May 26, 2020
A Casa das Almas Perdidas
Posted by F.G. Cottam

Apenas algumas semanas depois de quatro estudantes terem entrado na Fisher House, um deles comete suic dio e os outros tr s est o a ceder loucura Para salvar a sua irm , um dos quatro estudantes, o ex soldado Nick Mason, tem de unir for as com Paul Seaton que visitou a casa uma d cada antes e sobreviveu Mas Paul um homem perturbado, assombrado por vis es de um aconApenas algumas semanas depois de quatro estudantes terem entrado na Fisher House, um deles comete suic dio e os outros tr s est o a ceder loucura Para salvar a sua irm , um dos quatro estudantes, o ex soldado Nick Mason, tem de unir for as com Paul Seaton que visitou a casa uma d cada antes e sobreviveu Mas Paul um homem perturbado, assombrado por vis es de um acontecimento que ainda hoje atormenta a sua sanidade Desesperado, Nick for a Paul a regressar ao passado, ao di rio secreto da bonita fot grafa Pandora Gibson Hoare, a uma reuni o nos anos 20 e a Klaus Fisher o respons vel por um crime indescrit vel A Fisher House est de volta, e alguns velhos amigos re nem se para dar as boas vindas a Paul.

  • Title: A Casa das Almas Perdidas
  • Author: F.G. Cottam
  • ISBN: 9789722626866
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
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    A Casa das Almas Perdidas Apenas algumas semanas depois de quatro estudantes terem entrado na Fisher House um deles comete suic dio e os outros tr s est o a ceder loucura Para salvar a sua irm um dos quatro estudantes o ex

    mark monday

    first off, although there is an Evil House at its center, this is not a haunted house story, not really it is rather the tale of two men pitted against ghosts of the distant past and the evils those ghosts have conjured up and a rather starry set of ghosts they are, as they feature such celebrities as Aleister Crowley and Dennis Wheatley the narrative moves all over place, through various locales and backwards in time as well but outside of the climax, very little time is actually spent within t [...]


    When I was a kid reading a good book meant immersing myself in the story so deeply that often coming back to the real world was like waking up from a dream That rarely happens now that I m an adult, there s a part of my brain that always remains distant from the story and never really stops thinking about things like groceries and whether the dog needs a bath I miss that feeling of really losing myself in a book and am always on the lookout for a book that can help me recreate it I am happy to s [...]


    an absolutely wonderful novella wrapped in a rather mediocre slog of a book.If the tale were just about Paul Seaton and his experience with the house and perhaps the diary of the photographer, this would be a five stars must read low key tale of obsession and consequence of one man s brush with evil, but that it starts with a special forces guy hiding in the trees to watch his sister attend a funeral and ends with a string of conceits and coincidences rather than natural plotting and strength of [...]


    I truly savored the last few pages of this book I could have finished it MUCH SOONER, but I just couldn t bear to say goodbye to it it kind of reminds me of how I felt reading December, a book I was very sad to see end I CANNOT wait to read this author s new books I think Dark Echo Magdalena s Curse are the other titles.Such intricate orchestration of multiple timelines leading to a present day conclusion I love that theme, in films as well as books Such poetry of prose The English especially, t [...]

    Geraldine O"Hagan

    I hope for Cottam s sake that this haunted house novel didn t take long to produce, since it reads as a half formed premise converted into a novel over a weekend, an approaching deadline leaving no time for editing or re writes Summary The novel introduces a protagonist, Nick Mason, an ex soldier, using his military training to spy on his sister as she attends a funeral, for no reason that is apparent He is then almost immediately abandoned for the second protagonist, Paul Seaton, whose defining [...]


    An ethics class inquiring into the nature of evil visits the Fischer House, an ancient mansion on the Isle of Wight Now one of the girls is dead and the others are deteriorating The enigmatic Malcolm Covey asks Paul Seaton to help them Paul visited the Fischer House twelve years ago and, while it destroyed his world, he still survived it Will the Fischer House let him survive a second time The set up of House of Lost Souls describes a haunted house story, but the bulk of the narrative concerns t [...]


    A good supernatural thriller is a rare thing, and one doesn t expect it of a writer in their first novel But Cottam manages a story on his first time out that combines suspenseful horror with actual good writing Paul Seaton had a run in with horror at the deserted Fischer House several years before the story begins, but thinks he has put it behind him Then four students enter the house One commits suicide and the other three are edging into madness Seaton must face Fischer House again to save th [...]

