one was hard to get through.Bealomondore and Ellie were great characters, but didn t really do well as main characters I much preferred Bealomondore as secondary character They re trapped in a city in a bottle for most of the book, being stalked by giant children, unsure how to break the spell They don t have a lot of information and while they do have a vague plan of civilizing the children and finding the wizard, there s not a lot of action There s a lot of walking around and flirti [...]


    Just not quite the same as the Amara books It seems so random.This book had very much a Oz feel to it a young girl starts out on a journey to see the marriage of the princess, accompanied by her pet goat While going she accidentally tumbles into a city that has been bottled up and is inhabited almost entirely by unruly perpetual 6 year olds with no one to train them or love them Along with another trapped individual whom she quickly and sappily falls in love with, lots of kissing folks they work [...]


    Disclaimer I received this book free from I really enjoyed the world that Donita Paul built for Dragons of the Watch Its apparent that this is a sequel series based on the content and the characters reference, but it never distracts you from the story being told Ellie who as far as I know is a new character in Paul s works is interesting and compelling She is far from the accidental heroine you usually find in female protagonists The different take on Dragons is also a nice change of pace The me [...]


    This book gets five stars for creative plot and Donita K Paul s beautiful writing style Despite the limited number of characters throughout most of this book, Paul spun a wonderful tale and alternated some between the two main characters perspectives I like how she decided to continue the trilogy with Bealomondore, a minor character, rather than Tipper, who dominated the first two books though I did love Tipper .However, I only gave four stars because the ending was rather disappointing It was [...]

    Cathrine Bonham

    Ellicinderpart I m not kidding wants nothing from her simple country life than to attend the Royal wedding ball in Regar So by the end of the first page the reader thinks they can see where this is all heading and they are near to tears crying, Why Ms Paul Why would you ruin all of your original world building by rewriting Cinderella But after a fearful cry you can keep reading safe in this knoweldge that I give unto you This is not another Cinderella story It is indeed another amazing fantasy [...]


    Dragons of the Watch was an amazing story of adventure, danger, and love Donita K Paul created a magical atmosphere with whimsical characters that brought the book to life Ellie and Bealomondore along with the dragons of the watch get trapped in a bottle city where 6 year old children run wild They must use wit and love to escape the bottle and save the children.It would be an amazing read for children because it actually teaches a lesson The message that I understood is Children need adults to [...]

    Andrea Wall

    Haha I was pleasantly surprised by this book The first two of these series annoyed me and I barely finished them I hated how they talked super formal and seemingly had no feelings In this one the characters seemed real and fun The romance was sweet and believable It reminded me of Paul s earlier books The first three of the DragonKeeper series and I loved it This is the writing Paul does that I love I hope the rest of her book are like this one.

    Nicole Sonja

    I remember receiving this book on a Saturday and finishing it that very Sunday It was one of my first romance included books and I still struggle to find another book that exceeds the standard this one brought into my life Exceptional well written and perfect for someone who wishes to explore the Fantasy genre.

    Nora St Laurent

    Disclosure of Material Connection AD Sponsored by publisher.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising


    Donita K Paul has done it again I own another one of her books DragonQuest and both are splendid This book captivated me from beginning to end, weaving laughter, anger, sadness, and a longing for There are plenty of twists and turns that always kept me guessing If you re a dragon lover or even loved the books the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, then this is the book for you.


    Not as good a read on the second time through There are a number of minor plot points that annoy me however I do remember loving this book as a preteen and I still think it is a decent read even as an adult.


    Amazing imagination My little sister read it and says it doesn t really make much sense in the beginning My opinion of that it a bit different, though i have to say that the beginning made me want to skip a lot of pages Sorry, Donita K Paul.


    This book was as well or better written than her previous books, but I think Paul s lost her exuberance that was between the lines in her earlier books Or maybe I m just peeved because Fenworth doesn t come into the storyline until almost the end.

    Lydia Granger

    Okay, the series finally picked up a little speed This book had a unique twist a cilty trapped in a bottle which extra large children who never aged past 6 roaming the streets The series is not as good as the first.


    This is also known as the Dragons of Chiril I have yet to finish it as it seems too descriptive of things rather than getting on with the story.

    Candace Cisman

    I love her books and like Narniais world is a beautiful way to introduce or bring the reader closer to God

    Judy Robertson

    InterestingA good relaxing story Predictable outcome was not hard to guess what would happen next Would recommend to children.


    Would recommend, I m so glad I won it through giveaways otherwise I would not have read it.


    Ah I love these stories I m sad that I m out of new ones


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