    Angela Wade

    House of Lost Souls was touted as a thrilled horror novel, but I wouldn t put it in either classification It s too focused on the inner workings of the main character s mind to ever really evoke any feelings of terror I never approached a point where I felt drawn to the character or wondered what had happened during his lifetime to make him into the man he had become The secondary characters were really useless and could have been omitted all together.The plot of the book was a mishmash of what [...]


    I should have liked this book After all, it s about the paranormal, the occult, 1920s flappers, and has a pretty cover to show for it And yet, it wasn t as good as I expected at all.Some of the detailed descriptions in this book were amazing, and there were some interesting moments as well However, for the most part I found it to be extremeley confusing, for one thing After having read it, I m not quite sure I d understood everything The first two chapters of the book were quite difficult to get [...]

    Tim Niland

    Paul Seaton is a broken man He lost his girlfriend, his job and for a while his sanity after his obsession with a beautiful and enigmatic 1920 s flapper photographer leads him to investigate the notoriously haunted Fischer House on the Isle of Wight Years later, after four students enter the house on a lark, one is dead by suicide and the three others hover near insanity Joining forces with the brother of one of the stricken students, Paul returns to Fisher House to end the horror once and for a [...]


    2.5I wish I could rate this higher but it wanders too much.


    Sod it I m not giving it another 40 pages, I think 110 pages to give a book a chance is absolutely plenty I am extremely disappointed, I picked this book up from the library excited, I thought what a great premise it has, maybe I ve found another Peter James type of author to follow pre crime fiction days his horror was much better Alas, it wasn t to be.e quite honestly I didn t like this at all I really should have given it one stars but given the thought behind it having a good idea at the ver [...]

    John Wiltshire

    I ve read a few other novels by this guy and one of them, The Colony, was outstanding The Memory of Trees was slightly hit and miss but still a great read, so I approached this with some anticipation and so far I ve not been disappointed The writing is dense and engaging, rich yet evocative and extremely readable It entirely suits what is building to be an extremely unnerving story Personally, I think scaring readers is one of the hardest things to pull off as an author Grossing them out is eas [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    What a superb book and an author I am going to watch for I was reminded throughout of the joy which reading John Harwood s The Ghost Writer brought to me House of Lost Souls has that same slowed down, gentle, Between the Wars pace, that same sense of barely concealed secretiveness, the sense of mysteries piled in on themselves like matruska dolls So many layers atop layers in this book, and every one a marvel This is a book worth reading, buying, and keeping for reread House of Lost Souls is a t [...]


    In my opinion, this is a nearly perfect spooky book It certainly gives a lot of authors a run for their money The Fischer House is haunted by a beast summoned from beyond and a cast of ghosts It wreaks havoc on the lives of a group of female students of philosophy who are interested in the problem of evil incarnate Nick Mason s sister is one of the girls and he is willing to sacrifice his own life to help her recover from her experience This leads Nick to consult Paul Seaton, a survivor of Fisch [...]


    Fantastic An original, inventive and brilliantly involving read, this is both a compelling mystery and a genuinely unnerving ghost story I felt truly drawn in by the secrets of the Fischer house and the unorthodox nature of the hauntings , and found myself constantly eager to know However, there s just too many simple errors and annoying instances of repetition which, I feel, could easily have been ironed out before the novel was published and they were noticeable enough to taint my enjoyment t [...]

    Sangita Mazumder

    I intended to start the year with a good old romance novel Instead, I ended up reading The House of Lost Souls Why I did so I believe it was the mention of a lost mystery circling around a woman that got my attention Nevertheless, The House of Lost Souls is definitely a good and enjoyable read, and I don t regret my decision of reading this book This book has a strange, alienated feeling about it It is, in a lot many ways, like one of those rooms in my grandparents century old house, which held [...]

    Idril Celebrindal

    For starters, this book is wildly, unnecessarily wordy Cottam never uses one word if he can possibly find three to use instead or just repeat himself Take these two examples which occur on the same page, in a minor scene of our main character Paul chatting with his friend Mike It s not for me It s for my girlfriend It s for Lucinda Lucinda owned a good camera Mike knew she did Mike also already knows Paul has a girlfriend named Lucinda, so why are you making such a fucking point of telling him A [...]


    I was not a fan of this and I don t think it was well written at all A I get very distracted when an author uses the same words or phrases repeatedly especially within the same page Also referring to characters by their last name, first name and full name intermittently is weird AND whole paragraphs of names of songs and musicians served no purpose and felt a lot like just name dropping for it s own sake.B Every major event that happened in the book felt either really rushed when it was importan [...]


    The House of Lost Souls is a creepy story with some truly spine tingling moments I was nervous when the story starts to unfold and learned that a group of students entered a long abandoned haunted mansion to study evil I ve seen a movie or two with a similar premise, a group entering a creepy mansion to do some sort of study The Haunting and it s spoof Scary Movie 2 come to mind right away Luckily, The House of Lost Souls doesn t follow the same worn path as the films In fact there is very littl [...]


    Very scary the genuinely spooky atmosphere and portents of evil kept my attention from beginning to end However, this book could have used a stern edit Some of the prose and even scenes were incomprehensible, even on multiple readings And the narrative was glossed over in places, where the MC had an epiphany This must be the way it happened and the reader was expected to take that speculation as fact, with very little evidence presented The characterization of Pandora Gibson Hoare was idealized, [...]


    I just finished The House of Lost Souls and have not been able to stop thinking about it This is one of the best books I have read this year, maybe even in the past few years.This is horror of a different kind The kind where your skin crawls, you jump at shadows and feel eyes watching always.I can t say much without giving it away except to saay that if you are any kind of horror fan, you MUST read this book You will not regret it Except you might end up a little jumpy.

    Kristin Cheripka

    Normally I m not into this genre but I decided to give it a try for the Halloween spirit It was chilling in a totally addictive way Very well written with a psychological twist I would love to see this as a movie.

    Katie Bodden

    Not bad but felt it had a ton of details and not a lot of story line Felt at times it lagged and then skipped around.


    In the 1920s a decade known for its incredible decadence and opulence Klaus Fischer built himself a residence that would soon come to rival all other homes of the period Yet, such a magnificent house can still hide its own dark secrets And, while many were certainly charmed by the Fischer House and awed by its mysterious occupant they would also come to realize that some doors are just too dangerous to openSeventy five years later, the Fischer House has been reawakened to claim the innocent and [...]


    I love how reading and life collide My obsession with Twilight then Edward Rob Pattinson lead me to Dennis Wheatley, who is one of the supremely creepy haunts in this book Through Paul s retelling of his harrowing experience and the diaries of Pandora Gibson Hoare, we learn the details of an experiment in 1937 at Fischer House that has nearly destroyed Paul and threatens the remaining students It is hard sometimes to separate the present from the past, Seaton s endeavors sprinkled with shimmerin [...]


    This is a perfect Halloween or any other time scare yourself story The book is well written and hard to leave once you get started Cottam centers his book on a group of college students who become hysterical after spending some time in the haunted Fischer house, and there are some real historical characters in this book Dennis Wheatley and Aleister Crowley The students, one who commits suicide and others who are sedated after their harrowing experiences in the house, are of this time The Fischer [...]


    FTAM The novel deals with the modern repercussions of events set in the 1920s and 1930s that involved black magic as practised by the elite of English and continental European society I d call it a historical mystery with a strong element of the occult It does involve haunting and it involves a haunted house It is located mostly in London, but the house of the title is on the Isle of Wight This was a wonderful, haunting book to read original and so totally believable that I found myself transpor [...]


    The House of Lost Souls This is a great haunted house story It contains sorcery, ghosts and all the twists and turns you can imagine It is one of the creepiest and chilling stories I ve read in a while Four college students visit the Fischer House located in a secluded wood on the Isle of Wight, very atmospheric to research the nature of evil Afterward, one commits suicide and the other three are insane The imagery is the best Young Mr Breene s description of his first encounter with Aleister Cr [...]


    Atmospheric chiller, this story unfolds with a mounting sense of uneasiness as its hero tries to confront the evil that has wrecked his life It s a spooky story that relies on character and fine storytelling rather than guts and gross out moments to draw the reader on At its heart is a young reporter, Paul Seaton, who is enjoying an idyllic relationship in the flush of Eighties London This central section of the book is evoked wonderfully with its clubs, pubs art school fashionistas and music Bu [...]

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